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To all who hate AW

Jun 30, 2001, 8:52pm
[View Quote] > I wholeheartedly agree, Ananas. There SHOULD be a better way to get our concerns and
> ideas heard than simply ranting here in the NGs. And you know what? If such a way
> existed, do you think I'd be pissing and moaning right now?

If this is the best way, then we need to find a better one. If most of AWCI ignores the newsgroups, what does it matter to them if we rant in here or not?

> The FACT is, Ananas, there is no better way. As I pointed out to Facter, what good is
> it if he passes on our concerns to Rick & JP, if they subsequently ignore HIM, just
> like they ignore US? You want facts? Check out my latest column at, and
> hear it straight from Roland's keyboard.

Rick and JP are morons. All I have seen come from them is a bunch of hype and broken promises. Until they change, my opinion will not change.

> And as for concerns, I, personally, am not just interested in "fixing bugs". I want
> them (and when I mean "them", I mean Rick, JP, and AW's focus) to start listening to
> our ideas for *new* features, as well as enhancements to old ones. I want them to
> start showing more support for independent (non-AWCI sponsored) events and
> organizations. I want them to actually take an INTEREST in their so-called "valued"
> customers. Is that really so much to ask?

Until they get involved with their community or at least listen to their customers AW will continue to flounder.

> I never said they were lazy. I'm sure they're *very* busy signing contracts, holding
> meetings, and shaking hands. I never said they were ignorant, as I'm sure they're
> perfectly aware of our issues; they just choose not to address them at all. As for
> being criminal, I never claimed that either, but that's for a court to decide...

Yeah, they're busy, doing the wrong things...

> And for the record, I'm not spouting off for your personal entertainment. Injustice
> and oppression are not *supposed* to be "fun", Ananas. If you don't like it, you can
> go ahead and filter me for all I care. I don't know about you, but I've been putting
> up with this crap for almost 5 years now, and Roland's "confession" was the last
> straw. I, for one, am not going to put up with it any more.

I've been here for three years, and I've had it up to my ears with their BS.

> You can plug your ears and close your eyes all you want, but the problem won't go
> away unless *something* is done about it. *I* intend to find out what that something
> is. Do you?

Happy Birthday, ActiveWorlds!!!

Jul 2, 2001, 6:04pm
[View Quote] > Actually, there has been a couple layoffs at AWCI that you never hear about. The one
> I remember in particular was Dennette, who was hired as an object creator, if I
> recall correctly.
> The story goes that Dennette was working on a project for them, and then JP told him
> to drop everything and work on another project. Dennette tried to explain that he was
> almost done with the first project, and that he felt it was a bit more important than
> JP's project. Subsequently, Dennette was "released" for insubordination.
> Please, correct me if I've gotten the facts wrong. It's been a while, and I don't
> think Dennette's world is running anymore, where he had posted all the information
> about this. Facter, could you shed some light on this perhaps?

Dennette was a programmer. He programmed that lame WeatherBot in AlphaWorld, but JP turned it into a monster by asking for changes to the weather constantly. Supposedly, anyway.

Facter - Dennete did say that he was fired for insubordination. He had a sign explaining what happened at the GZ of his world (Sygyzy). There's now way to tell if it's true or not, but somehow I don't doubt the story too much :P

More flaming idiots

Jul 9, 2001, 6:28pm
[View Quote] > Immigration Officer: Welcome to AlphaWorld! Please note: DO NOT GIVE YOUR PASSWORD TO *ANYONE*. See
> for more information.
> First the bot testing and now they're being more blunt about it? How many fucking MORONS use AW anyway?

"Hyper Shadow": anyone here uh.. registered?
Shred: Yes, HS.
UEAK RaptorFox: *raises hand*
BERG: yeah me
"Hyper Shadow": shred
"fouad": hello all
Shred: Yes?
"Hyper Shadow": uh i got this new message from theimmigration officer saying do not give out password, but i never registered or got that message
Immigration Officer: Welcome to ziOn - home of - let the rocking begin! That's right... Danny 2K (NXS) is back! Everyone be sure to send him Get Well Soon telegrams :)


Need I paste more?

