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Ejection identification - Put to TOP of list

May 24, 1998, 11:28pm
Absolutley. It's only fair to let someone know exactly why they were booted,
so they can correct their behavior.
Otherwise, ejecting is a waste of time.

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Ejection identification - Put to TOP of list

May 25, 1998, 1:34pm
Ohhhhhh *heavy breathing* ...Stop're turning me on..... ;-))))))
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Re: Eject Free Zone

Jul 3, 1998, 1:46am
I love that idea....let's put it on the wish list....done :)
[View Quote] [View Quote] Sure I could purchase a world, and go sit in it, and talk to myself
all day, but how would that be different from RL? ;-)

I love your world, WW...but ...what would happen to it's atmosphere,
if there were a teleport at GZ, The Gate, to your world?

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[View Quote] COFmeta for an EFZ !!!!!!!

If you dont believe it, go and check it out for yourself. I
hope everyone can get behind this initiatice, so that when COF eventually
DOES fix whatever bug prevents ejectiuons from COFmeta, that they will
retain the world as an EFZ, as a sign that they can compromise with the
general community on important issues. I know one world isnt much, but if we
can get COFmeta to stay as an EFZ, then it will go a long way perhaps to
helping some of the rifts in our community to , maybe not heal, but at least
scab up a bit.

I hoep you guys can all come to an agreement on this, and
help to support this inititative . .. im all for it, the world as is is
already an Eject Free Zone. . . lets join together as a community, to keep
it that way, as a sign of mutual collaboration and co operation.

Think about it maybe. . .



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