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Aug 24, 2001, 9:27pm
We have fun doing that all the time on RPG world... We don't mind
being treated as a YoYo with 2 bump warp traps... I even know of one
on AW where my friend build lt a tower way back last 09/2000 and he had
a YoYo effect in the tower. If he had his BOT in there you would
simply type in Beam Me Up Scotty = ZAP you get beamed to the top of the
tower [observation deck] BUT if my friend's bot isn't there... It's
the same technique people have to use to excape the trampoline on
which takes a few moments... lol

"sw chris" <chrisw10 at nckcn.com> wrote in
news:3b85d207$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> will you click a button that teleports you into a bump warp trap?
> hehehe...
>:) Seriously though, it seems like a good suggestion. Caretaker
>:should have
> the option to disable it though in case he/she wants to add to the
> theme of the world with a single backdrop. Or with AW 3.2.. sky
> dome.
> SW Chris
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Size of a Community

Aug 24, 2001, 9:28pm
Thank You EEP.... Sometimes us extreame smart folk mess up too. lol

"eep" <eep at tnlc.om> wrote in news:3B85D8A0.647BA4A0 at tnlc.om:

> -300a = -3000m
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Size of a Community

Aug 24, 2001, 9:34pm
What you might want to do is to actually buy that world. And play with
it for awhile... Eventually you will see that something needs to be
changed or added to. BUT you don't have the correct object.
Hmmmmm..... Now i have a NEED for the object... Better start to learn
how. That should get you going.

"sw chris" <chrisw10 at nckcn.com> wrote in
news:3b867b37 at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> I thought about investing in a world one of these days... just need
> to learn how to model first, and I can't seem to find the time to do
> that. : (
> SW Chris
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Sep 1, 2001, 3:14am
Actually that might not be such a bad idea.... Everyone pack up your
bags and worlds [BOT COPY] if you have to and just leave AW for other
universes.... And when AW sees people leaving for other universes
they will woooo them back with new lower world prices lol SEE my
thread i started somewheres in the NGS for that one.... lol

"j b e l l" <jbell1983 at home.com> wrote in
news:3b8ffb78$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> Yup! It's LEAVE AW WEEK! You should join in and leave aw to never
> return..!
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"Void" world

Aug 25, 2001, 9:43am
If any of you happen to visit the beautiful 3.1 intense world of
Elysium.. And you look at all the teleports there. There is this
very nice teleport to Broadway World... With the explanation that
with Chucks Party's experiance with the people who run Broadway World
you would be better off going to HELL... So when you walk into the
teleport headed to Broadway World you will be teleported instead to
VOID World [closest world to HELL] lol

"syntax" <sfris at swcity.net> wrote in
news:3b877368 at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> You get warped there if you hit the geiser in Yellow.
> --
> - Syntax -
> www.swcity.net
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"Void" world

Aug 25, 2001, 6:32pm
And even i have to say i'm guilty now... As in if you visit my UNDER
CONSTRUCTION for my home on AW 'JFK2's Hideout From Himself Home" on
the Rast Road in AW you will see my teleport center. And i just put a
click teleport to the Broadway World [actually it takes you to VOID
World... Even that world is alot more entertaining than Broadway World
will ever be] lol

"jfk2 builder" <jfk2 at jfkmusic.com> wrote in
news:Xns91084C383C578jfk2jfkmusiccom at

> If any of you happen to visit the beautiful 3.1 intense world of
> Elysium.. And you look at all the teleports there. There is this
> very nice teleport to Broadway World... With the explanation that
> with Chucks Party's experiance with the people who run Broadway World
> you would be better off going to HELL... So when you walk into the
> teleport headed to Broadway World you will be teleported instead to
> VOID World [closest world to HELL] lol
> "syntax" <sfris at swcity.net> wrote in
> news:3b877368 at server1.Activeworlds.com:

"Void" world

Aug 26, 2001, 3:40am
You are forgetting a few worlds there...
NewYork world... BIGGIE one you can't miss...
And my build in AW [Alpha World] still bigger yet.
and it way down on the East Road.. About 100 km from the cut off to SW
City and about 300km down that is the cutoff to Summerland Estates And
next to my home is the Practice area for my friend to learn building...
HINT - 0n ????e is my home... and sooner or later someob\ne will find
that and i have a Broadway teleporter there that also goes to VOID
World... As VOID is a far better place than that other world is.

