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What would make good website features?

Feb 7, 2001, 8:41pm
Collapsable menus are already the main feature for the new site =)


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When is the next newsletter comming out?

Feb 7, 2001, 8:39pm
[View Quote] We took it off due to the amount of incorrect email addresses in our
database - for some reason people dont keep their emails correct when they
sign up =)

We are going to work on a system to allow people to sign up for the
newsletters, it'll be on the new web page probably.


> --
> -Xero

Zone Alarm

Feb 8, 2001, 6:58pm
It has been noticed by us here at Tech support, that the program Zone Alarm
and AW really dont work well together - in fact, zone alarm tends to block
AW from working at all, and treats it as a rouge program.

What I want to know is, have any of you used Zone alarm and got AW working
with it - the worst things about zonealarm, is that even uninstalling it,
does not always unblock the ports - for some wierd reason.

Just after anyones experiences with the program =)


Zone Alarm

Feb 8, 2001, 7:46pm
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Thats exactly the problem that is being reported to me in quite a few
cases - but the not oing updates is new one, most cases, people just
couldnt connect to our servers, thanks for that - I know a little more on it

but the whole reformatting thing is very harsh, and this isnt the first ime
its been seen.


> Moria
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Zone Alarm

Feb 8, 2001, 7:47pm
[View Quote] Thanks Baron, looking at it now, it does appear as if alot of the reports
are to do with ME - i'll keep an eye on that one.


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User dismissal vote

Feb 8, 2001, 8:31pm
This post is to vote upon the dismissal from this newsgroup of the user

This user has been a source of continuous harrasement, abuse, slander,
derogatory remarks, personal insults and defamitory insults.

The user has been given many avenues to redeem himself in the eyes of the
newsgroup community, and has been given many opportunities to show himself a
decent, productive and respectful member thereof.

Thus, it is the wish of AWCI, to put forth a vote to have the user Eep's
priviledges of posting into this newsgroup, removed from him for the
foreseeable future.

AWCI has full authority to ban such user as we see fit, as he has
continually violated the charter that he agreed to follow when posting into
this newsgroup. In order to set a new precedent of community interaction, we
have decided to leave this matter up to the community to decide.

There will be one vote per AW citizen, and it will be an open vote. Votes
will be posted in response to this post, and will be tallied in 24 hours
from the posted date of this message. End results will be binding, with no
further discussion entered into - as this is an open vote, the talies will
be able to be viewed by all members of community.

Votes are to be cast as one of two choices

To have Eep remain int his newsgroup, please vote as <citizen name -
number> -"Stay"

To vote to have Eep removed, please vote <citizen name - number> - "Remove".

In making your decision, please review past posts by this user, and use them
to make your best judgement on the matter.

As the initiator of this vote, I begin the tally by casting my own, as an
Activeworlds citizen.

Facter 159952 - Remove.

The voting has begun.

User dismissal vote

Feb 8, 2001, 8:42pm
Sure, no problems - abstaining is fine, but abstains will have no bearing on
the issue. In 24 hours, whatever has the most votes, will be enacted.

Again, I do full heartedly apologise for this whole action being necessary
in the first palce, but he has brought the situation upon himself, and I
did, really, and truely, try to help him remedy the situation.

Trust me, if you dont think I feel really bad about having to do the whole
thing, you are very mistaken.

But the vote continues.


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Feb 9, 2001, 11:43am
> Eep is to blame for being rude and offensive. But most of the last ~200
> posts come from the actions you took, actions the community didn't agree
> with. As a support guy, you surely must have met angry customers before,
> you should know how to deal with them. Sure, eep might have planted the
> seeds for this mess - but you grew it, where you could have starved it.

Indeed -as support, I do know how to deal with them - as a community aide
and visonary, I guess I do not. I admit that.

Which is why, I will be sticking to support now.



Feb 9, 2001, 12:06pm
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The community has voted nothing - the vote was closed off by me before it
was even completed.

I hav better things to do, in my *personal* time, than be abused by people
like Eep - this is my personal choice, if you guys want to keep him, fine,
but speaking for myself personally, I have no wish whatsoever to put up with
that kind of ridiculous, insulting manners.

I may post in here once in a while, if there is something of genuine
importance to convey - but I will no longer take part in discussions.

I am not blaming anyone for any of this, I just have a more things in my
life to do than you realise, and trying to do something good, only to have
it shoved in my face continuously by him, is not my idea of fun.

