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Spy bot

Feb 22, 2002, 7:24pm
Wow... what marketing costs? I have never seen AW advertised on TV. Never
seen a single copy for sale on the shelf like the SIMS who sell like
hotcakes... and I have never seen it bundled with equipment like video
cards. I have never seen free CD's of AW at cash registers. But I have for
MSN and AOL. Yes there is a large loss of revenue since 1-2-02 The smaller
universes have liked the little spurt of people who left AW and went there.
Rule #1 in business, never insult or abuse your user base. My stats showed
AW selling more worlds in the 3rd and 4th quarters than they ever had. They
should have looked at their lacking for growth rather than the wallets of the
people who were nice enough to join. Perhaps the wasted money of partying
with friends in Vegas may have been better spent on a 30 second spot on a
daytime TV channel... just a thought...

[View Quote] > The point is not much about a bot entering our worlds.
> In my opinion the point is more about privacy and courtesy.
> While I am writing, I would like to give some informations I have
> collected:
> Worlds allowing tourists entrance:
> Nothing will make them recognizable, neither in the world list nor in any
> other ways.
> (Source : reply from AW support.)
> ----
> Article (part of it):
> "For the 9 months
> ended 9/30/01, revenues fell 64% to $398K. Net loss
> totaled $1.7M vs. an income of $71K. Results reflect
> reduced licensing of uniservers and galaxervers, increased
> marketing costs and higher personnel expenses."
> (Source
> ----
> Before the 2d of jannuary, the average of creation of new citizens was
> around 40/day.
> In february they are average 10/day.
> (Source: a little script I made for the excellent Xelag bot. I run it each
> day since about a year.)

See ya...

Feb 22, 2002, 6:53pm
You are just looking for a fight, simple as that. Again... Filmkr is my veteran
Cit account which I have had for years. InSaNiTy is one that represents my
Avatar designs. I often sign my posts as Filmkr aka InSaNiTy but then people like you whine that I place a
link there.

As for my care of users... I spend many hours per day helping new world owners.
I listen to the harm that has been done them. It is not pleasant to hear the
tears of a user who is bed ridden and crying because they bought a world but now
with AW's hikes they can no longer afford to enjoy it. I hear a great deal of
the sorrow of the many user hurt by this. It makes me sick as it does not follow
any normal business school teaching at all and is 100% uncalled for. Perhaps you
can simply ignore that sort of pain that users have gone through. I have a
heart... I have public records showing my care for people on this planet. I
can't sleep while AW bullies up on crippled bed ridden users and allow punks to
spout out and flame them. I stood up for the hurt ones who were double billed as
well. Everyone laughed and called those users stupid... Perhaps if I looked
into it I might find the majority of flamers come from people who have ties to
working with AW?

If AW wants $$$, why don't they advertise for users like normal companies do??
Is AW Bundled with video cards?? Why Not? Are they on TV? Why not?? If they
did a bit of work in management and marketing rather than beat up the few
current users there are maybe they would see some growth. There actions of this
year have lead to a sharp and drastic decline not to mention a great deal of Bad
Blood I doubt they will ever recover from.

Filmkr aka InSaNiTy < A place to go when you want helpful,
experienced, reliable and friendly hosting by a host who does not sit by and
watch other's get hurt... one who steps out and helps defend their needs!
Observe to see the lengths of his charity.

