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multiple recipients

May 1, 1998, 4:32am
I want a multiple recipients tab on my damn telegrams !!!!! It'd be nice
to be able to send messages to more than one person at a time =)


multiple recipients

May 4, 1998, 3:33am
LOLOLOL . ..hehehehehe =))

[View Quote] > STOP! ActiveWorlds is going to start charging an extra $.10 per telegram. For
> every person you send this telegram to, you will get one free credit.
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multiple recipients

May 4, 1998, 3:40am
yes, the option to only let world owners do it is a really goods pne. . I'd
basically use it to make announcements of events happening in my world to omy
friends. . . there IS another way it could be done tho.

Instead of having a mass telegram option, they could amke it so that you could
make inter-world Immigration officer messages . .. eg, you could ahve a list in
youir world options for cross-world IO messages, where you put the citizens
numbers who want to be on the immigration officer message list for your world.
eg. . . a box like the enter rights. When you change the message, the
immigration officer sends messages through the world server to the actual world,
THEN it goes on to send IO messages to ever citizen number in the Immigration
Officer world list .. . something like

Immigration Officer (Pollen): Party in Pollen in 5 Minutes !!!!!

where the (Pollen) could be a variable to announce which worlds Immigration
Officer the message is from. Im not really sure how the immi offier works, I
know that it is mostly based on the world server settings, but i cant see why
the message couldnt be routed through the uniserver to those on the Immi Officer
Message list. but, this is another option to utilise it to a further extent,
they have already upped the immi officers capabilites to trasmit instantaneous
messages to the whoel world, this is jsut the next step as far as I can see =)


[View Quote] > Maybe a good way to control it would be to only allow world owners to send
> mass messages (to a maximum of maybe 20 people) and let the rest of us do it
> the hard way if we want to send out the same message to many people at once.
> Fact is, it's not something most people should be doing very often (if ever)
> anyway, and at present you can only put 100 people on your contact list....
> how hard could it possibly be to message them all?
> TechnoZeus
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streamed audio

May 5, 1998, 2:05am
I want streamed audio in AW. There are many open formats that you can
use to put support for streamed media into AW, and im sure you could
find one that perfectly suited AW. having wav's for sound effects .
...fine, a bit repetative tho. Having Midi's for music is . . well, lets
jut say, i dont ever have MY sound options turned on.

If you ahd streaming media implemented, it would be so much better, i
enver have a problem with bandwidth and running AW with RealPlayer (i
think you can even use the real systems format to implement into your
product), as long as the stream isnt a huge 33 . . .. thik about it,
there are heaps ofenhancements in audio out there, things like streamed
media are getting better all the time .. . and the audio ahsnt been
improved in AW for years, it should be a priority =)


Compressed Files

May 5, 1998, 12:29pm
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=iso-8859-1
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit

uumm...you forget one thing as well . .. wav's are compressed sometimes
too =) , tho, i cant see why COF cant put in MP3, or streaming audio, it
has been AGES since they updated the sound on this thing . . and yes,
they are in huge danger of falling behind on this one. . .


[View Quote] > Yes, I suggested this to Roland months ago: ZIPped WAVs and MP3s. COF
> just can't develop AW fast enough to keep up with the
> industry...they're gonna lose it if they don't move it...
> Note, since JPGs are already compressed, compressing them more with
> ZIP and other compression algorythms will just make them bigger. AW
> needs to support GIF and PNG image formats, as well, for optimal image
> compression.
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Content-Type: text/html; charset=us-ascii
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit

uumm...you forget one thing as well . .. wav's are compressed sometimes
too =) , tho, i cant see why COF cant put in MP3, or streaming audio, it
has been AGES since they updated the sound on this thing . . and yes, they
are in huge danger of falling behind on this one. . .


[View Quote] <P>Note, since JPGs are already compressed, compressing them more with
ZIP and other compression algorythms will just make them bigger. AW needs
to support GIF and PNG image formats, as well, for optimal image compression.

[View Quote] --------------1EAF7BF0A1827E4508C2E440--

solid av's

May 7, 1998, 2:00am
I've been reseaching through the old AWTalk post, and found a really
good suggestion from phaoroh .. .. which I knwo ahs been talked about
before. ..