I am sorry, but that is how it has turned out, and even if none of you like
it, then you must respect my personal choices.


> -Myrth
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Feb 9, 2001, 1:13pm
> But why not just do support here too, and ignore anything non-related?
> Afaik, you only seem to have a problem with Eep. So why not just filter
> out? Stay here, that would be great. Just clearly state whether you post
> Facter or as AWCI support guy. Make two different accounts, even, if you
> need. The flames and rants are for the support guy, not for Facter. Never
> have been, but they got mixed up. This community needs a link with AWCI,
> this would fit you. Just don't get yourself in the way. You can still be
> what you wanted to be. Give it a thought.

Rolu - very good solution, I will have a good think about the two accounts
idea, that, in itself, is probably one of the better things ideas I have
seen posted.

It does look, as though my actions have had some kind of positive outcome -
I was afraid that too many people were focusing on the negative aspects of
what I was trying to do.

Perhaps this was incorrect.



Feb 9, 2001, 1:30pm
[View Quote] Ahh, a misunderstanding perhaps - text is not always the best way for
utilising emotive responses - as I have often discovered in my dealing with
certain partners in my life *g*

Misunderstandings are easily rectified ..... ...beer often does wonders in
that realm !

Mmm...beer...you can tell its Friday cant you.



> -Agent1
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Feb 9, 2001, 1:31pm
Thanks for posting Sid - I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say your
opinions are always missed in here =)

And I agree with most of them =P


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now that this event is over...

Feb 9, 2001, 12:19pm
the boot from here again.
> Factor, I admire and respect you for what you brought to the table.
> Allowing the community to decide if one of our own needs to be removed
> is a HUGE step in the right direction. I applaud you for this. Take a
> few days off to let things simmer down a bit and then decide if you want
> to leave the groups instead of making that choice now. If you do decide
> to leave, well, I will understand completely but I believe your presence
> will be greatly missed.

Thankyou for acknowledging my efforts, I do appreciate it, and indeed I am
doing just that.



On a last note.

Feb 9, 2001, 12:17pm
I may still post in here relavant information if I believe it necessary.

I, will not myself, join in any discussions - if there is a post, there will
be no follow-up replies to it.

Newsgroup charter will be enforced, and moderation of insulting, and
derogatory posts will be followed.

For myself, I apologise that the efforts I sought were of dissatisfaction to
the community.

Please direct support questions to me via email at support at activeworlds.com

Be good to each other, and enjoy your stay in Activeworlds.


On a last note.

Feb 9, 2001, 6:45pm
[View Quote] Nothing at all, because I am honest - my being afraid or dishonest was
never an issue - it was the way I wanted to be treated by members of this
newsgroup that was.

Now that this has been settled, there is no problem.

Fletcher Anderson
AW Tech Support

> Nornny
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: applaud:

Feb 9, 2001, 12:38pm
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hahahaha...good =)



Testing, testing...

Feb 9, 2001, 1:37pm
Perhaps this will help avoid some of the confusion associated with my
personal opinions, and opinions/postings of the company - I'm not saying
that this will lead me to psot in here frequently, I am still feeling a
little jaded...but its a solution to a portion of the conflict.



Feb 12, 2001, 1:15pm
[View Quote] aaaarrrrggghhh, forgot over the weekend that I now have twoa ccounts for in
here =)


> Take care =)
> Facter
> AW Support.
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anyone good at cracking?

Feb 12, 2001, 6:25pm
A good point was brought to my attention - please try to refraim from
posting this kind of thing here...it really doesnt have anything to do with
AW =)


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FYI Weekend discrimination issue.

Feb 12, 2001, 3:15pm
After speaking to Mountain Myst, she just wanted to post this here, but she
is currently having some issues with her news account (tech support,

This is just FYI, and a continuing way to let the community know a little
more "behind the scenes" via this newsgroup. Hope you all find it of

Mountain Myst

*smile* Ok...... as most of you will OBVIOUSLY recognize, I do not post in
the ng's very often. Maybe once a year, if that! :) So forgive me if I'm not
replying to this thread in the "politically correct" spot. :))

I did want to assure you that this matter was taken very seriously and
investigated thoroughly by a number of people including myself. I spent
hours last night examining 4 separate chat logs of the said instance at
AWGate. I then cut and pasted various random excerpts from the logs to check
for any inconsistencies. I compared the log submitted by Internal Affairs
with 3 other logs of people who were contacted individually and asked to
submit them. Other than the individual whispers that varied from the logs
submitted, all 3 of the other logs were identical. However, the 4th log
submitted by Internal Affairs differed greatly from the other 3, in any text
referencing "gays".