To Whom It May Concern... [long!]

Jul 18, 2001, 11:12am
Kyle Lee
Shred (298819)

[View Quote] > To Whom It May Concern...
> There was a time in AW when COF actually had a presence in the AW Community. There
> was a time in AW when the concerns of the AW populace were actually considered before
> a decision was made. There was a time in AW when people would meet in a little world
> called The Transcend, and eagerly listen to COF's biggest announcements and plans for
> the future. There was a time when, rather than see a product that was full of
> potential get tossed aside like so much garbage, COF took it upon themselves to keep
> it alive, doing it "for the community".
> That was then; this is now. All the broken promises, unheard pleas, and unanswered
> concerns lie plain for all to see like an open book. Citizenships that were
> guaranteed to be free, abruptly changed to a paid system and unwittingly creating a
> caste system of haves and have-nots that would forever divide the community. Worlds
> like COFMeta, Atlantis, and WildAW, the "babies" of AWCI employees, now stand nearly
> deserted and devoid of life due to neglect. World prices skyrocket out of control
> without any prior warning or notification as the AW citizen base, mostly teenagers,
> scramble to find enough money for their dream world. Features appear in the software
> that only a marketing executive could love, as citizens' ideas go completely and
> blatantly ignored. Organizations that once thrived on AWCI support (AWHS, AWEC, et
> al) now stand in a state of dormancy, waiting for someone to help bring them to their
> former glory. Textures get changed without any notification whatsoever, forever
> changing, and in some cases, ruining the AW landscape.
> And all this because of money; a simple, desperate, constant search for money. While
> you were busy building virtual malls that no one would visit, you succeeding in
> disenfranchising the AW populace by raising world prices and changing textures
> without any input from your supposed "cherished" user base. While you were busy
> shaking hands with Juno and making their world, a man by the name of Cybernome left
> his post as caretaker of COFMeta (a world that *you*, AWCI, are supposed to be taking
> care of) because of the stress of dealing with the AWCI management, causing it to
> regress back to an empty, lonely world. While you were busy making Universes that
> soon flopped, your stock did a reverse split and you actually had to buy some of your
> own stock back! And while you were busy changing names and appointing Board members,
> your own employees go as unnoticed and ignored as the citizens they spend their daily
> lives helping and serving.
> There's a reason this letter starts with the greeting "To Whom It May Concern". It's
> a greeting that asks a simple question: Does this concern you? Do these things that
> have occurred over the years bother you? Do you think something should be done about
> them? If so, then why haven't you? The events that are described here, as well as
> many others, are all well documented, so it's not as if you didn't know about them.
> You are all perfectly aware of this buzzing community of people that has "suddenly"
> sprung up around your little piece of software, yet you chose not to address it.
> Instead of seeking to help nurture and grow this throng of loyal followers who have
> been with you since the beginning, you wish to try and lure in companies and
> businesses who might initially fall for the "revolutionary
> e-commerce/education/modeling/simulation/whatever software" routine, but soon
> discover it's nothing more than an elaborate chat room.
> If it's money you're after, why not look at what has and has not worked in your
> storied history so far. Virtual malls have proven to be completely ineffective, with
> at mart standing empty, except for the occasional tourist lured away from AWGate. Your
> precious Education universe, as well as worlds created for universities and colleges,
> lie empty and dead, never to be visited again. Even your most recent projects, like
> Nettazi, fail to draw in even a hint of revenue. On the other hand, mainstays like AW
> and AWTeen continue to draw in hundreds of users on a daily basis. Volunteers like
> Alphabit Phalpha, Brant, Bille, and countless others provide events and community
> services that keep people coming back. Even employees like Facter, Flagg, and Roland
> do all that they can to help make the community a better place, even if it's on their
> own time! And all of these things work for one simple reason: it's for the community!
> The community can make AW work!
> All it takes is turning around and looking at who's behind you. Will Juno care about
> AW's community and development? Will Nettaxi? Will NASA or the Univesity of Santa
> Cruz or or some other corporate sponsor down the road? When all is said and
> done, when all the deals have past and all the money has been squandered, we will
> still be here, supporting everything you do. Why? Simply because we have taken the
> time to invest in your product to its fullest. We are the ones who have committed to
> making AW the greatest place for people to come and, ultimately, spend their
> hard-earned money. We are the ones who have succeeded in keeping this company afloat,
> despite all the hardships and bad decisions. And we are the ones who can help you
> bring AW into the forefront, where it belongs; where it *needs* to be.
> But in order to do that, our voices need to be heard. We need to work together if
> you ever want to see this program break out of this cycle of stagnation. Your
> concerns must become our concerns, and our concerns must become your concerns. Only
> then, will AWCI begin to see true success, and AW will launch into the stratosphere.
> Still, the question remains: Are these your concerns? Do the ideas expressed in this
> letter, and echoed by hundreds of users before us, even register with you? Because if
> they don't, you've essentially told every single person who's ever bought a
> citizenship or a world or a t-shirt or a CD, who's ever started a community
> organization or a business in AW, that it was all for nothing. You might as well tell
> everyone to send you a check for $20 in the mail every year and never even come to AW
> at all.
> The community can help you, if you are willing to let it. Let us be heard, and
> together we can bring AW out of the darkness and into the spotlight where it belongs.
> Because *that* should be everyone's primary concern.
> Most Sincerely,
> Bob Rodehorst
> "Goober King" (#103935)
> ---------------------------------------------
> This is the letter I plan on sending to every single person on the AWCI roster.
> Whether you like me or not is irrelevant. Whether you believe AWCI has a right to
> ignore us or not is irrelevant. Whether you think this letter has a snowball's chance
> in hell of making anything happen or not is irrelevant. The only thing that matters
> is, if you agree with the statements written above, please show your support by
> replying to this message with your cit name and number. If you want, you can add
> extra weight to your "signature" by adding your real name, to demonstrate that you
> are a real person and not just some random number. In either case, the more people
> who sign it, the better chance of us actually being considered.
> So please, let's drop all of our petty squabbles just this once, and show AWCI that
> we can actually stand united as one for the common good. Because if we can't, then we
> are no better than the company we complain about. I still have some faith in my
> fellow community members. Don't destroy it.

