Rich Text Box's in Visual Basic (Sdk)

Rich Text Box's in Visual Basic // Sdk

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Jul 5, 2001, 2:07pm
Hi Guys,

I want to cteate a chat bot like ImaBot's but I would like it to mimic the
AW Chat box completely, as in tab spaces, colors and italics and bold.

To achieve this I need to get the hang of the Ric htext box and its
features, coz thats what AW use in the borwser...I've spent the last few
days searching, does anyone know any links or anytihng to pages with a list
of commands or could list them here?

I would appreciate it, thanks :)



Jul 14, 2001, 11:02am
for MS ActiveX controls, you've got a great tool: the MSDN (Microsoft
Developer Network) Library.

PS. look in the AW.Programming NG on news:// where Baron gave me
some source code to define the selected text, wich allows you to edit the
Sel[something] params, like SelColor, SelBold, etc

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