[View Quote] > If you don't want to read a long message, here's the point: I'm not reading
> these newsgroups anymore.
> Often on the Internet, people blame problems on newbies. At one time, these
> newsgroups had quite a few new and annoying people who didn't seem to know
> when to stop. I've noticed lately that there hasn't been as much of a
> problem with newbies as there has with one or two "older" users.
> "Filmkr"/InSaNiTy/whatever-his-name-is-this-week seems to have made me
> notice this quite a bit. I find myself constantly disgusted with the
> contents of his posts and I am usually shocked to see people agree with him.
> From visiting his site and poking around a little, I've noticed that he
> doesn't seem to be the very technical type. He jumps on issues like
> gathering data with the beta of a search indexing bot and makes comments
> whose only purpose is to either make him money or to prove himself to be
> correct in any circumstance. When I've made replies to his posts in the
> past, he doesn't always see fit to answer my statements. He continues to
> claim to "fight for teh rights!!!!!!!" of his customers, but says he doesn't
> care what AW does to new users. *boggle*
> The other (supposed-to-be) technical newsgroups are being filled with less
> and less to do with AW and more with basic questions that could be answered
> by some simple searching. For example, asking questions about Visual Basic
> shouldn't be done in an Activeworlds SDK newsgroup.
> Anyway, I'm tired of these newsgroups. For those of you that are happy to
> see me go... well... I guess you're happy.
> I'll stick around until Monday only to see any replies to this message...
> After that, I won't be reading or posting anymore.
> -Agent1

See ya...

Feb 22, 2002, 7:16pm
It is posted because many people read that refuse to post here because of the
abuses and flames. When my character is attacked by a child and insinuations
that multiple cits are used wrongly I simply point out the truth to the readers,
not just the postees. I will not allow records to be placed here with false
information without posting factual truths to counter them.
If you wish to stop seeing them jump on the people like agent1 who keep coming
back with flames. Help clean up this place so that all users feel comfortable
to post here. After all, it is called "community" why not take back our
community from the thugs? *S*

[View Quote] > Please filmkr. I know you're upset when people target you, and I don't
> agree that agent1 did that. But please just don't add in stuff like
> "Observe to see the lengths of his
> charity." I know you want to boost your self image, but truely, no one
> cares about it. The more you post stuff like this, the less we really want
> to read.
> I'm not saying this to attack you, I'm just pointing it out.
> -Silenced
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Law In "RL" vs Law In Computers

Feb 26, 2002, 4:38pm
You may wake up one day having your PC taken away as evidence and appearing in
court facing criminal charges for the illegal data that was stored and could not
be deleted. This is currently happening to quite a few people who have conducted
illegal activities on the net. In the past 12 months there have been numerous
cases. In one matter the FBI got a life conviction against one couple who was
peddling child porn. When Bill Clinton was in office quite a few laws were
overlooked by Janet Reno... even Bill's perjuries statements under oath... But
today the law is coming down heavy handed once more to clean up the trash...
and for those who say "but I am not in the U.S." "You can't touch me" Tell that
to Bin Laden *S* The U.S. is showing it will root out wrong doing no matter
where it is at... So the choice is simply your own,,, yes you can DO IT... and
yes, they can fry your butt for doing it.... :)

It is so much more delightful to be honest and good... it brings one light and
happiness *S* Don't waste your life on wrong doing and bad attitude... it's
simply not worth it...


[View Quote] > Okay, one more time.
> Point I:
> a) In the parlance of the Enlightenment, our civilization is a Social
> Contract. We agree to terms of how to relate to each other, what to expect
> of our government, etc.
> b) CyberSpace is absolutely not a Social Contract, and I am highly
> suspicious of any social engineering to make it so.
> Point II:
> In CyberSpace,
> a) If I am able to do something, I have the right to do it.
> (If I can type 20 lines of jibberish into a chat window in a public
> place, I have the right to do so.)
> b) If I am not able to do something, I do not have the right to do it.
> (Typing "::scratches chin::" is an unacceptable substitute for my avatar
> scratching its chin.)

Honeydukes has passed away

Feb 28, 2002, 3:59pm
Peace be with... and comfort to family and friends...

Filmkr & InSaNiTy

[View Quote] > I realize this isn't exactly the right place for a posting like this, but
> I'm sure there are some of you who didn't know Honeydukes was sick. I hate
> telling people like this, but this medium has a broader audience than my
> contact list or email address book.
> For those of you that knew her and loved her Honeydukes has passed away due
> to pneumonia. :o( There is a memorial build at aw 7943.4N 447.5E 0.4a 182

Word of warning World does port scanning......

