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Please read / AW HACKED

Jul 16, 2003, 1:33pm
"rossyboy" <rossyboy at swcity.net> a écrit
news:Xns93BA9E54CF2A4Ro1124 at

> What they meant was, someone would run a bot, and that bot would send
> the ppw typed into it to somewhere, as well as logging into AW. This
> is a trojan horse and it's not AWI's problem, or an AW security hole
> :)

I understand that and I agree that it could have been one of the most
logical explanation.

That is why I had a phone talk with JermeL and asked him which bots he used
in Gala.
Besides Xelagot, Preston and one bot from Andras, only 2 others bots were
These 2 bots got cheked and they are "clean" : nothing is sent via none of
these bots.

I asked him if he ever had any viruses or trojan on his computer.
The answer is no.
(Same for me)
I also asked him if he is using others programs ( like MSN, ICQ, and so on
....) with the same password.
The answer is still no.

Someone said something about tunnel/channel connection.
Most of the world.log file look like this :

Sun 07/13/03 04:29:30 -1 CONNECTED
Sun 07/13/03 04:29:30 -1 TUNNEL CONNECT
Sun 07/13/03 04:29:31 -1 CHANNEL OPEN channel=2
Sun 07/13/03 04:29:31 -1 CHANNEL MESSAGE
2 (33 bytes)
Sun 07/13/03 04:29:31 Gala -1 IDENTIFIED
'"DOOMED"' 0 0

Sun 07/13/03 04:30:16 -1 CHANNEL OPEN channel=3
Sun 07/13/03 04:30:16 -1 CHANNEL MESSAGE
3 (33 bytes)
Sun 07/13/03 04:30:16 Gala 0 TERRAIN QUERY 0
0 3320 [0]
Sun 07/13/03 04:30:16 Gala -1 IDENTIFIED
'"Johnny"' 0 0

"Not an AWI problem", not a trojan problem, it look like it is nobody's
Another X-Files ?


Jan 6, 2002, 10:44am
I did something like that too.
Take a look at the GZ of Ailleurs world.
A bit of fun in that sad period ;)

For those who might wonder what are those big yellow things, they are a
kind of birds from a fun french serie of the 60s called "Les Shadoks".
Those animals were stupid with a stupid philosophy like for example "To
make the less unhappy as possible, hit always on the same ones" but
sometimes it sounds so, so familiar !


From France

Jan 5, 2002, 11:28pm
Hi there,

First of all, please don't focus on my english mistakes,
it's not the purpose of this post.

Everybody understands that their commercial strategy is worse than bad.
Even to non-commercial ones, like me.
So, isn't it obvious that they couldn't have seen this coming, and that
they were pretty well aware of this also?

They were probably aware of our reaction too.

That's what I don't understand.

What about if their real plan would be to try to make a last profit before
stopping the not profitable ActiveWorlds and to start to do something else,
like publishing games for example, with those 5 programmers?

Refering to a document written by J.P. McCormick, raises were also due to a
sagging economy and cancellation of planned contracts.
Do they plan a reduction when the economy will go better ?

As seen in the now famous letter: "You are the voice (...) We respect your
Four days of huge, wide-spread protest, and nothing from them...

How should we feel about that ?

If you want to give your opinion here is a little poll.


Than you for reading.

From France

Jan 6, 2002, 10:39am
I do have to confess something : they might have helped me a bit for that
post ;)
My english is not as good but I keep on trying :)

Ongoing boycott

Jan 8, 2002, 10:02pm
Hi there,

Like there is still no answer, news or anything at all form awc yet, it
becomes obvious that they don't care about our requests. If petitions,
posts, mails and so on are worthless, we might start to "hit where it
hurts". Meaning a boycott of aw.

All french speaking worlds have been closed (turned red) since today
(tuesday) but it's not enough so we don't connect as user at all to aw.
Only 3 french speaking worlds are not following, taking the opportunity
that the other ones are on purpose closed or down. No comment.

Closing the worlds is not enough and that won't affect aw.
Seeing hardly any users connected might affect them a bit more.

The purpose is not even to ask them to lower the prices (I think it's
worthless) but to make them remove the mandatory CC information thing
which seems way more fatal in consequences than the raise of the prices.

The french speaking community is quite small (less than 20 worlds) so
this boycott need to be massively followed.