WHo here dosnt liek Lanezeri?

Aug 2, 2001, 5:05pm
[View Quote] Good for you!

This is the kind of useless crap that starts flamewars. If you don't like
him, then tell him so in e-mail or telegrams, because most of us couldn't
care less.

1. Don't cross-post unless topic is relevant in all groups posted in.
2. Hence, post on topic :P
3. Grow up.

AW Ear beta testing

Aug 14, 2001, 11:44pm
[View Quote] Eh? I'm on Windows 2000 running DirectX 8. Direct3D performance IMPROVED for
me when I upgraded to Windows 2000.

What is YOUR default start world?

Aug 27, 2001, 1:25am
[View Quote] > Just wondering what everyone's default start world was. Mine is AWGate
> because I have no where else to go. What about you?

HooverAE, just a sci-fi world that DaBartender and I are messing with.

Value of a cit

Aug 30, 2001, 7:36pm
[View Quote] I've been keeping up with this whole thread.
I honestly believe that you act the way you do with the sole purpose to piss
people off. It's working, and you're getting the attention you want.

My advice to you is:

You are being filtered because:


CPU Problems.

Sep 26, 2001, 9:48pm
[View Quote] 1GHz is not slow by todays standards *pats his 1.2 T-bird*. Hell, how many
people are still out there playing Quake III? A game released in what...
1999? Get real, IA.

