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Apr 11, 2001, 9:15pm
Ive been working on my bot, and Ive added a thing that when you say
"(bot name) Join me" The bot will move and apper in front of you. Ive
got it to work preatty good so far, but some times it joins another
person, other than the owner. I used this to make the bot join.

If message1 = botname & " join me" Then
avloc1 = (Sdk.AwAvatarZ + 100)
avloc2 = (Sdk.AwAvatarX + 100)
avloc3 = Sdk.AwAvatarY
avloc4 = (Sdk.AwAvatarYaw - 900)
name = Sdk.AwAvatarName
Sdk.AwCitizenAttributesByNumber (txtOwner.Text)
If Sdk.AwCitizenName = name Then
Sdk.AwMyZ = avloc1
Sdk.AwMyX = avloc2
Sdk.AwMyY = avloc3
Sdk.AwMyYaw = avloc4
Sdk.AwSay "Joining you " & name
Message "[" & txtBotName.Text & "] : Joining you " & name
Sdk.AwSay name & " you are not my boss."
Exit Sub
End If
End If

and all the varibles are Defined. And message, isnt a msgbox, ( M a K a
V e L i) Its used to add a line to a certan text box. I also can not get
it to apper in fromt of the person. So if anyone can, please help me.
Thanxs :-)

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