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Gotta Love Those "Customer" Interests...

May 21, 2001, 6:34pm
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*shrugs* - because there was no way of compiling it into a proper list
maybe? The thing with the suggestions box, is that priority can be given to
suggestions, you can see how many people are asking for certain things
etc...the newsgroup is all over the place, god, *I* wouldnt want to wade
through it to try and get indicitive numbers, and i'm sure Roland doesnt.

> I apreciate that firewall users are a major installed base, and you need
to help them out. First with 3.1 and now with 3.2, the browser is having a
couple of features implemented and then getting released. Some of the major
features that people want might require a huge rewrite of most of the
browser and some of the uniserver code, but once they're done, people will
be happy that there were changes made that meant more than just being able
to use OpenGL or use AW behind a firewall.
> Hopefully, the next major release will be just that, version 4.0, and will
have some important features requested from the citizens (as well as any
corporate requests).

Well, thats what many of *us* hope as well. Frankly, the firewall & OpenGL
stuff *will* come in so much handy, because it DOES affect a *huge* portion
of the user-base, not a tiny fraction like some people would like to think.
But I, personally, hope for different features in the next version as well.
I see 3.2 as a technical upgrade, kind of like 3.0 was - 3.1 was more about
features than anything....so...yup. And yes, alot of the most wanted
features would involve a huge re-write I guess...


> -Agent1
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Gotta Love Those "Customer" Interests...

May 21, 2001, 6:36pm
Shes right mate, I actually enjoy being able to let you guys know that its
not a total mess of conspiracy up here =)


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Gotta Love Those "Customer" Interests...

May 22, 2001, 12:11pm
> Did you miss when Rolu created his "Frequently Wished Wishes List"? He
tallied votes for various things and everything. Did AWCI pay attention?
Nope. Well, Rolu's long gone now and I've had my AW improvements page
(http://tnlc.com/eep/aw/improve.html in case you didn't know or "forgot")
for years now, which is based off Rolu's list and THE ListT (Roland's). Want
a list? Open your fucking eyes...

Maybe if you wernt such a pain Eep, and wernt so pushy, and obnixious,
people here and around the community *would* actually pay more attention to
you and your suggestions. Just a word of free advice mate.

> "I guess..."--you don't even know, Facter. Have you even talked to Roland
about these so-called rewrites? I doubt it. You, I, and just about anyone
else who knows what's going on knows that Rick and JP DICTATE (root word of
"dictator", by the way) to Roland what to add to AW in the next version. And
the elite fiew with lots of money (universe server customers) dictate to
Rick and JP what they want. You guys don't give a shit about the BULK of
your user base who actually use AW every day and FAR more intensely than
uniserver customers or even AWCI itself. Now then, who do you think has a
better idea of what should be added to AW? Think about it... Not even Roland
uses AW enough to know--and he's the god damn lead programmer! That's just

...another reason no one takes you seriously is because you cant make a
comment without bringing the "Dark side" into it, or insulting people. You
dont work here, you dont know these people, you dont go to the meetings, and
you have absolutly NO idea as to what goes on here except the fantasies you
concoct in your mind, so you cant even begin to comment on anything here,
and, its far from a dictatorship Eep - you live in fantasy land...

As I said, stop being so obnoxious and maybe one day someone will pay you
the attention you may one day actually earn....

Gees, why did I even bother to reply to you.


Gotta Love Those "Customer" Interests...

May 22, 2001, 12:13pm
> Don't get me wrong here, but I wouldn't think EQ would have much concern
> about customers considering they're probably make tons of money and have,
> what, millions of users? AW seems like it's about to go broke and they
> only 335,797 accounts, with a significant number being multiple accounts
> and/or expired. It would seem to be in their best interest to learn what
> want, you know? Just a thought ;)

God people. We're not going broke, we're not going bankrupt. Get over it


Gotta Love Those "Customer" Interests...

