A linux SDK?? (Sdk)

A linux SDK?? // Sdk

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Oct 31, 2001, 2:12am
Many of you probably heard me asking Rolad about an SDK for UNIX/Linux
at the last TechTalk. I just want to see how much support there is for
this? How many of you would take up programming projects for a linux/unix
server environment? Better yet, how many of you even own a machine that
runs linux? I am astounded that there has not been an SDK for Linux from the
start because of the potential that the server and SDK have paired together.
When you have a piece of server software, it better be compiled for Linix,
if it's any good. AW's got that part figured out. But the SDK goes hand in
hand with the server. Therefore, It too should be able to run in a server
environment (a.k.a. Unix/Linux). The SDK can do many helpful things now, on
windows machines. Think what would happen if you paired that with a *server*
environment. You'd have bots that did a lot more useful things than just
standing around playing games with people. I have 20 or so great ideas, I'm
just waiting on that SDK.

After coming to the realization, however, that most people host their
worlds from their personal windows machine, it all starts to make sense.
The SDK for Linux has not been a priority because there aren't that many
hosts, or users for that matter, that run Unix/Linux. What it boils down to
is that 'Management' doesn't want to take on the project because they
believe the usefulness does not justify the expense (in man hours, support,
etc.. ) it would take to create it. I'd like to see if this theory is true.
Please speak up if you think it's a great idea, a waste of time, not
necessasary, or whatever. How many of the programmers out there would use
it? Do you think AW has bigger projects that they should be concentrating
on, and not wasting time on this? Please let me know your opinons...


Jeremy Booker
JTech Web Systems
( -- Coming Soon)


Oct 31, 2001, 4:49am
It seems that here Linux becomes more and more a developement
platform. Even insurance companies, known to be conservative
in their choice of software, are running more and more Linux
backends and have projects on them. Not many frontends though,
not yet at least.

I'm waiting with a private Linux server until the Crusoe CPU
is available for PCs, currently it's only available in laptops
and 19" racks - well, I have one ancient installation of Linux
on a 486 but I don't use that box anymore.

I would be interested.

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Nov 1, 2001, 9:09am
Something people have been looking for since the rise of Linux as an
affordable unix platform for the "casual" user. I would be interested in a
Linux SDK myself, although I wouldn't rush out use it straight away (better
the devil you know).


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Nov 10, 2001, 8:00pm
This post might be old, but I'd like to see more AW stuff available in linux
(I'm running a linux box dualed with Windows)


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Dec 15, 2001, 2:47pm
I'm gonna learn assembly and make the first Dynamite Software Operating
System..... i'd probably want an AW SDK and Server for that too... cos I
love bots :P
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Dec 15, 2001, 4:17pm
OS in assembly? try C or C++ instead...


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