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pc hamster

Jul 31, 2006, 3:09pm
Hi everyone:

I seem to have a little problem.

Over the weekend, I installed an elevator shaft inside the corporate
headquarters of my cable company using 3 tport.rwx objects (one for
each floor). This morning, I added buttons that are supposed to take
the user to each of the three floors.

The user is supposed to click the button with their mouse in order to
get to the floor in which they want to go to. However, when I tested
the buttons I installed in the first floor elevator entrance, this is
NOT happening for some strange reason (At least not for me). I tried
clicking on BOTH the 2nd AND 3rd floor buttons (I saw no point in
clicking the 1st floor button as it's just there to be consistent with
the way a real elevator is supposed to look).

Anyhow, when *I* click on the buttons, I wind up being warped or
teleported (I used both commands BTW) up some 50+ meters off the
ground before I float back down to the roof (Which is NOT where I want
to be!).

Here's an example of the command line I'm using on one of the buttons
(NOTE: I'm using button_2.rwx as the button)...

create sign; activate teleport 4898N 816E 6.0a

If you put those coords. into the teleport field exactly as you see
them above, you should be teleported inside the 2nd floor of Virtual
Cable Inc. (My cable company). On the floor are a bunch of TV objects
with all the various TV channels.

Back to the buttons...Is there a workaround to this whereas I can have
a working elevator system in which visitors can interact with in order
to go up and down as they please? Would be nice.

It's also CRITICAL that I get this done as my next build (the
hospital) will need MULTIPLE elevators and elevator areas.

If anyone can give me a pointer or two on how to accomplish this, it'd
be greatly appreciated. :D

I look forward to all the replies....

Cheers :D
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Jul 31, 2006, 3:32pm
I dont know one of mine is create sign;activate teleport 92.19N 216.56E
6.02a 180 and it works perfectly. all 10 floors work
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Jul 31, 2006, 6:57pm
[View Quote] Altitude is in units of 10 meters and not meters.
So when AW taskbar shows that you are standing at 6.0 meters,
you should put 0.6a in teleport coordinates.
6.0a would launch you 60 meters high.


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