Solid av's so we cant walk through each other =)


Modular Ground Maker

May 7, 1998, 5:18am
HAy, I thought that we wre going to be getting access to a modular
ground maker, ala several months ago ? Wasnt Shamus working on this
project ?? It would be nice to see it come to fuition, stead 'o just
being more AW vapour wave . .. . .. . .this is also on my wishlist.


Modular Ground Maker

May 7, 1998, 11:40am
uuuummm. ..did I mis something here ? when did shamus leave COF again ?


[View Quote] > Seeing as how Shamus is no longer an employee at COF, the program
> apparently left with him.
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wishlist a wish ??

May 7, 1998, 5:40am
Can we get soem sort of charter on this newsgroup ? There hasnt beena
post in here by any COF employee's , the only one was a post by ENZO
regarding the AWcommunity NG (it being a cross post)

I *know* what this NG is for, (a bit obvious). . .but . .. waht are you
going to do with it ? At the moment, it seems that it's a nice place to
post alot of fantasy stuff. Does it actually go anywhere ? Do you make
a database of our ideas ? Do you actually plan to implement any of
them, or are we jsut really pissing into the wind, so to speak .... Im
jsut very curious is all. It is a very popular newsgroup,a s you can
see, and, there are manymanymanymany posts in here , . . ...any of you
care to give us an aim to this newsgroup, coz, we acn post wonderful
ideas in here all we want, but on what ears is it falling ? =)

jsut emanerings in thought .. . ..

wishlist a wish ??

May 7, 1998, 11:37am
that was the whole point of my post Eep, to find out if they really ARE committed to actually *using* some of the *free* information they are being given in here. Thats why im asking *them* , to formally post a charter for this NG.


[View Quote] > Fac, have you forgotten who we're dealing with? This is COF. They hardly have this degree of competence and organization to be storing and classifying all these ideas. Most are already on The List™, but I doubt Roland has the time to update it with all the ideas pouring into here. This newsgroup is probably nothing more than a way to put the citizens at ease into thinking what they want might actually be implemented some day...week...month...year...century.
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wishlist a wish ??

May 7, 1998, 11:39am
well, i know one thing, they have already committed to custom Avatars in version
2.1 . .. i hope the dont renege on it =))

also .. . really , bots wouldnt hurt. I have read SO many things on people
developing this software in the past going "bots are now a priority. . . . "


[View Quote] > Well, I can't speak for CoF, but it would make sense to assume that as long
> as the developers are attempting to beat the clock putting in the features
> that NEED to be in the version they are working on before they release it,
> they probably won't spend much time looking for NEW ideas. My guess is
> there will probably be quite a bit of time spent on sifting through the
> complaints in this newsgroup in an attempt to find the best ideas and
> suggestions or comments about them "after" the release of version 2.0 of the
> ActiveWorlds browser, and most likely also "after" the release of the new
> world server. Of course, I'm speculating, but if you think about it,
> they're busy right now, and many of the posts here have been more personal
> than productive so the productive ones will probably have to wait until
> enough time can be set aside to "find" them.
> TechnoZeus
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More objects per sector!

May 10, 1998, 1:06pm
I always wonder what you actually look like eep =) . .anyone ever seen his picture ? hahahahahahaha


[View Quote] > Wait until 2.0 comes out. And it's not "sector" but "cell". "Highered" should be "raised" or "increased".
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May 10, 1998, 1:04pm
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=iso-8859-1
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit

I think it would be damn hard to implement a three dimensional mouse
select, unless you were going to do it with a point to point selection .
.. that way you could select a 3d area. . still damn sifficult to even
think about doing tho =)

[View Quote] > You're right. But I think Tia is talking about selecting multiple
> objects with the mouse, not moving multiple objects with the mouse.
> Although 2.0 won't allow selecting multiple objects by dragging the
> mouse, it does allow selecting multiple objects by clicking and
> holding down a key.
> It would be nice to be able to move objects with the mouse, as well,
> though, but AW would need to have what most RWX viewers (RWXMod,
> RWXLook, RWView, etc) have: 3D mouse movement.
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Content-Type: text/html; charset=us-ascii
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit

I think it would be damn hard to implement a three dimensional mouse select,
unless you were going to do it with a point to point selection . . that
way you could select a 3d area.&nbsp; . still damn sifficult to even think
about doing tho =)

[View Quote] <P>It <I>would</I> be nice to be able to <I>move</I> objects with the mouse,
as well, though, but AW would need to have what most RWX viewers (RWXMod,
RWXLook, RWView, etc) have: 3D mouse movement.