If everybody is yelling and expresses his disagreement, how many are
willing to make a little sacrifice to can see the aw we like back?

If you want to help with the boycott, turn your worlds in red and don't
connect to aw untill they finally "dare" to say something relevant to
their users.

If you want to chat with your friends, you can use bots,not
counted as user connected.

Hoping that you'll follow, thank you for reading


help me fight for my rights!

Jan 11, 2002, 1:12am
Sorry in advance if I don't understand correctly but how would data21 be
able to post here without a citizen and its password?
Still IF I understand correctly (it's very late here and I am still french
lol!) it might be found somewhere in your news reader options :)

help me fight for my rights!

Jan 11, 2002, 1:28am
What does the AW database update has to do with the newsreader's
configuration Data21 has on his own computer?

"foxmccloud" <FoxMcCloud at cyberbrain.com> wrote in
news:3c3e5898 at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> That's probably because the database of the newsgroup is updated less
> often than that of the universe... so he might not be able to post in a
> few days if the problem isn't fixed until then
> Fox Mc Cloud
> "katerine" <removethisailleurs at ailleurs3d.com> a écrit dans le message
> news: Xns919329A597C6Anospambrrcom at

Adressed to all the caretakers !

Jan 15, 2002, 9:38pm
Hi There,

I'm sorry, but I would like to ask Jey a question in return;
You are partially right in your statement of "free e-mail accounts", which
can't be a way of preventing users to sign up multiple times, if it's AW or
any other account.
But, to use CC numbers, it would mean that AW is keeping all of OUR credit
card numbers in THEIR database, which they would need to compare each new
signup against the already used credit card numbers, not?

I'm not paranoid, but I do not like that idea; on-line payments okay,
exchanging my CC number with a bank for an online bought product, okay, but
if AW has no other reasons, then they better have a darn good protected
database to archive our credit card numbers, knowing that there is a call
to this database for every signup attempt.

Besides, I completely share Malka's opinion.

For Grimble and his illusion about AW respecting the community and about us
supposed to support them:
Little reminder (yes, it's obviously needed)
- They raise their prices almost 600% without any warning
- They took away the tourist mode without any warning. Those tourists, also
part of the community, didn't got the time to give each other's contact
information to keep contact. Next day they try to login, and hop, no longer
- While we still don't know about what will happen with the actual citizens
and the world prices and so on, AW will surely know and I guess since a
while already
- In the letter "we respect your opinion" "you are the voice". Only words.

How could you keep on thinking that AW is respecting you after all that?

For I don't remember who:
Still talking about respect, the least you can do about it is to read a
post BEFORE answering to it.
I think Miles stayed quite calm at that point to precise again, and again,
the purpose of this protest.

"jey" <BoBo1186 at aol.com> wrote in news:3c44200a at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> There is a reason for entering the CC info before getting the
> trial, its
> so that the same person can't get multiple trial accounts. If you think
> about it, there really isn't any other way. You can't use e-mail
> because there are tons of free e-mail providers out there and then if
> you say "Well, then they just wont accept free e-mail providers as a
> valid e-mail." That wont work either, because some ISPs, like my new
> one, even though I still use the crappy AOL one, don't offer e-mail, so
> you have to get one from hotmail or whichever your prefer. What else
> would you use now? There isn't really anything else you can use to make
> sure that one person can't get as many trial accounts as they want.
> The whole point of the trial is to give people a taste of AW, and
> leave
> you wanting more. If AW doesn't have something to actually verify that
> someone has already gotten a trial account, it would completly go
> against what the trial accounts are set up for. Entering CC info makes
> it possible for most people to only get one(1) trial and not get
> however many you want be entering e-mail.
> Instead of thinking up of ideas for protests, how bout we all try
> and
> think of ideas for other verification methods so people can't cheat the
> trial account. Sound good? Maybe, maybe not. You decide.
> - Jey(302100)

World hosting and free downloads

Feb 22, 2002, 7:13pm
Check my world (Ailleurs) and try to grab one of my models, avatars or
You may understand what they mean with artwork protection.

I still password protect my zips for double security but I am not sure if
it is still needed.

