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Re: MMX instructions

Apr 27, 1998, 9:16pm
Notifce an performance/visual improvement(s)?

[View Quote] > AW ver 2. beta build 243 seems to support non-intel cpus with mmx.
> No problem to login in AW.

Better Object Rotation

Apr 29, 1998, 8:37pm
You must've missed the recent thread about this. There's time to catch up before the test.

[View Quote] > I'd like to see some x and z axis rotation capabilities added .. Imagine the increrased objectflexability ! Not to mention 1 object could be a wall panel , floor pice , angled roof piece, flat roof piece , a slope .... etc...Instead of having 10 diferent objects the sam size to fill thes roles 1 could leave room for different sized versions to be made , so we can fill small and medium sized gaps withoutall that ugly overlap :-)

Better Object Rotation

Apr 30, 1998, 2:04am
Having an option to do this would be fine, but not all the time. Objects are created centered for, sometimes, specific purposes.

[View Quote] > Since the topic of this thread is "better" Object Rotation, I would like to
> bring up a problem with vertical rotation in ActiveWorlds, and offer a
> potential solution...
> Objects in ActiveWorlds are built around a 3D origin point which is
> generally at the bottom of the object at the intersection of the X and Z
> centerlines.
> The problem this introduces is that, for example, if you try to rotate a
> cube 90 degrees around the x axis (through the y-z plane) you burry half of
> the object underground.
> The solution I propose is to rotate them around a semi-artificial center.
> The new center of rotation would be halfway between the two extremes of the
> y axis at the x-z origin. Not sure if or how it could be done.. but there
> it is anyway.

multiple recipients

May 1, 1998, 4:54am
Or to spam. Hopefully a user (contact list or otherwise) mute option will be available along with it.

[View Quote] > Yeah, just to tell 'em all to leave me alone!
> In article <35496C6F.D6E2C522 at>, facter at says...


May 1, 1998, 10:50pm
Dataman made RWXMod and, as far as I know, it's a dead project. Modeler is where you should be focusing on:

[View Quote] > Support of RWXMod...and any enhancements at all.
> It would be great if we could point the cursor at a vertex, and have
> RWXMod tell us the co-ords of that vertex.


May 1, 1998, 10:51pm
Tomb Raiders 1 and 2 got it. AW's gots lots to learn from TR.

[View Quote] > This is real pie-in-the-sky....but it would be nice if moving the
> viewpoint/camera would cause the avatar to move its head accordingly.


May 4, 1998, 8:22pm
Now what're you babbling about, Leo the Lame? Try and be coherent in your lamity, eh? When've you seen a new version of RWXMod? Modeler is actually being developed and will be released soon. Have you downloaded the beta from my website yet? Have you read the preliminary release notes? Have you visited Modeler's website? Ah, didn't think so. Try again, lamer.

[View Quote] [View Quote]


May 5, 1998, 11:16am
Care to come up with something better, Mr. Keystroke Sender? Make a REAL program for once.

[View Quote] > yea been there done that.....YAWN...:)


May 5, 1998, 4:53pm
Ignorance is relative, superchamp. What, you finally learned how to tap into TCP/IP or something? Welcome to the land of real programming. I'm actually playing around with Visual DialogScript. It's pretty good for a scripting language (that can compile to EXEs and use external DLLs--specifically made for it, unfortunately), but it's a start. It has a way of sending keystrokes to other windows, and I was thinking of making a better Robo <smirk> but I think I'll wait until I get into TCP/IP, or whatever, before I do that. No sense doing it half-assed, eh? You'd know. :) So where is the oh-so-yippity-do-dah new Robo of yours, eh? Still hiding it from the masses for fear of public lynching from idiots claiming too much land? <chuckle> Back to the cubicle, Mucky...

[View Quote] > Your ignorance is shining Eeppy...hehehe your just using something i
> told you way back......yes i WAS using SendKeys for most of Robo, but
> can you tell me how i'm doing it now? heheheh thought not....:)
> Even if i did explain it to you, you wouldn't understand it..:) Oh,
> and what REAL program have you made lately, Mr. i know how it all works.


May 6, 1998, 2:17pm
It is a bug in AW that causes the avatar to move up (down, too, probably) after moving an object up (and down, probably) and deselecting an object. To work around this, just immediately send a numberpad 5 key to stop the avatar movement, and maybe one send of up or down, depending on if the numberpad 5 doesn't make it in time and/or if the avatar still moves.