May 22, 2001, 4:07pm
[View Quote] I dont know you "Wing" - but once again, let me say something - if we dont
listen, what am *I* doing here replying to you and your questions ? And, I
am afraid that you *are* a minority - I do the tech support around here, so
I get a huge swath of opinions...and, on the most part, people are quite
happy with this software that they use. Sorry to disappoint....but thats
honestly how it is, and if anyone can say that, I can, as all the support
mail filters through me and I see how many people are dissatisfied and what
not....we have our irate customers jsut like anyone else, but for the most
part, they mail me, I fix them up and they are very very happy. I even get
alot of emails saying how much people love AW....the only places where the
huge amount of dissidence and lack of support for AW comes from, is from in
here !

*shakes head*

You just cant win though, can you ? You guys..can believe, think, do waht
you want - I'll keep reading, keep suggesting, and keep the interests of you
to heart, whether you believe it or not - it doesnt matter to me whether you
do believe that or not, i know where my heart is.


Gotta Love Those "Customer" Interests...

May 23, 2001, 5:45pm
> Gee, and why do you think that is, Facter? Let me tell you: people in here
(the newsgroups) learn the TRUTH about AW and AWCI. Most people who email
you for "support" probably have NO clue as to AW's history, development,
employees, etc, etc, etc. YOU are the minority in AWCI of employees who
"listen" to us (users/customers) and actually respond. Please, wake up and
get a clue and then try to pass that clue onto your "superiors".

I know the truth implicitly -

a) I have been in AW as a *citizen* longer than you
b) known all people involved on ALL sides *personally* better than you
c) I work here now

So, I know the truth from all sides, I am "qualified" in ways that you are
not. Where is your qualification's for truth as to how things are here in AW
Eep ? You have none, all you have is supposition and flagrant ranting,
probably due to the fact that so many people snub you due to your being a
continuous pain to other users and employee's here. Want to know something
else? About a third of the people that email me all the time are people that
have used AW for alot longer than a year.

Stop being such a pain and so abrasive my friend, and people may listen to
you more often, I *try* to listen to you, but it is hard when every second
you are insulting and degrading myself and others here in this company. Do
you wonder why no one here replies to your telegrams very often ?

I do though, dont I Eep ?


Gotta Love Those "Customer" Interests...

May 23, 2001, 5:50pm
> Perhaps you missed my AW history page, Facter (you seem to miss a lot...).
http://tnlc.com/eep/aw/history.html (this time read it) and learn WHY I'm
such a "pain", "pushy", and "obnoxious". Read and learn and just TRY to put
yourself in my place. If AWCI didn't continually act incompetent I wouldn't
have to BE such a "pain". Think about it...

Read it many times, and, your whole view is skewed.

> Because it's your job?

No, it is not my job to reply to you in anything other than email Eep - I do
this out of simple courtesy to you, and the other users.

Please keep that in mind mate.


Gotta Love Those "Customer" Interests...

May 23, 2001, 5:55pm
[View Quote] Thanks - your still having problems ? =/

> Anyone ever checked out just how many *things* aw support "gives" to the
> community? awschool, awuniv, awteen, bingo, etc etc etc etc etc

Or how about the features that were given to the users that they asked for
over the past years ?

3D acceleration, telegrams, lighting, SDK, improved worlds list, contacts
list, moving objects, fog....amongst many, many other things.

You guys are always on about the features that we *havnt8 implemented, but
what about all the ones that *have* been ?? Why is it that nobody ever
comments on how cool it has been to get all those new features, that people
asked for all this time - you too Eep, mainly 3D acceleration (including
OpenGL!) and lighting...

Its easy to always critises - it takes a good perspective to *praise* for
what HAS been done so far, and what will continue to be.


Gotta Love Those "Customer" Interests...

May 24, 2001, 12:37pm
> <chuckle> It's funny how people who claim to have come to AW longer than
I, then leave for a while (like over a year or so) and come back can use
that as an excuse that they know what's going on or what's changed, etc. You
and Russ should form a little group called the "Returned Citizens Alliance"
or something just so you don't feel left out. However, I'll give YOU a
little slack since you now actually work for AWCI whereas Russ doesn't and
he's hardly even in AW anyway despite his "return". I, on the other hand,
have stayed fairly current with AWCI's practices (even when I was
"boycotting" AW) and so have more knowledge on things than most citizens and
to some degree even you.

I've never left AW at anytime since 1996 ? I dont know what you are talking
about ? In the time I have been in AW, there has not been more than two or
three days between login's tot his software at any time - I may not of been
in as Facter all the time, but rest assured I have always been here and
current with everything going on here since I very first arrived.

