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I need help getting my preston to do something awesome I saw in aw.

Aug 21, 2002, 4:05am
And you can't spell....... can't <laughs>

I need help getting my preston to do something awesome I saw in aw.

Aug 22, 2002, 8:15pm
You obviously can't spell grammar either... you moron !! Give it up idiot.

I need help getting my preston to do something awesome I saw in aw.

Aug 23, 2002, 4:43am
Marky the moron says:

<"dont you think youve lost enough arguments?">

Do you mean... don't you think you've lost enough arguments? Notice
proper spelling and in answer to your question..... No, I don't believe so,
can you tell me where?

Marky the moron's second profound statement:

<"And yes, it was a typo.">

uh huh...and are they all typos or are you really that ignorant?

logging in the bots

Jun 5, 2006, 10:51pm
I heard a nasty rumor that XeLag was NOT going to release a 4.1 version
of X1 back a couple of months ago.

Alex, If you read this, please let us know now so that we may try to
work and familiarize ourselves with "those" other rather inferior bots.

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I wish

May 31, 2004, 3:33am
In your main privacy settings under options, block all grams, then
individualy allow grams from those on your contact list.

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Active Worlds

Feb 4, 2002, 10:21pm
From what I've been told the new revised pricing plan will be as follows....
$6.95 a month or $69.95 a year. Current citizens will be offered a one time
renewal fee of $49.95 for a 1 year extension to their current accounts.
Tourists will be back but restricted to AWGate only. World owners will have
the option of allowing tourist's entry rights. This new plan will be
announced within the coming week as it was discussed at PK and GK meetings
this week.

National ID System

Feb 13, 2002, 10:46pm
I believe the main concern for most Americans is not the ID itself, but the
imbedded information it may contain. Right now most bank credit cards
contain much more information than most people know. The bank credit cards
of late contain your entire credit history, your employment info and your
spending habits for consumer credit companies to track.
The National ID proposals would include your and your families medical
history, all of the above listed info and if certain people have their way,
a micro-transponder that will allow satellite tracking of any and all
cardholders. I for one would never accept the proposal of a national ID
card. I would rather risk imprisonment for failure to comply than submit to
this "Big Brother" plan for societal surveillance. I urge every American to
resist this plan and support the ACLU in it's fight.
And thank you to builderz for bringing this info here.


National ID System

Feb 14, 2002, 7:39am
Trekker...the question is... why would a Southern California high school kid
want my info ? spend the eighty bucks and see what you can find out about
me. I dare you !! You should spend more time doing your spelling

National ID System

Feb 14, 2002, 4:26pm
*Laughs loudly* ...silenced, you and Trekker should just quit while you're
ahead and avoid anymore ludicrous comments. "the supreme court" LOL you
should both shut up and stop embarrassing yourselves in a public newsgroup.

National ID System

Feb 14, 2002, 6:23pm
*laughs even louder* okay, I'll let the children make even bigger fools of
themselves. Your "local, county 'supreme court'" LMAO Go ahead kiddies
find out all you can about me. Yes I'm a US citizen. Get your little
cyber-detective kits out and show me how good you are.. LOL


May 9, 2002, 6:09pm
KAH...try 2 WEEKS old ..not 2 months...and shut the hell up btw

You replied to it too, as did Strike. Then I had to to tell you how wrong
you were which necessitated another post. If you would have kept your mouth
shut you would have eliminated 2 posts to this OLD thread.

The Numbers Crunch

Apr 4, 2002, 9:12am
Here is the numbers, facts and figures. You can make what you will out of
it. Good luck.

I have my own opinions.... and I'll keep them to myself.

The Numbers Crunch

Apr 4, 2002, 9:17am
make sure the .txt is added to the end of the url... for some reason it
didn't paste right...sorry


May 26, 2002, 4:24pm

You do not have to change your signature nor do you have to add that
distracting pop-up to your site (which I see is already up). Just because
some 16 year old geek thinks its offensive. Any "kid" old enough and smart
enough to start a computer and navigate a newsgroup has seen TITS before.
Get a life Bowen.


May 26, 2002, 5:16pm
The 16 year old geek remark was a generality...But you seem to think it was
aimed at be it.

I do know Anduin very well and he is a nice guy.

btw are you ever going to learn to spell ? It helps your lame attempts at
flaming people if your flames are spelled correctly. Moron !

Re: NG Trouble

Aug 6, 2002, 5:51pm

I think you missed a few.