Feb 28, 2002, 9:52pm
BinaryBud has been around for ages and I certainly appreciate his post warning
users of a malicious bot. If it is true it surely would not be the first corrupt
bot used to steal information from unsuspecting users. As for the words in your
telegram war you fail to disclose what you said to him to inflame him. As for
language... I am a peaceful and fair man myself but show me enough stupidity or
audacity and I too will label a person with a few four letter colorful
I agree with Binary on this one... The world is well avoided so long as there is
a questionable bot in it.

[View Quote] > In response to this silly man, please read some of the following telegrams
> posted to my by Leo, (please read my comments following) :-
> Telegram from BinaryBud, sent Thu Feb 28, 2002 17:29:
> i was coding idiot before you had your diapers removed LOL
> Telegram from BinaryBud, sent Thu Feb 28, 2002 17:30:
> Try 72 idiot i started with COBOL remember that ? lol
> Telegram from BinaryBud, sent Thu Feb 28, 2002 17:32:
> i've coded in them all...... lanuage is nothing.. logic rulez
> Telegram from BinaryBud, sent Thu Feb 28, 2002 17:39:
> this is all elementary stuff punk all easyly gleed off the web..... shit
> i've forgot most of that shit..... and like i said i do not need to prove
> a thing to you..... tell ya what.... when you lose your access to AW let
> me know...;)
> Telegram from BinaryBud, sent Thu Feb 28, 2002 17:43:
> idiot...;) it's an old site not done a thing with it for
> years but my resume is there idiot...;)
> Telegram from BinaryBud, sent Thu Feb 28, 2002 17:45:
> what the fuck you talking about hehehe i code for a living asshole i
> can write anything you want boner.... explain that last post
> Telegram from BinaryBud, sent Thu Feb 28, 2002 17:46:
> i wrote those before you were walking asshole and made a ton of cash on
> them too hehhehe live and learn i'm done with your time wasting
> embelishment prove yourself idiot
> Telegram from BinaryBud, sent Thu Feb 28, 2002 17:48:
> that is old shit idiot....done in QB actually bonehead
> Telegram from BinaryBud, sent Thu Feb 28, 2002 18:15:
> i am quite proud of my accomplishments all self taught never need anyone
> to show me the ropes heheheh looks like you need to figure that part
> out huh? :) and like i said i code in what ever is needed at the time
> language means nothing
> Telegram from BinaryBud, sent Thu Feb 28, 2002 18:18:
> i never when to a uni idiot read again self taught.... i also am a
> bench technician :) i build and repair PC's chip level ...;)
> Telegram from BinaryBud, sent Thu Feb 28, 2002 18:30:
> heheh well since you can't find out my info for some reason i'm
> actually 46 and oh BTW your ISP is gonna have fun with ya when they
> get the transcripts from our convorsations on how your trying to hack AW
> :) lol heheh love it...:)
> Telegram from BinaryBud, sent Thu Feb 28, 2002 18:56:
> oh and BTW your cit is 345704 joined in Dec :)
> Telegram from BinaryBud, sent Thu Feb 28, 2002 18:57:
> i got it without being in AW smart ass
> Telegram from BinaryBud, sent Thu Feb 28, 2002 18:58:
> that's cause you don't know enough about me YET ;)
> Telegram from BinaryBud, sent Thu Feb 28, 2002 20:30:
> LOL i did RoboBuilder 2 years BEFORE the SDK was even available
> bonehead...:) read up on it i won an award for that stupid code too...:)
> Telegram from BinaryBud, sent Thu Feb 28, 2002 20:32:
> actually i have some kewl bot's i've done with the SDK...:) no one has
> done what i've done with bots...;) ask around if anyone knows me in AW..:)
> Telegram from BinaryBud, sent Thu Feb 28, 2002 20:33:
> lol cause i'm always ahead of the
> So as you can see, Leo is some what arrogant about his bot's, seems to think
> he is some kind of 'Bot God' and the AW community owes him a favour. The
> reason i showed him the experimental bot was simply to highlight the fact
> that his bots dont do EVERYTHING that ANYONE else's do.
> As for up to no good, and this goes for you to Joeman, no i was not up to
> good at all, simply proving a point to a jumped up wannabe nothing more.
> LOL and as for you joeman, coming in my world along with the rest of the
> stream of "hardore 'haxx0rs'", i dont care who you are or what you think you
> are, and as for your "prngstate" and how you have the "aw crypto", lol, what
> the hell do i care.
> so all of the wannabe haxx0rs that want to keep on coming in my world n
> snooping for info,
> a) i dont have any ;)
> b) if i did you really think i would give it to you ?
> c) dont waste your time
> one final world, Leo, thanks for all the publicity man, i guess you dont
> loose graciously do you ? Wake up, you are not GOD, you are not the owner
> of AW, you may have won some awards for yout bots, but, this does not mean
> the AW community owes you a favour.
> look forward to speaking to all the PK's & script kiddies who are now
> evidently going to be tailing me for the rest of my AW days.
> thanks
> kris
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Word of warning World does port scanning......