"goober king" <rar1 at acsu.buffalo.edu> wrote in
news:3B887BF0.3010504 at acsu.buffalo.edu:

> The guy obviously had a pole shoved so far up his rear over this
> thing that it's pierced his brain. He can no longer function as a
> human being (if he ever could in the first place) and is instead
> stuck on Broadway/Elysium/Beta/RPG rant mode.
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"Void" world

Aug 27, 2001, 3:11am
It's on the East Road... 0n aw 1000+e if that will help a little
It's a really nice place and i love the name of my home....
JFK2's Hideout From Myself Home
Actually the only place i can really hide out from being JFK2 is on
Outerworlds Universe. lol

"syntax" <sfris at swcity.net> wrote in
news:3b88dd23 at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> Gya, I searched that whole road (gutz's highway) but had no luck in
> finding your place.
> --
> - Syntax -
> www.swcity.net
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"Void" world

Sep 1, 2001, 3:09am
Maybe that is why Chucks Party chose that world to teleport to when you
enter his teleport for Broadway World.... HELL [VOID world] is a far
better place lol At least on Outerworlds there is a REAL HELL world
called HELL....

"j b e l l" <jbell1983 at home.com> wrote in
news:3b8fff79 at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> If I remember correctly VOID is AW Hell, sent there when ejected or
> if in limbo between world's and squeezed out of the system all
> together..
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Another Question

Aug 27, 2001, 7:29pm
When you boot your computer and you hit the HOT KEY COMBINATION to
bring up the menu... 1 - Default
2 - Windows with network support
3 - Windows in safe mode
4 - Command Prompt [normal with support files]
5 - Command [basic with just command loaded]

and you pick 4 Command prompt with some files loaded [sound & or 3d

THAT IS MS-DOS... Windows files have NOT LOADED YET.
You are running in 100% MS-DOS and can run anything you want so long as
it's MS-DOS program It's when you type EXIT you just sit there at the
prompt C:\ line with your curser blinking... THAT IS DOS... You
could still type WIN and hit enter to go into WINDOWS like in days of
old... Sometimes i do that to delete some DLL file from a running
program test. I test a windows program and it does a common register of
a DLL file. and in some cases i have to go into MS-DOS mode just to
delete the DLL file from the test directory. So when i reboot windows
it will find all the dll's as it did before and no harm done. So yes...
Windows 95, 98 is a SHELL... But because it boots to windows so
fast... Most people never see MS-DOS anymore and you ASSUME Windows
95, 98 to be the only OS on their computers. In reality they have 2
OS's on their computers. DOS v7 and Windows 95, 98...

"lanezeri" <Lanezeri at stuff-x.com> wrote in
news:3b895625 at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> WINDOWS IS NOT A SHELL IDIOT! So you mean Windows ME is a shell even
> tho it uses a DOS emulator not DOS itself.. and Windows NT is a shell
> too I guess? Don't speak.. you make no sence..
> --
> Lanezeri
> Lead Bot Programmer at Stuff-X
> http://aw.stuff-x.com

Another Question

Aug 28, 2001, 7:21pm
I'm one of the old FARTS that grew up on DOS to a certain degree.
So if i didn't have WINDOWS anything... It would be a little tricker to
use DOS for the internet. But NOT impossible.

ARCANE.EXE = A MS-DOS package that is your DOS internet thing. It has
it's own TCP-IP-SLIP/PPP software there and it's own email, ftp, telnet
picture viewer & sound player all in one package. [Self extracting EXE

But that is one program i could use to access the internet with.
YES... It's own web browser... All dos based stuff.

PLUS i can edit any file i want and any size up top my hard drive space
limit if i really want to do it. I can play all the MS-DOS games like
I did before. I can even use my QBASIC programming stuff and play any
of those saved files [apx 800 megs of QBASIC files]

I can even play MP3 files and watch MOV, AVI, RA, files and play most
any sound file i want in MS-DOS...

there is still a user base that wants MS-DOS and that is why i've got
bookmarked various url's that deal with MS-DOS Software. www.simtel.net
= Software for Windows & MS-DOS www.zdnet.com has software going back
far enough &/or lists software that is MS-DOS based. Yes it has mostly
Windows software... But they have a listing that goes back to 1995 of
files. it used to be an easy FTP to some university to find PC Software
and look for DOS or MS-DOS directory to find umpteen tons of MS-DOS
software listed. ftp://something.edu/pub/pc/software/packages/ms-dos/ =
Example path to software on a university FTP site.