In the second instance where Internal Affairs claims he was ejected
unfairly, the eject logs were examined, and evidence there fully supports
the GK ejecting him. This was discussed personally with Internal Affairs,
and I believe he understands fully why he was ejected.

On one hand, I am sorry that this situation ever took place. On the other
hand, I'm looking at it as a valuable opportunity for learning on all sides.
:) It has given me the opportunity to remind the Gate Keepers of their
precarious position and responsibility, and that they need to choose their
words wisely...... as we all should.

Mountain Myst/Kellie Williams
Executive Team Leader Gatekeepers
AWCom/Juno3DChat Support Team
Activeworlds.com, Inc.

FYI Weekend discrimination issue.

Feb 12, 2001, 4:32pm
I'll find out for you what our official position is on these matters...lemme
get back to you =)


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FYI Weekend discrimination issue.

Feb 12, 2001, 5:00pm
[View Quote] Sorry, you would have to ask Mountain Myst, but, I would think that the
matter is pretty much closed - no sense in dragging it out.. IA has admitted
his fault in a portion of the incident, and we dont really need witch hunts
against citizens do we ?

Let it lay....I am getting a response to Xela's question though.

AW Support


Feb 13, 2001, 5:42pm
Yes, it would be preferable it if things were kept on-topic in here...

AW Support

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3.1 has been released

Feb 13, 2001, 7:13pm
Think the topic speaks for itself.


Facter, an immediate website request :)

Feb 14, 2001, 1:01pm
[View Quote] There are plans underway for doing this - I just dont have time to compile
the objects up atm - they will be done for the new website, which I want to
have done by the end of March. It also has to be done in a specific way, so
its more time consuming than you would think.

AW Support.

Problem in both versions

Feb 14, 2001, 12:59pm
Felix, email me at support at activeworlds.com with all of this info- I noticed
a few things with this and will go over them with you =)

I just need it in email so that I can track things properly.

AW Support.

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3.1 Complaints *sigh*

Feb 14, 2001, 12:49pm
Okay, here is my take on this.

1) AW having restricted commands - well, think about it, would you like
someone that has a building plot right near GZ to be able to throw a fridge
into the middle of the GZ using a move command? Or how about your neighbour,
rotating images of some fiend or so into your yard ? The reason it is
disabled in AW for citizens, is because there is so much room for abuse - if
we could of put int he new features, and said "sure, everyone will totally
behave" then we would -but, can you honestly say that we would not receive
hundreds upon hundreds of complaints about people doing jsut that? I know
for a fact that my inbox would be full of complaints jsut like that =)

The is no way for the objects to check encrochment, to do so would make
things lag so much, that the feature wouldnt be worth it in the first place.
The new commands are *totally* different to any other commands, in that
these are the first command that you can enable that are able to *affect
another persons building*, so the comparison between them and the texture
commands dont really apply,t hey are in a totally different class

It was either put on a restriction, or not have the move and rotate commands
at all - that was the choice in the matter, due to the way it was set up,
and we all wanted to at least have those features inth e browser, but , if
there was no restriction, they would neve rof been put in in the first
place. Its just too easy for people to abuse that priviledge. Roland could
answer most of this so much better than me, but this is the general way
things went when it was implemented.

2) Forced upgrades - there are less bugs in 3.1 than in 3.0, for a fact.
Even some long standing bugs in 3.0 and *earlier* have been fixed in 3.1.
Also, it is a policy to disable older browsers as we phase in new ones, so,
if the upgrade isnt made,t hen there owuld be no way for you to enter the
universe at all - which is why we have that upgrade - you do have the option
to skip it though, though, we dont know how long we can support it for. At
the moment, we support *three* different browsers (2.2,3.0 and 3.1) when it
should just be one. 3.2 *should* bring us back to that level, but until
then, we dont have the resources to support so many different variations on
one thing - especially when one of those versions is now outdated (3.0).