Mar 1, 2002, 1:53am
The Uni Server only stores telegrams in it's data base until the user logs into
AW and they are delivered to the user's pc.

[View Quote] > Oh, then again, may I see your proof? The pk's clearly have no access to
> such a thing as you stated earlier. I just asked Caring if she knew if the
> uniserver makes telegram logs.. she said:
> Telegram from Caring, sent just now:
> not to my knowledge
> Telegram from Caring, sent just now:
> I don't believe they can log telegrams....I have never heard of
> it...however, anything is possible....but PKs are not privie to it even if
> they do
> If you can show me clear proof of this, I can believe you. Until then..
> it's still a great chance that the server doesn't. It would still take a
> long time to cyphon through all the telegram data too.
> -Silenced
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Just a thought

Mar 1, 2002, 6:12pm
Looking at this NG and seeing that once again a new comer enters and
fills the posts with trash...
Speaking rudely to a few of the people who have really contributed to
the users...
It would be nice to see civility return...
Ananas simply made a suggestion of taking your fight off the NG so that
all users were not abused by the flame war.

Perhaps AW should limit the number of posts per month per citizen
account. Personally I would hate to see it come to that but if it would
help clean up the flaming trash I would vote for it!

No need to flame this post... no need really to even reply to it... it's
just a thought...

Peace, health & healing to all...

Filmkr & InSaNiTy

Just a thought

Mar 1, 2002, 6:24pm
I don't either ... but a limit to posts would have ended the long trash war to
a simple post and then a reply with one's defensive facts. It would keep the
peanut gallery from chiming in and remove the brawl to a chat room or e-mail
debate. It would brighten the news group up so that users felt good about
using this place. I know of more than 100 people who will not post here
because of all the allowed flames. I speak for their benefit. They pay the
same amount of money for their AW use. In fact, most of them own worlds and
have spent considerably more... Sad that they can't have a clean
community... remember, making a better community starts with one person and
then it grows...

[View Quote] > yeah nice thought
> how ever i dont sit still when there are ppl flaming me
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Another world gone :(

Mar 18, 2002, 7:22pm
We can't fault management for doing their jobs... How about faulting them for
NOT doing their jobs? Why do you stand for AW management beating up it's users
when even at higher rates their plan still fails?

Ask yourself these questions and see if you can find answers...

1. Why have Jp and Rick failed to advertise AW on any television market so that
people would learn about it?

2. Why has AW failed to bundle their software with video cards, new pc's etc. so
that more people would learn about it?

3. Why has AW failed to have their software on the shelves in stores like others
that are rapidly growing while AW fails?

I have seen AW spend money and beat up it's users for more money, but simple
math tells you that even if AW charged every user $1,000 per year they would
still not cover the amount Rick Noll stated would be needed to run the company.

The key to success in America and the world is advertisement and getting the
word out! It's not holding a reunion for your handful of employees and friends
to gamble and booze it up on the company credit card. It's not killing your
market share by 600% rate hikes. Approximately 30% of users were overseas with a
2-1 conversion rate. They are gone. Approximately 30% were handicapped users on
fixed incomes who were shocked, hurt and run off by the increases. Approximately
30% were children who may or may not get their parents to spring for more $$
during war and recession. The remaining 10%... well they are peeved that their
friends have been run out and they themselves still feel the taste of the bad
faith AW dished out January 2nd.