So i could do many things in MS-DOS... I still have my Supra 56k
modem... So if i wanted to have Telix make a BBS call with that... I
still could.

So with me... I could do almost what i do now in MS-DOS only... but
i'm used to MS-DOS and most people are not. But those that were using a
computer for the past 10 yrs or so might be able to do ms-dos... Others

"lanezeri" <Lanezeri at stuff-x.com> wrote in
news:3b8af0e3$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> Since you are stupid as well.. here is the e-mail KAH got back typed
> completely by my friend.. he knows more than anyone who even reads
> this NG..
><E-Mail to KAH>
> Then try to explain why i wrote a complete linux system that exists
> completely on its own, using no api functions or permissions from
> windows, but runs from and at the same time as windows. Actually if
> you would take the time to learn what the fuck you are talking about
> before judging someone else you might be able to make a valid point.
> The new generation of windows doesnt even run dos, it runs a dos
> emulator to be backwards compatable. When dos first started it was a
> stand alone with just a windows shell, that i will give you, but
> incase you havent noticed yet (obviously you havent) windows is now
> the stand alone and dos is just emulated so that lamers like you can
> still run your ancient assed programs. Just for your personal info,
> (since you seem to be such a lame ass), win 3.1,95,and 98 were
> actually a GUI (if you know what the hell that even means) Win ME
> changed to being a stand alone. So all this bullshit about windows
> being a shell and an operating system are from idiots, its a GUI
> dumbfucks.
> Love ya lots,
> Lanezeri
> Written by Deisel79 (who is obviously more talented than thou)
><End E-Mail>
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: Kristian A. Hiorth
> To: lanezeri
> Sent: Monday, August 27, 2001 3:44 PM
> Subject: Re: Another Question
> man, I can't believe how stupid you are! it's not Fing possible to
> run an
> OS
> on top of another!!!!!!!!!!!!! you can run two OSes on one machine,
> but
> not
> at the same time! and as Wing said, that stuff is perfectly
> possible on
> DOS,
> but what do you know? I bet you don't even know HOW to use DOS!
> without Windows, DOS is still the same, just without a piece of
> software, just
> like
> if you removed WordPerfect from a DOS machine (FYI WordPerfect used
> to be what Word is now)...

Another Question

Aug 28, 2001, 7:27pm
Well.... That is why on some of those DEBUG script files to be
compiled to a com or exe thing... There are many excellent
programmers that use DEBUG <something.scr to create a com or exe or zip
file or anything for that matter... I've had to edit the HEX of those
files and have written a few special programs to take care of their
little flaws without changing their programs. It just added a few
frills to their programs and things they forgot to do. SO yeah... It
was fun doing HEX editing of exe & com files and creating some
el-hack-workaround for them....

"john viper" <jviper at jtsoft.net> wrote in
news:3B8B6F0C.4040203 at jtsoft.net:

> Its a good idea. I have a pre-1990 version of C that was out far
> before Windows. I used it because it was what I had up until just a
> few years ago. I think that if it weren't for it that I would not
> perhaps be how I am today. Wonderful experience, it was, and even
> Y2K friendly!
> Of course, the OTHER way of programming in DOS, editing a file in a
> hex editor and REALLY hacking... never was able to do that, but I can
> imagine it must have been the most exhilirating experience........
> *sigh* Back in those good ol' days........................
> ok im done now
> -JV
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bug bug bug bug not very tasty

Aug 28, 2001, 5:54pm
I often receive that same thing. BUT i would also have been using my
WinAMP. But it has alot to do with one program not shutting down the
mmtask thing right. and if that is still left in memmory your other
programs will refuse to operate right if they use sound. ONE quick way
of avoiding that error is to do a CONTROL + ALT + DELETE and look for
something like mmtask. If you see it in there just end it's task and
your other applications that need sound will work right again & when
you do close AW you might not see the error messages all that much.
That mmtask is Multi Media Task thing...

