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Everyone BEWARE

Aug 16, 2001, 1:13am
I remember back in 1987 when BBS Servers if you want to call them a
server were the hotest way to obtain your files & caht and messages &
even MAIL... No one really cared that you only had a 500 MEG hard
drive... And sometimes you had 1.2 GIGS of drive space.... Geesh....
You must have paid $5000 for such a fine system running on 16 megs of
ram back then... WOW!!!!... Heck... I rad a bbs back then on all
212 megs of a hard drive... Actually i ran 2 of them... TINY BBS [the
first one] ran STKeep Bbs software. [That meanst ST - Keep as in
Atari-ST conputers] and that was on a real power house computer of it's
day... Mega STe running TOSS 1.6 [Atsri-ST OS is TOSS v#.#]
and it had all of 2.5 megs of RAM and a 80 meg hard drive and running
24/7 and had bbs door games & i had TONS of Atari ST software &
messages And MAIL. Later when i went HIGH-TECH... It was on a 386 DX 33
mhz and 16 megs of ram and 212 megs of hard drive... WOW!!!. still
kept the name of TINY BBS but now riunning Jet10BBS - Jet50BBS software
and doors, messages & MAIL & this time.... FIDONET messages & MAIL...
WOW!!!!! again it was a 24/7 bbs... BUT this time... I did one small
inprovement... While the board was NOT being used [Board is a term
for BBS] and using the SYSOP DROP TO DOS [That means like in many
ms-dos programs you get a ms-dos prompt] But then i would use the "F"
keys for my old TELIX program and call out. But then i got smart and
installed a BBS Line... So the bbs was on one 24/7 line & the house was
on another line... BUT no one bothered to ask what type of server you
had... That was left for the hot shot companies...
I was just concerned with nmaking my bbs calls & running a 24/7 bbs on
my computer. Had 2 modem hookups... [BOTH EXTERNAL OF COURSE]
One 56k for 24/7 bbs & the other for my home use.
One on Com port #1 the other on com port #2 and the MOUSE was com port
#3 Ahhhh.... Good days.....
My ancient history days of calling bbs's all over the place.
I would have to say that 99% of these don't work anymore...
But i haven't bothered to try to see if any of them work...
As i can TELNET into bbs's all over the world now...
AND yes folks... Many of them are STILL on CRAPY old computers
but we don't care... As long as it WORKS... Server or not...
It WORKS.... and we are happy.

Area Code 1 - 315 - ### - ####
Calling inside that area is was just
plain old ### - ####
1 - [area - 315] ### - ####
Before the days of 10 - 10 - ####
it was just plain old
10 - ####
so that would look to you as
10 - #### - Area 315 - ### - ####

You will notice by some of these old
BBS phone numbers... I called all
over the USA and had a really large
phone bill and that was calling
after 11 pm EASTERN my time
Needless to say... DON'T CALL MY OLD
ANYMORE... And i don't know who has it now.
It used to be
1 - ### - ####
Using the old 10 - #### it looks like
10 - #### - ### - ####

Park IBM#1 28.8 689-7729
parkbbs new fone 689-1351
CNYPCUG 455-5806
HamNet-I b4 2a aftr 6a 682-1824
KBC 446-4153
Dragon's Cave #1 *DL* 598-7375
Dragon's Cave Line-2 598-2485
Ice Castle 633-0046
Hidey Hole 668-8929
Fear WAREZ - BBS 472-5726
Extravaganza 454-8622
Dreamscape 458-3482
DREAMSCPE QWK!!!!! 458-3482
DRMSCP-GATE-2 452-1381
DRMSCP-GATE-3 452-1394
DREAMSCAPE-Inet 458-3482
DREAMSCAPE-Inet2 458-3166
EXCALLABER 1010333736767
NITE-AIR 339-8831
I'M WACKY 2 343-8366
Syracuse Newspaper 470-2027
STR-REPORT 19047864176
YT33 Al's Cabin 17176863037
DRG 16039243181
ERIC'S PRIDE & JOY 4238684
Concentric Network 498 5300
jerryIBM's = DIAMOND 423-8684 - Home Phone
jerryIBM-NICE CNC 498 5300 - BBS PHONE
EDS CASTLE [IBM] 4524658
The Westside 12139359600
Target-Range 1028813106348993
Downtown 1028812134840260
Photo-Pro 1028812132277127
ServTech 454 0968
cnypcug 455 5806
EDS CASTLE [IBM] 4524658
The Main Shop 1028819092794296
Expiring Mind 1028812138749484
The Crow's Nest 1028812139621428
SoCalnet 1028813106344885
Long Island 1028813103704113
The Westside 12139359600
Target-Range 1028813106348993
Downtown 1028812134840260
Photo-Pro 1028812132277127
EcTECH 96-14.4 1028819097809871
The Night-Line 1028816023290691
The MOONMAN 15015656868
The Main Shop 1028819092794296
EcTECH 12-24bd 1028819097805175
EcTECH 96-14.4 1028819097805672

