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wishlist a wish ??

Nov 2, 1998, 10:50am
I want to know how to make avs...

[View Quote] > Hey I WISH that AW would have more av's to select from. The guys have
> great av's but the girls are stuck with trash. it's not all that fair but I
> know av's take time but MAKE MORE!!!
> Dazy

Re: Auto Build Program Prohibition

Jul 21, 1998, 12:23am
I agree
oh yeah.... and how big, in metres, is a cell?

[View Quote] > I think any limit on building would have to be in LAND AREA COVERED, not
> in objects. Some of the more prolific builders who have indeed built
> good things have probably crammed what they can into each area and so
> have not taken up too much actual space, but possibly used a lot of
> objects.
> I took the square root of Roland's 50,000 and got 223.61... meaning each
> user would get (if it was land cover alone, in H walks) rougly 2.23km
> of space. I know I have an (unused, unfortunately) area rougly 1km x
> .65m in AW, covered, as well as land cover for two towns (one 1km², the
> other approximately .5km x .4km, although that one is built in by others
> so it's probably not quite as bad.) And I have built other things too -
> I'm not a prolific builder, I would have said an 'average' builder, and
> that's probably pretty close to the limit as it is.
> If we all built structures on it - lets say a floor and 2 pieces of
> furniture or other such stuff, for each cell - that's 4 objects per
> cell, instead of just 1... cutting the amount of space dramatically. I
> wouldn't be surprised to hear there's 25,000 objects or something in
> 'big' projects like Mount Bob, for example.
> Cross-posting to wishlist cos it's a kinda wish... would do beta as well
> but it's not 'strictly' related to the beta, and I don't want my post
> deleted :)
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Building inspector....):

Aug 1, 1998, 12:52pm
Who is "Building Inspector" and why does he keep watching me build?

[View Quote] > The "normal" limit for 2.0 is higher than the normal limit was for 1.3. I
> doubt that they will raise it any more.
> Paul
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Security Hole

Jul 30, 1998, 9:18pm
You can set the date ahead... : )
and 98% of all virii are on floppy discs. Only 2% are on the internet.

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User list

Jul 30, 1998, 9:29pm
There should be a user list so you can see all the users in the world or
all the users within a set radius and be able to "find" them like in
microsoft V-chat... and maybe set it so people can't "find" you....


Sep 14, 1998, 7:03pm
It would be cool if you could have a counter, to see how many people
have visited your property.


Nov 2, 1998, 10:45am
try {+}

[View Quote] > Hereis an idea to implement this, Robo sends keys to AW to make it build,
> but ive been playin around wiht how robo works(strip down all that big hairy
> code, right down to native) and well I cna make the avatars move, but *sigh*
> unfortunatly i cnat send a + key to any applications because + means shift
> key...maybe somebody coudl find a way to sorta work around that...just a
> segestion B-)
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Virtual Insanity

Nov 2, 1998, 11:03am
I think they should just turn transparent when they are idle for a long time...

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Nov 2, 1998, 11:07am
I want the ability to give your buildings away. That way, if you become a citizen, you
can go as a tourist and change the cit number in all of theobjects to your citizen

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This would be handy

Nov 2, 1998, 11:10am
perhaps variables too?:) (I program in VB and also mIRC script)

[View Quote] > What about a way to check the status of some things in AW, and let another
> object react on it? I mean, something like "activate if object1 visible on
> then object1 visible off else object1 visible on" on a sign2.rwx, in stead
> of a flip-flop construction with 2 signs. I think that there will be alot of
> possibility's for this one. I miss it all the time when building something
> more complex, like an open-close sign for a door or so.
> Rolu

Vertical Rotation

Nov 2, 1998, 11:12am
[View Quote] > If only aw had a vertical rotate on the teleport command on buildings...loop
> de loops would be easier to do on roller coasters. e.g. bump warp +0 +0 0a 0
> 90r
> +0 +0 means just keep the current NS, WE coords, and the just plain o is
> horizontal rotation, then the 90r would make u look straight up...
> come to think of it! The avs heads could rotate on a vertical axis when u
> look up and down...the possibilities could go on and on and on...

Yeah! That's what I want.... and if looking up makes you av look up, then you
could limbo!

#1 on my wishlist

Nov 2, 1998, 10:51am
I wish that COF would give me the citizenship that I payed for

#1 on my wishlist

Nov 3, 1998, 9:28pm
I tried hard.

[View Quote] > I wouldn't bother wishing for that, I would go get it, you can't
> possibly have tried hard to get it or you would have it.
> Klassi
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#1 on my wishlist

Nov 4, 1998, 10:52am
I'm from Canada, not Finland! lol

[View Quote] > Paul, if I am correct about where Flirbnic is from... a call from Finland to
> the US would probably cost a lot - would it be worth the $20 he's paid?
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