[View Quote] > If you've done this, then you would understand the frustration,
> Why does using Windows Messaging NOT work when sending an UP or
> DOWN arrow command to the AWB? for object movement? It reacts
> differently than the same message sent from the keyboard itself.
> Let me know how this works for you...:) everytime i send the message
> for an UpP arrow....the object moves up, but when it's done, your avatar
> also will move up....:) try it....let me know what you find..:)

Better Enchantments In Audio

May 2, 1998, 2:32am
The problem is COF needs more programmers. With one full-time and one part-time programmer, COF just can't keep up with current technology. COF doesn't have the budget for more programmers so it's a pretty hopeless cause. We either have to live with the limitations of AW or hope something better comes along soon. <enter The Continuum echoing into nothingness...>

[View Quote] > Hello. Here is a feature I’ve wanted ever since I got my new audio card
> (about three-four months ago). DirectSound, DirectSound3D, and/or
> Aureal 3D (A3D) enhancement, or at least some sort of a boost for sounds
> with DirectX. I know Active Worlds is mainly video/graphics driven or
> oriented, but you have added the MMX enchantments and did add the
> DirectX/DirectDraw (whatever it is) graphic support. Well, even though
> when you turn, the audio pans your speakers, and when you move closer or
> farther the sound increases or decreases, where is the DirectX support
> for audio here? Many more DirectX/DirectSound cards are coming out and
> current ones getting cheaper. It would be a great benefit to implement
> this feature NOW so that it will benefit you in the future. With all of
> the new features coming out and the rumors with better RealMedia
> (RealVideo/RealAudio) support, better sound enhancement would be great.
> I currently have a Diamond Monster Sound, and I could imagine all of the
> possibilities you could use. In worlds, you could play two or more
> streams of audio at once, maybe even voice chat in the future. Why
> wait? I’ve seen many citizens already that think it should be added,
> and I was so enthused with this, that I was going to start a petition
> for support of this feature. I don’t want to hurt anyone or anything,
> but I’m dying for this feature!

Better Enchantments In Audio

May 4, 1998, 8:24pm
Create? Create what? What does he create that doesn't take him eons what more programmers could do in a fraction of the time? COF DESPERATELY needs more programmers (Roland's told me so himself) but they just don't have the budget. I even exposed Neil Colvin (current Modeler developer) to him but he proved unresponsive to hiring him, bringing up the lack of a budget. AW should be developing FAR faster than it is.

[View Quote] > Sorry Peep, your wrong....they do not need more programmers. You
> just need to leave Roland alone. Let him create.

Re: event sound

May 2, 1998, 2:30am
First of all, when you first login to AW and have telegrams waiting, there is one (1) telegram notice that appears, not however many telegrams you have. So the telegram sound shouldn't repeat. Second, telegram sounds are on The List™ but have yet to be implemented (surprise, surprise). Third, the sound should be configurable and other sounds for incoming text (especially when AW is minimized), building inspector messages, etc (all configurably sounds, too, of course) should be added. AW could learn a lot from mIRC too.

[View Quote] > Hi, thanks for your reply. When you start the Active Worlds browser and
> there are several telegrams waiting for you it shouldn't be any sound for
> it. Only after you have started the browser and then recieve new telegrams
> the sound even should be activated. How about a simple short beep when a
> telegram arrives? The rest I can answer since I dont know anything how it
> works, sorry. But I'm not a programmer or has the knowledge how such things
> work. Perhaps someone else in this ng can answer that.
> builderz skrev i meddelandet <354A7F92.7405A2D9 at>...
> will

Re: event sound

May 2, 1998, 10:24am
AW does only report "You have a telegram" once at login if multiple telegrams actually exist.

[View Quote] > I disagree with both of you. When I get multiple emails, OE only says "You
> have mail" once. The aw browser could be made to do the same thing at
> logon. After that, there should be a very non-intrusive ding when a tg
> comes in. If you're having a discussion by tg, it would be very annoying to
> get loud "anythings" for each message.

Re: event sound

May 4, 1998, 8:26pm
Keep laughing at your lame jokes, Leo. Only you are. There are things on that list that've been there for a year or 2. But, wait, gee, if COF had more programmers, maybe those things could be done faster. Wow...imagine that...more programmers = more productivity. Gee...amazing how logic works, eh? Try again, Mucky.

[View Quote] > You have a lot to learn too, shorty. Why do you think they told you it
> was on the list? To get you off their freak'in back. But then again
> you already knew that, ....right? :) hehehe LOL

Re: objects

May 4, 1998, 8:28pm
A culdesac object would have to be larger than a 10m x 10m street. Four 10m x 10m 1/4-circle street objects should do it, or more.