YES FOLKS... I called into LA California
and into Long Island NY [near NY City]
and into Texas, and Georgia
and ST Report is located in the STATE
and PA...
And to think... These were bbs SERVERS back then too...
and now days people complain when you try to run a server for
FRIENDS and you do so on your own personel computer and at your OWN
expense and Equipment...
Geesh... Must be you missed the good old days of bbsing...
Those were the OLD CRAPY COMPUTER's back then...
But it sure was fun

"insanity" <peace at nospam.com> wrote in
news:3B7B18B9.2CCE8249 at nospam.com:

> jfk2 builder is King Brian K? And btw, since when is an antiquated
> p2 366 a powerhouse? Only 128k ram, no wonder you lock up. Given the
> low amount of ram combined with buggy freeware it should be most
> expected. Now a 366 is enough for AW yes, but hardly a server. Start
> looking up what servers are. I don't recall a PC (personal computer)
> ever falling into a server class machine. Maybe I misunderstood you
> and you were explaining why you lock up is because you don't have a
> sever and run an old machine as one.

Everyone BEWARE

Aug 20, 2001, 1:05pm
That is true.. You should have MORE than one computer for the server.
BUT how many people have the $$$ for a spare computer just doing
servers? And i'm not all that rich. Maybe someday... but not right
now... So the one home computer has to make do for both a game machine
& a server. BUT that is where someone needs to realize that and do
things NOT to jepordise the running servers all that much.

"lanezeri" <Lanezeri at stuff-x.com> wrote in
news:3b800b27 at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> If you host, you should have a diff computer to play games on, NOT
> the hosting computer, that way you don't screw up the hosting
> service..

Everyone BEWARE

Aug 24, 2001, 1:56am
But i love my 3D Pinball games, My QBASIC Games, My old bbs DOOR games
[all running WITHOUT a bbs BUT with all the key files to make them work
correct... = All Ms-Dos BATch file menues & all BATch files control the
door drop files correct], And all of my running BOTS [I LOVE those
things too], and all of my other universes i'm a citizen of, And my
Radio Broadcasting, MP3's, And TESTING [beta testing] various companies
software... Can i help it if i crash once every so often? Of course
i can't. but it does occur....

"lanezeri" <Lanezeri at stuff-x.com> wrote in
news:3b816bd4$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> Then don't tell us it's your computer's fault your hosting sucks,
> it's your fault for playing games while hosting.
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Shame on WVRN Radio

Aug 14, 2001, 8:16pm
Nope... They are NOT ALL THE SAME.
Danny 2K runs a very respectable radio station called AWRADIO.COM

"nornny" <Nornny1 at home.com> wrote in
news:3b79221a$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> aren't all those little radio stations made by prebubescant teens
> that only play pop-rock all day? Why give them the time of day,
> bringing online radio into AW is really not worth all of that at all.
> ;?
> Nornny

Shame on WVRN Radio

Aug 15, 2001, 9:01pm
This WATCH ME.... I'm NOT going to go off here...
Why do you hear another Broadway vs NewYork here...
WRVN = Broadway's Radio...