Look at the user count at any time of the day and you will see the numbers are
about 50% of what they used to be. Very sad considering those numbers were
climbing up daily prior to Jan 2. It was a deadly decision that AWLD made. And
it is a sickening shame that they did it too...

[View Quote] > I am seriously considering opening a world. I have a few die-hard friends
> who are my neighbors on numerous worlds, and AW is important to us online.
> Actually, if you love AW, the cost for the smaller worlds is not much of an
> issue, even if you have to spring for the cost of hosting. (I already have
> adequate FTP space with my dial up, which I keep just for mobile use) Then,
> if you consider the newly raised price of citizenship and the cits included
> with the world servers, owning your world does make some sense. (especially
> the mid-sized worlds)
> To me it appears that the owners of the larger worlds are more concerned
> with the loss of the tourist traffic, which leaves some worlds suddenly
> empty. It also appears that the new higher cost of individual citizenship
> may be a part of the current problem.
> We have to realize that AW is a publicly held corporation, and management's
> responsibility is to the stock holders. No corporation can survive in the
> market while operating at a perpetual loss. The AW software itself is the
> main asset, but unless revenue offsets expenses---the future is not
> optimistic. I do feel that AW is a viable enterprise. We can't fault
> management for doing their jobs.
> Thomas
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Mar 31, 2002, 7:47pm
For those of you who are questioning the Validity of this report let me add to
the warning that it is very true!

Thommas Mower of Lansford, PA using IP citizen name Dark Mod
329466 Has indeed been offering the passwords.

We have evidence which has been handed over to the F.B.I. pertaining to this
criminal act.
It is a crime to be in possession of stolen property, to sell stolen property
and to have stolen the property. As you can tell, this child admits to his

If your password has been stolen and offered by this individual you may wish to
contact your local Police Department and request that they take a criminal
complaint. Show the evidence of this going across the state lines and they will
contact the F.B.I. for you.

The site which Thommas was offering the file on was shut down Saturday, March
30, 2002. As you can see from some of the messages here, the child is
attempting to find a new home for the file.

It is strongly suggest that you use a password at least 18 in length,
upper/lower case along with characters to help slow these people who think
hacking is fun.

Thanks to Attorney General John Ashcroft, the seizure of PC's as evidence is
moving along strongly and has held up already in the courts against users under
many various Federal and State criminal cases.

I strongly suggest that people refrain from even the thought of using the

Filmkr & InSaNiTy
Heartfall Productions

[View Quote] > WARNING - Could anyone hosting any object path change its password!
> 67 Object Path Keys Compromised - Everything from AW to the Gor worlds,
> change your OP passwords NOW!
> The source of the codes has been destroyed - Anyone found using the PW's
> without the owners permission will have the owner and AWC to answer to!
> Once again - Change your PW's now - I cannot reviel who is on the list, the
> safest bet is to completly change every object path. Andras has a tool
> available -
> - Mark

I apologize...

Apr 2, 2002, 5:27am
Bit, you are very wrong here. This is not a kid who just did a little
wrong... This is a kid who deliberately set out to damage company owned
property. He has attempted to sell those passwords in February. He is not
harmless. Criminals deserve punishment. There is no need for frauds and hacks
to be in AW at all. I am surprised with you.

[View Quote] > Hey pc hamster,
> Could you just drop it please?:)
> If you force someone who made a mistake to leave something they
> love.....something they may be able to contribute are going to be
> on my *list:)

I apologize...

Apr 2, 2002, 11:37pm
Thank GOD their is a judicial system that prosecutes criminals! If it were up
to liberalized aw community people, murders would be dancing on the sidewalk
outside your home. A crime is a crime... yes he can be sorry, yes he can learn
from his mistake... People get the luxury of having all the time in the world to
think it over when they are sitting in a cell. As a Florida judge noted...
"rehabilitation happens when the criminal hears his sentence and then hears the
steel door shut him in"

This kid was not making one error... he had being doing this for months and was
out there trying to gain $$ form it. The Laws are quite clear about crimes like

I myself am not liberal enough to agree with your attitude that he said he was
sorry so all is ok. I say take him to trial and let a jury decide based on the
LAW. His I'm sorry pleas can be heard during the sentencing hearing.