[View Quote] > basically, a cul-de-sac is a round extension at the end of a street or
> off the side of a street with house encircled around it. A cul de sac
> is round or half circle. Think of knotts landing if you can remember
> that far back. ;-)
[View Quote]

Re: objects

May 5, 1998, 2:08am
Culdesacs don't have trees in the middle--they're all street. 8 10m² objects would be too big. 4 is already pushing it.

[View Quote] > oh, I thought you meant a 10x10 street variation, Dean (yeah, I know what a cul-de-sac is, hehe). Would three semicircles and a T
> be close enough to it? of course there'd be a small island in the middle of it... good place for a tree? <shrug> I think 8 "basic"
> pieces might be a good place to draw the line for the sake of bandwidth... the original 2've done pretty good anyhow!

Compressed Files

May 5, 1998, 11:15am
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit

Yes, I suggested this to Roland months ago: ZIPped WAVs and MP3s. COF just can't develop AW fast enough to keep up with the industry...they're gonna lose it if they don't move it...

Note, since JPGs are already compressed, compressing them more with ZIP and other compression algorythms will just make them bigger. AW needs to support GIF and PNG image formats, as well, for optimal image compression.

[View Quote] > I just had an interesting thought. You know how worlds use the default
> directories (models, avatars, textures, etc.)? Well, most of the files
> are in a compressed format (.zip). Well, with all of the huge files
> coming along, and sizes getting bigger...couldn't you add a .zip
> extension to the create picture, noise, and sound commands? Think about
> it, when you do a create noise xxx.wav, it is not in .zip format, and
> would take longer to download. But, if you had a .zip on the Web with
> the .WAV compressed, it would download quicker (usually ;-). And you
> could probably use this for the picture command so that pictures could
> download faster (or not, I dunno). The only problem that *I* see with
> it is that the browser would have to determine if it was a sound or an
> image .zip file. Any comments on this? I'm tired of putting custom
> .WAVs at different locations and they take forever to d/l. Maybe
> streaming audio would be better, but this is a "low-end" idea for now.
> Or AW could add the .MP3 file format... ;-)

Content-Type: text/html; charset=us-ascii
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit

Yes, I suggested this to Roland months ago: ZIPped WAVs <B>and</B> MP3s.
COF just can't develop AW fast enough to keep up with the industry...they're
gonna lose it if they don't move it...

<P>Note, since JPGs are already compressed, compressing them more with
ZIP and other compression algorythms will just make them bigger. AW needs
to support GIF and PNG image formats, as well, for optimal image compression.

[View Quote] --------------568A77DDFACB2F0B956536DD--

Compressed Files

May 5, 1998, 4:54pm
I wasn't referring to ZIPping MP3s. I know they're compressed. I meant support for ZIPped non-MP3 WAVs and then just MP3s.

[View Quote] > forget one thing as well . .. wav's are compressed sometimes too =) , tho, i cant see why COF cant put in MP3, or streaming audio, it has been AGES since they updated the sound on this thing . . and yes, they are in huge danger of falling behind on this one. . .

Compressed Files

May 5, 1998, 5:00pm
Again, compressing JPGs anymore will most likely result in a larger file size. Also, builderz wasn't referring to ZIPped WAVs in the world's object server, but for people who don't have access to upload to a world's object path and have to bring them in from "outside" locations. As for ZIPped masks, I think AW should drop JPG textures and stick to ZIPped BMPs. RenderWare supports BMPs (and Sun RAS) natively, and a ZIPped BMP should provide equal or better compression to that of JPG, without any image quality degredation. JPG sucks at this. Then both texture AND mask could be placed in the same ZIP, thus eliminating ZIP conflicts and reducing the "calls" to the server for 2 files per texture (masks can be uncalled by using the "nomask" option in a "create animate" command, but they're always called by default).

[View Quote] > mmm but you can zip wavs by putting them in your object path ...
> ziping jpgs will be harder as the browser gets a zip file (when it exists)
> and uses it as a mask
> what i want is streamed mp3 :-)

Compressed Files

May 5, 1998, 7:17pm
Yes, as long as the extension is WAV, AW will download and attempt to play it. If someone doesn't have the codec, it just won't play. Problem is, not many people have the codec installed by default so it's yet another thing to have to install. Fortunately, the actual codec is only around a couple hundred K ZIPped (and you don't need to download all of bloatware NetShow just to get it), so it shouldn't take long to download with a standard 28.8K modem. I think Windows doesn't even have to restart after installing the codec, but I'm not 100% certain on that. This is Windows, after all...

