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Sep 12, 2002, 10:25am
[View Quote] > Good that you will never deal with program developement, because
> that would require logic and sometimes a little memory :
> eep : He recently posted ... about the recent Admin Tool security flaw,
> ananas : He is not talking about the current version ...
> Daphne : Sleepy E didn't post problems with the current version...
> eep : He did in Andras' AW programming newsgroup.
> ananas : he posted about the previous server.
> eep : people are still running older world servers
> Did you forget what you (wrongly) stated : recent admin tool / current
> version?

<shrug> A mistake Daphne incorrectly assumed which I refuted and reiterated the point that the bug is still present on non-upgraded servers. Pay attention, dipshit-nitwit-twit,

> Now what is it with this argument about old world servers?
> Did you run out of _valid_ arguments?
> And why do you think AW claimed it to be a forced security upgrade?

Uh, states: "Note that you must now upgrade your 3.4 world to the latest version." Learn to read, lamer.

> Those old world servers should not even exist anymore in AW.

But they do. Oops--you lose. Drive through, putz.

> Follow-up set to general.discussion, because any eep reply in community
> can only be off topic.

Crossposted to both newsgroups since you want to play with the followups, sport.

Oh and consider yourself filtered from now on; I'm done dealing with your incompetence.

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