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No click events (new world server)

Jul 10, 2003, 9:04pm
Is this an issue with global bots as well, or just standard-rights bots?

Shamus Young
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3.4 wish

Jul 29, 2002, 8:48pm
Yes, ambient and diffuse settings should be a world option. This is on the
list of 3.4 things I want to do, but have yet to schedule.

As for adding rwx commands and such, that is a long ways off, due to the
required complexity.

Shamus Young
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Object Request, or Help?

Aug 5, 2002, 6:35pm
> Perhaps more people WILL care--and learn to care IMMEDIATELY when there's
> more likely something will be changed than wait years later and HOPE it
changes. That's why I'm making such a big deal about AW 3.4's field of view
(FOV) being so extreme in 1st-person view. It's something like 120 degrees,
which is WAY to distorted! Supposedly in the latest beta build it
dynamically adjusts relative to the 3D pane width, but I have yet to try it.
I'd still like an option to set it to a specific setting, however.
3rd-person view is an odd 68 degrees or something. Most 3D games have the
FOV at 90 degrees--and it works. Why AW has to be different is beyond me.

Because, AW has a floating, rectangular viewport size, while games fill the
whole screen. This makes the entire excersize far more complex. I believe
that games that use "cinemascope" (the movie-screen 16:9 aspect ratio) have
vertical aspects right around 120, and I think it can work if done properly.

> Anyway, you have to bitch as much as possible during the beta or things
most likely won't be changed for years later, if ever.

No. No. No. Bitching will not get you anywhere you can't get with
diplomacy. Saying "This doesn't work right" is far, far better than saying
"THIS SUCKS IT ALL SUCKS!". Both will draw attention to the problem, while
the latter tends to wear on people's nerves. Keep this in mind when
reporting bugs and it makes everything in the NG much nicer.

Shamus Young
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Oct 20, 2002, 10:56pm
This does not belong in the beta newsgroup. As I mentioned in a post a
little while ago:

"This is just a polite reminder to all beta users that this newsgroup is for
beta bugs ONLY (and for a limited time, feedback on NewAw). Things like
test posts, wishlist items, greetings and world promotions do not belong
here. I know many of you are new to the beta program and I wanted to make
sure everyone is aware of the rules, as off-topic posts MAY be deleted at
any time."

Please, the beta newsgroup is for bug reports ONLY.

Shamus Young
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Message to Bill and YS CRASH!

May 5, 2003, 12:19pm
I analyzed this world at length this morning, and found that it is packed
with mega high-poly objects. There are single objects that weigh in at 3
meg, or about 30 avatars worth of geometry. At 2n 6e, there are several
mega-poly objects right next to each other, so that even with low visibility
the user will still render them all. I estimate the user would be rendering
about 100 avatars worth of polygons if they were standing in this spot, even
with visibility set to minimum. This place pushes the limits of what AW (or
any 3d app) can do, and crashes should be expected under extreme conditions
like this.

Some of the larger objects caused AW to freeze for 30 seconds while they
were parsed. On slower systems, this would probably take much longer and
cause most users to give up and assume the program had locked up completely.

3.4 takes a little more memory and a little more CPU time than 3.3, so it
should be expected that very taxing worlds will push some users over the
edge and cause them to crash.

Shamus Young
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