[View Quote] --------------36F9A686BA6232B6C7F6D25B--

disable world co ordinates

May 11, 1998, 12:08pm
I want to be able to force disable users of my world from seeing the
cords they are at in the world, and, i'd like it in the enxt upgrade,
please =)



disable world co ordinates

May 12, 1998, 3:14am
I tried it mate before i psoted. . unfortunatly, there is a cahracter
limit in the world options bit . .. a person wont see the cords if they
have the window sized down, but if they have it at it's maximum
maximised setting,t he cords will stay at the very far left of the
browser . . .


[View Quote] > Workaround for that... Make the internal world name too long to fit
> in the
> title bar.
> For example... If the world was named "Sample World" you might change
> it to
> "Sample
> World..........................................................."
> thus pushing off everything in the title bar after the world name.
> Not
> sure why you would want to do that to people since most people hate
> it...
> but there's how.
> TechnoZeus
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disable perspective view !

May 12, 1998, 3:15am
Also, I would liek the world owner to have the option to disable the
perspective view within a world . .. so that the users cant use the
camera option if it's turned off.

I also want this in the next release, thanks, thats great of you =)))


Open API and Protocol. (Bots, etc.)

May 19, 1998, 10:59pm
yes, Hamfon has released his bot program as a beta . ... so far it's
looking pretty good =))


[View Quote] > You will find a robot greeter in the world $2KOOL.
> Name: max kool
> The bots greets you when you enter, and then automaticaly move to
> different places.
> You can use the joint command to follow this bots.
> Dialogue when you enter the world:
> ============
> Immigration Officer: Welcome to Koolworlds Space Castles, ***
> max kool: HELLO Welcome to Koolworlds....
> max kool: my name is MAX.....I'm a robot greeter for Koolworlds
> max kool: the flashing buttons you see will transport you to KOOL sites
> in this world.
> max kool: Please look around and enjoy yourself.
> ===========
> Thierry Nabeth
> http://www.insead.fr/CALT/
> PS:
> I read about this robots in one of the newsgroup.

SOCKS (firewall) support

May 17, 1998, 9:41am
it's already supported in 2.0 =)


[View Quote] > Would be nice if the next version allows to connect from inside a firewall..
> Look at ICQ.. that works too..
> And objects can be still downloaded via HTTP
> Daniel

wishing for a users complaint/feedback NG

May 18, 1998, 5:19am
I wanted to add this to the wishlist NG, as it seems like a huge wish,
but one that is very easily accomplished. This is a psot i made to the
ciommunity NG, i responce to leftovers isp being banned, then reinstated

"looks liek they unbanned leftovers isp . . which is really good. . . it
brings up the point that i wanted to make. . . .. there is no longer
speech in these newsgroups, which i really bad . .. i DO understand the
for moderated newsgroups sometimes, btu still . . the way it's gone
sometimes really isnt the best, people end up jumping to conclusions
often, i will admit) because they *lack* full understanding of the
which you guys at COF omplicate even more by deleteing all the posts
everywhere tht *explain* to conclusion jumpers like myself exactly whats

on . ..

As i ahve been trying to say to people for a long time, this isnt COF
companies community, it is ALL of our community. .. i think perhaps, you
at COF, should set up a newsgroup for customer complaints,a nd designate
such. Even microcrap has a newsgroup where people can complain about
services. Dont you think it's better to KNOW the negative things peoplea
saying about you, instead of it all bein hidden, and then popping up
into a
crisis situation ?

my advice, create a customer/user complaints NG, then you wont have to
deleteing everyones relavent posts from this one."

