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Virtual Virus

Oct 15, 1998, 10:25pm
Welcome to the Wishlist, Abbot. Happens all the time =).
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Novices/private worlds

Oct 15, 1998, 10:38pm
No offense klassi, i see what you mean about it being easy, but i have never
seen an X - rated world, if there is any they are probably private.

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Virtual? =P

Oct 15, 1998, 10:35pm
I dont like all this virtual money and diseases stuff. I am appalled at
rune's comment of AW gangs being fun. I belonged to an organization to
conquer these gangs, and i know from experience that the gangs did not do it
as a game! Have you ever heard a tourist that has had his property
vandalized? It is very sad, and some gangs still exist today, contrary from
what you have been told, and in vast numbers. The difference is they have
learned from the mistakes of the old King Punisher and the have gotten
sneakier in their ways. Just think if these "fun" AW Gangs vandalized you,
then you caught that stupid disease, then you realized you were out of money
and couldnt get a job! You would feel really bad. AW is not supposed to be
real, thats why its called a virtual world. If we are going to have famine
and wars and viruses, why not turn AW into a 3D shooter game where you are
banned if you are shot? I just dont understand why anyone would want this,
and i know i sure dont!


Virtual? =P

Oct 16, 1998, 5:17pm
Still CDM, I like it the way it is BUT, i wouldnt mind using Rolu's
suggestion and having worlds for this....
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Here's my wish

Oct 15, 1998, 11:02pm
Im not trying to be rude, but what is up with Eep2? Does he enjoy being
cruel? You can debate without calling people stupid or dumb. I, like Scott
Miller. like to view my opinions, but whats the point of saying someone's
argument is invalid because they are stupid or dont spell words right? Im
not being whiny, its just that im tired of him constantly doing it. I
agree, certain ideas are not practical (or maybe completely insane) but
geez, he needs to pipe down. If he has an argument, say it, without the
remarks. I have heard several people say he is a snot but i havent really
met him, but I can see where they are coming from. Maybe Eep2 is a good
guy, but I guess in newsgroups you can be as cruel as you want. And I bet
that he will have a snappy cutdown for me as well, but let him.


Here's my wish

Oct 16, 1998, 5:18pm
Yes Eep is, but i do agree he is very helpful. Sorry about the anger fuss.
And process, you are not in any more position than me to call something
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Here's my wish

Oct 16, 1998, 5:25pm
I apoligize to Eep i guess he is pretty helpful.
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Properties box

Oct 16, 1998, 5:26pm
I wish that when you select multiple objects, you can change the action and
description and even the object. It would come in handy for major
renovation projects and so on. But maybe im just being whiny =).


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