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Dec 1, 2003, 4:23pm
"mrbruce" <MrBruce at a1ct.com> wrote in
news:3fcab9ce at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> You want to wakeup today are you gonna be brain dead all your life.
> Where did I attack your universe smart guy? You mean because I chose
> not to edit a chat log and not remove your welcome to Spiral Matrix IO
> announcemant?
> Your posting here just proves your guilt.
> But I will mention Spiral Matrix now, since you brought it into the
> spot light here.
> You harbor web criminals in your universe for one.
> That act out against Active worlds by stealing their customers object
> passwords, not just A!!CT's but all the paths related to AW.
> They steal citizenships of memebers of Activeworlds.
> They wipe worlds and peoples hard work, not just A!!CT, many worlds
> not related to A!!CT have been wiped.
> Call it on echomencer, we will both be in comfernce with Rick Noll and
> JP McCormick and Law suits will apply.
> You openly admit like an idiot that you harbor M A T T in your
> universe, a person who has costed AW $1000.00 of dollars in lost
> money. I think I can convince them that your moeny for your universe
> is not cost effective, to their daily loses.
> A!!CT was destroyed by illegal acts.
> I personally will see to it Spiral Matrix is LEAGALLY shut down, in a
> court of law.

Can you prove this M a t t person has broken any laws? I doubt it.
Is a business an entity that can harbour criminals? No!
His company hasn't stolen any object passwords. One of it's customers
*may* have, but what does that have to do with the company?
They can't really steal citizenships, the owner has to be gullible and
stupid enough to give them the details.
They can't wipe worlds if they don't have the privileges to do so, stop
making false accusations.

I doubt AWI will want to have anything to do with you after you've shown
how bad a person can behave. You could always try suing him, but you'll
just end up paying dearly for it, since he has done you no harm

If you keep on slandering everything and everyone, you'll probably end up
on the defendant's bench yourself. Be especially wary with what you tell
the community of A!!CT, if you go around blaming things on this company
for no reason, you might very well cause proovable damage to it...



Dec 2, 2003, 2:02pm
"mrbruce" <MrBruce at a1ct.com> wrote in
news:3fcb8de9 at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> For the last time Kah he treatend me first with the lawsuit, or are
> you that "oneway" and "blind" to see past your hatred towards me to
[View Quote] I'm not blind, although I may have overlooked a couple of posts in this
mess. However, I've never seen anyone threatening you first, I just saw you
suddenly blaming Spiral Matrix and going around saying you were going to
sue just about everyone.

I feel no hatred towards you, stop being such a jerk. Why do you keep
believing everyone is opposed to you, that everyone hates you? It's one of
your worst problems, the constant whining about hatred that doesn't exist.
There may be a few people one might say go as far as hating you or A!!CT,
as I understand it, but these are few. That said, I think pretty much
everyone reading this newsgroup is really pissed off at you now, but
there's a big difference between being angered and hating.

I'm getting tired of your defamation, please stop it.


OK, what have we learned this weekend?

Dec 2, 2003, 2:10pm
"mrbruce" <MrBruce at a1ct.com> wrote in
news:3fcc6c2e at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> I was not snooping, I went there because these clowns were emil
> bombing my business email server with 10,500 F----You emails and other
> stupid garbage emails to fill up my mailserver and cause deletion of
> important mail. Youd done the same thing had it been your email server
> that was being email bombed 10,500 times by a kid hanging out there.
> One of ones hanging out there with him told me so in an AOL instant
> messenger program thats why I went there in the first palce.

Can you prove there was any deletion of important mail? I really don't see
why any important mail would've been deleted, even considering the amount
of mails handled.

This "mailbombing" constitutes a DoS attack, though, so you could probably
bring criminal charges against whoever commited the act. Unfortunately, you
might not get anyone to investigate it if there is no significant financial



Dec 2, 2003, 2:16pm
"mrbruce" <MrBruce at a1ct.com> wrote in
news:3fcc81f9 at server1.Activeworlds.com:

MrBruce, stop this crap right now. It's your own fault for having bad
security around your world and giving immature people too many privileges.

Nobody hacked you, nobody committed any crime. Slowly put down your
flamethrower, back away from it and lie hands on your head on the ground.