Facter, for the Active Worlds community.

Ejection identification - Put to TOP of list

May 24, 1998, 1:32pm
This is an urgent matter, which i would like COF (Roland) to to think it
is important enough to address within their next version , .. it's a
very important addition.

To quote Leftover
"I think ejection message should show name of "Ejecter" and reason. If
you were using IRC, you understand it. Something like this:
"You have been ejected by Pee Wee Hermit. Reason: (you are silly)"

I think it could prevent misunderstanding and some "no reason"

Leftover :)"

This is the most resonable and best idea I have seen , of the
suggestions so far. There have been MANY problems with the eject
function this week. This way, the cowards cant hide, there can be NO
misunderstandings, and the whole thing is brought out into the open.

Its one thing to go looking through the AW log for an ejector, but, it
would be alot handy if this style of ejection notification would be able
to be put in place,. The function to ALSO put a comment on it, like as
in irc, is also a very good idea.

Judgeing the anti ejection sentiment COF is presently having, and the
many problems COF is having to deal with in regards to user ejecttions,
and abuse of GK/PK priviledges (we all know it's happening), this
feature is an absolute *must*. It is an extremely logical tihng to do,
and I am sure COF will take this suggestion onboard with *much*
seriousness, as it solves many of their present problems.

Please, make this a priority, for your sakes, aswell as the sake of the
Citizens, and those citizens who give their time as PK's and GK's.
BEcause, it is US that is getting a bad name for this, and slurs from
other citizens. I do believe that we (PK's and GK's) have done enough
for your company in our spare and free time, for you to address this
problem, because, WE are being harrassed, WE are being abused, and this
feature would go a LONG way, to cutting this harrassment that we take,
day in and day out, in tryin to help the community. It will also cut
down on the harrassment of yourselves, because people will see who is
doing the ejecting, and maybe realise that it's some nut PK that slipped
notice, and NOT possibly the big bad ogres that they believe COF to
always be.

please, i implore you to take this serious. If needs be, i will organise
a petition, to show that this feature is as important as i am making it
out to sound.



Ejection identification - Put to TOP of list

May 25, 1998, 12:12am
Well, i guess it'll never happen, I received a message back from Roland
stateing that he didnt want it [ejection] in the first place, and that I was
somehow demanding it be put in . . which I guess I was in a way (not how he
took it tho, he seemed to of taken it in much the wrong way), but I guess his
attitude of "I didnt want it in the first place, so Im not going to do
anything about it" is indicative of COF policy. . ..he seems to think that
people with eject priviledges are saints, and that it shouldnt happen. Which,
as we know from experience, just doesnt happen. (ie BadBoy, who went on an
ejection rampage at the gate, or our mysterious "mgib" ejector from AWGZ).

to quote his letter "Isn't the real problem that people
are being ejected without warning and without explanation? Why does the
software have to solve this problem? "
Why does the software have to solve the problem ? Because, regardless of
whether *you* wanted it in there in the first palce, it's THERE, and you
should take responbsibility for what you put into the damn software. It's
sorta like saying " well hay, I created a tank, why should I worry about what
it does ?" The fact of the matter is, is that ejectee's ARNT being warned or
anything like that, if it was to be implemented in the software, then the
ejector would be forced to give away a) his identity B0 his reason and
warning, instead of being a god damn coward and sitting back anonymously
ejecting people. Another sign that in this day and age, chivilry is as dead
as a peice of roadkill roo.

another quote "Why aren't the people who are
doing the ejecting warning the individuals first that their behavior will
get them ejected? "

I dont know. you tell ME. It's happening tho, and, when I give logical a
suggestion to fix the problem, i I get berated for being some sort of
demanding fool. I dont know why peopel dont warn them, but I HAVE BEEN THERE
when someone has continuously been ejected, WITHOUT WARNING, without him
doing ANYTHING except having the name MGIB as a tourist. You know who that
was ? It was RAZZLE who this person was ejecting, he had come in with the
tourist name of "mgib" and promptly got ejected. you know, Razzle, the person
in CHARGE of the PK's ? . So, in answer to THAT question, why doesnt someone
tell em the answer ?? If something is happening to harm a community, you
dont sit there saying "well, i guess it's up to the individual to decide
whether he wants to go out an blow people away". You put in *laws* and, in
this case, the law can only be implemented with the *SOFTWARE*. This problem
was created by the software, and it must be solved BY the software.

