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CrAzY Bot

May 7, 2003, 9:01pm
Hmmm Crazy RPG bot is nearing completion.
-what features do you want to see
-anything anything at all?
-tell me i need input!

CrAzY Bot

May 19, 2003, 5:43pm
strike get a dis peepe you have sites calling u things no one has
that from me. does anyone pay to haev a site hosted with my name? no so stop
insultign people and u might make a friend or two.
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CrAzY Bot

May 20, 2003, 11:47pm
Excuses Excuses EXCUSES, is that all your good for, i feel like singing!
"strike rapier you suck" wow good song...
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CrAzY Bot

May 22, 2003, 5:44pm
You must feel VERY VERY special strike... oh and btw B-O-T-S see i can spell
it, now off with ur head!
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CrAzY Bot

May 24, 2003, 3:25pm
Two words for you: MAKE ME
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CrAzY Bot

May 26, 2003, 12:17am
CrAzY PiLLs is openign hsi own drug store Rx. i got a belt with 50,000 meds
on it, take ur pick i got um all, for strike i got Vi at gr at in Suposatory
from, for SWE i got soem depresants, for Bowen i got anti-depresants. i hope
ur all happy. have fun! Dr CrAzY is on every day makesure to ask.
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CrAzY Bot

May 26, 2003, 4:59am
i beleiv th term is do we not have better things to do as adults than reply
to this thread?
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New Committee

Jun 17, 2003, 8:23pm
AWTeen Is having a trial of the Perpetual Events Committee

If you or someone you know would like to apply please goto;

Or to visit some of our events goto 2880n 2720w in awteen.

sorry this is not just in teen ng but my names messed and i think y'all
should hear this!

New Committee

Jun 17, 2003, 9:20pm
sorry wrogn coords thats to Sages RPG, goto 240s 2880w for community HQ

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Chazbot new build

Aug 19, 2003, 2:36pm

a new person to hate me

*Adds to list*

good lil mod

i been on aw 4 years

just felt like saying that

good bye

leave a message afetr the beep

or beep the message after the leave

dosnt matter to me

your messed up world

my world messed up

the chicken crossed the road

the road crossed the chicken

the truck hit the chicken

the CL. cooked the chicken

the secret spices marinated the chicken

and we'r all going to hell

That was the worlds laregst signature, ignore it all, it has no reason for
being said, except the fact that i forgot to take my crazy pills
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Aug 17, 2003, 11:53pm
is there a way to make a preston use bump detection as an event? i havnt
found a way, because i think preston as out before bump detection was added
to aw


Aug 19, 2003, 2:38pm
ok, i just wanetd to know because we have bump, and ive seen soem bots like
if you bump through an object it says something... i was j/w
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Re question

Aug 24, 2003, 5:29pm
i had asked earlier abotu bot collision. could it be possible with a named
object??? like create name bump1 then when the bot detects an avatar pass
through the name bump1?

Best Idea EVER!

May 26, 2003, 12:25am
ok so anyway i was hopiong aw reads this. i think aw should make cell
enabled fly/shift so if a private build had it you could allwo flyign in a
single area and have it tuyrned off in another its work liek terrain objects
place it and it cancles it. this woudl help in any world liek an rpg they
could have speciakl areas where dly is allwoed liek for minisgames and
stuff. and also i think in awteen and aw so if awteen was holding an event
lets say PB they keep their fly/shift blocks in that area and anywhere else
would allow it UNLESS it also had the fly/shift block...

Best Idea EVER!

May 26, 2003, 12:27am
with this i think AWI could do it simply... or even a freeware bot would
allow this like Demeter. all u need is basic program change, and someone to
make a custoem object. hey if i was good enouh ide make it.

-Dr. CrAzY
quote of the day drugs are bad especially when i perscribe them.
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Best Idea EVER!

May 27, 2003, 7:43pm
I dotn think y'all get the picture, i dont need an indicator, it dosnt need
anything just basic aw programing, liek they did for demeter, that contorls
it so instead od SD:begin u coudl haev a bot have like Fs:begin or sumtin
and then the object specific area would allow it, so in this way only on
that opvject you could not fly or not shift, most people cover land anyway,
above or below ground, why not :-)

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Best Idea EVER!