[View Quote] > again, I don't see why they can't add this one. Anyway, I just had a "follow-up post"...does AW (not meaning AlphaWorld,
> meaning Active Worlds) currently support MP3 compressed/encoded WAVs? I have an encoder that can compress the WAV using MP3 technology, but remaining the .WAV extension; I just don't know if AW can support it. Technically, they "should," if the user has the current audio codes needed. Any thoughts on this? I could reduce a lot of my WAVs at a new place I'm building if AW supports it. I'll do a test with some of my own WAVs if I don't get a response. ;-)

Compressed Files

May 6, 1998, 2:58am
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit

Image compression depends on the # of colors, size, and other factors.

[View Quote] > lol I can make an image small in jpg foremat the it is png or gif !and it's still viewableConsider the attached picture ..Image6.jpg800 x 600 x 16bit resolution Format | Size | info-----------------------------------------------------.bmp | 1.37 mb | Windows RGB Encoded.png | 466 kb | Noninterlaced format.jpg | 40.1 kb | Type 2 ( JPG-JPEG-JFIF Compliant) , 80x compression 600dpi much smaller

Content-Type: text/html; charset=us-ascii
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit

Image compression depends on the # of colors, size, and other factors.

[View Quote] --------------59B478D497DF2141D7DACC4A--

Re: objects

May 6, 1998, 2:54am
I've only seen it used for a street with a rounded bulb at the end and NO trees in the middle; also know as court. Refer to "I don't give a shit".

[View Quote] [View Quote]

Re: objects

May 6, 1998, 2:19pm
[View Quote] > Eep, if you "don't give a shit" then why post? hehehehhe
> Obviously you have lots of shit to give.

Open your mouth and I'll give you a whole bunch. :)

> PS; you misspelled "known" also.

Sue me.

solid av's

May 8, 1998, 9:04am
[Shift], Paul, [Shift].

[View Quote] > Oh sure, now you want some idiots to be able to harass people by blocking
> their movements?
> Of course, there are a few nice looking female Av's I'd like to corner.

Modular Ground Maker

May 7, 1998, 5:33am
Bug Shamus and Enzo about it. I've given up. I tire of fighting to get COF to keep their word.

[View Quote] > HAy, I thought that we wre going to be getting access to a modular
> ground maker, ala several months ago ? Wasnt Shamus working on this
> project ?? It would be nice to see it come to fuition, stead 'o just
> being more AW vapour wave . .. . .. . .this is also on my wishlist.

Modular Ground Maker

May 7, 1998, 12:49pm
What?? When did THAT happen?? Geez...COF without Shamus...that just isn't right.

[View Quote] > Seeing as how Shamus is no longer an employee at COF, the program
> apparently left with him.

wishlist a wish ??

May 7, 1998, 5:42am
Fac, have you forgotten who we're dealing with? This is COF. They hardly have this degree of competence and organization to be storing and classifying all these ideas. Most are already on The List™, but I doubt Roland has the time to update it with all the ideas pouring into here. This newsgroup is probably nothing more than a way to put the citizens at ease into thinking what they want might actually be implemented some day...week...month...year...century.

[View Quote] > Can we get soem sort of charter on this newsgroup ? There hasnt beena
> post in here by any COF employee's , the only one was a post by ENZO
> regarding the AWcommunity NG (it being a cross post)
> I *know* what this NG is for, (a bit obvious). . .but . .. waht are you
> going to do with it ? At the moment, it seems that it's a nice place to
> post alot of fantasy stuff. Does it actually go anywhere ? Do you make
> a database of our ideas ? Do you actually plan to implement any of
> them, or are we jsut really pissing into the wind, so to speak .... Im
> jsut very curious is all. It is a very popular newsgroup,a s you can
> see, and, there are manymanymanymany posts in here , . . ...any of you
> care to give us an aim to this newsgroup, coz, we acn post wonderful
> ideas in here all we want, but on what ears is it falling ? =)

wishlist a wish ??

May 7, 1998, 5:15pm
It's an actual list. Ask Roland.

[View Quote] > Wish they would post the list and check off items as they are released.
> But, haha, I know the list is not an actual list, but just an imaginary
> one inside Roland's head. Correct me, if I am wrong.

clouds.rwx stars.rwx

May 7, 1998, 6:59pm
Heh, good luck getting new objects added to AlphaWorld. You're better off
getting your own world and/or building in a more flexible world which has
texture horizontally flat objects.

[View Quote] > Here's a simple wish:
> I would like two new objects: clouds.rwx and stars.rwx .
> They would be sort of like a cieling object, but flat, and the texture can
> be seen on the bottom.
> Sizes for this object:
> 8x8 16x16
> Textures:
> A Tileable Cloud Texture (realistic, please :) )
> A Tileable Stars Texture
> Please add these objects to the existing AlphaWorld objects.
> Ppl who build underground (like me) have this problem with untextured flats
> ;)

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