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Oct 14, 2002, 1:57pm
A few weeks ago, I popped in to read what was going on here for the first
time in a long while and remember Strike Rapier or someone else making a
post about errors in the bot classes that I published a long time ago. I
realized that I have many more classes that are doing no good sitting on my
hard drive. Then, I didn't have time but now that I'm sitting at home sick,
I thought I'd put them out here and see if anyone could use them.

The AWAvatars classes located at are only
two of the eight components that work together in the attached program
( Basically, they allow you to make a
bot with a few lines of code. To show how they can be used, I included the
slideshow.vbp project that was used for AWTeen's Inauguration Day.

Capabilities of these classes include:

-session tracking (like the avatars classes already do)
-automatic querying at a set of coordinates or test string along with
keeping a collection of every object queried
-searching through collections of objects by number, name, etc.
-logging in and logging out bots, and maintaining them by automatically
calling functions such as aw_wait and forwarding callbacks to a module
-move, delete, and add objects with one line of code
-automatically LiveUpdate a zone after a query without any additional code

There's more, but I've got to get going. I had planned to post a formal
webpage for this, but Penn State stopped offering free microsoft software,
and thus Frontpage doesn't work anymore and I don't feel well enough to look
over raw HTML code for hours. To use the classes in your own project,
simply unzip the files and add all the files in the "classes" directory to
your project.

One warning though: the module that receives the events and callbacks is
inconsistent and incomplete. It receives the wrong arguments in some cases,
and doesn't have all the events and callbacks implemented. Some of the
functions that aren't used very often also aren't "wrapped" by my classes,
and I was sloppy enough to simply call them directly by making the SDK
object public.

Maybe someone would be interested in converting these classes to the new SDK
format and fixing up my sloppiness? Comments are welcome.



Oct 14, 2002, 2:11pm
I posted one of them :-D

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strike rapier

Oct 14, 2002, 3:43pm
Very nice work Brant, im sure allot of people will enjoy using em. A note to the latest programmers though, you will need to port the code to the new SDK :)

- Mark
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strike rapier

Oct 17, 2002, 8:08pm
And dont forget to convert the darn AwAvatars Class peoples, there is the adapted version on the SDK NG I posted but the rest of the class will need adapting to use the secured class.

- Mark
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