As Just In himself has said that he dosen't know people all that
well... He can't possibly understand what people want. He much rather
stay to building and that is it. BUT if someday he was to take the
time to understand people... THEN he would insist that everything be
done correct. As it is... It's not being done correct. Danny 2K
found that out. Many others have too. But that isn't the people's
fault. It's the fault of some world owner/s that do not take the time
to find out & get to understand the people's needs are & set about to
fullfil them in a professional manor. Danny 2K has that. But some
people don't and they rely on what the world OWNER has. If that world
owner dosn't have that either... Then someone gets the impression that
it's a FREE-FOR-ALL anything goes it attitude and in some cases that is
acceptable while in some other cases it's not. At the CY Awards Ball
it was not acceptable.

"sw chris" <chrisw10 at nckcn.com> wrote in
news:3b7ac79f$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> Why do I hear "New York vs. Broadway" in all of this??
> SW Chris
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Shame on WVRN Radio

Aug 17, 2001, 3:04am
Chris... You want the
99999999999999999999999999999999999999% truth from me too about JI...
FINE. I'll provide all of mine as well. If you want SECURE place to
chat. FINE TOO... I can lock down RPG world with your cit# and it
will be private chat for you and me & I'll be most happy to tell you as

So now you have Chucks Party offering to tell you all about JI & you
have me too offering to tell you all about JI.

"chucks party" <Chucks_Party at hotmail.com> wrote in
news:3b7b5835 at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> Chris you want to know the truth I will tell you privately but I'm
> not going to start this debate with you here in this NG. I personally
> don't want to go thru it again but I will tell you privately
> everything I know about JI and what you are going to hear you may not
> like but it is truth. As I have said before in this NG, all I do is
> search for truth and if you want it you got it. I don't say things
> that I don't believe to be true. That is against everything I stand
> for but the things that man has done I can't even talk about in this
> NG, THAT'S how bad it is, ok So you look me up in AW and I'll tell
> you everything I know. I have nothing to be afraid of and I certainly
> am not going to stop telling people the truth about anything that
> inevitably causes harm to many people. Case in point, this thread.
> It's more than a feud Chris, alot more you don't even know.
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Kids will be kids!

Aug 14, 2001, 8:09pm
You would think & hope so... But all i would need is BOT rights in a
world and drop in a xylgot bot and get the world rights list & see from
that the cit numbers that have rights to do anything in a world. I can
see with Beta World that cit# 1 has alot of rights there... And who is
cit # 1? Well.... I don't have caretaker there... BUT i do have BOT
rights as does everyone. [There is a STAR * on the line for BOTS] and
you could always say.... that is fine... But whos number is 222222
belong to... I simply use my CHATBOT for that lookup to see who it
belongs to.

"kellee" <kellee at my.activeworlds.com> wrote in
news:3b799c1c at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> Don't you need caretaker to see what rights some one is wearing? mmm?
> which would imply that the information was gained in a world where
> the person has caretaker rights.
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Kids will be kids!

Aug 15, 2001, 11:28pm
I posted this earlier in Andras.net in there other off topic flames
area... BUt it still applies to this as well.
Newsgroups: OffTopic.flames
Subject: Re: Great Glops of Gor!
From: JFK2 <jfk2 at jfkmusic.com>

I must be nuts... I'm FAT, I'm GAY, I'm DISSABLED, I'm A GUY...
But I also love the GOReans as well.
But I see the GOReans as i see an RPG game.
RPG = Role Playing Game.

And you mention enslaving women...
OK... If you check back in your AMERICAN history...
Women WHITE OR BLACK couldn't VOTE until what year? Couldn't do a
MAN'S job until when? Didn't get close to a man's wages [still don't in
many cases] until when? So until all these AMERICAN women gained all of
their WOMEN RIGHTS IN GOOD OLD USA... Basically we Americans enslaved
the women to being SEX partners for the sole reason to have kids &
taking care of the kids. THE MAN would be the bread winner.