Either that, or take the god damn function OUT if you cant handle the

shame really, I guess this is the last time I ever bother giving them a
solution to a problem that THEY created.

Im tired of giving a shit about this community, if thats the way my
suggestions are taken, well, then I just couldnt give two craps anymore. I
offer a reasonable suggestion, and once again, it is decided that the
citizens know nothing about it at all. We dont have any idea about whats
going on, and even tho we give up our SPARE TIME, and get HARRASSED and told
that we are puppets of COF, and that we are doing this shit for personal
glory, when we simply offer a suggestion on ways to *protect* ourselves and
to maybe be given back a little for everything we do for them, we get the
little flick of the finger.

Even if my idea wasnt all that much liked, at least a "good idea Fac, we will
work on it if we have time" would of been nice.

But, i guess that just aint the way things are done in our "community"

Pfff, i've seen better communities of sandwich mould.


[View Quote] > I agree Facter,
> If I boot I want people to know I did it, further if they don't know the
> reason I will be happy to explain it to them...
> 3DMark
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Ejection identification - Put to TOP of list

May 25, 1998, 12:21am
mmm... i disagree bille, hen jecting people, you have to stand by your own opinion.
Even if the person is a respected citizen, it is better to let them know who is
ejecting them jsut for that reason. Hiding behind anonymity is useless, i mean, I
cannot see hopw it would be okay to eject a less well known person usign your anme,
than it would be to eject a more well known person without your name. . ..Im not
attacking yourself personally, but, if Im ejecting someone, anyone, I'd like exactly
who im ejecting to know it was me.

ie, if i was to eject Catzy or such from the gate, I'd want her to know it was me
Catzy: you have been ejected from The Gate by Facter [ catzy ya silly twat, shuddup
] =)

etc etc. That way, the ejection can be what it is MEANT to be, a simple matter of
"timeout", with no real repercussion but for the person to chill out an maybe think
about what they were doing to GET ejected, NOT what it's being used for, which is a
form of *punishment*.

Punishment never solves anything, ever ever ever.


[View Quote] > I agree that the person that gets ejected doesn't neccesarily need to know *who*
> did it, the reason why is the most important. If I was a GK/PK adding my nick to
> such a message might have coursed me hesitate a little too often before using
> the eject function. Especially if you need to eject a "respected" user, or even
> someone you know, it would be easier to do it if your nick is kept on some
> record but not given to the user.
> The person ejected should get to know what GK number that ejected her/him, for
> future references if needed.
> Bille
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Ejection identification - Put to TOP of list

May 25, 1998, 1:19am
hehehe. . .*humph*

Fac =)

[View Quote] > Uh oh, Fac - another one! You're sure to become labelled as a whiner now!
> :) Well, the rest of us will be here to welcome you, once the 'holy ones'
> are done with you!
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Ejection identification - Put to TOP of list

May 25, 1998, 10:28pm
LOL . ..nice one carre =)) hehehehe. . .


[View Quote] [View Quote]

Ejection identification - Put to TOP of list

May 27, 1998, 10:13pm
pppffftt, how unusual for that post to of been deleted.



A wish or two

May 31, 1998, 2:15am
god damn, i *like* that floating tab idea. . . thats really great, byte
!!!!!. . .in fact, honestly, thats the best idea i've seen posted in here
yet =)


[View Quote] > Ok well I got some feature ideas
> #1 a flaoting tab window when you have tabs shut off kinda like ICQ
> #2 having the choice of having the avatar actions in a pulldown menu or
> on the bar like usual
> #3 a little seperator bar command in the avatars.dat so you can seperate
> your avs by type


Playing a virtual plethora of Electronica.


May 31, 1998, 8:18am
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit

are you running through a proxy server ? have
you got the settings right ?