Ask Storage's owner how much of his time has been lost. Ask Casay about her time
tracking down stolen avatars last month... you will find this punk thief cost
serious creators and owners hundreds of hours... so it is only right that the
courts view the FACTS.

[View Quote] > In my honest opinion I am not wrong here...but that's just my opinion:)
> Are we so insensitive and inhuman to say things like "get outa town
> pardner!" Or...."kill yourself matey...there is no hope for yer!"
> All of that is downright bull:)
> Speaking for the entire Community is also a wrong I think?
> If there is one....just ONE person that disagrees then "The Community" does
> not have a preference.
> You can however say...."well....I and a few others would like you to leave".
> Or you can run an opinion survey, but then those aren't the greatest if you
> don't have 100% input from the Community.
> Do you have any idea of how many people have done "wrong"...turned over a
> new leaf, and not only give to the Community now, but also assist AWCom with
> beta testing etc?
> C'mon now please:)
> Everyone has a good side.
> Everyone is human and makes errors.
> Everyone deserves at least a second chance.
> We are not perfect by any means.
> least AlphaBit Phalpha isn't:)

I apologize...

Apr 2, 2002, 11:51pm
Correct and AW should have canceled the citizenships he holds already. JP was
notified yesterday yet did nothing. That is one of the main reasons AW is a
growing sewer of trash... the reason the stock is failing and why businesses
have no respect for the program or the company running it. The lack of
leadership at the top is the reason AWLD will be gone within 12 months time.

If the company stepped forward and did the right thing, protected corporate
investment and advertised for users showing them a safe a CLEAN environment they
would flourish... Protecting SCUM is not a good thing... leave that to the
public defenders.

[View Quote] > Exactly, our purpose is not to decide how criminals should be punished so
> why do you even say that? We cannot make him leave, its either his choice,
> AWs, or whoever.
[View Quote]

I apologize...

Apr 2, 2002, 11:55pm
A kid who is not taught a lesson grows up to become an adult criminal. Have you
not learned that? Why do you think they have tried juveniles as adults in many
cases? He was warned many month back yet continued because no one stopped him
in time... showing he has no remorse... I'll leave it up to the justice
system... they are educated and know how to handle juvenile criminal actions.

[View Quote] > hes a kid! the hell, havent u ever done anything stupid when u where a kid?
[View Quote]

I apologize...

Apr 3, 2002, 1:55am
First off, Nothing I posted was illegal information. I posted information that
would be useful to the community to stop you from further criminal activities.
As far as your ISP shutting you down, they should, you violated their TOS
agreement by conducting warez type of activity using their dial up services. As
for your criminal actions... I would suggest you speak with your parents and
hopefully they will hire a lawyer to advise you of the many criminal counts
which can come against you. As for proof... there are many, including PK's who
have the recorded logs of you attempting to sell the password data this past
February. These newsgroups have your confessions as well.

As for your false allegations against myself... You Lie, You steal... then you
try blaming an honest man for something he has NEVER done. That is a sign that
you have not learned anything and that you are not a good person at all.

[View Quote] > Insanity your a criminal too, you posted where i lived and my ip, I would
> get you in court more then you would get me. Second you steal objects from
> others ops and put them on yours. I comitted no crime, and trust me I am
> right on that one. As for to make money outta it. LOL your an idiot to think
> I would sell passwords. Sorry my friend but lies would never hold in a court
> on law.
> -Dark Mod
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Ban Cyclone Cit#340396

Apr 18, 2002, 12:00am
This is the right place to post this... World owners need to be aware of who is
out destroying work and other's builds. Things like this take unity to stop
them. As for AW... They still allow Dark Mod to be around showing that they
care less about doing the right thing. They just want the $$.

