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Sync'ing VRT example project.. // Sdk

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Jan 6, 2004, 8:32pm
About a year ago, a cit (a guy, count dracula? someone like that) posted an
example VB project that showed a simple example of how to sync with VRT

I don't need any help as to how to sync with VRT, I've already achieved
that. I'd just REALLY appreciate anyone who still has this project (since AW
deleted the posts in this NG its been lost).

The project was just a simple one-form thing which consisted of a module or
two and displayed VRT in big text in the center of the form a few seconds
after being ran.


lady nighthawk

Jan 7, 2004, 2:41am
Drac is still around and still a cit, Count Dracula ... gram him ... he'd be
happy to help I'm sure. He also owns or runs Freebies world along with
Ananas (I think).


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Jan 7, 2004, 3:18pm
[View Quote] Grimble posted VRT Demo zip containing modTimeZoneSupport.bas etc
around March 2002 (open at your own risk :p):

Although the local timezone is clearly important since that's the time you
have available, windows gives you a mechanism to find out what you need to
know. VRT is GMT - 2 (the middle of the Atlantic somewhere), which you can
get from Windows very easily using the GetTimeZoneInformation windows API call.

The SDK only gets one notification of the current VRT ... in the
AW_EVENT_UNIVERSE_ATTRIBUTES event. Because of this, you have to maintain
the VRT value yourself. each time you want to update the display. There are
three stages to handling VRT ...

(1) When you receive the AW_EVENT_UNIVERSE_ATTRIBUTES event (after a
successful login), calculate and store the difference between the value in
supplied in the AW_UNIVERSE_TIME attribute and the local time on the client
machine at that point. Note that the VRT value is the number of seconds
since midnight on 1st Jan 1970 and so you need bear this in mind. You can
get a relative date/time by using VB's DateAdd function:

datetimeVRT = DateAdd("s", awSDK.AwUniverseTime, "1 Jan 1970 00:00:00")

HOWEVER, this will be based on midnight 1st Jan 1970 IN YOUR TIMEZONE and
will result in a date/time close to the current date/time IN YOUR TIMEZONE.

(2) Immediately after performing (1) ... i.e. still in the event handler ...
calculate the difference between the current date/time on your machine and
the value caluclated in (1). This will be the difference between the
relative VRT and your local time and should be a number of seconds.

offsetVRT = DateDiff("s", datetimeVRT, Now())

the value in offsetVRT will need to be available later.

(3) Each time you want to display the current VRT you will need to apply two
offsets to your local date/time ... the minor difference between the two
clocks (offsetVRT above) and the GMT - 2 adjustment. The first is simple
using VB's DateAdd function again, but the GMT value is where the Windows
API call comes in. I'm not going to go into it here, but I've attached a
small project that shows VRT on a form after logging in. The module
modTimeZoneSupport is taken from code I found in a vbCity forum, but
basically the GetUTCTime function will return GMT. Then you just need to
apply a -2 hour time difference with DateAdd (yet again) and Robert's your
father's brother ... VRT.

Don't expect to match the AW Browser VRT display ... it won't happen through
design, purely by coincidence.