And for your information, I have a job, and I built my own damn computer
(and have been doing so for others for some time now).

So, fuck off, and henceforth, consider yourself filtered.

I've watched you act like an arrogant little brat for several days now. Just
because your mommy and daddy never bought you any presents on your birthday
doesn't mean that you should be an asshole.

Good day, sir.

CPU Problems.

Sep 26, 2001, 9:50pm
[View Quote] Bah, sorry for not removing the cross-posting to Community folks, the flame
was meant for general :P


Aug 20, 2002, 4:48pm
For those of you who don't know, Hu also builds in his world, Symbolic. There are some very wonderful creations there as well.

[View Quote]

Bad News! :-(

Aug 24, 2002, 2:12pm
Do you think that you could possibly start quoting what it is that you're referring to and/or stop posting your one to two word responses? These are referred to as 'me too' posts in Usenet lingo, and they are generally a waste of bandwidth and reading time.

[View Quote]

Bad News! :-(

Aug 24, 2002, 3:49pm
I did not mean to offend you, and since I obviously did, I apologize.

The reasons for quoting and conforming to other Usenet standards are generally ones that try to make newsgroups less of a hassle for everyone, no matter what newsreader client or operating system they're using. For instance, if the post you were replying to was missing, or the reader's newsreader client doesn't thread articles, he/she would not know what post you were referring to in your reply (or in the case of a non-threading newsreader, without going to quite a bit of extra effort to figure it out.)

[View Quote]

wishlist objects

Aug 29, 2002, 6:46pm
She didn't ask how she could *create* the objects; she asked if anyone knew where she could *get* such objects.

[View Quote]

aw story

Aug 29, 2002, 7:42pm
I actually thought that AW Tale was entertaining as a parody on AW life. If *someone* would get off his gluteus maximus and fix his damn pages... :P

[View Quote] > Just offering some suggestions. :) (Maybe one of these days, I'll get
> around to finishing *my* AW story, and we can compare notes. :P)

aw story

Aug 29, 2002, 7:51pm
I didn't read the story, but I have a suggestion for the site: have the index/story in the main window rather than a popup, because some people have popups disabled by default.

[View Quote]

aw story

Aug 29, 2002, 10:40pm
Why do I get the impression that you fixed the pages after you read my post and then (seemingly) claimed that they were never broken in the first place? :P

[View Quote]

aw story

Aug 29, 2002, 11:21pm
Take a course in psychology and you will learn that emotional violence's consequences can be as severe or worse than physical violence.

"The pen is mightier than the sword."

Follow-up set to general.discussion

[View Quote]

aw story

Aug 30, 2002, 4:59pm
[View Quote] Disapproving of violence is fine - it's the hypocrisy that has everyone riled up. If NCC 72897 actually stuck to his words, I think that no one would have any reason for flaming him.

aw story

Aug 31, 2002, 1:54am
Disliking of *what* exactly? You are disliked only because of your logical inconsistencies and foolish acting in the newsgroups. No one here has a vendetta against you simply because we're all out to get you. Don't be so paranoid. Most people here probably don't know you very well, and most of us are a lot nicer than you may think.

Don't fall victim to the flame wars: follow your own advice and don't tolerate violence. I assume that according to your philosophy, the best way to fight fire is with water.

[View Quote]

aw story

Aug 31, 2002, 2:21pm
Ah -- no. My point was simply this: don't subscribe to violence if you do not approve of it. I said nothing of stopping *all* violence.

[View Quote]

aw story

Aug 31, 2002, 2:25pm
It's becoming quite obvious that this guy is not going to get anything through his thick skull.


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/ O O\__ feed the Trolls. |
/ \ Thank You. |
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To the Cy Committee: A letter from an "old-timer"

Sep 2, 2002, 9:27pm

[View Quote]

To the Cy Committee: A letter from an "old-timer"

Sep 2, 2002, 9:36pm
I must have been correct, then :P

'Alpha' made me think of him.

