Bored This Summer? Try my Search Game. (Community)

Bored This Summer? Try my Search Game. // Community

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Aug 1, 2006, 9:56pm
Hi all,

Today I have created my own maze using huge mountain objects in Martians.
The object of the game is to find all Sector names which start with a
different letter, going from A to M. Get all the names and telegram me,
Kenneth, and I will put your name in the Hall of Winners at the GZ. Each
Sector also has a location, like NorthEast then the name, all I need is the
name. There are no prizes in this game, just the honor of being in the Hall
of Winners. Your name will be in the Hall of Winners for a month at least.
If nobody wins within a 2 week period, the game will stop. Read the GZ signs
before you play, Good Luck. :)
Note: The world only has mountain terrain pieces, signs, and the Hall of
Winners for objects, so it should be a farely easy download, if a mountain
piece doesn't download, please bump worlds.


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