3) Sound - well, after extensive beta testing,mt his is the first time sound
degredation of this kind has even been heard of. My sound is warmer, and
most people sound is so much better...it was very "tinny" for me in 3.0, but
now with the direct sound it sounds able, and full bodied. Have you upgraded
your sound card drivers ? I have no drop in bass...nor have there been many
complaints about this whtsoever - if it is a valid bug, and not jstut he
result of a system configuration,t hen please email the problem to me and
I'll send it over to the lads to take a look into.

4) Z objects. This is such an old argument =) Originally, Z objects were
only used by staff because the browsers couldnt handle too many of them.
They are higher polygon, and easily cause lag. With the new renderware, this
has kind of lessened, and I may ask in our next staff meeting if we can
relax the restrictions now on Z objects in Alphaworld. I can only ask for
you =)

As for 3.1 sucking...weeeeelllll, I *personally* think its the best AW
release yet (and having used the browser since 1996 trust me on that) - and
this is only the beginning - Pollen rocks in 3.1 =)

Hope that helps explain a few things =)

AW Support

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3.1 Complaints *sigh*

Feb 14, 2001, 12:56pm
> degredation of this kind has even been heard of. My sound is warmer, and
> most people sound is so much better...it was very "tinny" for me in 3.0,

Sorry! let me clarify that - it may of been heard of in the beta, but not
via myself here at support with the release version =)

It has now though...


3.1 Complaints *sigh*

Feb 14, 2001, 2:03pm
I am sorry that I was unable to satisfy you with my answers Myssie, I did
try to explain as best I could.

Unfortuantly, there is nothing else beyond explaining things that I can do,
you are probably the only really outspoken person that I have seen so far
that does not like 3.1, and I am sorry that it is that way for you.

None of my post was intended as "excuses", it was an attempt to be honest
with you on exactly why things are the way they are. I have no need to post
any excuses when it is plain truth and the way that the situation has to be
implemented. I totally disagree with your "there are more bugs in AW 3.0
than 3.1" statement, and I belive that most people would as well. If you
could perhaps list all of these "bugs" you are talking about I may have a
better idea as to how faulty your installation is.

I have received roughly 15 emails since yesterday with problems associated
with 3.1 on its release, now, compare that to my email inbox of over one
*hundred* problems the day after 3.0 was released - I think that is a very
good indication as to how less buggy this release actually is.

I dont set policy here, and I dont expect you to agree with me, but, that
is, how things are - there is not much more I can do but say I am sorry you
are dissatisfied.

AW Support.

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X Releases

Feb 15, 2001, 3:20pm
From deep in the vaults of the AW Skunkworks, come several new developments

After a meeting the other day, I put forth the idea of opening up the Z
objects for building in Alphaworld - and, it was accepted.

Some of the changes outlined below have *already* come into effect, and some
of them will come into effect at any time this afternoon - sorry, there is
no definate time for all of this, except this afternoon...

1) The new objects, are known as the X objects. These are Z objects that
have merely had the Z changed to an X. We have done this, so as not to break
anything existing and to also retaint he ability to let us use protected Z
objects in the future. There are one or two Z objects that have not been
added, due to size etc. The registry addition here is almost exactly the
same as the WildAW object registry in regards to Z objects. As noted, the
new registry should go into effect this afternoon.

2) I updated the Alphaworld objects, textures on the webpage
(http://www.activeworlds.com/tech/objects.html) - this is the most current
package, and it was really due for an update (my, I have been productive)

3) Mars objects have been placed on the webpage. This includes objects,
avatars, sounds and sequences. You may freely use these in your own worlds.

4) Pollen will be opened to public building sometime this afternoon. This is
a dynamic world, things could change whenever..err, really, I want them to.
Climate may change, lighting may change, strange things may emminate fromt
he ground. It is an experimental world - but I have increased its size, and
user limit for anyone interested in experimenting, then you are welcome to
do it in here. The first 50 cords or so are blocked out for special
development, but the rest of it..for for your life. This is still a private
world of mine, not an official AW.com world, but, lets call it a
"semi-official" world - its really just my way of saying "come play at my
house". There are some broken objects (over 4500 objects are in there), some
broken av's..that kind of thing...as I said, its a large scale experimental
environment - but now it'll be open to all =) All that remains is to put in
the registry, and if I can get Andras's reg builder to stop quitting after a
few lines then it'll be done in a jiffy =)

I hope you all like these new developments. I've been working hard on them
to get this stuff done for all of you. I am sure there are going to be
problems associated - jsut let me know as soon as somerhing comes up so I
can get it fixed okay ?

Enjoy =)

AW Support

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