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DimmBot 1.1.2 - A free cit to the breaker....

Jan 6, 2002, 7:06pm
hehe, i'll get back to you.

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Alpha World, 1490 meters high at 0n 0e

Feb 11, 2002, 10:40pm
put simply,

visibility only works on the X and Z axis. So no matter what the altitude,
you will still download and see all objects above / below you. This is the
main reason why underground building causes lag.

Hearing range works on X, Y and Z axis so that they will not notice your
presence at this altitude.


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Still Complaining About Prices?

Feb 10, 2002, 2:37pm
[View Quote] I honestly think they are doing a good job of managing the public. Ok, they
have made the odd mistake but AW still exists right?

> So what have I done? I decided to just start over. I actually started
> completely over. No AW involved. If you want to see what I am talking
> about, visit

Ok, this bit really pisses me off. This is an ACTIVEWORLDS COMMUNITY
newsgroup. If you think you little VB project can help the AW Community
then I suggest you think again. I consider this as pointless drivell in the
AW newsgroup, if you want to talk about it somewhere, try
sci.virtual-worlds.apps or something, here is not the place and is not
helping your reputation, your product nor AW. Now about your product in
general; I personally would not trust any project that uses a ready made
engine, including renderware. But in the case of AW, I will ignore the
issue because at least its a C based engine that functions on many
platforms. Whereas you project is based on a server
example, and a ready made VB engine. Cant wait to see when your first beta
is 4 times the file size of AW, with an insecure protocol and a serious lack
of creativity. I may be wrong, but I think people need something that is
exactly like AW or NOTHING like AW. I know this simply because I tried much
the same thing over a year ago, I had users, I had interactive avatars, I
had downloadable worlds, I had everything needed for a beta product, but it
simply was not what was needed for the community. Maybe your product will
take off and you will become a multi-millionaire, in which case I will take
my hat off to you.

> My point is why complain if you think you can do better, then get off your
> ass and do it. I can't promise that what I do will ever be what AW is but
> can promise that while many have tried and failed to create an AW type
> system without ever reaching market, I can promise that I will release and
> the system will grow to be something amazing.

I cant wait to see the amazement on my face when your product becomes
amazing. : )

> Thanks,
> Derek Rayburn aka SeeRay (Creator of OuterWorlds),
> derek at

The citizens and tourists of Outer Worlds where the creators of Outer
Worlds, you just provided them with a starting point and hid away in the
darkness. If everyone knew about your recent actions against Outer Worlds,
you would more than likely be considered the destroyer of Outer Worlds.


PS. I know this will send out some bad vibes, but this is all my opinion and
we are all entitled to them. I could call Derek Rayburn a lot of very
colorful words, but this is not the time nor the place for that.

I got my fire extinguishers, if you want to flame me.... go ahead.

Still Complaining About Prices?

Feb 10, 2002, 3:21pm
Ahh, mabe I could include this little peice of info:

Check out

"I decided to just start over. I actually started
completely over. No AW involved."


Still Complaining About Prices?

Feb 10, 2002, 5:41pm
> Gav, Does the AW community know that it is you that is distributing the
> hacked Universe servers?

Oh, here is the slander case again. Prove it please. No universe server
has ever left my PC and been passed on to a 3RD party.

> As for OW you have no clue what really happened.
> Most people don't, why? becuase they are listening to one sided rants and
> raves that are simply not true, but I on the other hand will not stand in
> community news group and defend myself about things I did or didn't do in
> OW.

Making threats as your getout clause could have nearly sent OW under. I
know more that you think.

> Here is not the place? To tell people to stop bitching about AW and if
> dont like it to shut up and do something about like I am doing? Sounds
> AW to me.

Yes, maybe people should stop moaning about AW. I have no complaints.

> How do you know what my system is developed in? only 6 people on earth
> ever seen it and I trust these people with my life albeit there were some
> involved with OW that I had the same trust with and it was betrayed. How
> you know that my system isn't built around a C engine? (pssst it is)
> wrong with basing code on something someone else did on planetsourcecode?
> Do you have any submissions there? Yes I will admit now that my system
> be larger than AW on initial download but not only are you comparing
> and oranges, you forget that the average world (textures, objects,
> seqs and object database) is around 30 megs each, who cares what size the
> app is! hehe

But its still a VB frontend with more runtimes than Linford Christie.

