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Brants Avatar Collection Object // Sdk

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strike rapier

Oct 4, 2002, 7:20pm
If I am wrong in this I apologise but every single test I do indicates that it is correct.

Brants SDK collection classes for tracking avatars are highly vunerable to being changed when you dont want it. As you may have seen the .getdata object function sets all of the collection objects variables, including...


These properties are NOT set on avatar change, and hence they will be set to that of the last avatar that has entered or been looked up from a citizen name or set with aw_string_set.

I have rewritten the classes to prevent this vunerability, as well as being session based so they will not crash if you have 2 bots with the same name, for example.

- Mark

begin 666 AwAvatar.cls
M5D524TE/3B Q+C at 0TQ!4U,-"D)%1TE.#0H at ($UU;'1I57-E(#T at +3$ at ("=4
M<G5E#0H at (%!E<G-I<W1A8FQE(#T at ," at )TYO=%!E<G-I<W1A8FQE#0H at ($1A
M=&%":6YD:6YG0F5H879I;W( at /2 P(" G=F).;VYE#0H at ($1A=&%3;W5R8V5"
M96AA=FEO<B at /2 P(" G=F).;VYE#0H at ($U44U1R86YS86-T:6]N36]D92 at
M/2 P(" G3F]T06Y-5%-/8FIE8W0-"D5.1 T*071T<FEB=71E(%9"7TYA;64 at
M/2 B07=!=F%T87(B#0I!='1R:6)U=&4 at 5D)?1VQO8F%L3F%M95-P86-E(#T at
M1F%L<V4-"D%T=')I8G5T92!60E]#<F5A=&%B;&4 at /2!4<G5E#0I!='1R:6)U
M=&4 at 5D)?4')E9&5C;&%R961)9" ]($9A;'-E#0I!='1R:6)U=&4 at 5D)?17AP
M;W-E9" ]($9A;'-E#0HG;&]C86P at =F%R:6%B;&4H<RD at =&\ at :&]L9"!P<F]P
M;W!Y#0I0<FEV871E(&UV87)9($%S($QO;F< at )VQO8V%L(&-O<'D-"E!R:79A
M=&4 at ;79A<EH at 07, at 3&]N9R G;&]C86P at 8V]P>0T*4')I=F%T92!M=F%R66%W
M($%S($EN=&5G97( at )VQO8V%L(&-O<'D-"E!R:79A=&4 at ;79A<F%V3F%M92!!
M<R!3=')I;F< at )VQO8V%L(&-O<'D-"E!R:79A=&4 at ;79A<E-E<W-I;VX at 07, at
M3&]N9R G;&]C86P at 8V]P>0T*4')I=F%T92!M=F%R8794>7!E($%S($)Y=&4 at
M)VQO8V%L(&-O<'D-"E!R:79A=&4 at ;79A<D-I=&EZ96X at 07, at 3&]N9R G;&]C
M86P at 8V]P>0T*4')I=F%T92!M=F%R4')I=FEL96=E($%S($QO;F< at )VQO8V%L
M(&-O<'D-"E!R:79A=&4 at ;79A<E9E<G-I;VX at 07, at 26YT96=E<B G;&]C86P at
M#0I0=6)L:6, at 4')O<&5R='D at 3&5T($=E<W1U<F4H0GE686P at =D1A=&$ at 07, at
M0GET92D-"B at ("!M=F%R1V5S='5R92 ]('9$871A#0I%;F0 at 4')O<&5R='D-
M" at T*4'5B;&EC(%!R;W!E<G1Y($=E="!'97-T=7)E*"D at 07, at 0GET90T*(" at
M($=E<W1U<F4 at /2!M=F%R1V5S='5R90T*16YD(%!R;W!E<G1Y#0H-"E!U8FQI
M8R!0<F]P97)T>2!,970 at 5F5R<VEO;BA">59A;"!V1&%T82!!<R!);G1E9V5R
M*0T*(" at (&UV87)697)S:6]N(#T at =D1A=&$-"D5N9"!0<F]P97)T>0T*#0I0
M=6)L:6, at 4')O<&5R='D at 1V5T(%9E<G-I;VXH*2!!<R!);G1E9V5R#0H at (" at
M5F5R<VEO;B ](&UV87)697)S:6]N#0I%;F0 at 4')O<&5R='D-" at T*4'5B;&EC