Again, you seem to not be making the connection between my AW history and
my reaction towards AWCI policy. I don't know how many times I have to shove
that URL into your face but it's all right there in black and grey. When are
you actually going to read it more closely?
> Yup, and so do other AWCIers (Flagg and Josh C come to mind).

Exactly - so things *have* improved havnt they Eep ? Even if not as much as
you would of liked them to of ?

Its still a step in the right direction.


Gotta Love Those "Customer" Interests...

May 24, 2001, 12:43pm
I HAVE appreciated SOME features, Facter. The engine and sound system
upgrades were LONG (years) overdue but there were and are still many many
MANY other features that should have been implemented even before that and
many many MANY other features that have been implemented instead. But,
again, this is "priority" dictated by a measly "elite" few with the money to
push AW's development how THEY want and not how most of the COMMUNITY wants.
Did you forget all the whooplah over the green checkmark when it first was
mentioned as being implemented into AW years ago? You seem to have forgotten
how MOST (if not all) everyone wanted a way to stay hidden. Was it ever
implemented? Uh nope. Instead we got file transfer which I STILL don't
recall ANYONE in these newsgroups (or anywhere actually) asking for. Later
it turns out some uniserver customer wanted that too, which Ricky and JPpee
were only all too eager to turn around, bend over, and spread their legs

Its business Eep ! Perhaps those people actually *paid* for that feature,
and as a byproduct, it ended up in the main browser - (I dont know, I dont
go into that kind of thing , and frankly business practices here are none of
my business - please remember I'm jsut a tech boy) Are you complaining
because a feature that was paid for by someone else to implement, ultimatly
ended up in the hands of the user ? I dont understand that logic Eep, I'm

Oh, and on the record? I hate the green check, and being someone who stays
invisable on ICQ all of the time, I always have.

It takes an even better perspective to remember the history of something and
learn not to make mistakes again. Perhaps you can show Rick and JP their
history and just how inept they've been over the years, which started long
before I came to AW...

And it ALSO takes good perspective to see how things have changed in the
past year, agree ?

We're trying...


crashing problems

May 31, 2001, 4:23pm
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I am constantly trying to fix problems, and in this case have identified a
problem that we didnt know about, and am currently working to get it

If we cant get the problem on our computer, do you know what we try to do

Build a system with exactly the same specifications graphics wise, and test
the heck out of it to FIND the problem. This is how we have isolated the
problem that WM has been having, so, therefore, your argument is quite
strange in my eyes when I sit here and do these tests all day long... and,
again, for the record, we now know *what* this problem is, it is only a
matter of finding how it is that we can fix it that is being worked on.

And the issue only affects one chipset, no other - which is probably why it
was missed in the first place as it is a more obscure version of

And yes, I'm sure at least the customers that have been having problems with
this chipset will love us for actively seeking to fix this problem.

AW Support.

> -Gamer
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I encountered a bug lastnight..

May 29, 2001, 5:32pm
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The most likely cause of this problem was Internet lag, and a bad connection
between yourself and our servers, a router may of gone down and the update
packets were taking longer to get to you than usual....it happens...

Get a T1 or DSL :)

...though, thats no guarantee - even with high speed connections, the
internet is a shoddy place..and only as reliable as the routers you go
through to get where your going...


shhhh.... Roland is having a birthday soon!!!

May 31, 2001, 7:03pm
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...who, what , huh ?



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Jun 4, 2001, 1:55pm
[View Quote] I can say right now that this is in the works and an OP and avatars are
being worked on (and yes, alot of progress has been made and alot of it
looks really great), and, I am sorry, further details will not be released
until the project is finalised at an as yet undecided date.

AW Support.


Jun 4, 2001, 3:51pm
[View Quote] Sorry guys, no estimate at all...sometime this year I would guess =)


Time for you newbies to do some homework

Jun 4, 2001, 3:45pm
[View Quote] Or abuse at activeworlds.com ?