BUT you are talking about GOReans here... And to me... It's not
different that an re-enactment of American good old days. RPG = Role
Playing Games... BUT this time many of the GOReans will allow for both
parties to AGREE to enter into this arrangment. Something that was not
available way back in American dark past... So to me that makes the
GOReans much more civilized than most other peoples out there... YES...
Some GOReans do the extreme part of GORean beliefs... I don't even go
for that. But the others i do. And i have someone that knows i do...

"j b e l l" <jbell1983 at home.com> wrote in
news:3b7ae456$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> my reply for pretty much this entire thread is as follows..
> love it or leave it
> people who practice Gor have CHOSEN the beliefs of a minority and
> because it is a minority they will always be picked on, there will
> always be a "group" who's "purpose in life" is to "stop you" or at
> least that's what your concieted enough to tell yourself..
> A person who regulars the Gor worlds and practices has just a right
> as any other to be a citizen, and just the same amount of right to
> deal with your conflicts. If you are being harassed what right is it
> of yours to create a network to deal with these people and yet even
> DEMAND assistance from AWC. You may be harassed as a minority group,
> and yell for fairness then take your demands higher priority then
> other citizens, we all pay the same amount of money and deal with the
> same things.. either choose to live with it like the rest of has or
> move on.. but in the meantime.. as a fairwarning.. anyone who is just
> going to sit and complain about how *they* get it more then anyone
> else might as well not adress a comment to me because you will be
> filtered untill you realize that there are thousands of current
> citizens and your not a dime more important then the rest of us..
> (*you* being used as a generalization towards the goreans who feel
> "discriminated" against and attempt to take immediate action, on
> their own terms.)
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e n z o

Aug 15, 2001, 9:04pm
CALL 911 MEDICAL... EEP has mental breakdown... He's being nice for a
change... HELP... HE Needs help to make him back to being old EEP
again. lol

"moff piett" <piett at home.com> wrote in
news:3b7ac85e$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> I had an interesting conversation with enzo the other night. He came
> into my world and we chatted about new features for aw to make it
> more "game friendly". Eep was there as well. Enzo and eep both
> decided to visit my world for the first time at the same time...
> kinda funny. Eep was actualy quite polite.. and enzo was using a lot
> of slang and "casual talk" that put my poor bot right off.
> he also mentioned voting for features and asking the community more
> about the future of aw. Seems he's making steps in the right
> directions, and from what I hear it's mainly because of the work
> goober's done to bring it to his attention.

uh..NOW what's wrong with AW?

Aug 18, 2001, 10:29am
Beta World is another one that AWCOM has and is still down...
I love playing in that world... ALL 5000 km nswe of it...
Ohhh well... Anyone out there have a spare world that happens to be
5000 km nswe... I have the propdump file taken of Beta World 2 days
prior to it going dead. [xylgot bot style propdump file]

"beardo" <beardo at home.se.nospam> wrote in
news:3b7db2b1 at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> Saturday, August 18, 2001
> The main AW server crashed today at approximately 1:35 PST. The
> universe is now back up and we are in the process of restoring the
> worlds. Some worlds may be down for an extended period during the
> restore process.
> We apologize for the inconvenience.
> Sincerely,
> Activeworlds.com, Inc.
> I got that from the network status page.
> /Beardo
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log chat to file

Aug 19, 2001, 7:14am
I am one of those that log almost everything. INCLUDING most of all my
bots. BUT I'm one of those that keep my VIRUS software up to par when
it tells me it's needed. AND i'm allways running that virus software
twice per week throughout all my 5 hard drives. YES even if i have to
shut running worlds to do it... It's better than anything that could
come along to harm me. With me.... It's going to be alot more than 10
megs of chat. As i have this bot playing music... They can read all
the music files [JFK2 DJ] Everybody_Wants_To_Rule_The_World.mid like
that... Hey... That is fine by me... and every so often they can read
the bot music changer commands and the bots reply... On Beta World &
AW & RPG world... and most other places i have my builds located. I
don't mind if someone wants to read all 200 midis names in this bot i
have running....

