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Jul 9, 2003, 1:36am
Just a quick question,

I only recently began attempting to create AW Bots and was wondering why
they stopped making OCX controls and switched to dll files? it seems like an
OCX would be a lot easier to use(its the only AW SDK ive gotten to work on
Visual Basic)

r i c h a r d

Jul 9, 2003, 4:25pm
The AwSdkOcx5.Ocx isn't even a complete very of 3.3 SDK Grimm switched to
the new dll format as it was less time consuming than the ocx method. Theres
nothing really harder about at all. You just use sdk.aw_string()
sdk.aw_string_set() sdk.aw_int() sdk.aw_int_set() sdk.aw_bool()
sdk.aw_bool_set() there all you need worry about. So Sdk.AwChatMessage
becomes sdk.aw_string(AW_CHAT_MESSAGE) Although i have been thinking about
writing an AwSdkOcx6.Ocx wouldn't be a standalone you would use AwSdkOcx6
and it would basicly give you the Ocx front to the dll. You would need to
ship your applications with both files


Jul 9, 2003, 10:06pm
ActiveX controls are based upon COM (Component Object Model).

"COM Components built with the ActiveX Template Library are smaller and
faster than components built with MFC, and they only require the ATL
runtime. They are better suited to components - which, by definition are
designed for very specific operations -as they don't offer all the built-in
functionality that the MFC classes provide, whereas MFC is better suited to

AwSdkOcx#.ocx was built with MFC. AwSdk2.dll was built with ATL. The dll
extension on AwSdk2.dll does -not- mean it isn't an ActiveX(OCX) control.

If "AwSdk 1.1 Type Library" is not listed in the VB components window, click
"Browse...", change "Files of type" to "All Files (*.*)" and browse to


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