For the last time...

Dec 4, 2003, 3:09pm
"brock" <BrockL at iceflare.net> wrote in
news:3fce5e90$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> IceFlare Digital Entertainment (IFDE) The newest innovation from the
> IceFlare Starbeam Network....
> Has ANYTHING To do with VWTV or the Virtual World Broadcasting Network
> (now disbanded to my knowledge) It is NOT a part of VWTV, it is not
> OWNED by VWTV, it is not RAN by VWTV...
> </informativerant>

Well, that's... nice. Do you have anything to say that someone might care


What is going to happen with the feature vote?

Dec 12, 2003, 1:57pm
"ferruccio" <startrek3 at earthlink.net> wrote in
news:3fd92a22$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> is there a problem with that? look, AW now has snow, move and rotate.
> interesting that they god snow two days after I made that post. How
> about actually making a valid reply instead of questioning my posts?

To be honest, you are getting a bit repetitive. No offence intended.


Hello. I am Ci. are there any good builds in AW to see?

Dec 18, 2003, 2:48pm
"rossyboy" <rossyboy at vwtv.org> wrote in news:3fdf3965
at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> The AW Newsgroups are not a forum.

Then what are they?


Hello. I am Ci. are there any good builds in AW to see?

Dec 21, 2003, 11:22am
"rossyboy" <rossyboy at vwtv.org> wrote in
news:3fe39e1d at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> Newsgroups.

A newsgroup is a forum. Go look the word "forum" up in the dictionary.


Sound range limit...

Dec 13, 2003, 4:01pm
"sweets" <stylecanin at hotmail.com> wrote in
news:3fdb37f7$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> one fault I have noticed is that if the sound is if installed up say
> at 350m in the air, it is heard down at gz....the sound range seems to
> be a cone that althogh horizontally can only be heard about 10m,
> vertically there doesnot seem to be a limit.....someone passing over
> the spot on ground level that I have an implanted sound -300m down
> will load and hear it.....yet someone -300m down will not hear it if
> they walk out of the 10m range on that level....has made for some
> creative create sounds (using bumps to start sounds more often because
> of my building in levels).... sweets

That would be because AW's cell database is 2D (flat). It only cares about
your distance to objects on an (imaginary) overhead grid, and doesn't care
about vertical distance.



Dec 14, 2003, 1:04pm
"andras" <andras at andras.net> wrote in
news:3fdb9338 at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> Never EVER run a program which is not from a trusted source! If there
> is a new program out, it is either from someone you trust, or wait
> till you see reports about it. The terbot.0catch.com site was
> mentioned only in my ng (best of my knowledge) where you'd see an
> immediate response from several ppl that it is a backdoor trojan. The
> webpage explicitly explains it is not the original program from the
> author (which indeed was a nice bot!) but an upload by a script
> kiddie.

In this case matt or whoever wised up a little and actually stole someone
else's bot. I can guarantee that the original bot did not come with any
form of trojans. He did leave a clue on the site (which I nearly overlooked
at first glance, why I vouched for the safeness of this program at first),
stating it was an "unofficial" site for the bot and that it wasn't his. My
advice: if you see something like that on free sites, forget about
downloading it.


Immigration Officer: WARNING! Your citizenship expires tomorrow! To extend your citizenship, press the Renew button in the toolbar.

Dec 15, 2003, 5:18pm
"mrbruce" <MrBruce at a1ct.com> wrote in
news:3fdd186d at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> The time has come to say goodbye.
> To all those who have been helpful: I say thank you.
> To all those who were my friends: I say good bye.
> To all those who disliked me: I'm am sorry we never got to know each
> other and be friends.
> To all those who hated me: I am sorry I made you think that way.
> I wish you all in AW peace and happiness!
> Citizen 327324 MrBruce former A!!CT World owner.

Bye Bruce, have a nice time with whatever you decide to do.


AW Radio

Dec 18, 2003, 2:54pm
"the lady" <thelady263414 at hotmail.com> wrote in
news:3fdefba9$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> Perhaps, OneSummer, you can give the newsgroup community more
> information about this newsgroup posting. Such as, how did you
> receive the financing? Also, what is your roll in AWRadio. And
> finally, why was this done?