"syntax" <sfris at swcity.net> wrote in
news:3b7f5a66 at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> If they want to sift through 10 megs of chatlog, then let em! :-P
> But, good point, I never thought of that before. :-)
> --
> - Syntax -
> www.swcity.net
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log chat to file

Aug 20, 2001, 12:35pm
I know what would be cool if someone ever got to look at it besides
me... If a worm ever grabbed any of these two files and sent them to
someone in AW... It would be more funny than anything serious.
an extreme early propdump file for the world RPG [My best friend
eventually found out i was bot copying his world and that is how i got
to host it... BUT at first for about 1 month... I was bot copying his

AND the recent 9 meg propdump file for Beta world... Got that from my
BOT about 2 days before AW went down the last time [The day before the
CY Awards] those would make wonderful reading to someone courious about
worlds lol

"wing" <bathgate at prodigy.net> wrote in
news:3b7fd9fe at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> *shrug* That's part of what makes chat logs fun for the kiddies. I
> say let 'em play, it might end up teaching them somthing. "kellee"
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Ablivion Broadcasting Network - Cancelled

Aug 20, 2001, 12:39pm
Didn't anyone ever tell you that you should NEVER stand behind an OX...
Otherwise you will be BOOTED and BOOTED hard LOL!!!

"nornny" <Nornny1 at home.com> wrote in
news:3b810015$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> That's the story I had heard also. lol. Except you probably didn't
> have to get ejected ten times over by a beligerant Ox to get it. ;)
> teehee
> Nornny
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xelagon offline

Aug 24, 2001, 2:24am
Nah.... That would be stupid...
Throughout all of my bickering to certain people in the NGS... I would
not go so low as to get any world called BwaySux. That is the lowest
form of HATE you could ever have in AW... And i don't even posses that
stupidity or that much hate.

"syntax" <sfris at swcity.net> wrote in
news:3b83f7c4 at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> I think someone should make an AWcomSuX world and see how fast that
> gets taken offline.
> --
> - Syntax -
> www.swcity.net
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xelagon offline

Aug 24, 2001, 2:41am
Let me see if i get this right...
If this world name dosen't bother me... It sould be allowed to say as
it's my Freedom to have it. FukUALL world, FukAWCOM world, ShitOnAW
world, CrapOnAW world... Names like that. Although the names don't
bother me... OK.... I'll be a Sport Here...
Look.... JFK2Sux world, SuxJFK2 world... etc...
Ok.... I still don't mind that. To me... It's the same as someone
making a opinion about me and although i may not like what they say
about me... They have the right to say it. But i'm not the one that
will STOOP to that level of creating a name for some world i ever own
either. People that have enough brains and common decency don't stoop
to such idiotic stupidity behavior to state an opinion about someone or

"bcg" <Aquisclone at aol.com> wrote in
news:3b842632 at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> I am glad that the problem is resolved, yet, I don't think it was a
> fair solution to the problem. I think that everyone should have the
> right to name their own world whatever they choose, as long as it's
> not vulgar. If they are going to pay the money to have the world, or
> use their one-time trial world, they should be able to choose the
> name. People should be permitted to have opinions about other
> people, and be able to voice them. It may be offensive to you, Xela,
> but you could think on the bright side and be flattered that someone
> wasted the only world they are every going to own on you.
> I am not trying to offend anyone, but I think that some sort of free
> speech should exist on AW.
> Also, does anyone think that if this happened to a different person,
> that AW would do anything? I think if it were the Average Joe in
> this situation, AW wouldn't do anything.
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What is YOUR default start world?

Aug 25, 2001, 10:06am
Well... Until the last time AW went poof for several hours... My home
was on Beta world at my INFO Center. 10 ABN type tv's, 3 ABN style tv's
broadcasting what Chucks Party Broadcasts to Elysium World, 4 Weather
maps from friends AND my New York State Doppler Radar [If the weather
kills me off i then kill off 2 hosted worlds], And the place of my name
logo. [BUT since Beta world hasn't come back to life from the last AW
OOPS... I get sent to AWGate. I'm thinking of changing that to 300
meters below ground on RPG world = My backup info center to the Beta

"leaf" <Leaf at awcw.co.uk> wrote in
news:3b877e9a$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> My world :o)
> Leaf
> www.awcw.co.uk
> The Commonwealth
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What is YOUR default start world?