M(%!R;W!E<G1Y($QE="!0<FEV:6QE9V4H0GE686P at =D1A=&$ at 07, at 3&]N9RD-
M"B at ("!M=F%R4')I=FEL96=E(#T at =D1A=&$-"D5N9"!0<F]P97)T>0T*#0I0
M=6)L:6, at 4')O<&5R='D at 1V5T(%!R:79I;&5G92 at I($%S($QO;F<-"B at ("!0
M<FEV:6QE9V4 at /2!M=F%R4')I=FEL96=E#0I%;F0 at 4')O<&5R='D-" at T*4'5B
M#0H at (" at ;79A<D-I=&EZ96X at /2!V1&%T80T*16YD(%!R;W!E<G1Y#0H-"E!U
M8FQI8R!0<F]P97)T>2!'970 at 0VET:7IE;B at I($%S($QO;F<-"B at ("!#:71I
M>F5N(#T at ;79A<D-I=&EZ96X-"D5N9"!0<F]P97)T>0T*#0I0=6)L:6, at 4')O
M<&5R='D at 3&5T(&%V5'EP92A">59A;"!V1&%T82!!<R!">71E*0T*(" at (&UV
M87)A=E1Y<&4 at /2!V1&%T80T*16YD(%!R;W!E<G1Y#0H-"E!U8FQI8R!0<F]P
M97)T>2!'970 at 8794>7!E*"D at 07, at 0GET90T*(" at (&%V5'EP92 ](&UV87)A
M=E1Y<&4-"D5N9"!0<F]P97)T>0T*#0I0=6)L:6, at 4')O<&5R='D at 3&5T(%-E
M<W-I;VXH0GE686P at =D1A=&$ at 07, at 3&]N9RD-"B at ("!M=F%R4V5S<VEO;B ]
M('9$871A#0I%;F0 at 4')O<&5R='D-" at T*4'5B;&EC(%!R;W!E<G1Y($=E="!3
M97-S:6]N*"D at 07, at 3&]N9PT*(" at (%-E<W-I;VX at /2!M=F%R4V5S<VEO; at T*
M16YD(%!R;W!E<G1Y#0H-"E!U8FQI8R!0<F]P97)T>2!,970 at 079.86UE*$)Y
M5F%L('9$871A($%S(%-T<FEN9RD-"B at ("!M=F%R879.86UE(#T at =D1A=&$-
M"D5N9"!0<F]P97)T>0T*#0I0=6)L:6, at 4')O<&5R='D at 1V5T($%V3F%M92 at I
M($%S(%-T<FEN9PT*(" at ($%V3F%M92 ](&UV87)A=DYA;64-"D5N9"!0<F]P
M97)T>0T*#0I0=6)L:6, at 4')O<&5R='D at 3&5T(%E!5RA">59A;"!V1&%T82!!
M<R!);G1E9V5R*0T*(" at (&UV87)987< at /2!V1&%T80T*16YD(%!R;W!E<G1Y
M#0H-"E!U8FQI8R!0<F]P97)T>2!'970 at 64%7*"D at 07, at 26YT96=E< at T*(" at
M(%E!5R ](&UV87)987<-"D5N9"!0<F]P97)T>0T*#0I0=6)L:6, at 4')O<&5R
M='D at 3&5T(%HH0GE686P at =D1A=&$ at 07, at 3&]N9RD-"B at ("!M=F%R6B ]('9$
M871A#0I%;F0 at 4')O<&5R='D-" at T*4'5B;&EC(%!R;W!E<G1Y($=E="!:*"D at
M07, at 3&]N9PT*(" at (%H at /2!M=F%R6 at T*16YD(%!R;W!E<G1Y#0H-"E!U8FQI
M8R!0<F]P97)T>2!,970 at 62A">59A;"!V1&%T82!!<R!,;VYG*0T*(" at (&UV
M87)9(#T at =D1A=&$-"D5N9"!0<F]P97)T>0T*#0I0=6)L:6, at 4')O<&5R='D at
M1V5T(%DH*2!!<R!,;VYG#0H at (" at 62 ](&UV87)9#0I%;F0 at 4')O<&5R='D-
M" at T*4'5B;&EC(%!R;W!E<G1Y($QE="!8*$)Y5F%L('9$871A($%S($QO;F<I
M#0H at (" at ;79A<E at at /2!V1&%T80T*16YD(%!R;W!E<G1Y#0H-"E!U8FQI8R!0
M<F]P97)T>2!'970 at 6" at I($%S($QO;F<-"B at ("!8(#T at ;79A<E at -"D5N9"!0
M<F]P97)T>0T*#0I0=6)L:6, at 4W5B($=E=$1A=&$H3V)J($%S($]B:F5C="D-
M"E at at /2!/8FHN87=?:6YT*$%77T%6051!4E]8*0T*62 ]($]B:BYA=U]I;G0H
M05=?059!5$%27UDI#0I:(#T at 3V)J+F%W7VEN="A!5U]!5D%405)?6BD-"EE!
M5R ]($]B:BYA=U]I;G0H05=?059!5$%27UE!5RD-"F%W5'EP92 ]($]B:BYA
M=U]I;G0H05=?059!5$%27U194$4I#0I397-S:6]N(#T at 3V)J+F%W7VEN="A!
M5U]!5D%405)?4T534TE/3BD-"D%V3F%M92 ]($]B:BYA=U]S=')I;F<H05=?
;059!5$%27TY!344I#0I%;F0 at 4W5B#0H-" at T*