begin 666 VRT
M1&5M;RYF<FWM6&UOXD at 2_AXI_Z'%2IM$"JQ)(,GL*BN9E\QP1P!A$R9S6J$&
M*\9W1NDG4C+'5NN?_>;G6 at 6^2J<G#;9P.7EJ5!Z$OR)S?_4TM%ML)<CI"2&D
ML;'KR&5,J]W<A8)=E[^ F#L[X) UHQY+_$D[I(B)XK1F2U)?CM8#$; at J9.42
M(6=CESMB&Y 6F].-)Q5OG+2F6*TH=QH;*4%D/;4DA*18R('D(4<IXFAS.O68
MD^(PX'/V0+V 15Q:.#'7]6T](B<)ULB&841TFTX[W&%O.CT63DJ0$&\262U9
M(, 25^2_D.O"2*I7?S+773IE'O&FWH/+/,=VI<>*XX2:Q%$J+0-?K)DOW\F#
MX$F.X.K1%2/:I<0?+6)1'A"+^>Z\I'%;[M<][KO*55UC:2ZI'[ D<:FLP#7.
M2?JMH7.,(*F^Y_+(4OY! at :LCJ1<WAR)&2_KN"Y-+7VP6RX.,D/8H344(N:K'
MX:;*OR-7B^"C(2 //;4B]-3N"M%S4_VKP-,5T#K_AL__!CZ%K?((?*Z+X'.D
M\P.MORB at U>O7-S%#^TW"_O=99[BM53/DYT-DV*]F+WCH at IBL[0KJRY1P>*<;
MR:"X$]6M8(].-M]2AN.C)Z;40SYK36?(O#OC*:ZFSZC$;>X`?> SA\T\"O]U
M'."Q_4V6I?VV% at %S$ at 7]L!/#?6A*+JR>IR=G at #I)!M0'=V"O(DW!`TFY#$Y/
M]BY0T15* at 9$G.!AVGB8#T[+&_6%:.F4[UZ at Y&'0[3=/&YYT]HVF_U:,*I"17
MSZ!O3<!\=]_[XSZ at [&>2=QT+' 2?2=[U'PA^^;."S^;XCPON\&$_#W+P$0F2
M,UML?#?8P0^3WJ3>;.-1!<[P=&CP6P!'?S[7!_;>M5.O"4$)NV*Q at ,.1;![[
M0 at TA/$8Y>A))6IMIV* F[5?H"R/NOD*#8?'!"LXOD)V0EKLB+^R]!4)J;*44
MX]T,$P::MAXQX><,D ?G;X4[Q6SC^V":>$JMQ!$!SR J4^?059/;%RB9\N&>
M],3V7+^/4O?*E.DXYZ6 at =!F&!_TXB at V'T"4I5<D_*"?5#[<&,8P?U;_21>)?
M5"1&Y)*!$]NRQUYACCGN?,[ 7^AD4R:WC/$\Q\'O at ,T$=P+4IM4T]*T%2D+G
M]' NM2!VGD##Q1)E*X9/[).NH$Y4G10`X at 88QM)BT\VB`N*0XU*'P^,Y+&D!
M'EZ<2Y5*1>V349:0`2;9I#'J=%NHO,B%$??0B2:%='A88WQ:73 _PHQNV5;E
M!M0?,(STPJ!WCZ.3)G3S%QV6=#ML9M&N'9*HHI ?K N6<RKDGG]J`J%S'342
MH+Z)AZ#_/G94,;+SUVEOXWEA&[PDABI89PZ E.1\)V%<$'O)>#A<4\;:PV%_
M^'-B*M0)=7/Q?<:_E'2)?!^:_AY^AG^ at `\-F5XB7T5H9N4#B+[L'`OQNQ^OS
M&6D_M7LV^63V6MWVT/HQN at W%593)J-=Y`D)[8MKVL-,8V6V+N(%*$,-F`+^H
MA)3-O(W#`D+)6H#S99>7%=81YUQ(=^[.5"]+G-C#'$3I>9A;U63()S at F'AS%
M.,,)"A2#Q62AE[JE2!"JZ_+=-I(9WCF,_2V'Z7^?FM$Y; at _J,B"#6 at 0;&%?
M9QAF_,Y3CS1!Q./[YP at VN!3E,3QK#,]Y#%\TAB^Y&NA6UV&.\YCL]W7F>.#N
MHG.FJ at /M5K+FDO(%.[](N(X5)K\T2AD)M?V%%<K6:&\4A at \*"7DW12K1NV-M
MM_!S:!?8CSR*:R] at ;7\XX'/XEGJB7EGKL_C5E[C!D/25V?Y2KSZT'0X_9XBO
MW8S&:>2I2* G7N)=3C9K)UK*< #APC5;LMF+NA,P'U8\5 -*4GE(('I&A at R&
M1 \)$9[&%%9 (Q%)3I at N6NK]8.J+1XQW#3/_!E!+`P04````" #9G'8LDP8\
M^;T!``"^` at ``% ```%925"!$96UO+U925$1E;6\N=F)P99)-;YM $(;O2/P'
M"RYM):.U33[:B ,!TZ+4Q at K4;BM?%C,DF^X'6A;'293_WEUP8[7EL'KG&<W.
MS+L43PT$\P/85B(D"VK)UK=%#$QX6MK6+=0 at at >\ at ^+#]_((0FB)_AL9:'(_H
MCQH^__S5G7K(16[T:;M)EW&VR;?YC[R8+[:MJ at 2%J:=HZ69?YZ.P4X)A102W
MK:Q\ at )T*7B;)[,+WSV?C2S_QQY-)?#8.T<<+W>$,78=^>)F at Y-6=F Y7HW"3
MQS=9]-WW]&%;"U%U% (FJH(P^"DXY%W3"*FN1O\SK\2M;:4[P?N]G=/BCFWE
