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Apr 30, 1998, 10:09pm
1st on Wishlist : )

ActiveX AW; Automatic setting the startup world

May 3, 1998, 5:51pm
What was the url for AX ?

a simple 2D radar screen?

May 5, 1998, 4:17pm
Hehehe too much video games dude ; )

Snow Dragon a écrit dans le message <354edab8.0 at sundev>...
>Some dots just to show that people are close by and behind you?
> O
> O
> X
> O
>Like X = me, O = other people in my aura
>Snow Dragon
>snowdragon at 67% Pure Dragon

Compressed Files

May 5, 1998, 3:31pm
mmm but you can zip wavs by putting them in your object path ...
ziping jpgs will be harder as the browser gets a zip file (when it exists)
and uses it as a mask

what i want is streamed mp3 :-)

Eep² a écrit dans le message <354F10E4.987B13A9 at>...
Yes, I suggested this to Roland months ago: ZIPped WAVs and MP3s. COF
just can't develop AW fast enough to keep up with the industry...they're
gonna lose it if they don't move it...
Note, since JPGs are already compressed, compressing them more with ZIP
and other compression algorythms will just make them bigger. AW needs to
support GIF and PNG image formats, as well, for optimal image compression.

Hotkey for menu show ....web !

May 10, 1998, 5:30pm
Please !!!

While yer playing with the Update, Roland...

May 13, 1998, 7:45pm
me too !
i vote for task bar window : )

grover a écrit dans le message <355A109A.B88592B3 at>...
>I wish the Update window showed up on the task bar... seems like every
>update I hafta minimize a half dozen windows to get to it, hehe

Enable again standalone mode

May 20, 1998, 5:32pm

Roland! THE Answer to Vulgarity! :)

Jun 14, 1998, 6:11pm
Hey, but i do like sometimes to say vulgar words, in life & in internet...
with such a system .....

i hate this idea !!


AW for good computers?

Jun 22, 1998, 11:37pm
I do have a P300 ...and don't find AW too much fast.
It's just usable and cool, but on some areas frame rate goes down to 3 fps


Telegram Rediction To Email Address

Jul 22, 1998, 7:05pm
Wew hundreds of emails to read....
I'll hate that.
Have you ever had your email adress caugth by spammers and on a mailing list


Eep² a écrit dans le message <35B61C2E.EB36CD86 at>...
>Thought this would be neat: if the person isn't in AW when a telegram is
>sent, have it automatically rerouted to the email address (as stated in
>the citizen options) and sent as an email (duh). Of course this should
>be togglable.


Jul 26, 1998, 5:51pm
Happy Birthday Ho !

Protect our objects directories with password

Oct 22, 1998, 5:54pm
A nice way of protecting our objects/textures from thieves would be having
them in a password protected directory (with htaccess or nsconfig) . i'm
sure this can be done easyly.


Protect our objects directories with password

Oct 22, 1998, 9:15pm
True, but the people who really need to have their work protected, because
it is their day job, will be on a "real" server......

Protect our objects directories with password

Oct 24, 1998, 2:38pm
>One problem with the directory protection idea is that it is easily
>bypassed. If you know the file name, then you can just append it to the
>end of the directory and bingo, you have accessed the file.

Not true, at all
you will be asked a username / password to get the file


Protect our objects directories with password

Oct 26, 1998, 12:50pm
I am not sure if awb would accept that sort of path, and if it does, this
wouldn't help us, any one will be able to see the username and password from
his cache folder names and go there to download anything he wants

what would be needed for that sort of protection is a built in the browser
password protection

or another way to do it is stop giving the url in the folder names


>http://logon:password at


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