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juts posted as name change notification. (nt)

Feb 23, 1999, 8:54pm
not terrible

pick up objects

Mar 1, 1999, 7:51pm
yeah, but "your Daniel bot" costs lotsa money ($200 I think) if you di even start
selling him :)

[View Quote] > Actually, our Daniel bot in AWGames can do this. :) It can query, then
> determine a box from 2 or more avatars... Then it can save the objects in the
> box and rebuild it. :)
> - Ima
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everyone will probably disagree but...

Mar 1, 1999, 8:05pm
how about a limit on ejections? or, since there's a possibility there
would need to be multiple (i.e. a person keeps coming back after
ejections) that way, people wouldn't, nay COULDN'T, overuse ejection
rights. and maybe a limit on ejections. say a person is ejected 5 times,
'cause he/she keeps coming back and doing it again. after those 5 times,
he/she is banned until the caretaker or a Ps decides to remove the ban.

"Why do all my good ideas turn out bad?" (don't
think that with these though!!)

Iforgot so I'll tell you in the main part o' muh post...

Mar 15, 1999, 8:06pm
first of, I 'gree back there, AW DOES need better rendering. How about
some editors? I know I know, they probabably exist or something but i
don't know about them. the editors would go into: avatars, objects, etc.
I know this might be quite a bit for the, well, whatever everything is
kept on but they would be useful when you're in a world w/o avatars you
really like and when you can't seem to find just the right object.
I...hmm...lost my train of thought...Well, I know this is gonna sound
nuts and it'd require mucho de programming but possibly some game
worlds, that is, like an RPG one and an action one. OK, not mucho de,
HUGE, gigantic, tremendous amounts of programming but hey, this is a
wishlist not an ask-for-easy-thingslist. Possible world to world
whisper? telegrams can be kinda slow. I'm still thinking about the RPG
thing so here, from The Realm, are my ideas on this (I'm sure it's in
other things but I don't need a list ok? :) /t <person's name> to talk
to someone anywhere and /g to talk to your "group" (like people you've
joined, or maybe contacts). And also, a lot of ICQ-ish things. a list of
people your waiting for the registration of and that sort of thing have
to go eat will be back later to post something else to finish this... so
bye fer now :)

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