I know for a fact that support at activeworlds.com never received *anything* on
this matter - also, out of 86 million objectsin a hugely public world, do
you know how hard it is to check every one of them for things like that?
Also, we are in the same position as any other ISP, if you read in your user
agreement you will note

"AWCOM exercises no screening, editorial, or other control over Content
available to you through your use of the Software and AW Software, and
Content may include material that could be deemed distasteful, misleading,
inaccurate, offensive, pornographic or otherwise objectionable. Furthermore,
use of the Software or AW Software does not guarantee any privacy or
confidentiality of any Content you post or make available through the
Software and AWCOM assumes no responsibility or liability for the
preservation of such Content and may modify or remove it at AWCOM's sole
discretion. You hereby release AWCOM from any and all liability for all
claims related to Content as well as claims related to the security or level
of privacy provided."

We will do whatever we can to remove such, but we are under absolutly no
liablity in regards to content as agreed to in your user agreement when
signing up to use our softeware, and there is no guarantee that you will not
be confronted with such material in our software.

If there are complaints on the matter,s end them to abuse at activeworlds.com
or support at activeworlds.com and they will be looked into - but if we do not
receive the emails, then please do not complain about inaction, as we have
no way of doing anything if we dont even get your complaints.

No further correspondance on this issue will be entered into beyond this
post, if you have other concerns, please email us directly.

AW Support.

Time for you newbies to do some homework

Jun 4, 2001, 5:29pm
[View Quote] I *am* Fletch Marcus, and I will publically state here that on this porn
issue, I have not received *one* email from you on it. We always look into
these matters, and remove porn if we find it - it is NOt allowed in
Alphaworld - we do everything we can to monitor it, but, I do not believe
you have a good understanding of the way that the internet works, nor the
availability of pornography on the internet, nor the sheer logistics of
being able to check *EIGHTY MILLION* individual objects that could have
*anything* attached to them, porn or otherwise. And, you have agreed to the
license when using the software, so you know the inherant risks and that we
are under no liability if you do discover such material within the software.
How often do you email microsoft and complain when you are accidentally
re-directed to a porn site when using Internet Explorer ?

Again, as I said, email the issue concerned, and they will be investigated,
I fail to understand why you are making this into such a huge "AW does care"
issue when we obviously do, nor have heard anything in private
correspondance from you in the matter (well, I have not).

Fletch aka Facter
AW Support.

Time for you newbies to do some homework

Jun 4, 2001, 5:33pm
[View Quote] And again, I will say publically, that you *did not contact
support at activeworlds.com* on this porn issue, nor have I seen any
correspondance in my inbox from you on it. I answer every email that comes
in that box directed to support, and I do not recall any that dealt with
porn from you. Wanting to change someone elses backdrop in private worlds,
yes, many a time, but nothing to do with pornography.

Facter aka Fletch
AW Support

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Time for you newbies to do some homework

Jun 4, 2001, 7:16pm
[View Quote] They are answered IF you send them, once again, I have absolutly *no* record
of any email you have sent me on this issue. I will once *again* state that
*every single* email pertaining to support in AW that comes by me, addressed
to support, is answered - I know very well what my job pertains to, and take
offence to anyone thinking that each and every email that comes past my eyes
is any more or less important than another persons.

I received no email from you on this, so therefore you never got a reply.

I'm sorry if this was the case.


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Pornography and public worlds

Jun 4, 2001, 7:26pm
Pornography is not allowed in Alphaworld, and is a violation of the user
guidelines for any world that AW.com runs. If it is found, please email
abuse at activeworlds.com or support at activeworlds.com and it will be looked
into and if deemed inappropriate and in violation of our user guidelines, it
willbe removed without notice.

Please note, that as per your user agreement

"AWCOM exercises no screening, editorial, or other control over Content
available to you through your use of the Software and AW Software, and
Content may include material that could be deemed distasteful, misleading,
inaccurate, offensive, pornographic or otherwise objectionable. Furthermore,
use of the Software or AW Software does not guarantee any privacy or
confidentiality of any Content you post or make available through the
Software and AWCOM assumes no responsibility or liability for the
preservation of such Content and may modify or remove it at AWCOM's sole
discretion. You hereby release AWCOM from any and all liability for all
claims related to Content as well as claims related to the security or level
of privacy provided."

