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Not Rearlly SDK but Similar... // Sdk

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strike rapier

May 24, 2002, 4:28pm
Does anyone have any ideas what the Resident Branticle of the SDK NG is
planning with this sekrit project, its driving me around the bend not
knowing.. Anyone know anything? Something tech maybe? Has AWC allowed
artificial life bots and brants made 1? It might even be a AI bot to CT

- Mark
*No point to this post rearlly I just want to know a lil more and brant aint
taking bribes*


May 24, 2002, 8:14pm
Well, I'll repeat the two clues I've said previously:

1. The project will change the way you build in AWTeen, and will make
AWTeen unique amongst the Universe.

2. The project is not a skybox-enabled version of Thor; that's already done
(but nobody wants to make skyboxes for the bot to use).

Let your imagination go wild. Either way, you'll find out for yourself
after a few days after MrGrimm's SDK is released :)

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strike rapier

May 29, 2002, 3:21pm
*reads though list of a few 100 posts*

Well you went crazy with joy when Global Mode was created which can recieve
object updates... uve also shown us a class for detecting encroachment, this
would seem to be sign towards building that is influenced by a direct bot
connection.. maybe something like a command where the bot will automatically
build you a small house, seed you objects or build you a pool (and

It could be a strange secret organisation that is going to use global mode
to spy on us and capture every word we say (but i doubt this.)

Maybe Brants going to fuse himself with his computer and make the ultimate
AI bot? We just dont know...

- Mark
*Making posts late at night, wanting to know what the Secrit Project is, but
about to colapse from exaustion - nite nite OE*


May 29, 2002, 6:20pm
Hmmm - thanks for the idea. The ability to create a seed object anywhere in
AWTeen is a great function, and since the "sekrit project" will already be
in Global mode, should be able to be implemented within 15 minutes, if that.
In fact, I'm definately going to add the ability to seed objects by voice
command to the project.

Scratch up another point to Strike - he had a great idea this time!

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