Why should she post financial information here? That's quite a rude
request, especially as it implies some irregularity in obtaining the

Anyway, it doesn't cost anything to post a newsgroup post (although I guess
what you meant was this radio station), besides needing to have a valid

In what way does her rol*e* in the station matter to you? And the
intentions behind it?! Honestly, sometimes you really amaze me with your
blind stupidity and deranged thinking.


Happiest of Holidays

Dec 18, 2003, 2:59pm
"brock" <BrockL at iceflare.net> wrote in news:3fe12c67$1
at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> Shut up Anne, you suck.

Yet again, you show us how mature you are... Brock, what is your problem?
You seem to get in fights with everyone over anything. Nobody likes you,
you know, and it's only your fault.


Happiest of Holidays

Dec 21, 2003, 11:24am
"brock" <BrockL at iceflare.net> wrote in
news:3fe4b41c$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> code you obviously don't know the whole story
> About two years ago before i was banned from DreamLand Park, Anne and
> Thundercloud wronged me in a scandal that invovled, unauthorized use
> of my account (TC stole my password from the UNIADMINOPTIONS) and used
> my account to make fraudulent images against me, and numerous other
> things to undermine my reputation and character.

Boohoo! Mommy, they banned me!

Yes, you've posted about this quite a few times, the sad part is: nobody
cares. Your story sounds so stupid I find it very hard to believe it.


Impersonation warning

Dec 19, 2003, 2:04pm
Sorry for crossposting, but I feel it's very important that I do this.
Apparently someone has impersonated me with the intention to distribute
some malware disguised as a multipurpose bot. This "bot" has got nothing to
do with me, neither does whoever created it. I will contact the
impersonator's ISP today to make sure this does not happen again. Sorry for
the inconvenience.

PS. FollowUp-To set to poster.


Dec 23, 2003, 10:44am
"ananas" <ananas at oct31.de> wrote in
news:3fe7820e$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> hm - I can press "refresh" and it still shows.
> Might be a bug in Mozilla or OE decides to hide
> non-public groups.
> I wonder what would happen if I unsubscribed and
> then would try to refresh the list ...

Tried doing a complete list redownload in my client, still shows up. The
error message says "411 group did exist but has been deleted". Maybe a
weird server feature?



Jan 15, 2004, 12:12pm
"ananas" <ananas at oct31.de> wrote in
news:3fe83f5e$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> I unsubscribed and it's gone from the newsreader
> subscribe list now (using Mozilla 5.0 - 1.3.1).
> So it was like Andras said, a Mozilla bug.

I just checked it manually. The server stills lists community, but not
general.discussion. Guess it's just my newsreader that keeps g.d around as
I have the cache for it.

215 list of newsgroups follows
worldbuilders 116172 113712 y
wishlist 59903 57609 y
sdk 30967 30187 y
bots 28094 27252 y
community 131585 124469 y



Jan 15, 2004, 12:39pm
"kah" <kah at kahnews.cjb.net> wrote in
news:Xns9471985D1BD7kahatkahnewsdotcjbdo at

> I just checked it manually. The server stills lists community, but not
> general.discussion. Guess it's just my newsreader that keeps g.d
> around as I have the cache for it.

Oops, I didn't notice community was back (even though I posted this to it).


Happy Holidays

Dec 23, 2003, 10:46am
"asb" <allstarbuilder00 at aol.com> wrote in news:3fe73a24
at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> Wishing you all a Happy Holiday to you and your families from, Las Vegas,
> NV.

Merry Christmas from Oslo, Norway.


M A T T situation

Jan 15, 2004, 12:39pm
"e n z o" <enzo at activeworlds.com> wrote in
news:4005a24d$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> Massachusetts's law officials have informed Activeworlds Inc. that the
> alleged father of "M A T T" has been served by the District Attorney
> in Kentucky with a subpoena to appear before a Grand Jury on Thursday
> January 14th regarding the charges against his son's activities in
> Activeworlds. Currently there are many claims against M A T T,
> including but not limited to, credit card fraud, hacking, theft and
> various postal mail violations.
><<snipped long post>>

That's great news! Hope he gets what he deserves, and that this will keep
him away from computer networks for the foreseeable future.

