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IceFlare Ultimate Object Path

Jan 29, 2004, 3:26pm
"wizard myrddin" <admin at rdescape.co.uk> wrote in
news:40183bed$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> Just a little thing who is Starbeam Network Ltd as I cant find this
> company listed?

His copyright notice is invalid as well, unless he has a time machine.



Jan 29, 2004, 3:37pm
"sweets" <stylecanin at hotmail.com> wrote in
news:40182946$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> Wondering if anyone got permission from Active Worlds for the use of
> their name in promoting these radio stations. I personally am sick of
> the spam and would rather just turn on my dvd player and chose my own
> music for the night. Also I will not click on any url's that the
> Immigration Officer has not recommended (meaning they are backed
> and/or accepted as being AW content). Why should anyone trust any
> so-called radio stations claiming to be Active Worlds. Surely someone
> is breaking some kind of law somewhere LOL sweets

AWI has trademarks on "ActiveWorlds", "Active Worlds" and the old AW
logo/icon (USPTO serial #75697074). However, if they don't try to use it
for business, they might be protected by fair use in this case, don't know
much about this.

I'm sure nobody is claiming to be AWI, and if you demand that AWI vouch for
any URL before you'll click it, you're not going to click a lot of them :-)



Jan 30, 2004, 2:33pm
"alexthemartian" <alex at virtual-studios.net> wrote in
news:40197a28$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> umm who said it actually had to be in full use? look at AWGZ and AW,
> you dont see half in one and half in other, even tho it is almost the
> same exact GZ. i think it was intended to have the others be
> preservation of historic gates, that all.

0/2=0. You could interpret that in two ways: you don't see half in either
worlds, because there isn't anyone in either wolrds OR you do actually see
half in one, half in the other world.



Jan 29, 2004, 3:43pm
"jacob the m hero" <jacob2000caca at yahoo.ca> wrote in
news:401877dd at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/you.html

That thing made me laugh my ass off. Jacob, sorry, but you really are a bit
of an idiot reposting a link to something you think is a virus...


3.5 is out

Jan 30, 2004, 3:19pm
"sweets" <stylecanin at hotmail.com> wrote in
news:4019ae22$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> a. more to learn, more confusion. Would rather they concentrated on
> making that huge bar uptop smaller to give more screen room.

More to learn? Do you really need to learn anything to use the AW

> b. geez there are only 4 to toggle. Too much work? LOL Unless this
> gives us views from different distances per view, see no use for this
> option either

If you're going to add key mapping, you might as well do it properly.
That's what they're trying to do.

> c. what about the ? people. This feature to save GK's
> trouble of people asking them to check if someone online and having to
> put on a list? No use for this option as we have the ones we care
> about on our personal lists and can add names to see if they are online
> or not.

If you actually try to understand what you read, you'll see that 1) it's
disabled in the main universe, 2) it's optional for the other universes.
Don't know how it handles the hidden status option, but I suppose they
would've been smart enough to show that to everyone (the UniAdmin,
however, should still see everyone).

> d. Oh man confusion. You join me, no you join me, no I
> asked first, oh shoot both hit join at same time. Can see where this
> is going to lead LOL

That's pretty much what it is now. The only difference is that instead of
entering "y" or "n" in the chat, you click a button. Don't see how this
will change anything.

> e. Oh yeah that is all we needed was more popups.
> Give me a break

It isn't like they're sending you advertising popups, just message boxes.

> f. have no idea (even as worldowner for over 3 yrs)
> what that even means haha

Not exactly rocket science, I suggest you take a course on reading
comprehension. It means that the on-screen location of those windows will
be saved in order to make them appear at the same place the next time you
open them.

> g.eh?

Are you a universe admin? If no, this doesn't apply to you, so you don't
need to understand it. FYI it just means you can change some strings that
will be shown in the GUI.

> h. Downloads box is smaller, big deal, was already pretty small. How
> about that huge gigantic Objects box that takes up half of monitor
> when we build.

Do you have to bash every single feature, just for the sake of bashing

> i. another eh?

Again, this is very plain, simple English. It just means that if you use
a special prefix in URLs, it will try to find files on your harddisk
instead of on the web.

> j. Changed how? see h?

Try it and see?