"jerme" <JerMe at nc.rr.com> wrote in
news:3c72dc5a$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> SWE.. you're exactly right. If you cannot browse to your object path
> (with IE or Netscape..) and view the textures and download the obj
> files then the AW browser can't either. This means you can't really
> use HTTP passwords. This is where roland could teach the AW browser to
> read/understand/reply correctly to HTTP password challenges.
> Your best bet is to use a script of some sort to hide the actual path
> of the OP. For example the path your users see would be
> http://www.mywebsite.com/myOPscript.php?object=/avatars/myav.zip Now..
> that tells BS about where the OP is. I know it's on www.mywebsite.com
> but not the specific location.. The actual objects could be stored in a
> directory that is not made public by the web server, or even a directry
> with permissions set so that only the user the script runs under has
> access to the objects. That would prevent every except root and the
> user that calles the script (could be the same user, the user that the
> web server runs as, or any other specified user) from accessing the
> objects. This arrangement allows for the security of the objects to be
> handled by the OS's permissions. If you're using PM$ WinBlows then
> don't worry about setting this up, it's pointless. However, if you use
> a *nix OS have it at. No one will get their slimey paws on your
> objects.
> Now the cash is a totally different issue...
> --
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Jeremy Booker
> JTech Web Systems
> (www.JTechWebSystems.com -- Coming Soon)
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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Spy bot

Feb 22, 2002, 7:09pm
The point is not much about a bot entering our worlds.
In my opinion the point is more about privacy and courtesy.

While I am writing, I would like to give some informations I have

Worlds allowing tourists entrance:
Nothing will make them recognizable, neither in the world list nor in any
other ways.
(Source : reply from AW support.)


Article (part of it):
"For the 9 months
ended 9/30/01, revenues fell 64% to $398K. Net loss
totaled $1.7M vs. an income of $71K. Results reflect
reduced licensing of uniservers and galaxervers, increased
marketing costs and higher personnel expenses."
(Source :www.wallstreetcity.com)


Before the 2d of jannuary, the average of creation of new citizens was
around 40/day.
In february they are average 10/day.
(Source: a little script I made for the excellent Xelag bot. I run it each
day since about a year.)

Statistics show problems

Mar 12, 2002, 4:21pm
Another stats to add and not very optimistic neither:

Before the 2d of jannuary the daily average of new creation of citizens was
February until now, this average dropped to 10/day
And we can't know how many of them are still active (trial perdiod).

"just in" <justefyde at hotmail.com> wrote in
news:3c8d5a06 at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> After seeing the huge 2800 worlds with the release of the "home page"
> worlds I naturally assumed there would be a big drop once all the trial
> period expired. Sure enough they did drop very quickly. But the drop
> continued and after getting down into the 1400s I decided to keep
> notes. This was the result:
> 30/01/2002: 1341
> 31/01/2002: 1319
> 01/02/2002: 1297
> 03/02/2002: 1277
> 07/02/2002: 1266
> 02/03/2002: 1247
> 10/03/2002: 1222
> My biggest problem with AW right now is the inablity of tourists to
> enter worlds without the world being enabled to do so. I wrote to AW
> by email to arrange this for my world and got this response:
> Last time I checked the worlds that could take tourists are AWGate,
> A!!CT, America, Amigos3, Arisia, Ataco, AWSingle, Grimm, Hole, Horizon,
> Italcity, Leaves, Librarea, Olympe, Singles, Southbay, Whitewav,
> Storage, Spadtest, and most recently AWSchool. How tourists are
> suppose to know this is beyond me, but even so AW Alpha World is NOT on
> that list. As far as I know, the only world on the list that is open
> to public building including tourists is America (? or it was a while
> ago).
> I know its been said already, but I just cannot see how AW will grow,
> and going by AW Management's letters to us they have not given any
> comment on how they plan to achieve growth of users. They did talk
> about profitabilty and longevity, but without a growing userbase I
> can't see how they will achieve either in the long term.
> I've also kept one eye open for the small communities that existed in
> privately owned worlds, and those communities are now missing. Worlds
> like Castles, !Friends, Y2000, and BluPearl would always have nice
> little gatherings, but that is not the case anymore. Only the "cult"
> (mostly Gorian) worlds seem to be keeping their communities intact. I
> can only assume that loss of users and inabilty to attract new users,
> including tourists, is the cause.
> What to do? I don't know - I've already sent my emails to AWC. I
> guess just sit back and wait. One thing is certain though: when my
> world comes up for renewal I won't pay $800 for a P80 that no-one uses.
> --
> Regards, Justin

The Video4 is out!