"the derek" <ImTheDerek at yahoo.com> wrote in
news:3B898BEC.DD00C0F9 at yahoo.com:

> i know there was a post ssomewhere about this but
> if you have a midi play then close aw it will
> perform an illegal operation
> did the same thing when i had www.something.com
> and changed it to http://www.something.com

The New Me

Aug 29, 2001, 3:22pm
Geesh... If everyone decides to change.... I won't be able to
recognize anyone here.... I allways change to be a better me....
But for the life of me.... I don't see why people seem not to notice
it. Must be they have to get out of the sun a little and take off
their sun glasses to see the slight changes i have done.... [SLIGHT?]

"kah" <kah at kahbot.com> wrote in news:3b8cc5e3 at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> WTG Lanezeri ;-))
> PS. from now on I will be nicer as well, and school starts tommorow
> as well, so I can correct everyone in my class on grammar, spelling,
> pronounciation, MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
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The New Me

Aug 29, 2001, 6:08pm
I always try to act a little less of a whackjob everyday....
and i'm NOT mentally anything either. I'm 1000% of sound mind. Even
JI will tell you that. When my good friend eventually gets up the nerve
to discover these NGS and sets the software up correct to get them will
tell you i'm not a whackjob either... [My good friend = My nextdoor

"sw comit" <sam64 at jps.net> wrote in
news:3b8d3bb2 at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> *gonna start acting like Eep*
> Suck filter twit. lol jk =P
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The New Me

Aug 30, 2001, 3:48pm
I'm the type of person that when i chat... Yes i sometimes go a little
over... But that is only on occasion. When i build i prefer to do it
alone if possible. That means NO JOINS unless asked... And when i'm
searching for some object in some place and the owner comes in there
asking me what the heck i'm doing there.... Geeee.... I don't really
know. I thought this was lovers leap from the higest displayed object.
COME on here... I'm lost in thought of what might be the best object
for my given situation i have. And recently when Beta world was still
up it was finding a curb for the road. And since they didn't support
the BOARDS objects i found the next best was a DESK top part of the
thing was just right. [On Outerworlds Universe it would have been a
steel girder that lays on the ground I use it in my builds in Citizens
World and the funniest build is my Oops... Missed Turn one. Car
accident right near the two destination signs and a detour] BUT i
don't need to be bothered when i'm working like that and lost in
thought or even doing my AFK [yea.... I sometimes zap on out in some
object yard]

"sw chris" <chrisw10 at nckcn.com> wrote in
news:3b8d63cb at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> You just kind of sound like one when you post. =) In general
> conversation you're really rather grounded.
> SW Chris
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The New Me

Sep 4, 2001, 11:09pm
Geesh.... Just In.... You did have to point out i'm no math whiz as
well as my lousy spelling.... BUT i am then 100% of sound mind. And
if i was to have 1000% more improvement... WOW... I would be
smarter than everyone INCLUDING Just In. Will those numbers about fit
there Just in? Actually i am VERY smart. But in some ways i am very
dumb. Take some of the university professors. Some of them can and are
whizes when they teach in some university. But in some common things
they turn out very dumb and what may appear to everyone downright
stupid. I'm alot like them in some ways. A whiz in some respects but
again downright stupid in others. And i know that no one here can say
that they are the worlds smartest person. Not even Just In and I can
say that. Goober and Just in are both smart in using words and i'm dumb
there. Goober and Just In can build better than i can [heck... Anyone
can build better than i can except for my friend Eric with his 2.2
browser] But Just In can build and create things better than 99% of
anyone in AW And there is one area that Just In knows what i'm refering
to on AW where his artistic talents show. With me i'm smart in other
ways and both Goober & Just In live so far away from me that can't ever
hope to see what it is. Or have they been in the few that have ever
seen me at my finest. I LOVE to TEACH. And have tought many on setting
up & running a BBS, Games, how to build in AW, how to be an admin of
newsgroups [moderator] and yes... -- NewsPro -- Newsgroups server. and
i love to be a BETA TESTER -- Hostile Space On-Line Game now in Wide
Beta and i was one of the 100 or so Alpha Testers PLUS i'm into Music
Review web sites. That is something where you listen to many songs and
rate them & after that it takes about 6 weeks before you hear them on
the REAL radio. And i'm one of the best there as i have my experiance
from 1960+ listening to a veried & wide different music. [Must be it
helps to be a DJ as well]. YES... I'm proud to say i helped OneSummer
in her speaking with a microphone BEFORE Danny 2K arrived on Broadway.
I'm PROUD to say i tought NEO1 how to set up & be DJ of his own radio &
SPEAK properly using a microphone & now he is as good an Internet Radio
DJ as most others out there. So while i'm SMART in some places... I'm
dumb in others. Do i ask for help? Yes. Do i get it? Most of the time
it's NO or don't bug me i'm too busy or go bother someone else. I
allways take the time to teach what little i know so someone else can
at least get started and grow with that while i'm left to try and seek
the right type of teacher to help me in AW or any other universe i may
be in. [NO... It's NOT A MENTAL DOC TEACHER lol] But if you look all
around in AW... It sure dosen't show. All that shows is i'm still a
lousy builder. Does it show SMARTS? Yes if you count all the other
teaching i do that is not direct AW related but helps the community of
AW out in some way. So with me i'm shy on asking and so i do little
DUMB things that eventually get someone teed and sooner or later an all
out nasty war ensues and everyone wishes that the only one i teach is
myself to just fly away forever and ever.