> k. LOL that will help maybe for Gorean chat but what other use is it?
> sounds a bit AOL'ish or something. Typing I is alot faster than /me
> (especially as cannot locate the slash in dark half the time LOL)

It's a good way of showing what you're doing more clearly than was
possible before. To have "Sweets doesn't understand anything (s)he
reads" is not the same as "Sweets: I don't understand anything I
read". You not knowing how to use a keyboard doesn't make it a worse
feature... By the way, what's it to do with the goreans?

> l. Now that is a pain. If I want it off I turn it off. Why would I
> want it floating around infront of my viewing screen. Can tell you now
> will either stay left or not be on no matter what they do to it. Not
> impressed

I agree with you on this one, that floating thing is pretty annoying.
What I do is that I just hide it when I don't want it floating around.

> m. Kinda takes the fun out of getting to know someone when
> the L is already know LMAO Why not give us a space to put the
> notorious ASL info straight in and we can then stand and ignore each
> other for lack of anything to talk about.

So all you do when you talk to someone is go "a/s/l?!" And you were
talking about "AOL'ish" features...

> n. Never understood anyone coming to 3d and not leaving gestures on.
> Maybe time to get a better computer or go to Yahoo Chat. I thought
> with gestures off it did save space but what do I know anyway LOL

That would be space in the GUI.

> o. Ummm forgive me if am wrong but without the tabs on the margin is
> right at the edge with 3.4, making longer lines and less scrolling.

Some people like to have a visible margin.

> p. Again eh?

Still pretty simple English, but it does describe something technical so
I'll forgive you on this one. Just means that instead of using all the
power of your processor, like before, the browser will limit it's use to
50% maximum. This will prevent it from causing other programs to
malfunction or slow down ridiculously.

> q. I do not always want the same avatar, even if they are on the same
> path. I may want to be a body in one and a bird in another. I like the
> freedom to chose so this option is not for me either

It's not like it's going to force you to wear a particular avatar in all
worlds with that OP, it will just store it on a per-OP basis, so it
defaults to another one. Won't take you a second to switch it when you

> r. Do not use terrain

Does that make it a bad feature, just because the almighty Sweets doesn't
use it?

> s. Do not use water

Same question here.

> t. Hah if this is true it is the only 'plus' I can see so far of this
> update. Disconnections have been terrible since 3.4. Illegal
> operations for win98 and closing for xp. But I will have to see it to
> believe it. Aw has never been good at staying connected no matter how
> many updates and bug fixes they have done over the years.

The improved CPU throttle could also help on this issue, especially on
Win9x. However, I've never had any problems with AW disconnecting me, you
haven't ever thought that the problem might be with your setup and not

> u. And then it Purges info you need? A log you may have to check a
> month from now to match IP's....Think I am misunderstanding something
> here as I would rather let the log log and know it will be there when
> needed. I don't even like that word 'Purge' horrible LOL

Are you a browser developper? If not, then you don't need the *debug*
log! This feature is probably aimed at the beta testers, a task you
certainly wouldn't fit for. Again, it does say this very plainly, but you
seem to be allergic to comprehension.

> so call me old fashioned but until I am forced, I think I will stick
> with the 3.4 for now. At least until everyone else has stopped
> bitching and has figured it all out. So far from what I have read and
> heard, it is NOT what we need or want.
> sweets

Is everyone bitching? I only see you :-) Judging from this post,
disregard what you read and heard, you probably just misunderstood it.
Just download 3.5, install to another directory and try it out before you
say anything. If you don't like it then, you can just go back to your 3.4


3.5 is out

Jan 31, 2004, 2:37pm
"sweets" <stylecanin at hotmail.com> wrote in
news:401ab5e4$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com:


I'm sorry if I offended you, but you really pissed me off with your
attitude. To me, you just seemed like some bastard bashing people's hard
work just because it had some features you didn't care about, or that you
disliked a bit. You are not the center of the universe, sorry. Just because
you don't use a feature, does not mean that it's not a good one!

I also found it hard to believe that you failed to understand most of that,
since you said you've been a world owner for three years. In any case, you
very obviously didn't read it very attentively, if you had you would not
have said what you said. By the way, my primary language is not English,
but Norwegian. So don't come here and tell me not everyone is English.


Error with loading of objects.

Jan 30, 2004, 3:37pm
"starfleet" <Starfleet at Command.com> wrote in news:401a73e7$1
at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> Referrer is enforced at all times now.

I hope that you don't mean that you will deny access if no Referer header
is present. Remember, Referer is a completely optional header and many
firewalls block it. It can also be easily spoofed.


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