[View Quote] > Think you should have addressed this thread to aw if anyone is taking pw etc
> and not a puplic NG.
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Ban Cyclone Cit#340396

Apr 18, 2002, 6:59am
Since you asked... I phoned AW and spoke with Noelle. I notified abuse the
weekend he posted the hacked passwords throughout the NG's. Noelle stated that
she spoke with J.P. and that he had supposedly ordered Tom to delete the
posts. I informed Noelle that the thread was very much still there. I asked
why he was still allowed in AW considering the enormous level of his abuse and
damages to so many. She stated that she went and asked J.P. and returned with
the "J.P. said he will look into it" reply. Well he must either not have
looked into it, or did and could care less of the many world owners Dark Mod
affected. So that is from the leadership and shows that the head of AW could
care less if someone steals, hacks or injures paying world owners, no matter
how many worlds and dollars invested, no matter how many man hours lost. I
personally represent over 100 property owners... If this were the real world
that constituancy would receive a concerned ear from the leadership. After all
it is more than 20% of the world income of AWLD.

That is why I can come forward and truthfully have the opinion that AW simply
could care less about anything from the users except their money.

I was also told today by a 4 year veteran world owner that he spoke with AW
and voiced complaint about their stealing away his FREE cit that came with his
ONE TIME Software purchase. The long are short of it was... If you don't like
the prices than you are not the type of people we are wanting in Active
Worlds. Not only did they bait and switch and cancel something they gave FREE
with a purchase to induce the person to buy, but they have insulted many
users by not living up to their e-mailed word. World owners are walking away
every day.

This is no flame... It is fact and opinion from someone very involved with
this program and it's paying users. I am out to see AW grow... but in 5 years
I have seen the leadership do nothing to help it's growth.

[View Quote] > Hi everyone:
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Ban Cyclone Cit#340396

Apr 20, 2002, 10:57pm
As for proof I am the ISP which hosts the worlds that Cyclone has attacked. The
child is out to cause damages where every he can. Mr Bruce's world allows great
building areas for tourists and this brings up issues that allow Cyclone to ruin
their builds. It is sad to see anyone destroy another's work. Just because they
are a tourist does not mean they do not have feelings and creative time
invested. What Cyclone has done is wrong. He is nothing but trouble and this has
been monitored for many months now. He has caused serious trouble in more than
one world. He has damaged more than tourist builds.

Yes it is always wise to seek verification... As Gorbachev said "Trust, but
verify" To not trust enough to seek further is simply being foolish. To defend
a person who maliciously destroys other's work is simply reckless and

So now you have heard from Mr.Bruce, myself, a leading ISP owner and Kellee of
AWschool... If you fail to accept this as enough evidence... well... good luck
in life :)

Peace, health & healing to all...

Filmkr & InSaNiTy

[View Quote] > I believe it was great of MrBruce to post the warning. It doesn't mean
> every world owner should ban the person immediately, just take MrBruces
> warning into consideration whenever Cyclone, or whoever he ends up being at
> the time, is in your world. Watch the person, see what he does, if you are
> willing to risk it so you can get possibly more evidence of the guys
> wrong-doings to help get the ball rolling in AW's banning court. But, if you
> don't want to take the risk, just ban him from your world. Its best to
> investigate things, however; maybe find out whats going on yourself. My
> advice: Do what you seem is right for you and your investment (world).
[View Quote]

Ban Cyclone Cit#340396

Apr 20, 2002, 11:48pm
Hi Bit,

Being a provider I already instructed Mr. Bruce on how to contact the abuse
department of Cyclone's ISP. However in this day and age there are hundreds of
providers he can simply change to. As for proof... I am puzzled why you would
still refer that there could be any doubt. Server logs show the actions of
deletion, the IP right down to the multi ports he used at one time, and the bots
he uses to locate the builds he wishes to delete on people. My stature in life
is hardly one that accuses someone with out proof. I know you have been in
support of hackers like Dark Mod staying and being allowed to further their
destructive ways but I am one for justice. Users and world owners pay hundreds,
sometimes thousands of dollars for their VR here. They deserve justice and
simply put... we don't need abusive hackers or build damaging scum in VR. When
justice is served it sets an example for the youth to grow up doing the RIGHT
things... rather than them seeing that the wrong get glory and allowance to
remain... as that only gives them an idea it might suit them.

