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Ejection identification - Put to TOP of list

May 31, 1998, 10:09am
Xav, that sucks. Just like all this police business sucks, period. Just
like all the ejections without reason and for no good reason sucks. Just
like the constant online green checkmark sucks. Just like I'm certain
this post will be deleted immediately sucks. I love AW, guess I've said
it a thousand times but I deplore the policing and the lack of privacy
now. Perhaps if we had a means of disabling the online checkmark we'd
all build more and spend less time in the GZ areas. Might just reduce
the assinine ejections.

In article <3570E7E5.1120 at>, xavarella at
> Speaking of ejections, I was ejected upon landing at AW GZ earlier
> tonight.
> Anyone care to fess up?
> I didn't even have a chance to speak. Land - Eject - Boom.

Ejection identification - Put to TOP of list

Jun 13, 1998, 8:12pm
Would you be willing to copy this over to wishlist, maybe even
worldbuilders where your most excellent idea would be more readily seen by
the more technologically "endowed" people? Especially try to talk to
Roland. USER control is absolutely the most sensible and amenable means of
dealing with what we, each individual, finds offensive.

In article <3582A01C.5D8E at>, marvin at says...
> Well, there are other positive side effects if this was implemented...
> one being the people that curse all the time would never be able to tell
> if the words they were using were filtered or not by the persons Browser
> they were talking to. Especially if the person they were talking to only
> responded with normal responses... like they did not notice anything out
> of the norm. It would take some of the fire out of the abuser....
> You just brought up another advantage to the method I described. It
> could be used to monitor/substitute for ANY character string of
> printable characters. Meaning any language. It would serve most peoples
> needs even if it was a very short list of words. It would make the
> abuser work much harder to get their jollies.
> It could also be designed to handle a set of characters that were
> embedded in a string of characters (harder on resources). It would be
> easy to make it where it did not care about mixed case (that is the easy
> way!). It could even be designed to watch a complete string of chat
> (character string anyway) and truncate or dump the string if it found
> any part of it that matched the strings it was watching for...
> Lots of ways to go here to get the most out of it....
> Later
> zer0

Ejection identification - Put to TOP of list

Jun 15, 1998, 2:00am
I agree, TZ. While filters would minimize some of the offensive language
and at the very least give each individual user some control over the
content to which they care to be exposed, they aren't the perfect answer.
But neither can I embrace the idea of being monitored by my fellow
customers in a program we've all paid to use, most especially if these
people haven't had any particular training or experience in public
relations and crowd management. It's an inequity which sullies the dignity
of all responsible users, children and adults alike, just as much as those
who engage in deliberately offensive, irresponsible behavior sully their
own dignities.

Frankly, I don't believe there is a perfect or even ideal answer to these
problems. We're exposed to vulgarity, rudeness, hatred, cruelty and
prejudice at the turn of each corner: on the net, in all other
entertainment media, and most deplorable and saddest of all, in real life.
Only we, each conscientious human being can strive to improve ourselves and
set good examples for others.

I still hope that a filter will be seriously considered, though, as
minimally effective as it may be, if only to grant all who choose to employ
it an individual choice in what they may be exposed to and have to endure.
I still believe it would be an improvement.

In article <3583f6a8.0 at homer>, TechnoZeus at says...
> In my opinion, the biggest part of the solution can only come one way.
> Those of us who have been around Active Worlds long enough to recognize the
> problem have to do our best to keep from adding to it, and to newbies what
> they need to know in order to communicate effectively and cooperate
> peacefully, as well as to teach each other, and learn from everyone. We
> can't expect someone visiting Active Worlds for the first time to understand
> why it's better to communicate a certain way, or even what ways are better.
> For that matter, we can't even expect all of the "experienced" users to have
> figured it out. What we can do, is pass on what we know in a friendly
> manor, and listen carefully to the people around us so that each of us can
> learn to get along better in this new section of reality we're all helping
> to define... and it wouldn't hurt to apply that same principle to the
> older, more familliar parts of reality too. After all, we ARE the future.
> TechnoZeus

I wish...

May 30, 1998, 11:04am
I wish the ActiveWorlds were still wondrous places for building
creativity, the sometime safe havens for ideas and beauty, and not the
chat program it has turned into. I know, I know, it's been asked for
many times - a means to disable the alert checkmark - but I only wanted
to ask for it one more time.

There's a couple of nice train objects in Legend (they're big, though)
but they'd look great traversing the "world". It would be a great
project to build if building weren't so nearly impossible for some of us
anymore. Our time is spent answering telegrams now.

In article <356bbf4a.0 at homer>, oxelect at says...
> I wish there was a subway in AlphaWorld. (complete with subway stations, =
> trains and actual tracks (if someone would put the object in the AW =
> directory))
> Bug

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