Aug 25, 2001, 6:25pm
Yes there is... 3 of the ABN tv's operate off of 3 different ABN urls i
managed to get my hands onand thus are showing different things to
different places. 2 of more ABN tv's are for 2 different universes.
Vectorscape & Dreamland Park Universe and thus broadcast something
different for those universes. 3 TV's are what Chucks Party uses in his
360 3d Dome [3 different tv streams each loaded with about 10 different
pictures each] AND a few from Adama's tv ads services as well and that
shows a few ads athat are not found on all the other tv's

AND i have 1 Doppler radar tv from New York State [Syracuse Channel 9
WIXT] to see if the storms are bad enough to shut me. I go off and so
do 2 worlds. 1 TV Weather doppler for the Melbourne Australia area
because i have a few friends in Dreamland Park Universe that live there
and i like to see what they have for their weather [Yes... I know...
There is at least someone in AW that lives there too...] but it was
DWEEP that let me have the weather link for that area, 1 TV Weather for
PERTH Australia area as RYAN [n a y R] is from there and i like to see
what his doppler weather is as well.

So not all of the tv's are showing ads for AW or other Universes...
Some of them show 3d graphics [Chucks Party Broadcasting]
Some show tv Weather Doppler Radar for satates and countries.

"internal affairs" <silverspynet at yahoo.com> wrote in
news:3b87f3d6$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> Is there a differnce between 10 ABN type tv's and 3 ABN style tv's?
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What is YOUR default start world?

Aug 26, 2001, 3:57am
Well.... It helps when i want to do things and meet friends on line.
When i log into AW and i see the control center on my New York state
Doppler Weather Radar a really nasty storm comming that threatens to
shut me down soon... I'll inform anyone on the worlds i host that i
may be going off line soon do to very inclement weather in my area. OR
if i want to log into Dreamland Park Universe after being on AW for
awhile... I look at the Melbourne Australia weather map and if i see
it's really nasty there i can bet that my friend Dweeb in Melbourne
Australia won't be on-line for awhile... So i won't even go into
Dreamland Park Universe.... If i see the same really nasty weather in
Perth Australia i know that Ryan [n a y R] is most likely to be
off-line too.... and looking at the tv's for the weather in these
areas sure beats the real tv's umpteen commercials...

"sw chris" <chrisw10 at nckcn.com> wrote in
news:3b8852f2 at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> The idea of a control center is interesting. A good idea, actually.
> :) Sort of a ground zero for all your daily operations.
> SW Chris
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What is YOUR default start world?

Aug 26, 2001, 4:32am
FALSE... There are some links to ABN that has the tv.jpg set to
broadcast to Veactoscape and Dreamland Park Universe. I eventually
found these links and use them in my info center to see what ads they
may still be getting there.

"insanity" <peace at nospam.com> wrote in
news:3B885B01.50517EE9 at nospam.com:

> I thought I heard that Vectorscape went bankrupt and is no longer
> operating the universe or the world hosting that people paid for.
> Your post here states you run a TV for the vectorscape universe. Is
> it true or false?
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What is YOUR default start world?

Aug 26, 2001, 4:48am
I have been going there [I have a cit there - JFK2] but i was very
lucky... I got my cit on the Free Cit program back in 12/2000 and
didn't have to pay anything for it. So i'm not loosing all that much by
them going out of service. But i heard from one of those with PS that
Lord Vector wants to change things to another server and reopen it
after all the old cits are purged... BUT that seems a little far out
as aw can do that in about 1 weeks time [they did that the last time AW
had their major computer upset 12/2000 and changed to their backup
computers. BUT Vectorscape has been down far longer than 1 month....
So i really have no idea what will happen to them. BUT i usually
prefer Outerworlds Universe [Have 2 super friends there & i'm a CIT
there too BUT i have a total unique different name there lol ] and i
have many super friends at dreamland Park Universe [cit there too] and
i have a few friends on City4All Universe [YUP... Cit there too].