> What you tried a year ago, I saw, it was nothing more than the AW SDK with
> seperate 3D engine and when people talked in your world they were also
> chatting in an AW world, when they logged in, they were actually logging
> into an AW world. So why did you stop development on it? It was not what
> was needed for the community? So your next venture was to hack the
> universe? That was really needed!

Totally unmodified, load of crap, VB which is useless, but not a single line
of code using the AW SDK. You was very badly informed and as a result of
previous comments about it, I have got VERY bad feelings about you.

As to the universe hacks. Please email Roland about what I have been doing.
roland at in case you dont know his address. Maybe, just
maybe, I have been helping the community.

> I doubt I will ever become a millionaire, would be nice, but that is not
> what I am doing this for. I am writing this software because I have had
> visions of 3D enteractive environments much longer than AW has been
> when I found AW I stopped all development towards creating my own system
> because I fell in love with AW.... I have since been tossed around on more
> levels than just a citizen getting slapped with price increases I have
> spent the last 4 years trying to make a business successful based on the
> core AW technology and the only reason it ever failed was because of the
> pricing structure of the product itself and the lack of understanding and
> willingness to work with me from AW.

Yes, it was my dream too, but to be honest I am not willing to invest 10 man
years to create a product that even slightly compeats with AW.

> Ohhhh... Yes I do own I have owned it since before they
> supposedly trademarked AW and I have the documents from my lawyer to prove
> it. I also bought it before they changed their name to ActiveWorlds Inc.
> And as for my project utilizing the domain name? haven't yet but thats
> a bad idea, thanks Gav.

In the UK that is a criminal offence. Lucky for you, its not illegal in the
I am also denying responsibility of that idea.

> Anyone want to buy it?

Not for what you would ask for it.

Still Complaining About Prices?

Feb 10, 2002, 8:17pm
To chickengurl, Derek Rayburn, and everyone,

I will say this one last time.

No cracked, hacked, mutilated, bloated, Trojan filled, cloned or otherwise
universe server, ever left my systems or servers to a 3rd party. (Which
means *ANYONE*)

ALL of my servers have an Authenticode in an extended 4 bytes of the EXE
files. Example: 7F 7F 00 01 etc. followed by the creation date and hashed
and keyed file CRC .

You are correct, "X Worlds" was hosted by one of my servers in the past.
Even though it was hosted by me, I was not the owner and accepted no
responsibility for it.

Maybe you should look at other sources for these "hacked" universe servers.
A good deal of names come up, including yours, because if I remember
correctly and records will show this, you were also in possession and
running a cracked universe server.

Like I said before, email Roland regarding my activities. Not that he would
want to respond to you anyway, you email address is a clear sign of your

Maybe one day, someone will get their facts right about me and my
activities. And like I have said before, how come I still have access to
the AW universe server, and also have the following citizenships if I really
was the evil hacker and anarchist people make me out to be?

AWST 03, AWST 04, AWST 05, AWST 06, AWST 07, AWST 08, AWST 09, AWST 10, AWST
11, AWST 12, AWST 13, AWST, Gavroche, SP1D3R XOR, AWST, Gavroche, ... L u k
e ...

Maybe you should be the one who stays out of trouble instead of being in
cohorts with the likes of Radon and Xero who have clearly caused the
community damage.

Oh, and this is for anyone who wants clear facts....

YES, I have got an unmodified original copy of the Active Worlds Universe
Servers. Versions: 2.1, 2.2, 3.0, 3.1, 3.2 alpha, 3.2 beta.
YES, I have successfully "hacked" these universe servers to allowed them to
run illegally.
YES, I have on more than one occasion ran these "hacked" universe servers
for educational, non profit use with a limit of 5 users and 2 worlds.
YES, I have successfully written a clone of a 3.1 universe server from
scratch that is 100% compatible with the Active Worlds protocol and
encryption systems.
YES, I have on more than one occasion ran the 3.1 cloned universe server.
Once such instance was the VRGate universe, which I volunteered to close
down and ban public access to.
NO, I have NEVER released a "hacked" universe server or a "cloned" universe
server to the public or any other party. Including my closest friends.
YES, AWST have been using the information gained by these hacks to help
AWCorp crack down and cure security bugs in the Active Worlds Software. One
such example is the impersonation hack which luckily I have not seen in the
public, but could have easily erased every world in active worlds.
YES, Active Worlds Corporation asked me to close down my cloned universe
servers from public access to prevent legal action.

