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AW for good computers?

Jun 22, 1998, 9:59am
There are probably many of you out there who have good/new computers and
who wish the program could be more oriented to a fast processor audience
then a Pent 100...

There are no settings, or only very little, to make the visuals much
better... for example avatar hiding as explained in Re:avatar visibility
in this newsgroup.

This program gives an occasion to use the full potential of a Pent II
300MHz with a good graphics card and an Ethernet network on a fractional


Sliding along walls

Jun 22, 1998, 11:17am
Have you ever noticed how annoying it is that whenever you get too close
to a wall, you just get stuck there. You can still turn away from the
wall, but wouldn't it be so nice to just be able to slide along that
wall? It would make climbing a narrow set of stairs much easier, or
walking through a narrow path between walls. That should be an easy
thing to fix with an update shouldn't it?



Jun 24, 1998, 10:51am
Hey, let's have a little respect for the creators.

Shamus young and others from CoF do make their appearance on these newsgroups
from time to time, and anyway, if they start spending their days on ng's, then
they wouldn't have time to work on programming, right? I think these guys have
already worked quite well, I mean, just go to AW and look around. That's what
they have done!! If you're so keen on getting updates, you might wanna contact
them and ask them if they'll let you have the source code to work on... Who
knows, maybe you could be making the next AW update.

Skander at ICQ:7817412

[View Quote] > Wishes yesterday... wishes today....wishes tomorrow.....
> But, where is the person who perhaps can make them reality.....the one who
> knows better than others what can be done or not....
> This ng ( and beta also ) was created especially for making AW server and
> browser better...why people working on those progs and people who selling
> them, are not here to post their opinion about these wishes?
> Odysseus


Jul 13, 1998, 10:17am
A little course in 3D graphics:

Mirrors would obviously require a reflection effect that is only possible in
Phong tracing technique, and still it doesn't work well, or in Ray Trace
technique, which makes good reflections. AW uses techniques that are much
simpler, and so mirrors are to stay a dream.

you could always run AW browser twice on your computer, have your two avatars
face each other, so that one could see the other. I haven't tried, but it just
might work....


[View Quote] > It sounds really difficult but is it possible to create a mirror object in
> AW. The main reason I ask is because I am trying out different avatars but
> can't see the faces. I could download them and use rwmod or something but it
> isn't that important.
> Edward Sumerfield, esumerfd at

Skander at ICQ:7817412

"Area's full"

Jul 13, 1998, 10:12am
It's my duty as American-Frenchman to translate this...

Manta says:

If I have understood well the concept of attributes, they are saved in text
mode, and are communicated through this medium. In this way, when you build
several objects with attributes in a same area, you get an "area full"
alert, preventing you to build any further.

So, obviously, a "create animate me" command takes up 17 bytes of text data.
Imagine if the AW browser would be capable of analysing this ASCII sequence
of the command and to transform it into a substitute, that would only take
one byte. This way, the browser could easily reduce the risk of "area full"

the ASCII command would be transform in a number or a single letter for
example, while it is in transit from server to user, or in storage in either
place. Or instead of writing "create animate me", you would simply write
"1". The different often-used commands would be encoded like this:
Cmd #0 : "create animate"
Cmd #1 : "bump"
Cmd #2 : "solid off"
Cmd #3 : "solid on"

This probably wouldn't be very hard to make possible, and it would greatly
ameliorate the program's construction phase.

[View Quote] > Hi all,
> I'm a french user and I speak a VERY very bad english, so I'll try to
> post this message in french and if someone can translate it for me, it
> will be nice...
> Si j'ai bien compris le fonctionnement des attributs, ils sont sauvés en
> mode texte, et transitent de cette maniere. Donc si l'on construit
> plusieurs objets avec des attributs dans une même zone, on obtient un
> "Area full"..
> C'est normal, un "create animate me" tient sur 17 octets.. Imaginons que
> le browser soit cabable d'analyser la sequences ASCII de la commande et
> de la transformer en token (donc en la codant sur 1 SEUL octet), on
> pourrait facilement reduire le risque d'"Area's full". Ainsi il serait
> facile (pour le/les programmeur(s) de AW) de creer un jeu de token du
> style :
> Cmd #0 : "create animate"
> Cmd #1 : "bump"
> Cmd #2 : "solid off"
> Cmd #3 : "solid on"
> Etc...
> Ce genre de programme ne nécessite pas de technique très lourde à mettre
> en oeuvre et pourrait grandement améliorer la qualité des constructions
> !!
> Merci d'avance à l'âme charritable qui voudra bien traduire ce texte
> pour moi ;)

Skander at ICQ:7817412

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