If found, we will do our best to investigate it, but we are in no way liable
for its presence in any public building nor private worlds. So, in further
point, please notify us about such occurences and it will be investigated. I
will not be posting in the other thread, and I hope that all concerned
understand the position of the company on this issue.


Fletcher Anderson
AW Support
support at activeworlds.com

Pornography and public worlds

Jun 5, 2001, 11:36am
[View Quote] Hope that fills you in a little more on the procedures and such =)


Pornography and public worlds

Jun 5, 2001, 11:45am
[View Quote] Oh Marcus, if ONLY it was that easy !! The users of AW are ina community,
and as such we always need to look after them whilst keeping that in mind.
We cant jsut go in and delete builds without first thinking the whole thing
through, and contacting and investigating these things. I myself would be
fully against any such practive, jstu arbitrarily giving some volunteer
citizens the ability to jsut go in and delete huge swaths of land - the GET
team do, but when it comes to larger issues,t hey always liase with Tom.
Also, the amount of vandalism and requests for deletion is so huge,t hat it
would be totally unmagageable without forms and such. Please, you need to
understand for just a minute the SIZE of Alphaworld and how many users we
have. There is a link to the GET team at Alphaworld ground zero via the
PK's, it is quite plain to see for all.

I hope Marcus,t hat you are slowly understanding the size and nature of the
issue here, Alphaworld has existed for I think over six years now, and it is
such a huge and dynamic place, that the issue *is* very complex, and,
possibly not completely seen from your eyes. Take what I say as an honest
approach, because I have had five years experience using this software and
being in this community, and I dont want to sound like an "elder" or
anything, but you do not have as much experience in this community and
software as alot of others here, including myself - I think you are finding
out slowly that this community is a very multi-faceted beast. These things
have been going on for years, and we have over these years formulated the
best approach that we can, via alot of different means. Do you know that I
was one of the first GK's? I then quit as the system was not up to par ,
after I left it prompted a complete overhaul of the GK rules. Did you also
know that I was a PK ? I also left them, because of much the same reasons.
Now, I work for the company, and I do my honest best to try and sort out the
huge, dynamic world that is the activeworlds.com community, so please do not
take anything that I say as "Inactive" nor flippant or jsut "stop gap"
procedures - everything I do, and everything I do with the company, is aimed
at trying to get better community relations, and to try and serve the
*users* better.

Thats what "support" stands for Marcus =)


Pornography and public worlds

Jun 5, 2001, 1:03pm
[View Quote] Wing, that drawing isnt pornography - that is tasteful art, and I would
challenge anyone that thought of something so beautiful in terms of
tasteless pornography.

Yep, a definate keeper - such a nice peice, I wish my life drawings were as
good as that , maybe one day...


> BTW, Facter, this is one of the most versitile textures ever. It's a
definite keeper. Wall hangings, simulated porn mags, just
> brings that sense of being real into Alpha.
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Pornographic Material In Active Worlds (email #3)

Jun 6, 2001, 11:43am
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Must I repeat myself so many times?

We never received anything from you Marcus until the emails that I received
yesterday. And yes, I did get something from you yesterday, and it was
forwarded to the appropriate places, I even went there and looked myself, I
saw no need to reply as I had *already* replied to you a hundred times here
in the newsgroup and given you the lay of the land on the matter.

But let me tell you right now - I went to that spot yesterday, and there is
no pornographic material in sight anywhere, nor do I have any proof that
there was pornographic material there, all I see are two cages with blank
picture objects. There is nothing there now, and I have no idea what was
there so I cannot make a decision, so there is no proof to delete the
citizens objects in the first place nor take action against that citizen.

Maybe if you had of emailed abuse or support earlier, or contacted the GET
team, we would of had proof of what you said and could take action, but you
did not, so I regret to inform you that we will not be deleting a citizens
property if we cant see anything wrong with it at the time of notification,
it is unfair and unjust to do so without proof in front of us of what you


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Pornographic Material In Active Worlds (email #3)

Jun 6, 2001, 11:51am
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Did the ISP email you telling you that they had removed it?

If not, did you consider that they did not have it removed, and that the
user themselves removed it ?

Just interested.


