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Finishing Things Off // Sdk

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strike rapier

Apr 2, 2002, 3:36pm
Okay, in round up. This is what I know....

The passowrds were cracked using a AWST browser that intercepted and decoded
them in a way that was visible to the browser. This browser no longer works
so if ur Pw's have been chanegd in the last 2 months u should be safe.

Mod put this file onto his website and i helped to crack the PW...

I alert you all, and recieve a bunch of replies telling me im making Hoaxes
and blowing massive theft of property out of proportion.. Well to you who
have said that... thanks allot, its rearlly nice to know that when your
trying to help you just get insulted.

For those of you who have telegramed me or used the NG to say thankyou, id
like to say I apreciate it, AW is better when its safer, and ill do what I
can to make it that way. I greatly apreciate your support.

As for the validity.. I believe by now there is no doubt whatsoever that
what I have said is indeed the truth and hope you take it as such.

Lets just get the PW's chanegd if they havent been chanegd in the last 2
months and then this horrable mess will hopefully go away.

- Mark / Strike

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