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Re: WorldBuilders World

Dec 2, 1998, 10:48pm
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you have the longest sig in the history of the AW newsgroups, I think
you should tone it down a little.

[View Quote] > I Will Be Buying a World For Spy WB As a Demo World.And I need some
> helpers?No.Sorry.Just alerting ya.Updates Later
> --Fast
> **************************************************************
> Spy WorldBuilders Offer:
> Hosting
> All Avatars On Request
> All Objects On Request
> Reasonable Pricing
> *Trial* worlds(ie:Sample)
> Bot Scripts
> Monitering(Ie:We Moniter the world for Spammers Vandals Etc)
> Etc
> Spy WorldBuilders Asks:
> That We Be allowed to have (and keep) Build,PS,Eject,CareTaker,Etc
> **Spy Reserves the right to decline any application for any reason.**
> Telegram FastWalker2 Or Email Fast2 at Bellsouth.net
> for details.
> Spy Logo,Fast's Avatar Bar,The Alliance,Etc (c) 1998 By Fast.
> **************************************************************

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you have the longest sig in the history of the AW newsgroups, I think you
should tone it down a little.
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WorldBuilders World

Dec 11, 1998, 5:35pm
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hahahahaha...ahh mgib =P lololol

[View Quote] > Certainly not!! I know Facter's way of expressing himself, take it as
> a compliment. He's just saying you may win at the "longest sig" Cy
> Award.
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hahahahaha...ahh mgib =P lololol
[View Quote] <p>--
<br>Spy WorldBuilders Offer:
<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Hosting
<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; All Avatars On Request
<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; All Objects On Request
<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Reasonable Pricing
<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; *Trial* worlds(ie:Sample)
<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Bot Scripts
<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Monitering(Ie:We Moniter
the world for Spammers Vandals Etc)
<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Etc
<p>Spy WorldBuilders Asks:
<br>That We Be allowed to have (and keep) Build,PS,Eject,CareTaker,Etc
<p>**Spy Reserves the right to decline any application for any reason.**
<br>Telegram FastWalker2 Or Email Fast2 at Bellsouth.net
<br>for details.
<br>Spy Logo,Fast's Avatar Bar,The Alliance,Etc (c) 1998 By Fast.


Will we finally see Netscape as an integrated browser ???

Dec 7, 1998, 5:48am
I jstu saw this at Cnet, it basically claims that because Netcsape 5.0
is a part of the open source format, that developers will be able to use
the browser engine, and be able to use it as an embedable component in
their applications

Something for COf to seriously look at, so they can get proepr twin
browser supprot .. .



Will we finally see Netscape as an integrated browser ???

Dec 12, 1998, 4:56pm
well, lets hope roland has a look at this thread. . . .

[View Quote] > Oh Fac, it gets even better...
> Look at: http://www.iol.ie/~locka/mozilla/mozilla.htm
> (AW is mentioned there too)
> A quote from their site:
> "Since the Mozilla control implements exactly the same API, it will mean
> that developers can take existing IE code and port it, sometimes in a
> matter of minutes! The only modification required may be to replace the
> line that creates the control of type CLSID_WebBrowser with one of
> CLSID_MozillaBrowser. VB developers must delete the IE control from
> their project and insert a Mozilla one with the same instance name."
> So, there we are... All we're waiting for now is for Netscape to get a
> public release of Netscape 5.0 (which should include the Mozilla
> control), and CoF to see the light and advantages of this "magic" *wink*
> browser :-)
> Jag
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Will we finally see Netscape as an integrated browser ???

Dec 13, 1998, 3:53pm
fine eep, i emailed him then.

[View Quote] > Doubtful, considering Roland told me yesterday that he hardly ever reads the newsgroups except for beta (when a beta has been released) and sdk...kinda pointless, eh? So you can bet he doesn't give a shit about wishlist...I never figured COF would actually LOOK there anyway; they just made the group to keep the "customers" happy and actually think they can help improve AW. Feh...
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Dec 11, 1998, 5:36pm
SIX MONTHS ?? IT'sa benn SIX freekin months ??? It's *never* been that long
between upgrades. ..no wonder everyone is getting bored shitless. . . .

oh well . ..