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An interesting question

Jun 22, 2001, 2:57pm
After the stuff with the newsgroups, an interesting question came up in my

Alot of you really do b**ch a lot about all the things that we dont do for
you - what I want to know, is what are all the things we *do* do for you,
that you perceive ? Sometimes support is a thankless task, but I myself
enjoy it, even if I get frustrated just like anyone else, and trust me, when
we have problems it gets to me just as much as it does you guys - especially
when it takes a while to resolve. It would be nice to see what you all think
are the *good* things that we have done, or AW has done for you. And, also,
knowing the good things that we do do, goes along way to myself, personally,
working on ways to not only improve those things, but allow them to filter
over to the things you feel we _dont_ do at support. I'm always open to
suggestions on ways to improve my technical support for all of you.

Now that the NG's are back up, perhaps we can figure out a way to bring a
little more harmony back as well.

AW Support

An interesting question

Jun 22, 2001, 3:33pm
> LOL good luck, you'll get flamed for this being off topic or something,

It is not off topics at all - it is a community related question, in trying
to fiuger out ways that support can assist the community better.

> helping people just as I do for free in AW now, lol So not only do you get
> nice paycheck every week ,I'm sure, you can also help people, what more
> could you ask for. I think AW citizens do alot of this technical support
> just by sharing information to new users or what have you. They don't go
> you, they go to someone that's been here for a while in the remote

There is a huge difference, I help probably at least a thousand people a
week, sometimes more - and I still enjoy it - do I would dispute that, if
they go to other citizens all the time, then why do I get very prominent
citizens always mailing me with tech support questions, and a volume of at
least 1000 users per week minimum ? See, you only see one side of the story
here, not the other side - so I am attempting to give all of you some
insight into the workings here - as I always have.

> I get questions asked of a technical nature everyday in AW too and I don't
> get paid for it, so feel fortunate enough that you do, lol Being bitched
> is just part of the job facter, what can I tell ya, lol

Of course it is a part of the job, its to be expected, I am, after all, the
most visable person for the frustrations of many - but thats not what I was
asking - I was asking what the GOOD things we have done for everybody were -
I'm sure there must be quite a few things we have done that have made people
happy, its like the browser, it is always complained about when you guys
dont get features that you want, but never commended when you DO get
features you want (like bots, 3D hardware graphics, moving objects etc).



An interesting question

Jun 22, 2001, 4:30pm
*shakes his head*

Ones tries and tries..


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An interesting question

Jun 22, 2001, 5:36pm
> The good things that AWCI does? <laughs>

Oh come on.

> 1. never listens to its customers

I listen ?

> 2. doesn't apparently care about its customers

I care ?

> 3. does stupid things

So does everyone at one time or another, we're all human ?

> 4. changes a good scenario into the worst possible


> 5. lies

When have I lied ?

> 6. pushes off good ideas to make room for features that are useless for
> normal AW user

no comment on that...dont know much about it.

> 7. goes with the stupid 'e-commerce' idea

So making money is bad?

> 8. lets the PKs operate in their current state

Its a better state than it was when I was a PK.

> 9. uses their 'power' to mess with customers


> 10. sells worlds for prices that are too high

How do my wages get paid ? I like being able to pay my bills.

> 11. takes bribes (you buy a universe, you get listened to; whereas you buy
> citizenship, AWCI could care less)

*shakes his head*

> On a scale from 1-10, I would give AWCI 0.00000102932849234...

Then why bother using the software ?


Screen Shots of new awcom build world

Jun 25, 2001, 7:13pm

Okay, heres is the run down.

1) These images were not for the general public, nor were they meant to be
released. Frankly, if someone was invited into that world by the builder,
then they should not of taken screen shots and distributed them to the
public via this newsgroup.
2) They are old.
3) That project is in no way anywhere near completetion, nor is it decided
what is happening with it.
4) Stop arguing about scale, what its going to be for, stuff like that,
because, and I will stress, those are of an uncompleted world, uncompleted
objects, and an uncompleted concept that has no definition as yet.

You'll find out more about it much later this year most likely, but for now,
until it is even a finished concept, or it is even in any way concrete,
theres no point in arguing about things like scale and what, how, if it will
replace, be used or any of those other things, because everything is sure to
change alot.

AW Support.

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