[View Quote] > Everywhere I go I see triangles, triangles and more triangles!!!!
> It's like they're invading or something. Everywhere I go I see
> triangles! Nothing but triangles! (Except in the worlds I have cached)
> I DO have 2.0. The downloads box shows the files I need, sit there for
> a moment, and goes on to the next one without downloading. What in the
> world is going on!?!??!?!!?!??!!?!??!?! Bug P.S. The space allocated
> for the cache isn't full.


Playing a virtual plethora of Electronica.

Content-Type: multipart/related; boundary="------------E391ADD380850AD02A93ECE9"

Content-Type: text/html; charset=us-ascii
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit

<BODY BGCOLOR="#FFFFFF" BACKGROUND="cid:part1.35712E7C.A78C166C at iinet.net.au">
are you running through a proxy server ? have you got the settings right

[View Quote] <P>--
<BR><A HREF="http://digitalheights.iinet.net.au/invurt.htm">http://digitalheights.iinet.net.au/invurt.htm</A>

<P>Playing a virtual plethora of Electronica.

Content-Type: image/gif
Content-ID: <part1.35712E7C.A78C166C at iinet.net.au>
Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64
Content-Disposition: inline; filename="C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\nsmailML.gif"



Roland! THE Answer to Vulgarity! :)

Jun 22, 1998, 12:14am
i have to disagree with this idea totally as well, if I want to say Fuck, i
dont want it translated into some other word. Thats just taking away an
individuals right to say the words they want . . ..


[View Quote] > I think I have the answer that sould please everyone, including the
> people that want to squirt all the trashy language into AW. If the
> Browser is capable of handling the resourse requirements in a timely
> manner, and I think it could.
> The answer is another "*.TXT" file the browser will seek at startup and
> open and load into memory to use during a session if it exist. It would
> need to be a "*.TXT" file so anyone could edit it with anything, just
> like the new message file. Let's call it "ALIAS.TXT" for now.
> If you open the file you would see something like:
> ...
> A conservative default version of the file could be provided by the
> install with instructions explaining how to edit it and what it was for.
> If the user deleted/moved/renamed the file the Browser would not filter
> or alter anything. If the user felt it was too restrictive, they could
> delete the lines they wanted to recieve in the RAW format. If they felt
> it was not strict enought, they could add lines to the file to
> limit/modify additional character strings. This could be used to satisfy
> the "Vulgar" individuals also! They could swap edited version of the
> file with each other that had the opposite effect (make nice word
> strings into nasty evil ones)! The best of all possible worlds for
> everyone.
> The Browser could use the list of character strings to monitor for and
> substitute words; on signs, object comments, Avatar names, telegram
> messages, chat stream, words embedded in strings... etc.!
> Of course this does not fix it for the PeaceKeepers, but it should get
> most people that have been bitching at them off their ass. In case you
> can't tell, I will be able to accept AW in its natural RAW format for
> the long haul.
> Later!
> zer0 <·><·>

Custom AV?

Nov 9, 1998, 4:57am
[View Quote] > Fac....they've been quite active in this
> ng.....(community).....deleting up a storm.....take a look at DM's
> newsgroup for some samples of what the moderators of this group find
> offensive.

Unfortunately, deleting posts isnt quite what i meant by "active" =(

Custom AV?

Nov 10, 1998, 5:47am
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit

no, your all incorrect.

The sigh is for sadness.


[View Quote] > Shock?? Disappointment?
[View Quote] --------------922173095F198BB28C778E68
Content-Type: text/html; charset=us-ascii
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit

<!doctype html public "-//w3c//dtd html 4.0 transitional//en">
<body bgcolor="#FFFFFF">
no, your all incorrect.
<p><b><font size=+3>The sigh is for sadness.</font></b><b><font size=+3></font></b>
<p><b><font size=-1>Fac.</font></b>
[View Quote] <blockquote
style="BORDER-LEFT: #000000 2px solid; MARGIN-LEFT: 5px; PADDING-LEFT: 5px">fac
&lt;<a href="mailto:facterinvurt at hotmail.com">facterinvurt at hotmail.com</a>>
[View Quote] </body>


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