[View Quote] > Last beta upgrade:
> 10/6/98 8:10pm VRT
> from: 265
> to: 266
> size: 23K
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Dec 11, 1998, 5:38pm
oh, hang on, you silly americans so your dates the wrong way around.....October,
not June .. .still, build 266 ...what did we get with that ? The re-register
button ?


[View Quote] > SIX MONTHS ?? IT'sa benn SIX freekin months ??? It's *never* been that long
> between upgrades. ..no wonder everyone is getting bored shitless. . . .
> oh well . ..
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*Yes* File-transfering is here! (Soon)

Jan 2, 1999, 7:11am
eep, your absolutly right, i wish they do some REAL improvement instead of all this cosmetic crap...these functions dont even warant a .1 up from 2.0, maybe a 2.01...but 2.1 ? Sheesh, what a let down this next build is going to be.

Come on guys, improve the damn browser, dont just give the car a new paintjob and hope for the best . . .

[View Quote] > <twirl finger some more> Whoopety doooo...more "sunroof" crap. Fix the ENGINE of the car if it doesn't run well and screw the sunroof. If the car doesn't run very well, no matter how well it works, it'll still be shit. See the analogy yet? Anyone? Geez...do I have to spell it out any more blatantly OBVIOUS?
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(3.1) Move/Rotate Command enhancement (With examples)

Apr 4, 2003, 2:47am
> Anyways... it is on the list but not simple

*whispers into Ricks ear - psst, custom avatars...psst.. The
List...psst...curtom avatars....psst..been waiting for



<no subject>

Jun 20, 2001, 11:52pm
Xela - im not sure what you mean, but ALL of the posts are still here, that
is why it took so long to get these NG's back up, because we didnt want to
lose anything in them....im reading stuff back to 1999....maybe you havnt
set your newsreader right.


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<no subject>

Jun 21, 2001, 12:08am
> restructuring has caused. As a regular user (what ActiveWorlds staff
> pertinently is NOT), I lost all the material I collected about this

Also, I use AW every day....alot of the time for my own private purposes -
as do quite a few others of us here. Alot of us sometimes even use other
citizen names, because of the constant telegramming and such we get in our
private time (like when im in the worlds at night hanging out with friends,
I dont want to be telegrammed every second by people wanting support when im
not working, I want to hang out with my mates and drink some evening beer
and relax you know?) so that statement is quite ...well, false =P


hmmm 3rd post, lol

Jun 20, 2001, 11:53pm
It took 12 days because we have been really working with the people that
program the newsgroup software so that we didnt lose any content after the
database became corrupt - and, it worked, we're all really happy.


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The Newsgroups are back!

Jun 23, 2001, 11:14am
[View Quote] Calpantera ? He is our manager, my direct boss - he's been an employee of AW
for years now =)


> SW Chris
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Expireyed cit renewal?

Jul 4, 2001, 1:50pm
[View Quote] It shouldnt be - did I miss something? Where is the link?


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xsign.rwx gone?

Jul 8, 2001, 12:02am
It will be fixed on Monday , my apologies for the delay. I had checked most
of these objects, and I'm frankly really surprised that this has taken this
long to come up - and yet I remember that the xsign was one of the last
objects that I had *fixed* in the registry when I lat put it in....

But, it was a while ago, so I'm not sure. Best I can do is make sure its
fixed on Monday - hay, we all knew there were going to be some issues with
the X objects, but I do apologise for missing this one.


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AW Products Are Screwed...

Aug 3, 2001, 9:11am
news:3b68dc90 at server1.Activeworlds.com...
> Do not know anything of that,but I bought a world with a good credit card
> and my world expired a few weeks after it was bought.AW just decided to
> "steal" my world name and refund what I had payed for the world.They did
> never take in consideration that there was more involved to it than just
> world (upgarding to bigger server,buying a domain,getting custom
> will take this matter to BBB and if needed I will have a lawyer looking
> this thing.

