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lady murasaki

Aug 21, 2005, 1:52am



Aug 21, 2005, 2:02am
Bye Lady Murasaki... you will be missed.

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Aug 21, 2005, 3:09am
I am assuming you are the one Garnet spoke of. If so, it's a shame to know
all this immature ranting has come to this. You and I only met once or twice
and yet I already feel a profound loss with your decision to leave because
of all this. I just wish I could reach thru my monitor and knock some heads
together. However even doing that probably wouldn't knock any sense into
them. Instead of feeding into all this BS or leaving AW altogether to make a
statement.... I will simply use my option to "mute on sight" anyone who
continues to drag this out any further, either at the gate or here in the
ngs. I don't give a rip about who the hell I insult by doing this (which I
used to). And I highly suggest others do the same if they are truly as
sickened by it as I am. Perhaps then, things might die down, if enough
people use that "mute on sight" option. Perhaps then it'll sink in to those
muted that they are the fuel behind all the flaming and slander. (crosses

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dr. squailboont

Aug 21, 2005, 6:54am
What?! You're leaving?! I demand that you return my bananas.

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> ^_~

titania o

Aug 21, 2005, 8:24am
So sorry to hear you are leaving :-( I never got to know you but allways
herd good things. AW will be loosing a great creater.
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strike rapier

Aug 21, 2005, 9:58am
Cya Susan :O

- Mark Randall

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king ramel o

Aug 21, 2005, 11:10am
U are a great modeller, very talented
Sad to see you leave take care
We enjoyed all your models and prizes and will be missed.

(I misunderstood the thread thought the modeller was someone else)

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Aug 21, 2005, 11:29am

Hope you come back soon...


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Aug 22, 2005, 7:01am
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Aug 22, 2005, 1:44pm

You know how much I have admired your work and respected you as an
individual. I pray that you will keep the lines open here and you will not
sever this connection entirely.

Somewhere along the road, many citizens forgot what it is to be a modeler.

I remember as a child, pulling out a cart with wheels I had. I loaded it
with Instant Ice Tea mix and a big pitcher of water filled with ice. I
rolled it all out near the road with a sign scribbled in crayon on a 3 x 5
index card...hardly noticeable from in front of the cart not to mention from
a passing car. I waited all day hoping to sell some iced tea just so I could
buy a Halloween costume that I had seen at the local store.

The sun climbed out from behind the shade tree I was under and started to
take it's toll on me. I wasn't drinkin', I was sellin'. Red, sweaty and
exhausted, I struggled on with the goal of that costume stuck in my head. It
was the best costume. It was just a ghost but I had never seen one like this
before. A long flowing white outfit that caught the breeze and looked like
something from out of 'the beyond'. I was gonna be the most famous kid on
the block with this costume come Halloween.

I was determined to sell some iced tea. That costume was just a few iced
teas out of my grasp. That did it. I waited for a car to drive by and I
started waving my arms and jumping up and down. Lo and behold, my first
customer. I saw my first dime on it's way. Ten cents closer I was gonna be.
What a nice lady. She gave me a quarter and told me I should go inside cause
it was too hot outside. Twenty-five cents woohoo!!! It wont be long now with
people like her around. Another car...and then yet another! I raised my
price to 25 cents! Why not? Everyone was okay with a dime , why not a
quarter?!! Oh boy, another car! "Yes sir, would you like to buy some iced

"Yes son, that would be nice on a day like this. Twenty-five cents? That
sounds like a good price! I'll take one"

And with that, my hand slipped off the glass pitcher and it smashed on the
ground. It shattered as did my dream.

The man graciously helped me pick up the broken glass and put it in the cart
so I could bring it back up to the house. Little did I know that the wet
glass and melting ice that was in the cart had soaked through the bottom of
the container of Iced Tea. When I lifted it off the cart, the bottom tore
open and spilled out everywhere. My eyes filled with tears. I couldn't even
get a new pitcher now.

When my parents came home from work that day, I was beaten for breaking a
valuable pitcher and not knowing better. Ah, our parents, what did they know
would affect us years later.

Needless to say, my parents found it in their hearts to buy me that ghost
costume. I was so filled with joy when they gave it to me. It was far and
few between that I got anything store bought growing up.

Halloween day arrived and I scrambled home from school and quickly threw on
my new costume. Yep, one-size-fits-all, that was my size alright. Off I went
to 'streets around the corner' unknown. Here goes me strutting down the
road, plastic pumpkin bucket in one hand swinging back and forth. I KNOW I
am going to be the king of the costumes this year!

There! Up ahead! Those are my friends! There's Pete, he's a pirate (so
passé), and there's Michelle....yep..a cat. I knew it. I darted up to meet
them but as I did, I tripped on the curb, fell, and tore my new costume. It
was ruined. And the parts that were salvageable had blood on it now because
I scraped my hand. My Halloween was ruined. I sulked back to my house where
I was yelled at for being clumsy.

A modeler crafts his iced tea, his models, sweats in the sun, putting in
hours and hours of work with not one car coming by. He creates a giant
clipper ship full of iced tea to pass out to everyone. Sometimes for a
quarter, sometimes for a dime, sometimes for free. Guaranteed though, no
modeler will ever afford a ghost costume without outside resources. And it
seems that in activeworlds especially, there are always curbs to help you
fall. I know one thing for sure, these blood stains will never come out.

I don't blame you for leaving activeworlds Susan. I am a few iced teas away
from leaving myself. Please keep in touch.

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queen ramel o

Aug 29, 2005, 3:46pm
O_o.. Wot?.. NOoooo, you can,t go :(

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