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Dec 20, 2002, 5:25pm
Not having access to 3.4 I may be on the wrong track as to what the new
"pitch" attributes are, but should there not also be an AW_TELEPORT_PITCH
attribute? ...

Just thinking out loud really, but I can't find any reference (apart from
the attribute names) as to what this "pitch" is exactly.



Dec 20, 2002, 11:00pm
In 3.4 when you're flying, there's an option to move in the direction you're looking and not just forward, back, left or right. It probably refers to the angle at which you're looking, though I don't know what the scale is or where "Look Level" starts.


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strike rapier

Dec 21, 2002, 12:18am
Pitch, is what you change when you use pg up and pg down, it is now also
flight vector based, if you face at -45 to horizon you go forward and down,
if you face 90 upwards and press forwards you go up etc.

I am not sure that its settable, I havent seen anything else in teleport
remember storage etc.

- Mark
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Dec 21, 2002, 8:29am
I'm thinking more in terms of for invoking a teleport (of other avatars)
rather than the attributes in the event. Before this attribute was
introduced, with just the position and Yaw to worry about, we could make
avatars look at specific things in 1st person. It would be useful and
non-invasive in my opinion to be able to change the angle of view (not to
mention comprehensive).

Anyway ... thanks for the explanations guys. I assume in that case that
looking up/down will now trigger AW_EVENT_AVATAR_CHANGE events then yeah?


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strike rapier

Dec 21, 2002, 10:49am
Wow :o How did that 1 get past me... *kicks aw.h*

Yeah it certainally looks like it... ummm, I need to find a 3.4 world
server... lol.

- Mark

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Dec 22, 2002, 7:32pm
When teleporting, that attribute has always been ignored, so technically you really couldn't be sure what the person would be looking at because they may have landed looking up or down from your intended view. This is still the case. While there would be advantages to being able to set this attribute, there would also be the possibility of confusing someone who is used to staying at "look level" most of the time due to a lack of feeling comfortable with changes in pitch.


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