begin 666 AwAvatars.cls
M5D524TE/3B Q+C at 0TQ!4U,-"D)%1TE.#0H at ($UU;'1I57-E(#T at +3$ at ("=4
M<G5E#0H at (%!E<G-I<W1A8FQE(#T at ," at )TYO=%!E<G-I<W1A8FQE#0H at ($1A
M=&%":6YD:6YG0F5H879I;W( at /2 P(" G=F).;VYE#0H at ($1A=&%3;W5R8V5"
M96AA=FEO<B at /2 P(" G=F).;VYE#0H at ($U44U1R86YS86-T:6]N36]D92 at
M/2 P(" G3F]T06Y-5%-/8FIE8W0-"D5.1 T*071T<FEB=71E(%9"7TYA;64 at
M/2 B07=!=F%T87)S( at T*071T<FEB=71E(%9"7T=L;V)A;$YA;653<&%C92 ]
M($9A;'-E#0I!='1R:6)U=&4 at 5D)?0W)E871A8FQE(#T at 5')U90T*071T<FEB
M=71E(%9"7U!R961E8VQA<F5D260 at /2!&86QS90T*071T<FEB=71E(%9"7T5X
M<&]S960 at /2!&86QS90T*)VQO8V%L('9A<FEA8FQE('1O(&AO;&0 at 8V]L;&5C
M=&EO; at T*4')I=F%T92!M0V]L($%S($-O;&QE8W1I;VX-" at T*4'5B;&EC($9U
M;F-T:6]N($%D9"A/8FH at 07, at 3V)J96-T*2!!<R!!=T%V871A< at T*(" at ("=C
M<F5A=&4 at 82!N97< at ;V)J96-T#0H at (" at 1&EM(&]B:DYE=TUE;6)E<B!!<R!!
M=T%V871A< at T*(" at (%-E="!O8FI.97=-96UB97( at /2!.97< at 07=!=F%T87(-
M"B at (" G<V5T('1H92!P<F]P97)T:65S('!A<W-E9"!I;G1O('1H92!M971H
M;V0-"B at ("!O8FI.97=-96UB97(N1V5T1&%T82!/8FH-"B at ("!O8FI.97=-
M96UB97(N0VET:7IE;B ]($]B:BYA=U]I;G0H05=?059!5$%27T-)5$E:14XI
M#0H at (" at ;V)J3F5W365M8F5R+E!R:79I;&5G92 ]($]B:BYA=U]I;G0H05=?
M059!5$%27U!2259)3$5'12D-"B at ("!O8FI.97=-96UB97(N079.86UE(#T at
M3V)J+F%W7W-T<FEN9RA!5U]!5D%405)?3D%-12D-"B at ("!M0V]L+D%D9"!O
M8FI.97=-96UB97(L($-3='(H;V)J3F5W365M8F5R+E-E<W-I;VXI#0H at (" at
M("=R971U<FX at =&AE(&]B:F5C="!C<F5A=&5D#0H at (" at 4V5T($%D9" ](&]B
M:DYE=TUE;6)E< at T*(" at (%-E="!O8FI.97=-96UB97( at /2!.;W1H:6YG#0I%
M;F0 at 1G5N8W1I;VX-" at T*4'5B;&EC(%!R;W!E<G1Y($=E="!)=&5M*'9N=$EN
M;64 at 3F5X= T*(" at ("=U<V5D('=H96X at <F5F97)E;F-I;F< at 86X at 96QE;65N
M="!I;B!T:&4 at 8V]L;&5C=&EO; at T*(" at ("=V;G1);F1E>$ME>2!C;VYT86EN
M<R!E:71H97( at =&AE($EN9&5X(&]R($ME>2!T;R!T:&4 at 8V]L;&5C=&EO;BP-
M"B at (" G=&AI<R!I<R!W:'D at :70 at :7, at 9&5C;&%R960 at 87, at 82!687)I86YT
M#0H at (" at )U-Y;G1A>#H at 4V5T(&9O;R ](' at N271E;2AX>7HI(&]R(%-E="!F
