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Poll updated and Fixed...

May 27, 2001, 7:45am
Added :)

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Poll updated and Fixed...

May 27, 2001, 4:26pm
added :)

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The Mole 2 logo...

May 30, 2001, 8:59am
He used Ulead PhotoIpmact 6 :o)

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[NGS] Diary

May 26, 2001, 10:22pm
Dear Diary,

Damn! Leaf knows about my plans with Nornny...

Looks like I'll have to 'deal with her first'...she will regret getting
involved in my buisness...

I got the spanish elephants now...damned american corioer services
complainging...i told them im not paying them 30 dollars to fit a elephant
in an envelope for nothing! man...

The assasination will take place next saturday night at the AWTeen Core
meeting..if all goes to plan Nornny...will

crashing problems

May 28, 2001, 6:53am
I too had this problem back when 3.0 first came out, it seems like one of
those problems that come and go, and im sure its been reported to the
programmers many times...but as usual the great AW customer shines through
when they e-mail you the words "If we can't get the error on our computer we
wont fix it."

Thanx AW, I'm sure your customers love you now...


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crashing problems

May 28, 2001, 6:55am
"...AW Customer shines...." should be "...AW Customer Care shines..."


May 28, 2001, 7:42pm
Ok I know this is completely off topic..and you welcome to flame al lyou
like, but I really need to know...

I've got £100 to play with, and I'm considering putting a GeForce 2 in my
machine, It costs £94 in the cheapest place I've found. In AW in reasonbly
dense areas...and especially New York GZ..I lag beyond belief...

I dont even have a proper Graphics/3D card right now, I got some crap called
3D Now! Technology...and it sucks badly. What I need to know is, if I put a
GeForce 2 is...would my comp be able to handle such a powerfull card?

My specs are:

400 mhz AMD-K6 2
3D Now! Technology
94 megs ram
Shared Video Ram
4 Gig HD

If my comp can handel the card...would it make significant changes to AW and
all my games?




May 28, 2001, 8:52pm
can I have one please? ;)

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[NGS] Diary

May 29, 2001, 6:05am
Dear Diary,

I have just reurned from the Commwealth Head Quarters, I, as planned, was
going to 'deal' with Leaf...but somthing weird happened...somthing very
weird. As I stood outside the door to his office, and looked in through the
keyhole, I saw....him.......removing layers of skin to reveal......metal?
I'm tired, I think I may be hallucinating. Could it be that he's a

WARNING: Virus Alert!

May 29, 2001, 6:04pm
Today programmers in Sunnyvale California found a new devastating virus, a
program about 200 megs in is known to slow your computer down,
litter your hard drive with useless files and fill your screen with illegal
operation errors...

The name of the virus is...Windows ME

The American Police are still investigating its origin...they belive it was
created by a small programming cult know as microshaft...a man by the name
of Bill Gates has since been arrested in conjunction with the investigation.

Should you have any information please contact us at: 1-800-WINBLOWS


[NG Survivor] Challenge 3

May 31, 2001, 1:59pm
now now now now now

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Quite Place (Off-Topic Post)

May 31, 2001, 2:05pm
hmm...why not go and sit in the middle of a field full of corn? (at harvest
time) rofl...sorry couldnt resist :o)

btw. whats wrong with having a quiet time in the bathroom? Its a good place
to think about stuff, LMAO ;)


A few sounds for *someones* BDay Site...*nudge nudge, wink wink*

Jun 1, 2001, 8:27am
Well we couldnt find Maralyn Monroe, but we sure found K-9 and Willy... 271KB 215KB

lol, these are funny...sorry I couldnt uplaod them to
but its been going down a lot lately...


A few sounds for *someones* BDay Site...*nudge nudge, wink wink*

Jun 1, 2001, 3:16pm
They download and play in AW just fine for me...

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Active Worlds TC

Jun 2, 2001, 10:23am
Fed up of the Immigration Officer? Would you rather have Fred Durst shout
"You can't build and further than this biatch!" at you that the polite
Building Inspector?

Well I've attached the Active Worlds Music TC

just put it in your messages folder in the Active Worlds Dir...and select
MusicTC on the drop down menu on the advanced tab in settings....then
re-start AW...LMAO This is funny :o)


Active Worlds TC

Jun 2, 2001, 10:30am
Opps..forgot to attach it, lol...