Jun 1, 2003, 7:06pm
i knw that hence the term LIKE Terrain objects, and have a bot LIKE needs to have sections, liek they have owner terrain rights...
have fly/shift rights and allow the bot to edit those.... in specific nodes.
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new object commands

Jun 28, 2003, 2:28pm
Aw is fine now but why not make it perfect..i think these commands wouldnt
be that hard for aw..

activate/bump/create text source=(whisper or chat) text="text would go here"

and that would make an object clicked on either whisper or announce chat. so
you could bump it and have it or have it auto announce when it enters view.
etc..yes i know it can be done with bots but what about tourist..or what
about people who dont have biot room or dont want bots..

also here is another;
this would be for new 3.4 water

you could make an object into it so its not one giant obj..

create object source=aw_3.4 water or you could do 3.4 clouds and such

other commands i would liek to see are;

mirror effects

size commands EX; size=100 so that would scale it this would allow world
owners to set a limit so you could say create size=20 and owners could say
limit is 10 so it wouldnt allwo you to make giant cows etc...

i'd also like to beable to have objects rotate around others so you could
create name bob
this would be on the object that is going to be circled
create circle name=bob so it would circle around bob at time= and wait= etc.

maybe opacity commands as well create opacity=10 so you could have it clear
o not.

maybe also add picture ability to all objects rather than just picyure

maybe if posible add signs that re just text. without a background
ex=create sign color=white "hello my name is BoB"mask=sign3 on a sign 3 so
that its just text...

well theres my 2

if you dotn like it dont comment

Nowhere World

Jun 29, 2003, 7:24pm
this is a very good idea...i like it...itd be good for users makign
movies..or pictures..also good for secret custom op and obj testing.
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avatar attachable objects

Jun 30, 2003, 12:56am
i think avatars should be able to have things attached to them EX: im in a
winter world i goto a skii shop and buy a set of skiis i think aw should
either add an inventory screen or sumtin that lets u attach it. or even just
click it add it onto the avatar..and then leave the world itas gone.

world specific of would help alot..dont u think?

many times have i gone to a worlkd with stiore and stuff and seen it wats
thje pouitn of clickign on bowling sheos in the workld awgames if you cant
actually wear them...

it dosnt need to edit avatar art just place it in the correct position

maybe a comamnd for the object

activate avatar position=(number from 0-100 100 being top of head) and then
the next woudl be the others so liek makign a move xommand you would have 0
0 0 r w x you know the deal

dont think itd be that hard would it i know u can make a bot that has
objects follwo but it becomes laggy and sometimes items disapear and stuff

i also liek my idea for a world inventory screen maybe positioned above the
chat entry window in a small bar with thumbnails and two arrows on each side
so you coudl scrol lyour aquired things for the world..and it woudl cahce
them so when you play a rpg you buy a sword you can hold ur sword.

avatar attachable objects

Jul 2, 2003, 10:07pm
techno please make ur own thread not to be mean but rwx thread object
coding...diff than atachale objects..
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Cloud Shadows

Jul 4, 2003, 12:01am
problm if u have a glas room u want shadows to go through, if you have a
solid roof do u want clouds inside??
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Jul 21, 2003, 2:54am
yes also itd be easy and hey aw has coronas trust me nothign creates mroe
lag than coronas
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Cameras and Displays (and reflections)

Jul 22, 2003, 3:40pm
i liek this idea not so much for the mirrors btu for the camera can you all
imagien havign gz moniterign cams so yo uan make securty offices liek i naw
and have 1 pk sit in a room with 20 moniters and watch the worlds hotspots.
i think itd be kool or maybe make soem fun camera ffects .or mayb even 30
cameras al laroudn me to make a 3d model of myself in aw on a screen by
naming them all the same thing on the source he he he
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create texture url

Jul 23, 2003, 11:05pm
we need to be able to do create texture then a url command why wait for a
texture to be uploaded to the op when we can just use it from a url, itd be
simpel enough

create texture url

Jul 24, 2003, 5:12pm
nope not what u want create picture only works on pictrue obejcts i want it
to eb abel to allow textures i cant take a pp01.rwx and do create pictrue
URL but if they enabeld create texture URL on al ltexturable objects ide be
a happy man :-)
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create texture url

Jul 24, 2003, 6:57pm
something like that.. and you forgot a section in your translation
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create texture url

Jul 25, 2003, 8:36pm
lmao if u hav ur own op theres no need for create texture url, i wanted it
for peeps who dont have their own op.. with your own op to add that you can
just add them as textures, but without ur own op ur screwed

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Aug 2, 2003, 2:20pm
we need movies, woudl it be thjat hard to havea pictureobject play a

it may have lag but i mean really im getting sick of filmstrip jpgs, and
maybe even let sound be synced withthe movies, with movies awtv would be
improved, aw coudl have movie theathres

live webcam broadcast, itd be cool

create movie file.mpeg(wmp, flash, etc)


Aug 2, 2003, 4:27pm
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