"internal affairs" <biginsey at yahoo.com> wrote in
news:3b886f47 at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> I heard the same to that VS is dead. I went there just now and there
> was a someone with PS there but there is only one world running.
> Interesting...
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What is YOUR default start world?

Aug 27, 2001, 8:59am
I Hate AWGate... That is why until Beta world makes a comeback i've
changed my landing world for the moment to my JFK2's Hideout From
Myself Home in AW... aw 0n 2164e [Apx aw 0n 3625e is the
cutoff for SW City and Summerland Estates]

"shred" <shred at none.nospam.email.null> wrote in
news:3b89bda5$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com:

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What is YOUR default start world?

Aug 27, 2001, 9:45pm
AWGate is ok... But it's too much traffic there and most of them are
the newbies with really dumb questions. Q - How to launch windows?
things like that. BUT the GZ at AWSchool or someoother world... by that
time people have found out how to act alot smarter than at AWGate and i
can deal with that bunch alot better. Those are the more enjoyable
crowd too.

"kah" <kah at kahbot.com> wrote in news:3b8a3a5d at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> why did you reply to Shred? he didn't say AWGate...
> PS. and it's not a big deal for us if you like AWGate or not...
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What is YOUR default start world?

Aug 28, 2001, 7:43pm
Then don't give Chucks Party a gun... He is trigger Happy and he loves
to SHOOT people. that is why i have been calling Chucks Party "Blaster
Boy Chuck" = Blast now & ask questions later. If you have ever wondered
why there is not many TOURISTS on Elysium World = His [Rainbow] bot
shoots out all the tourists.

Me on the other hand... I only shoot if they don't want to listen to
reason. AND i give plenty of that before i shoot.

But yes... the tourists are really dumb at AWGate, The GK's are
obnoxiuos to say the least. and so i don't hang around at AWGate all
that long. I only go there if i really must [AW goes dead, OR my home
world i land in goes dead or to obtain info not found anyplace else & I
try the anyplace else first]

"the derek" <ImTheDerek at yahoo.com> wrote in
news:3B898950.95808DC4 at yahoo.com:

> the GK's get on my nerves more than the tourist
> themselves
> when i was a tourist someone told me about some
> dumb group called AWT and on the site it said aw
> put subliminal messages in their sounds LOL
> well back then i didnt klnow what subliminal meant
> and when i asked the gks they ejected me every
> time i had that word in a sentence... they like
> their little eject gun dont they :P all i know is
> id never let them have eject in MY world theyd
> eject everyone in sight
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What is YOUR default start world?

Aug 28, 2001, 7:46pm
I nearly forgot... I changed my default landing place again...
Found this really nice place to land in....
SW Comit & Syntax's place where you can go AFK...
And it's a wonderful place to make your appearance too...

aw 2336s 3842e = My place to appear in AW and by far the best place
i've found yet lol

What is YOUR default start world?

Aug 29, 2001, 3:34pm
Neither do i shoot tourists in RPG world... [I host it for a friend of
mind & i'm the CARETAKER there]. and that is a tiny 10 km nswe world
with 5 max people limit...

I've only had to shoot out people with CIT's a few times though....
AND one was a caretaker like me for deleting the world once
tooooooooooo many times.
The only thing they lost though was CARETAKER rights, ED, and The
GUN.... But they could do anything else. lol

BUT soon i'm contemplating on shooting this crazy cit who loves to
IRRITATE ME no end.... NO is NOT in her vocabulary it seems... So
maybe SHOOT OUT is lol. andon RPG i can SHOOT HER OUT. lol

"internal affairs" <biginsey at yahoo.com> wrote in
news:3b8c5cbd at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> I never eject tourists from my world. The only time I eject someone
> is if they spam GZ.
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Value of a cit

Aug 26, 2001, 4:57am
The value of FAMILY is why i love other universes. It makes the value
of a CIT all that much more rewarding. You get to know the OWNERS of a
universe faster and they can do things that the PK's can't... True...
There are no PK's in Outerworlds, Dreamland Park Universe, City4All
Universe, Cybernet Worlds Universe, Galaxy Worlds Universe... But it's
like living in a small town FAMILY Values and that is what makes those
places enjoyable. And there is far less pressure to keep up with the
Mr. Jones who has another world. Also if you buy a world in any of the
smaller places... Since there is no NewYork world yet... You could
have a bot copy of Broadway world and no one to complain... Every world
you buy is unique... There is no duplicates YET. But maybe someday
there will be.... But for right now... small town Famaily Values is
the ticket to a valused cit...

