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king ramel o

Mar 9, 2005, 11:38pm
Queen RaMel Okie_woman2003 at
Yeah I Thought Aw Might Take SOME Responsiablites.... I Had Someone Hack
a World.. Stole A Object... Uploaded it to MY FTP
Which I gave that person my Pwd..I know.. I trusted this person.. he was
a Dear Friend to me.. or so I thought...and I Even Had Chat Log to Prove he
addmited to doing this.. but.. wether it was done to me or someone else
it,s Wrong...... Hacking is a Low Blow to all us AW CIT,s that Works our
Tails to create Great Enivorments and to Have ppl like This come along , and
Could Have... Made me Loose my Cit and Worlds...I had Email JP About this
too..Sent the Chat Log into AW Even
and Like Most Emails from the ppl that We are Suppose to be Able to
Depends up on
More Less said:.. So... What are we to do?
and This Cost us $ 69:95 a year
hmm.. Makes me Wonder Why Kind of Enviroments AW themselfs let off


Queen RaMel....

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strike rapier

Mar 10, 2005, 12:30am
Ok... you are all just getting irritating now...

Double line spacing between paragraphs, no indentation and for the love of
sweet jesus don't post the same post 3 times :)

Thankya kindly.

- MR

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queen ramel o

Mar 10, 2005, 1:59am
Sorry about the 3 Replys
I couldnt, get outlook to work , well I coudlnt, figure it out..
hehee...sorry =)
Queen RaMel.

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