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Jul 29, 1999, 3:25am
A bot contest will be held Friday, July 30, 1999 in the NMN World Of Sandy
Bay. The entry fee is nothing. The prize is a sales contract with
Nelson-Mealy-Nicholas. The winner will get his or her bot sold by NMN, and
90% of the profits will go to the creator.

We hope that you have a bot that is ready to go. E-mail tamealy at to
sign up. The time will be 5:00 PM. Please sign up before 4:00 PM. Thank you,
and may the quickest bot builder or the bot builder that already has a bot

-Nelson-Mealy-Nicholas Web Design


Jul 29, 1999, 2:18pm
If you state times, also state the timezone. Otherwise you cover a complete
24h timespan.


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