M;V\ at /2!X+DET96TH-2D-"B at 4V5T($ET96T at /2!M0V]L*'9N=$EN9&5X2V5Y
M<W-I;VXH4V5S<VEO;B!!<R!,;VYG*0T*1&EM(&H at 07, at 26YT96=E< at T*1F]R
M($5A8V at at 878 at 26X at ;4-O; T*(" at (&H at /2!J("L at ,0T*(" at ($EF(%-E<W-I
M;VX at /2!M0V]L*&HI+E-E<W-I;VX at 5&AE; at T*(" at (" at ("!396%R8VA">5-E
M<W-I;VX at /2!J#0H at (" at (" at ($5X:70 at 1G5N8W1I;VX-"B at ("!%;F0 at 268-
M"DYE>'0-"E-E87)C:$)Y4V5S<VEO;B ]("TQ#0I%;F0 at 1G5N8W1I;VX-" at T*
M4'5B;&EC(%!R;W!E<G1Y($=E="!#;W5N=" at I($%S($QO;F<-"B at (" G=7-E
M9"!W:&5N(')E=')I979I;F< at =&AE(&YU;6)E<B!O9B!E;&5M96YT<R!I;B!T
M:&4-"B at (" G8V]L;&5C=&EO;BX at 4WEN=&%X.B!$96)U9RY0<FEN="!X+D-O
M=6YT#0H at (" at 0V]U;G0 at /2!M0V]L+D-O=6YT#0I%;F0 at 4')O<&5R='D-" at T*
M;6]V92!#4W1R*$%V4V5S<VEO;BD-"D5N9"!3=6(-" at T*4'5B;&EC($9U;F-T
M:6]N(%-E87)C:$)Y3F%M92A!=DYA;64 at 07, at 4W1R:6YG*0T*1&EM(&H at 07, at
M26YT96=E< at T*1F]R($5A8V at at 878 at 26X at ;4-O; T*(" at (&H at /2!J("L at ,0T*
M(" at ($EF(&%V+D%V3F%M92 ]($%V3F%M92!4:&5N#0H at (" at (" at (%-E87)C
M:$)Y3F%M92 ](&H-"B at (" at (" at 17AI="!&=6YC=&EO; at T*(" at ($5N9"!)
M9 at T*3F5X= T*4V5A<F-H0GE.86UE(#T at +3$-"D5N9"!&=6YC=&EO; at T*#0I0
M=6)L:6, at 4')O<&5R='D at 1V5T($YE=T5N=6TH*2!!<R!)56YK;F]W; at T*(" at
M("=T:&ES('!R;W!E<G1Y(&%L;&]W<R!Y;W4 at =&\ at 96YU;65R871E#0H at (" at
M)W1H:7, at 8V]L;&5C=&EO;B!W:71H('1H92!&;W(N+BY%86-H('-Y;G1A> T*
M(" at (%-E="!.97=%;G5M(#T at ;4-O;"Y;7TYE=T5N=6U=#0I%;F0 at 4')O<&5R
M='D-" at T*4')I=F%T92!3=6( at 0VQA<W-?26YI=&EA;&EZ92 at I#0H at (" at )V-R
M96%T97, at =&AE(&-O;&QE8W1I;VX at =VAE;B!T:&ES(&-L87-S(&ES(&-R96%T
M960-"B at ("!3970 at ;4-O;" ]($YE=R!#;VQL96-T:6]N#0I%;F0 at 4W5B#0H-
M"E!R:79A=&4 at 4W5B($-L87-S7U1E<FUI;F%T92 at I#0H at (" at )V1E<W1R;WES
M(&-O;&QE8W1I;VX at =VAE;B!T:&ES(&-L87-S(&ES('1E<FUI;F%T960-"B at
C("!3970 at ;4-O;" ]($YO=&AI;F<-"D5N9"!3=6(-" at T*#0H`

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