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Jan 25, 2002, 2:15am
First of all, I'm not even sure if the 5x5 Query works in VB...I tryed
myself but it failed.....second, all of the "1"s in the EventCellBegin sub
need to be changed to "2"....

Private Sub sdk_EventCellBegin()
Dim X As Long, Z As Long
XCell = sdk.AwCellX
ZCell = sdk.AwCellZ
X = sdk.AwSectorFromCell(XCell) - XSector
Z = sdk.AwSectorFromCell(ZCell) - ZSector
If (X < -2 Or X > 2 Or Z < -2 Or Z > 2) Then
Exit Sub
End If
m_seq(Z + 2, X + 2) = sdk.AwCellSequence
End Sub

if you don't do this then it will query forever. Also make sure m_seq has
enough space....(5)(5)


Jan 25, 2002, 7:23pm
AwQuery5x5 works fine, if you know how to use it :-)) I contacted the person
who should know best (MrGrimm off course) when the 3.2 SDK was released and
your code should work fine, so if you used that I don't know why it failed
for you...


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