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Mar 7, 2002, 6:31pm
[This was posted several threads below.. However, I wanted to start a new
thread, considering this is a reply to a month old post... I'd also like to
renew the discussion]

An SDK for Unix/Linux is something I've been bugging Roland about for a
while now. I'm sure he would attest to that. :-)

All *real* server applications run on *nix. Most in fact are open source
and have been ported to Unix, Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, etc... Just think
of the possibilities if you could run a bot on *nix.

(1. Harness the power of the command line, and all the *nix performance
(2. *nix systems have better logging facilities...
(3. obviously more stable
(4. integrate bots/world admin programs with HTTP server/database
(5. More ideas for the database powered object path (also part of #4.)

I don't mean this in any bad way. But Roland isn't our lone hero programmer
anymore... I'm about to shell out $50 instead of just $20 dollars..

This is one thing I'm going to expect in the near feature. And why
shouldn't I? Not only am I paying more, but every other *professional* piece
of server software runs on *nix (excluding Microsoft trash). It's only to
be expected of a corporation like activeworlds, with a client/server based
product like AW.

I've been told for a long time that an SDK for *nix just wasn't a priority.
This was due to lack of manpower to perform the port to *nix (which I was
told was possible, just not feasible at the time), and the other features
that were being requested more. Which is all perfectly reasonable. However,
I believe it is time to make this a top priority. I don't really expect to
see this with the next version of AW (would be nice though!) But, sometime
shortly thereafter.


Jeremy Booker
JTech Web Systems
( -- Coming Soon)

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