Thanks for whatever you've done to make this happen!


It didn't take very long

Jan 19, 2004, 2:51pm
"elyk" <kfoerst at sbcglobal.net> wrote in
news:400b8dff at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> Oh, I can name a few....lol Sad that they are still in AW...

If they get called as witnesses in a hacking case, their parents might
change that ;-)


What happened to the contest worlds?

Jan 21, 2004, 2:27pm
"ryan" <awng.5.ryanjacob at spamgourmet.com> wrote in news:400e7303$1
at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> Infinity + 1 = infinity
> infinity + 932.53 = infinity
> infinity * 62 = infinity
> infinity - 100000 = infinity
> infinity / 5 = infinity
> Isn't that nifty? :)

There is a concept of larger and smaller infinities. Makes sense when you
think about it.


What happened to the contest worlds?

Jan 22, 2004, 1:14pm
"c p" <chris101d at comcast.net> wrote in
news:400f3b57$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> ill pick it up, I just got snowcrash he he, clarifies allot of aw too
> :-), wonder why enzo picked the bad person, we need hiro protagonist
> :-)

This is off-topic, but I wouldn't call Uncle Enzo one of the bad guys in
Snow Crash. He is really more on Hiro & Co.'s side. I need to read that
book again sometime.


New Mass Mailing Virus

Jan 21, 2004, 2:31pm
"zeofatex" <gzanone at optonline.net> wrote in news:400e01b9
at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> http://reviews.cnet.com/4520-6600_7-5117828.html?tag=cnetfd.sd
> Just thought you ought to know ;). Update your virus scanners heh.

There's new ones every day, no point in announcing them here. The AW-
specific malwares are different, though, as the AV research people won't
pick up on them.


New Mass Mailing Virus

Jan 22, 2004, 1:16pm
"alexthemartian" <alex at virtual-studios.net> wrote in
news:400f3516$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> dude, its just informative to the community, and thats good. i like
> being notified :) thanx

It is sorta off-topic in here, and it would get annoying if people started
posting all the security advisories that are released every day...


Whats up w/ aw? ^_^

Jan 23, 2004, 3:38pm
"johnf" <johnf at 3d-reality.com> wrote in news:40104b34
at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> http://www.activeworlds.com:mainpage at

You could at least have used a hex-base IP to hide it a bit better...


For DX 9 cards

Jan 23, 2004, 3:40pm
"ferruccio" <startrek3 at earthlink.net> wrote in news:4010b764$1
at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> http://www.daionet.gr.jp/~masa/rthdribl/

That thing requires VS and PS 2.0 in hardware. That means GeForce FX and
Radeon 99999999544665 cards.


Inflated User Numbers

Jan 24, 2004, 11:10am
"the lady" <thelady263414 at hotmail.com> wrote in
news:4011f6a8 at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> There is a problem with inflated user numbers when looking on the
> worlds list. It's something that a few people know how to manipulate.
> This needs to be fixed. Is anyone able to do this or is this another
> bold abuse?
> The Lady
> thelady263414 at hotmail.com
> cc: abuse at activeworlds.com
> PS I have told KeithB about this concern and asked him to look into
> it. He said he would ask a few people.

"Bold abuse"? What the hell does that mean? The Lady, in what way would
somewhat inflated user counts make any difference to you? As long as it's
not way over the top, like the NekraNox incident, nobody will even notice.
You need to get a grip, badly.


AW not a Product

Jan 27, 2004, 4:35pm
"ihnk" <awihnk8 at yahoo.com> wrote in news:4015203e$1
at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> you can have both, theyre not mutually exclusive

In theory, no, but practice has revealed to be different.


It was a time of War.. Radio Wars..

Jan 28, 2004, 4:22pm
"brock" <BrockL at iceflare.net> wrote in
news:4017c6d8$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> Pretty soon Radio will be just like TV. Everyone has a station ;) And
> personally the people at the helm of both of these radio stations
> shouldnt be running one at all.

That's quite true. There's quite a few odd "TV" streams for WinAmp5 now,
after Nullsoft introduced the new ShoutCast-integrated NSV codec.


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