Sep 25, 2002, 9:56pm
I of course have no clue about what would be correct but I find this video
very nice

"bowen" <thisguyrules at 7k2.4mg.com> a écrit
news:3d92377c$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com:

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P3DO Explorer

Mar 25, 2003, 6:30pm
Want a good news for a change ?
After a couple of e-mails he recieved, the author of P3DO explorer told me
that a RWX plugin will be added for this summer :)

Vive Yarp !

Okay you can kill me now...

Jul 5, 2003, 11:46am
For a 468x60 banner on an "medium" internet portail, it's about 5 000 € for
100 000 pages viewed.
Out of statistics appears that about 0.5% (max) actually click on the

For a newspaper, black & white, which has an edition of 450 000, here are
the costs :

1/2 of a page : 28 500
1/3 of a page : 24 500
1/4 of a page : 14 000
1/8 of a page : 8 000

All those prices are without taxes, meaning that you need to add 19.60%

First, middle and last pages are of course even more expensive.

Examples for here, in France, I don't know if it's the same in the USA.

(I took only two examples, prices can of course be a slightly different
according to the editors)

"alphabit phalpha" <alphabitphalpha at activeworlds.com> a écrit
news:3f06c814$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> I wonder what the cost is to run a banner for say a month in a site
> like that?

Okay you can kill me now...

Jul 6, 2003, 11:31am
50.000 visitors on the AW website does not mean 50.000 visitors in Active
Worlds. And from the enventuals visitors in the AW universes, a few of them
will actually become paying customers.
Besides, the total number includes spiders, crawlers and so on.
Not easy isnt' it ?
Lol !

"ryan" <awngs.5.ryanjacob at spamgourmet.com> a écrit
news:3f0787cd$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> For the banner ad...that would mean an additional 50,000 visitors to
> AW. Quite a signicant figure I'd say.
> Ryan

About security

Jul 24, 2003, 9:03am


M A T T again

Jul 27, 2003, 10:05am
What I personally find obnoxious, is when people are making judgements
without even knowing who the "hacked victim" is.

I would like to know how you would react if your world would be wiped out.
I guess you will answer something like "That is not going to happen, I
follow the golden security rules, I am not an idiot like they are".

That is exactly what the owner of a certain world and I could have said.
And this world got wiped out anyway.

"strike rapier" <strike at Rapiercom.freeserve.co.uk> a écrit
news:3f238abc at server1.Activeworlds.com:
> Sure, I know people are panicking. But for the love of God people need
> to THINK because that grey thing in your skull is the best protection
> against absolutely everything in life, real and virtual.
> - Mark

Color chat ini

Aug 3, 2003, 8:08pm
This, tutorial included, is already online on the Alterlinks website since
more than a month now.

Besides, the Preston bot has a little bug for the chat relay and I
personally prefer to use the Xelagot one.

Hosting and color script for the Xelagot are also available on the same
website (these pages are only in english and dutch for the moment).
You can see it working in French and Gala world.


"alcior" <alcior at virtuelfrance.com> a écrit
news:3f2d60b6 at server1.Activeworlds.com:
> Preston.ini file for converses them in available color on
> http://www.virtuelfrance.com/Utilitaires/preston.ini
> not to forget to select "Hide chat "in Options/World
> /features/Options/ to avoid the repetitive effects!
> Le fichier fichier Preston.ini pour votre chat en couleur est
> disponible sur:http://www.virtuelfrance.com/Utilitaires/preston.ini
> Vous devrez cocher la case "désactiver la fenêtre de dialogue" dans
> Options/Monde/Propriétés/Préfèrences pour evitez la répétitions des
> phrases. Une aides plus complète est en préparation, merci de vôtre
> patience.
> alcior; France!

Condemnation of AW Citizens

Aug 24, 2003, 10:22am
Xelag can certainly not be blamed for not answering questions.
He does, friendly, all the time, and quite fast in email.
He even takes the effort to answer in french.

He can not be blamed neither for not answering to loads of telegrams from
loads of people with tons of questions.
When you log in AW you might want to relax, have some fun, and not to spend
all of your time answering questions.

I completely understand and respect that.

"andras" <andras at andras.net> a écrit
news:3f48610a at server1.Activeworlds.com:

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