[View Quote] > Hey filmkr:)
> Are you an Internet Service Provider or Server Hoster?
> As an ISP, you probably already know that all it takes is an email or a
> phone call to the "alleged"'s ISP informing them of the problem and they
> would knock them off the Net entirely. Once you locate the person's ISP,
> check out the terms and conditions.
> When I worked for one in Ohio, and we received one complaint about one of
> our users, it was bye bye:)
> But I would most certainly make sure of all the facts before reporting them.
> Good luck:)
> Bit:)

Read this.

May 24, 2002, 7:33pm
Bad a math Carl? Your comment is factually wrong.
It says that JP and Rick sold approx. 25% of their own personal shares of AW
Their shares were only approx. 50% of AW shares, therefore 25% of that is far
less than AW selling half as you wrongly commented.
It also falls in line with the intended merger that was reported. Simply put...
They cashed out cheap for a few measly dollars when they found a buyer willing
to take some of the paper. After taxes they get far less and even at sale it was
only $90,000.00 each. That is hardly a reason to even open up a company.

[View Quote] >
> txt
> It says half of AW was sold.


Jun 13, 2002, 9:18am
I recall some time back, seems like it's been years now... AWLD announced=
final sale of the remaining CD's. They even tried to pitch them as future=

collector's items. From what I recall in the sales pitch it had sounded =
the CD's never went over well. You are not the only one to have a copy. I=
one that was given to me here. But I never was really impressed with it a=
nd in
worlds like Mars, it affected the way the objects like the tubes rendered=
=2E But
in case anyone has a yearning for an AW collector's item... (I'd gladly p=
mine on EBay, rofl) I doubt AW would revive the idea.

Good to see you back Rypp


[View Quote] > A few years back i bought the Aw hi-rez cd-rom!
> It was version 2.0 at that time.
> Does anybody know what happend to that CD? Did they stop making it and
> selling it?
> After they started to sell the CD, the option to enable it is still in =
> browser but what use is it if AWC don't start to sell an upgraded versi=
on of
> the CD? As some of you know, i had a webpage about the CD and how to cr=
> your own! I've written "disabled" on the page but it still work as far =
as i
> know. You can see the page at:
> I made my own that way and even added my own world to it. Today i tried=
> create another one and it seems to work alright.
> Anyway... why hasn't AWC made the upgraded version of the CD-Rom? Is it=
> to lack of interest? Or was the CD a complete failure and they sold alm=
> none of the CD?
> Was i the only one stupid enough to buy it? LOL
> If you should have any information about the "mysterious" CD-Rom, i wou=
ld be
> glad to hear it!
> If AWC plan to never give out a second version of it, then why the #=A4=
%& did
> they leave the option in the browser version after version? I've starte=
d to
> wonder if they did that just to confuse people?
> I am sure there is alot of users wondering about that option in the bro=
> and were to get this "mysterious" CD-Rom, don't you think?
> So AWC...Make another CD or tell those who are interested, were they ca=
n buy
> a copy!!!
> rypp


Jun 13, 2002, 6:51pm
That is about all it was. Nothing to jump up and down over and I do not
believe that very many ever sold. Only a few worlds were ever included on
the CD and they were A's worlds like Mars, AW, etc., all the company owned

[View Quote] > Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the only thing the high
> resolution CD did was use 256x256 (or higher) textures on most objects
> and avatars instead of the 128x128 size. Since that time, a version of
> the browser was released that can can use 256x256 textures and higher
> (without having to buy the CD). What the CD did was look on the CD-ROM
> first to see if the higher resolution textures were on it. If they were,
> it didn't download the 128x128 textures. If they were not on the CD,
> then the browser would download the 128x128 (or whatever pixel size they
> were) from the world's OP. Only some worlds used textures that were
> 256x256 pixels in size. New versions of the CD were never made since the
> browser version that came out that could support high resolution
> textures (I forget the exact version and build number, but it was at
> least a year or two ago).
> -Builderz

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