"just in" <justefyde at hotmail.com> wrote in
news:3b927467 at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> Actually - I tend to agree with Goober in this one.
> 1000% of sound mind is an impossibility. If I could correct the
> mathematics a little, JFK's "sound mindedness" could stand a 1000%
> improvement, which might then allow at least some rational behaviour
> on his part.
> Regards, Justin
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The New Me

Sep 5, 2001, 5:48pm
Thank You for saying that. I know i DON'T ACT like i'm 31...
That is because i'm alot older and alot smarter than a 31 yr old is.
I'm 51 and that means i'm really smart and have lots of sound mind.

"sw chris" <chrisw10 at nckcn.com> wrote in
news:3b964e64 at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> Eh, you sure don't act like your 31....
> SW Chris
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The New Me

Sep 5, 2001, 5:59pm
In a way Goober is correct there. My body on many occasions feel like
i'm 90 but i like to keep my mind feeling YOUNG. But not so YOUNG that
people call me MENTAL. So Goober... You are right on track again...
But you need to stop just a wee bit shorter.

"goober king" <rar1 at acsu.buffalo.edu> wrote in
news:3B964F42.8000505 at acsu.buffalo.edu:

> In the virtual realm, physical age has no meaning. Only the mental
> age of a person really counts for anything. Your body could be 40
> years old, but you could still have the mind of a 12 yr old.
> That's the kind of situation JFK2 is in due to his illness.
> Unfortunately, we could be stuck with this incarnation of JFK2 for a
> long time, since it may be too late to reverse his language problem,
> among other things...
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Modem Problems

Aug 30, 2001, 2:51pm
I live in Syracuse, NY and about 5000 feet from the nearest DSL
substation... That means i can GET it but at the price of $59.95 a
month i can't afford it. I also have cable TV at the BONUS price of
$29.95 [Called them up a few yrs ago attempting to disconnect the cable
& they put me on special rates & i've been paying about $10.00 less
than everyone else since 1998] And for having cable TV i can get CABLE
modem $39.95 [$41.00 with tax] and i can afford that per month....

I have a friend who lives 8 miles from Syracuse, NY's cable building &
toooo far for any DSL... BUT is thinking of a satalite dish...

OK.... I know of several people that live in Australia [Some of them
are in AW, Outerworlds Universe & Dreamland Park Universe] and the cost
of CABLE or DSL is apx double USA prices.... So with them the cheapo
rate of a MODEM seems the best course of action.

And with me.... If i ever moved into an area with no cable or DSL
services.... At least i can fall back on my old Supra Diamond 56k
modem. That i opted to have it stay with my computer....

"tony m" <fldmshl2013 at hotmail.com> wrote in
news:3b8da452.291186786 at news.activeworlds.com:

> cable & DSL are not available in every single last part of the world,
> not even in all parts of the USA. take me for instance, my mom tried
> to get DSL a couple months ago, but the apartment wiring is all
> messed up. nobody in my entire complex can get DSL. also, DSL/cable
> does not come cheap in some areas as well.. prices are rising like
> cake as it's baking.
> On 29 Aug 2001 21:32:03 -0400, "internal affairs"
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Sorry everyone...

