Thankyou guys :D (Sdk)

Thankyou guys :D // Sdk

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strike rapier

Mar 30, 2002, 1:26pm
Id just like to say a few thankyou's to people who have helped me in some
way or another regarding me learning Visual Basic and programming bots. I
havent done thins before but i feel now would be a good time to do so...

Id like to give some great thanks to....

Baron - The person who taught me almost all i know about VB, without you, id
be nowhere about now. Your a star!

Mr Grimm - Using your VB SDK has allowed me to learn abuot programming bots,
and its the main thing I use now. Thankyou for all the time youve put into
making it and all the help files youve made. Its very much apprciated.

Kah - Thanks for all the info youve given me as well, be it though e-mail,
NG or telegrams. Id still be trying to work out why a basic command wasnt
working if it wasnt for your help.

Robbie - Another person who has helped me allot, from showing me examples of
code for the greeterbot, to assisting me with functions and such. Thankyou

TheTraveler - You 2 have assisted me with my programming skills and
explaining some of the fiddly bits I couldent understand at first without
your help.

Armygeddon - Thanks for teaching me about using data objects for databases
and such :) its come in rearlly usefull.

And of course people like MIKsam, Flynn 1 and everyone else who has
encouraged me :)

If ive missed anyone out please dont be offended, just tell me and ill stick
u on :)

Once again, thankyou everyone.

- Mark / Strike

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