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Sep 10, 2002, 7:19pm
[View Quote] > Eep, you are proving to be the 2nd grader here by refusing to accept the
> truth and not understanding what has been said to you...

Look in the mirror, beyatch.

> Sleepy E didn't post problems with the current version...

He did in Andras' AW programming newsgroup.

> AW Inc. is NOT about to give details about security hole or tell how they fixed it... It
> would be very "absent-minded" of them to do so!!

Uh, not if they had actually FORCED everyone to upgrade their world servers like they said they would have--then it would not have mattered if they SPECIFICALLY explained EXACTLY what was wrong and how to do it since no one would be vulnerable to it anyway. Think, Daphne, think...I know it hurts you greatly but just give it the ol' college try--assuming you even WENT to college (I have my doubts)...

> It was very good of
> Sleepy E to let AW Inc. know about the hole and they moved quickly to block
> it... THAT is all YOU or anyone ever has to know!!!

Then if that's the case, Sleepy E should not have posted about it in Andras' newsgroup. Oops...there goes YOUR "logic", Daphne. College is calling you...

> Pass through, Eep... No goodies for you today...

<shrug> DRIVE through, moron.

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