"wing" <bathgate at prodigy.net> wrote in
news:3b888918 at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> Is there any anymore? Juno gets free cits, why should we be punished
> into paying because of our choice of ISP? What about the free cits
> given to Outerworlds citizens?
> What does it get me besides tourists ABUSING me at every turn?
> Every time I come near one they do nothing but have cybersex, stand
> in my face and wave and verbally assault cits, if not myself
> personally.
> I certainly don't see anything that I get, other than a bill that the
> non-paying cits don't.
> Hell, half the PKs even look like they're straight out of Junodome.
> This is one of the MANY factors that caused me to forfeit my account
> (Wing) to expiration earlier today. Perhaps when things change I will
> return.

Value of a cit

Aug 27, 2001, 9:02am
I had to pay my $19.95 for one year as well... BUT they do have
Building Contests... And many of them have as a PRIZE = One Free Cit.

"internal affairs" <biginsey at yahoo.com> wrote in
news:3b893063 at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> Since when has Outerworlds been giving out free cits? I had to pay my
> $20 fair and square.
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Value of a cit

Aug 27, 2001, 9:08am
I think that $5.00 name change thing is to cut down on the names people
will use. I have several friends that use umpteen different names.
Wile i've only used one or two different names at any one time most
people change their names everytime they sneeze too hard. lol

"mc cloud" <mc_cloud13 at hotmail.com> wrote in
news:3b89f79d at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> oh yeah and in the soon to bee new version u have to pay 5 bucks to
> change ur name whats up with that?
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Value of a cit

Aug 27, 2001, 9:10am
To me that name change thing should be dropped... BUT you know how
these big companies are.... Just like Microsoft... They want to dip
their fingers more & more into your wallet for the least little thing.

"syntax" <sfris at swcity.net> wrote in
news:3b8a16c1 at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> I never heard anything about this... :-0
> --
> - Syntax -
> www.swcity.net
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Value of a cit

Aug 27, 2001, 9:51pm
Thank-You Flagg for making things alot clearer. that shold help on the
posts in here. When i mentioned Outerworlds giving free cits for
contests... Those free cits are for OUTERWORLDS ONLY. Just like
Dreamland Park Universe's free cits. For their universe only. If you
want a free cit for AW you have to obtain it through AW's games, and
world being bought. NOT through some other universe.

"flagg" <tom at activeworlds.com> wrote in
news:3b8a5ebf$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> Hi Everyone,
> Thank you for taking the time to read this post.
> I just wanted to clear up a few rumors contained in this thread.
> 1. Only Juno premium members get free cits. Those cits are only good
> for 60 days. (Juno premium members currently pay $14.95 a month to
> Juno)
> 2. Outerworlds citizens do not get free citizens in Activeworlds.
> 3. We are not charging $5.00 (or any amount of money) for citizen
> name changes.
> 4. (This is mainly for Marcus) The free citizens that come with your
> world are intended for you to give to friends and family so that they
> can see your cool new world. It is a free gift that comes with your
> purchase. When you order "Time Magazine" they give you a free clock,
> are you going to tell them to subtract $15.00 from the magazine
> subscription because you already have a clock?
> Thank you again for your time. If you have any questions I can be
> contacted via e-mail at Tom at activeworlds.com or in Activeworlds.
> Sincerely
> Tom Fournier
> Customer Service / Sales Manager
> Activeworlds.com Inc.
> 95 Parker St.
> Newburyport, MA 01950
> www.activeworlds.com

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