Anything else you want to know?

One last thing, I challenge you to find a site that I have created that
allows people to download any hack that I have created or any invitation to
enter one of my universe servers.

Good Day,

Luke Twydell.

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Still Complaining About Prices?

Feb 11, 2002, 6:58am
I accept your offer to stand in a court of law. Please provide me with
details and my solicitor will contact you shortly.

I just cant understand why you continue to make false statements about me,
you must be a very bitter person for some reason. And as I figure, you cant
have two pennies to rub together after holding OW to ransom. anyhow,
whether you can afford it or not, I will fight you all of the way, even if
it means I have to loose one or all of my businesses.

I never denied receiving any universe server from anyone, nor cracking one.
As for X Worlds, I do believe it uses a different encryption system to the
standard AW version, not to mention it was run on a cloned universe server
designed and written by me for SGI IRIX 6.2. All of my activities on this
project have been documented and can be used as evidence in a court of law.

I wont ask you to retract your comments because I know you are too bitter
and arrogant to do so. From here on, all communications will be via my

I hereby formally request to start legal proceedings on the charge of
industrial and commercial slander and I will proceed to prosecute you to the
full extent of the law.

No Regards,

Luke Twydell.

Please forward all legal documents to:

Mr L A Twydell
HiLine Computer Services LTD
13 Rowlands Close
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)1223 571076

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Still Complaining About Prices?

Feb 11, 2002, 9:16pm
it wasnt a hacked server, it was one written by myself for IRIX. Not AW
software was used.

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Spy bot

Feb 25, 2002, 8:45am

this thread is REALLY out of hand.

I don't see what all the fuss is about. The bot didn't actually "enter" the
world. I logged in, didn't register as an avatar, didn't enter private
worlds, didn't query property, didn't change anything. In fact, all it did
was read a couple of world attributes. I would most definitely rather that
than AWCorp using a bot running as a citizen, which we all know is possible
as I have demonstrated a couple of times.

There are a couple of security risks which I will address to Will (MrGrimm)
and Roland about the scan, but if those are cleared, I don't see what the
concern is about.

I think it was very unwise to name the thread "Spy Bot" since it wasn't
spying, it couldn't even "hear" people within the world.

Anyhow, I strongly advise against further scans until 3.3 world server is
public, or the security of the universe could be SEVERELY compromised. For
those who understand the implications of the impersonation flaw, you will no
doubt be a little concerned about public safety related to a scan using root

*Crosses fingers and waits for the 3.3 protocol*

Take Care,


Gavroche has NOT died.

Mar 4, 2002, 7:08pm
Dear Friends,

Gavroche has not died, despite what rumours suggest. Please note that
Robbie is NOT I repeat NOT responsible for this very sick rumour.

I would like to point the finger at someone rather more close to me...

Over the last few days I have been away on business and pleasure with my
fiancée Bernadette. During this time, Robbie called my private line and my
brother took the call. Because I had previously had an argument with my
brother regarding his lack of usefulness in the house, he decided it would
be "cool" to tell people that I had died.

I thank Calpantera and everyone else for their concern and hope no real harm
was caused. As for my brother, I am tempted to send him to the other side,
and he only admitted what he had done an hour ago after several very
distraught calls from members of the AW community.

I have however left the AW community for good, and all of my work will go
with me. I will not continue to investigate the AW protocol, encryption,
flaws or anything else related to AW. I will however wish to remain in
contact with Roland and others I have had communications in the past.

I again apologise for my brother, sometimes I despair with what he does.
Please don't blame Robbie, he was a concerned friend and I am sure I would
have done the same if I was informed that he had passed on.

Ok, now that people know that I live, I can get back to pleasuring my lady.

Take care guys, and thanks for caring.


PS. Thanks again Bill, I'm glad the community have leaders who care.

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