Sep 4, 2001, 8:27pm
Ryan... You didn't do anything bad in the NGS to be sorry for. I'm
one of the old time people in the NGS since 1989 and back then it was
alot different. There was NO html anything. But over the years the
software assumes that HTML is nice DEFAULT as it is in e-mail and so
you just do the simple post and most likely not realize you are posting
the included html file. Now days unless you really read the HELP file
or click on HELP you won't find a way to turn off the stupid DEFAULT
HTML post. But as most things in life... It comes from experiance and
trial & error and even i [Old Pro] can tee people off in a NGS
sometimes. And that is without really trying half the times.

"r y a n" <birkin at ozemail.com.au> wrote in
news:3b90a2c2 at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> This is a Message to EVERYONE...
> I'm really sorry if i have been a menace in the news-groups...
> The first time i posted everyone went crazy at me... i didnt know the
> Rules that you cant post in HTML,and im sorry about that...
> Im just sorry for being a Mennace in the newsgroups...
> I Just want people to actely listen to my posts...
> (((((((((((((((((HUGZ)))))))))))))))))
> And Sorry
> From R y a n

Sorry everyone...

Sep 4, 2001, 8:32pm
To me it's just a blip. At CABLE speeds it really is. No kidding.

"young phalpha" <RhaneC at msn.com> wrote in
news:3b943584 at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> that's odd, I have a 56k, hmmm... :/

Sorry everyone...

Sep 4, 2001, 8:42pm
Using Xnews software you will see a little pop-up when you are to
crosspost. You just check the ones you want to crosspost in. Ryan's
initial post went out to all the groups & so did my reply to him go to
all the groups. BUT all the rest of my replies are going out to the
Community & General Discussion areas only. While he is still posting
to all groups. When i get the pop up i only check Community & Generel
Discussions as the best place to post. Bot's don't want to see me
chatting like this unless it's something to do with BOTS. Wishlist is
for Browser 3.2 and World Builders is topics for worlds and don't want
anything other than worlds discuss. And so the list of not correct
grops there are i only feel the General & Community is the best 2 for
any crosspost.

"donna" <awedonna at hotmail.com> wrote in
news:3b9175e6 at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> Hi KAH, what field are you referring to please. Where do I find it
> at please? Huggz Donna
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Sorry everyone...

Sep 4, 2001, 8:53pm
Actually Ryan has opened our eyes to Dreamland Park Universe as i'm
doing now. BUT there is this sweetheart of a lady in Dreamland Park
Universe by the name of ANNE... [She is the world owner where i helped
to obtain the added avatar gestures for CY Awards world] and she said
something... Why do the people of AW act so stupid towards those in
dreamland Park when they try to post on the AW NGS and they have
accounts in BOTH Universes or someone posts for them. Dreamland Park
Universe still uses the same AW Browser that AW people use. And that is
so true. And for those NOT informed people out there... Outerworlds
Universe uses the SAME AW Browser as AW people use. So too does
City4All, Galaxy Worlds Universe, Cybernet Universe, and the old
Vectorscape Universe.

"eep" <eep at tnlc.com> wrote in news:3B91A520.81910952 at tnlc.com:

> Oh please...what the HELL does an 11-year-old add to the community?
> What has Ryan added so far aside from off-topic crossposts and (most
> likely) a badly built (IF he's even built anything) house or
> something even less recognizable as anything of substance? Puh-LEAZE.
> If you don't know what I've added to this so-called "community",
> perhaps a trip to my AW website (http://tnlc.com/eep/aw/) will clue
> you in a bit, Miss Newbie.
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Message to "Eep"

Sep 17, 2001, 11:36pm
My friend Ryan is getting the very lite version of someone picking on
him... He should wait until the PROS get to him...
The PROS = Just In, Kellee, and maybe OneSummer.
Then poor Ryan will YALP louder. lol

"reyemniffirg" <gwydionaw at gmx.net> wrote in
news:3ba689da at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> Ryan - please do not post this kind of stuff in a ng like this, save
> it for the General newsgroup, this is a wishlist ng.
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Can anyone help me with this?

