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Clickable URL's & Teleports on Chatscreen

Sep 17, 1998, 12:06am
I'm thinking a simple freeze chat button might be helpful, and not too
hard to do... in fact, I've made a few programs that will freeze my
computer, I could then write down the info in the chat that I needed...
however the disadvantage to this is that you would have to reboot to
unfreeze :)

[View Quote] > Mirc and other clients "capture" an URL so that it can be easily
> accessed.
> Alot of times in high traffic areas when coords are typed on the
> chatscreen (and URL's), they scroll up so fast you either have
> to keep scrolling back to copy or teleport to an empty location
> to keep the chatscreen from scrolling further while copying.
> Please, please, figure a way to either capture the url and teleport
> or click on it to activate.
> TL
> PS We also need a Bookmark tab for URL's that want to be saved
> in the Active Worlds browser.


Apr 28, 2001, 10:48pm
Does anyone know what happened to JKMT?
I can't seem to find anyone. It's been this way for a few months now. And
now the
world is closed, and the web site has gone down.

I'm getting concerned,

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