M"DO5-?_02#"&>36;!HZ.EIA!X)RR7X VD> *#BJ-`P<-!8W>KZ2 at 1X.!+?"#
MD&N0P41KP at >-C-%[TFHKCJ'Q)N4["0RX.K(<Y![D<?Z$4& at --4T([6TLS%MJ
ME#6*,/+\%TOP7LB5OHQT;"7%.\7>#]45K D\QE!V=RFOA8%+$5*"6\+O3'0M
M.EZUT3WL?O67ZQEJ*A[?0$)7 at G!UBN-T_19\X]*40Y6L^A6,L;T9?0XK!28Y
M&* PX8,N[B7 at : at 7R^%L at X]MAV;%2HWK(ML;!WU!+`P04````" #9G'8LY UX
M%U ```! at ````% ```%925"!$96UO+U925$1E;6\N=F)W2RO*#0L*<4G-S5>P
M53 QT0%C,W-#'05C(R,=!1T%$ G"9B:60#$#`QT%9UZNW/R4D,S<U*C\O-3 at
MTH*"_*(2H&XS,QT(MC0&J at 29$\7+!0!02P,$% ```` at `RI!V+(J[3S8^! ``
MV P``!\```!64E0 at 1&5M;R]M;V14:6UE6F]N95-U<'!O<G0N8F%SK59=3^,Z
M<LT$A]&O/&41T_M[^WM=F$FV8IRD$(B8 at B9WE$,B10;W8<#TIA_ at US,ABTP9
M]+#0:R$!OL$MRY<7A at 2-4K,HI6A<:YU_.S at HR[)_'T;F>"2R at \0>/] B9U&?
MJ/P_S>+CP=>O`SR\OW<AV3W!Z /!E8; at 8CD,+C"%0Q.>>W9*HY1("F<%CVP.
M_U/M\AMSY,^(-9^S$#IW5'*:?CGJ at )?F;:BA at L5X,EK>SJ:CY7AZ-KN<#!?C
MV=0W3\X%7[WB.%5:II3?M+B:8QWXRG ,^>8]7#<LIL&:R(68%*EF)QL$/:4]
MMWK<*?/77%;<:7Y*$X+L+I^J?+W'QU>*QD\ at QG^ML+O2+C8YA?F/^6(T,9UE
M`BQ_4#S4]L+S8Z[IBDJ+FPBNU^_ G9+-++FA].YM7!O;,]QW4;PO/L;-<'D3
M-Z>1X/';N E+4Z8L6+V(&R&3$?69R*T7U_">,-*DJ_-6]0*L,>$QD;$9D]Z7
M([_=^0YW2IYF;AJE46<'?>Z_YA=KDK+56K_EU^'>X==!7_';$+$(<> at W!NC5
M(C#3T;,=;3Q:6I:!?GAQ1#I(>GG=R ]-<65R1&#>#.SXA6'MZ0??8&*+,<>&
M<>QU>*<'P6F8XN.^R<WOP524_B/E+G \A6>-K4K5Y?9"NBZ$69(HJJNLZ])_
M.'%6F6I<[\[=`KL at ;$C %# >LPBEB/$;9/;F*8-AEFPK25V+9E:(81^0Q+:E
MOQN"?Z:'JDQ-JC00!0HDZV!P#\L(!ZPWL!&86?\1#?4:A\,MV 4(A51:R$I%
M\Y\%9H*K'I042AP_0']I22(-X09^%KAUK"0)0_/GG3"IC!FOGTB DF at -,>Y'
M&O"20T;R?)L2^A,PG ?C<1_F:U&D,804%$DH8("0"61!`A.4QM#[CX$JEQ'*
M\F'\YS31VP//#G^& at 4U]E"KZ*HD-JPM<`,>$>J $Q()W-91"R at V04!1XL;3E
M0IG&R>N2 at 2%WDMDUF$ NF.U<E(_ %6=F&=M"^J^)9TN;YNKAQC5]RQ5[=EEJ
M4$L#! H``````$)_=BP````````````````)````5E)4($1E;6\O4$L!`A0`
M% ```` at `V)QV+%FOL6.C!P``=AL``!<``````````0` at `+:!`````%925"!$
M96UO+V9R;5925$1E;6\N9G)M4$L!`A0`% ```` at `V9QV+),&//F]`0``O at (`
M`!0``````````0` at `+:!V <``%925"!$96UO+U925$1E;6\N=F)P4$L!`A0`
M% ```` at `V9QV+.0->!=0````8 ```!0``````````0` at `+:!QPD``%925"!$
M96UO+U925$1E;6\N=F)W4$L!`A0`% ```` at `RI!V+(J[3S8^! ``V P``!\`
M`````````0` at `+:!20H``%925"!$96UO+VUO9%1I;65:;VYE4W5P<&]R="YB
M87-02P$"% `*``````!"?W8L````````````````"0```````````! `_T'$
B# at ``5E)4($1E;6\O4$L%! at `````%``4`30$``.L.````````


Jan 8, 2004, 3:09pm
Thanks Mauz, exactly what I needed :)


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Jan 8, 2004, 5:17pm
no doubt your good Mauz....;) we need more like you!

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