Sep 4, 2001, 11:27pm
I have my web browser closed 99% of the time in AW unless i'm on some
world there Or i pop into RPG world and i want a fast way to
AWRADIO.COM = Homepage for RPG. actually it's not the homepage of
RPG... just trying to give Danny 2K a few more listeners. lol But i
allways have my web browser open when i'm in Outerworlds as they are
very nice to let you know what building objects & textures & sounds
work for the world you are building on. Helps greatly in building. SO
too in Dreamland Park Universe and they also have the easy web teleport
method too. All done on the html web method. Click on the world name
you go there or click on world name info for info about that world.
Very will thought about use of the browser's web page.

"lanezeri" <Lanezeri at stuff-x.com> wrote in
news:3b93c6a9 at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> Most people don't have the web browser open when they go to worlds..
> my web browser is closed all the time.. that way I don't get bullshit
> pop-ups..
> --
> Lanezeri
> Lead Bot Programmer at Stuff-X
> http://aw.stuff-x.com
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Re: HTML posts (was Re: Object Yard)

Sep 4, 2001, 11:33pm
<html><title>Tiny Web Post</title><body><pre>
Hi... Here is my Tiny Web Post. LOL!!!

"nova" <n at n.com> wrote in news:3b94e3eb$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> Heh i could probly make a entire web page smaller than some of theese
> html posts.
> I seen one thatwas like 30+k in here thats just crazy.
> heheh if you want to see some serioudsly large post in html go to a
> html ng ive seen full blown websites in thoose ngs :)
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Re: HTML posts (was Re: Object Yard)

Sep 5, 2001, 6:12pm
Of course i posted that tiny web post in ascii text. That is my HTML
EDITOR by choice. Just a plain old text ed is my html editor. and my
Xnews reader is set for just text send only. NO html. But that is why i
love the text ed. It's far easier for me to run off a tiny html page on
a text ed than try and monkey with some overblown html editor for that.
The bigger projects maybe. But 99% of all my web edits are plain old
text ed. On my web browser when i click to show source it comes to my
Notepad Plus = simple text ed.
------- look at the above & how it looks in plain text ed below ------
------- in html with one line in html not viewed ---------------------
<html><title>Re: HTML posts {was Re: Object Yard)</title><body><pre>
Of course i posted that tiny web post in ascii text. That is my HTML
EDITOR by choice. Just a plain old text ed is my html editor. and my
Xnews reader is set for just text send only. NO html. But that is why i
love the text ed. It's far easier for me to run off a tiny html page on
a text ed than try and monkey with some overblown html editor for that.
The bigger projects maybe. But 99% of all my web edits are plain old
text ed. <h3>On my web browser when i click to show source it comes to
my Notepad Plus</h3> <!-- = simple text ed. -->

"sw chris" <chrisw10 at nckcn.com> wrote in
news:3b964f0c at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> you posted that in text....
> SW Chris
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Sep 11, 2001, 4:26am
That is why i use BlackIce AND Nortons Antivirus and run them every few
days to keep me safe from too mauch harm.

"sw chris" <chrisw10 at nckcn.com> wrote in
news:3b9d8c62$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com:

> I do, but virus software doens't act as a firewall. At least my
> Mcafee VirusScan doesn't.
> Chris
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Sep 11, 2001, 5:18am
I was wondering why several more worlds are suddenly popping up in
Dreamland Park Universe and most of them on their homepage has the
warning about this BOT being used in AW.... Now i know... Geesh....
Not the best way to run world owners to another universe. I just hope
that whoever is doing this type of nonsense is not doing the world
owners to another universe for the sake of saying Dreamland Park
Universe is better than AW... Dreamland Park Universe don't need that
type of help.

"goober king" <rar1 at acsu.buffalo.edu> wrote in
news:3B9D6ADC.8050705 at acsu.buffalo.edu:

> AW Ear isn't the problem. AW Ear is not a malicious program and
> actually delivers as advertised. The programs that reportedly *are*
> malicious are StockQuote Bot and IntelliBot. (also made by Radon) I'm
> in the process of investigating this, since I've known Radon for a
> while, and something smells rotten in (former) Botopia...
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