Take wwhat to the BBB?

I dont think you understand how those accounts were paid for in the first


> rc dodge viper <RC_DodgeViper at hotmail.com> kirjoitti
> viestissä:3b681019 at server1.Activeworlds.com...
> its
> read
> now:
> 2

AW Products Are Screwed...

Aug 5, 2001, 3:00pm
news:3b6ad782 at server1.Activeworlds.com...
> Hi,
> I got an email back from AW saying it was CC Fraud.. My friend had ordered
> all of it on his dad's CC though... Anyways he is trying to get it back.
> Well anyways something got messed up somewhere. Oh well.

See Kah? Thats what I was trying to tell you......not everything is a
conspiracy =P



Aug 13, 2001, 12:32am
> The following are an example of my topic:
> Wing, SW Comit, Captain Mad Mike, Chucks Party, and Ryan.
> E N Z O makes a (off-topic) post and you all bitch down like punk ass
> bitches.. get a clue.. E N Z O doesn't care about any of you.. he doesn't
> try to make AW better for anyone.. Roland (somewhat) tries.. but E N Z O's
> "perfect" staff don't know a needed feature from a pointless one.. just
> thought it was funny that you idiots punk out when "the big one" posts
> something..

Personal attacks will not be tolerated in this newsgroup.

This is your warning, continuation of personal attacks can lead to a one
weeks suspension of your access to this newsgroup.

AW Support

Still xsign troubles?

Aug 14, 2001, 12:13am
*sigh* I'm TRYING to get it fixed....


> No, it has been taken down from the object path but can still be used
> because it is still in the registry. It does not give you the error "Only
> registered objects can be used for construction." It CAN still be used
> vandalization because it shows up as a little triangle which can be used
> sound or light commands to be placed on.
> This is a problem that needs to be dealt with AS SOON AS POSSIBLE as it
> quit annoying when a couple of people (no names will be given) showed up
> the taping of "Late Night with SW Chris" and started causing trouble with
> the object.
> So, Facter, please fix it. :-)
> --
> - Syntax -
> www.swcity.net
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AW back up

Nov 11, 2001, 4:55am
> Ooh i know what happened, facter broke in and pissed on the servers :P

hahaha......nah, I got an alibi, I was getting drunk with a bunch of mates,
sorry ! :)



Dec 27, 2001, 7:04am
Eh, when I have time I will do it this week, I was waiting untl it settled
down back on webring before messing with it...I still have admin on it
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New topic...

Jan 8, 2002, 5:26pm
> why cant I say god? saying jahova is saying im part of there cult
> makeing me one of them, and saying i support them witch I dont :p

Cult? Its a religion - if thats a cult, then so is christianity,


> --
> TrekkerX
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> http://www.commatron.com
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Anyone play asherons call here?

Jan 10, 2002, 4:04am
Play a real MMORPG...

...everquest :)



Feb 2, 2002, 4:50pm
[View Quote] I have a moose in pollen - as well asan avatar with a moose head :)


> --
> TrekkerX
> Commatron & Athnex
> Anti AOL Activist, and some other stuff...
> http://www.commatron.com
> http://www.athnex.com
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Sep 18, 2002, 7:54pm

Ive been waiting or the site to come back online , one of my fav's :)


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[AWNews] Back in Business!

Jan 18, 2003, 6:53pm
Thankyou sir, you and all others for the effort.

Maybe I'll write you an article or two.....

....how about one dealing with the "real" formation of the rules and
guidelines for the GK's?

Thats a story that really need to be told..and luckily, lo and behold, I
have transcripts and emails saved that I jsut found on a very ancient

That'd be good. Yes, I think I might just do that....


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[AWNews] Back in Business!

Jan 23, 2003, 8:16am
Its already done...the first part anyways, there are a few more parts to
come...if goober ever actually starts approving news items for the
site...when i submitted it over the weekend there were four other stories in
the queue!



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[AWNews] Back in Business!

Jan 23, 2003, 8:08pm
[View Quote]
Hay, if you actually ever sent me an email, I might reply to it!