Re: Just For Fun...

Nov 12, 2002, 1:47am
[View Quote] brains

The Eagle Has Landed

Mar 21, 2003, 1:16am
What about UN Resolution 242 passed 30+ years ago telling Israel to
vacate the Gaza Strip.... Haven't seen anyone trying to enforce that
resolution, have you ?

On 18 Mar 2003 19:42:47 -0500, "bowen"
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agreeing with the GK's is bad

Apr 26, 2003, 9:37pm
Why have human Gatekeepers at all ? A well programed bot could
probably help newbies more efficiently anyway. Have the volunteer
(with no eject privs) there to aid the really incompetent.

On 24 Apr 2003 13:10:28 -0400, "binarybud"
[View Quote] >I needed to clearify this statement: "AWI needs to figure out how to actually eject/ban someone from a world first...:)"
>this is referring to the technical aspects of an eject. There are ways to actually keep people out once you've ejected and AWI needs to get this figured out. Once this happens eject will become a good tool....
>Leo :)
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everything is bad

Feb 24, 2002, 4:16am
TrekkerX..the word is sense

Seems to me the major problem on these newsgroups is with hormonal 14-17
year old boys with the grammar and spelling skills of 4th graders.
They may be somewhat computer literate, but socially inept and mostly
incapable of an intelligent discussion of anything short of password
stealing and world vandalism.
They will expound on subjects of legal matters and business examples when
most can't deal with making their allowances stretch from week to week,
nevermind the fact that most live at home and benefit from the support of
their parents. They will tell you how the real world works, just ask them.
If this is the example of what will be running the world in 20 years, I'm
glad I won't be around to see it.

everything is bad

Feb 24, 2002, 5:48am
My point proven beyond a doubt...thank you both

A clarification...zeo, I have never vandalized anything in AW.

and a question... silenced or Bowen ? Why can't you stick with one name?
Running a scam on someone?

everything is bad

Feb 24, 2002, 7:29am
Hypocritical shred?, correct in my assumptions. My point was proven
adequately above and below.

Observe the SpyBot thread below and how it deteriorated with inane remarks
about reporting AW and MrGrimm to the FBI etc....Please, thats just

Understanding and guidance has obviously not worked for this generation,
witness the mindless videogame addicts who think violence and killing are
acceptable solutions to the worlds problems. The problem is they don't get
enough criticism or discipline. Here in these newsgroups you have some
trying to spout legal knowledge and business solutions they have no clue
about. Their ignorance is an embarrassment to educated young people
everywhere. As far as acting immaturely...they have been doing fine in that
regard long before I mentioned it.
As far as what you find offensive... really doesn't matter now does it?
At least not to me anyway.

everything is bad

Feb 24, 2002, 7:33am
BTW... moff piett was absolutely right on in his original post.

Pls be nice. Ty. :)

Mar 7, 2002, 9:41pm
Right now Tourists have 20+ worlds (and growing) including AWSchool
available to them. They can see the technology just fine.

The Virtual Olympics are on!

Mar 10, 2002, 12:40am
Just a reminder that the Olympic 5 ring symbol is a copyrighted logo by the
IOC. I suggest you change it.

The Virtual Olympics are on!

Mar 10, 2002, 1:06am
Why is it every time I bring up a valid point you have to show your
excessive ignorance by arguing. Just because an image doesn't have the (c)
next to it does not mean it's not copyrighted. The IOC controls all Olympic
images. And they have sued for less in the past.

Bowen, I suggest you stick to PS2 and leave real world matters to people
with a bit of intelligence.

The Virtual Olympics are on!

Mar 10, 2002, 1:22am
The answer is in the statement under the heading Organisation

The Virtual Olympics are on!

Mar 10, 2002, 2:09am
Nice to see you too Mongo.

The Virtual Olympics are on!

Mar 10, 2002, 8:25am
Okay... I've been far ! The five interlocking rings of any color
are a registered international copyrighted symbol. Changing the color will
not make any difference. You can call your virtual games anything you like,
but you can not use these rings on your website or in AW.

As an employee of a former Olympic venue that has a legitimate right to use
these items...Yes, I will report you for this infraction of International

olympic abominations

Mar 13, 2002, 7:21pm
One last time.... The IOC and the Olympic ring symbol were created by the
same man.

The IOC holds an international copyright recognized by EVERY country that
participates in the Olympic Games.

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