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Slow Moving Throughout AW

Sep 11, 2002, 9:31pm
Barely. Trident's video cards are *not* for use in 3D programs. The CPU by itself doesn't fare very well in 3D rendering, hence the 3D accelerator board was born. The unit might even be built into the chipset and have no actual AGP port, which means that he couldn't actually get a decent video card (ie: Geforce2/Radeon or greater) without replacing the motherboard. Running a decently powerful video card on a PCI bus would be pointless because of the *extremely* limited bandwidth (the PCI bus would be a bottleneck between the video card and the system CPU/RAM).

[View Quote]

A!!CT World will drop Heartfall Sept.16

Sep 20, 2002, 10:41pm
Begin sarcasm.

Cosnidering the fact that this person's main nick is Insanity, it isn't surprising that he's a multiple personality schizophrenic.

"Filmkr, InSaNiTy & the rest of the Heartfall Family..."

Note the use of the word 'family'. Do you consider your colleagues *family*? These Heartfall folks are obviously far too close to be just workers on some company team. The fact of the matter is that they all live in the cranium of one disturbed individual.

This particular disorder has been renamed the ", Inc. business strategy disease".

End sarcasm.

[View Quote]

Re: Object path protection

Sep 11, 2002, 3:40pm
I suggest that you do filter him rather than egg him on. If you have a complaint, send it to Flagg.

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[AWNews] Stirring the Virtual Melting Pot: Sept. 2002

Sep 12, 2002, 12:14pm
My story isn't exactly soul stirring or heart wrenching, but I'll share it anyway.

It was a completely normal September morning. I woke up in my subhuman state, I drank my coffee and grudgingly went off to school.

Up until fourth period, hours after the first plane had flown into the world trade center, I had a completely standard and maddeningly dull day. I had just sat down for my heart throbbingly exciting world geography course when my friend, sitting next to me, said something to the effect of "Hey Kyle, the U.S. is under attack by terrorists!" I contemplated this statement for a moment, and finally I responded with "What?!"

The teachers would not tell us anything. I harassed every one of them to no end, until finally, in *sixth* period, the class and I managed to convince our teacher to drop the lessons for the day and tell us what the hell was going on. So, we got a brief rundown of the situation, but nothing thorough. The first time I got any solid news was when I got home and parked in front of the television.

Mainly the question that kept running through my mind was "Why?". I can still find no reason that those thousands of people deserved to have their lives judged and destroyed in such a short instant.

I hate war. I hate it with a passion. I believe that war is a failure of diplomacy, and failure of diplomacy is a failure of intelligence on one or both of the opposing sides. But this... this was just pointless. I was both beyond anger and beyond grief. The act was so hideous and monstrous that the reality of the happening never fully registered in my mind, and to this day, it still hasn't.

I'm very far away from New York, so it was and is hard for me to feel the effects of September 11th. What was foremost in my mind on that day, one year ago, is still so today: disgust. Absolute disgust.

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Answering Telegrams About Commands, Processor Size, etc

Sep 12, 2002, 6:20pm
I'm not trying to be rude here, but AW can't and shouldn't slow down its technological advancement for the minority of people out there using antiquated hardware. Active Worlds is quite a different program than an AOL or Earthlink browser. Rendering a real-time 3D environment requires a lot of processing power -- the more, the better. As the level of detail and abilities of Active Worlds increase, the more processing power is going to be required to sustain it.

Every release of a new cutting-edge 3D game requires a more powerful computer to run it. Take the upcoming Doom III, for example. That game will barely even run on a Geforce2. But people don't complain because they *want* the software to advance. The hardware world and software world advance mostly at the same rate. If you want to fully enjoy the latest software, then you're going to have to run it on decent hardware.

If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

[View Quote]

AWNews Domain

Sep 20, 2002, 12:58am
Does this mean that we have to cancel the 'pitchfork the web company to death' convention scheduled next week? I already bought a straw hat.

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