But, unfortunatly, I have never received anything from you at my email
address....which is invurt at hotmail.com


Tom (Flagg) is leaving AW

Jan 27, 2003, 9:11pm
[View Quote]
Wow...hay Tom, good luck bro :)


What is happening to AW?

Feb 9, 2003, 11:33am
I have to agree.

This is the worst decline I have seen in my six or seven years in
Activeworlds, even when charges were first introduced it wasnt this bad -
and a hell of a lot of people left when they started charging money for the
program (even $20 a year). Only the very hardcore and dedicated remained -
trust me, if all those people had of stayed the community would be huge....

....but this is worse, much, much worse. AW GZ is most oftent han not now, a
virtual ghost town - most people go to AWten GZ or even the GATE to chat to
people, because there is more likelihood of people being there than at AW
GZ...it used to be, that on weekends, there would be upwards of fifty people
in AW GZ at any one time..now your lucky if there are even TEN.

The monthly rate is the definate cause of this. There is jsut not enough in
the worlds to give people satisfaction of paying $7 a month. They can go to
other online gaming communities for only a little more than that, and garner
a huge amount more satisfaction than here. They are still developing AW,
yes, but I jsut dont believe it is being done fast enough. If, they had of
spent all the money that they had a few years ago on actually getting a
large group of programmers together, not jsut two or three at once max, then
they could be seeing a larger statisitcal mass of users now - instead, they
went the whole "business" route instead of the more "recreation route" and
they lost out. I thin that they chose too late to go the "recreation route",
much, much too late.

In al honesty, I only go into AW now to see if anyone is on. I can count the
number of "new" citizens I have met in the past few motnhs on one hand. It
used to be that I would continually meet new people, every day, and have new
things to do all the time.

I'm afraid that the whole monthly payment thing hasnt worked out. In doing a
monthly payment, they didnt have enough new eatures to justify the huge
price increase, and thus people ahve now turned away. And yes, the
gradiation is now being seen - those whose 1 year memberships have now
expired are not renewing like AW had hoped, and I thinkt hat even they are
probably starting now to realise just what a negative impact that has had.

There are also much fewere universe sales these days as compared to not so
long ago.

Yes, the community is in a very big decline, a decline that has been talked
about for years, but is now actually coming to pass. Those of us who have
been arouind a logn time can see it, and know it, those who are new are jsut
used to the fact that there are not that many people around. People will
keep coming to AW, but unless things change drastically again, then the
community will never gain the loft heights that it once attained. Instead of
growing, the memberships are shrinking, and as memberships are a fair
portion of the companies income (not as much as universes, but they are also
declining I presume) then they are goign to ahve to actually TAKE that
drastic action.

What they need, is a new tier - and it was something that I suggested so
many times when I was working there. Originaly the plan was to have
citizens, and then a Premium citizenship on top of that - the premium would
probably have been the monthly fee, but with special bonuses - 3D homepages,
access to special options and special features, access to the NewAW building
world. They may even stillb e planning to do this, but I wouldnt ahve the
foggiest. Reduce actual citizenships back to a yearly fee of even $15 and
year, implement a third tier structure with special functions at a monthly
rate. People WILL pay it, because there are enough of a hard-core user base
that would go for that option. At the same time, plain citizenship fees
would be reduced by hundreds of percentiles, even loer than originally, and
believe me, you would see such a large influx of users coming back.

That would be my solution, and it isnt even all THAT drastic. You reduce
normal citizenships, adda premium level....and watch everyone stream in. I
can see only this as the one hope they have of getting the user base back.

We will wait and see. I think that this year, will show us what they want -
a ghost town of a community, or a real one.

Heres a case in point - the old timers who are here, will remember
Yellowstone. Once upon a time, at most parts of the day,t here would be a
community of at least ten people int here, then up in the thirties in peak
times. Now, its is a ghost town, I dont even think anyone hangs out inth ere
anymore - it is, in effect, a utterly dead community.

One needs only to look at the yellowstone community example to see that
something has gone drastically, and completely, wrong.


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