begin 666 MusicTC.awm
M(R!)35!/4E1!3E0A("!$;R!N;W0 at ;6]D:69Y('1H92!C;VYT96YT<R!O9B!T
M:&ES(&9I;&4 at :6X at 04Y9(%=!62!O<B!Y;W4 at =VEL;"!B92 -"B, at =6YA8FQE
M('1O('5P9W)A9&4 at =&\ at 9G5T=7)E('9E<G-I;VYS(&]F($%C=&EV92!7;W)L
M9',A("!)9B!Y;W4 at =V%N="!T;R!M;V1I9GD-"B, at 86YY(&]F('1H97-E(&UE
M<W-A9V4 at =&AE;B!M86ME(&$ at 8V]P>2!O9B!T:&ES(&9I;&4 at 9FER<W0 at 86YD
M('1H96X at ;6%K92!Y;W5R#0HC(&-H86YG97, at :6X at =&AE(&YE=R!F:6QE(&EN
M<W1E860 at ;V8 at =&AI<R!O;F4N#0HC#0HC(%=H96X at ;6%K:6YG('EO=7( at ;W=N
M(&UE<W-A9V4 at 9FEL92P at 8F4 at <W5R92!T;R!O;FQY(&EN8VQU9&4 at =&AO<V4 at
M;65S<V%G97, at #0HC('1H870 at >6]U('=A;G0 at =&\ at ;W9E<G)I9&4L(&%N9"!L
M96%V92!T:&4 at <F5S="!O=70N("!4:&4 at <F5M86EN:6YG(&UE<W-A9V5S#0HC
M('=I;&P at 8F4 at ;&]A9&5D(&%U=&]M871I8V%L;'D at 9G)O;2!D969A=6QT+F%W
M;2X-" at T*(RTM+2TM+2TM+2TM+2TM+2TM+2TM+2TM+2TM+2TM+2TM+2TM+2TM
M+2TM+2TM+2TM+2TM+2TM+2TM+2TM+2TM+2TM+2TM+2TM+2TM+2T-"B, at (" at
M(" at (" at (" at (" at (" at (" at (" at ("!%<G)O<B!M97-S86=E<PT*(RTM+2TM
M+2TM+2TM+2TM+2TM+2TM+2TM+2TM+2TM+2T-" at T*,0DE<R!W87, at =6YA8FQE
M<V4 at 8V]N=&%C="!S=7!P;W)T0&%C=&EV97=O<FQD<RYC;VT at 9F]R(&%S<VES
M=&%N8V4N#0HR"5-O<G)Y+"!W92!A<F4 at =6YA8FQE('1O(&-O;7!L971E('1H
M:7, at ;W!E<F%T:6]N(&%T('1H:7, at =&EM92X at (%!L96%S92!T<GD at 86=A:6X at
M;&%T97(N#0HS"51H97)E(&ES(&YO(&-I=&EZ96X at =VET:"!T:&4 at ;F%M92 B
M)7,B#0HX"51H92!P87-S=V]R9"!Y;W4 at 9V%V92!I<R!I;F-O<G)E8W0N#0HY
M"5-O<G)Y+"!Y;W5R(&YA;64 at 8V]N=&%I;G, at ;VYE(&]R(&UO<F4 at :6YV86QI
M9"!C:&%R86-T97)S+B at 4&QE87-E('1R>2!A(&1I9F9E<F5N="!N86UE+ at T*
M,3,)5V%R;FEN9R$ at 5&AE(&-O;FYE8W1I;VX at =&\ at =&AE('=O<FQD(&ES(&-U
M<G)E;G1L>2!D;W=N+B at 66]U<B!C:&%N9V5S(&UA>2!B92!L;W-T+ at T*,3<)
M66]U<B!P<FEV:6QE9V4 at <&%S<W=O<F0 at 8V%N;F]T(&)E('1H92!S86UE(&%S
M('EO=7( at ;&]G:6X at <&%S<W=O<F0-"C,W"5EO=2!A<F4 at ;F]T(&%L;&]W960 at
M=&\ at 96YC<F]A8V at at :6YT;R!A;F]T:&5R)W, at <')O<&5R='D-"C,X"51R>2!B
M=6EL9&EN9R!S;VUE=VAE<F4 at 96QS92!B96-A=7-E('1H:7, at 87)E82!I<R!F
M=6QL#0HS.0E9;W4 at 87)E(&]N;'D at 86QL;W=E9"!T;R!C:&%N9V4 at >6]U<B!O
M=VX at <')O<&5R='D-"C0P"5EO=2!A<F4 at ;VYL>2!A;&QO=V5D('1O(&1E;6]L
M:7-H('EO=7( at ;W=N('!R;W!E<G1Y#0HT,0E/;FQY(')E9VES=&5R960 at ;V)J
M96-T<R!C86X at 8F4 at =7-E9"!F;W( at 8V]N<W1R=6-T:6]N#0HU-0E4:&ES('=O
M<FQD(&5X8V5D97, at >6]U<B!M87AI;75M(')A=&EN9RX-"C4Y"5EO=7( at 96UA
M:6P at 861D<F5S<R!M=7-T(&)E(&YO(&UO<F4 at =&AA;B U,"!C:&%R86-T97)S
M+ at T*-C )66]U<B!E;6%I;"!A9&1R97-S(&UU<W0 at 8F4 at 870 at ;&5A<W0 at ."!C
M:&%R86-T97)S+ at T*-CD)66]U<B!N86UE(&UU<W0 at ;F]T('-T87)T('=I=& at at
M;W( at 8V]N=&%I;B!C;VYS96-U=&EV92!B;&%N:W,N#0HW, E9;W5R(&YA;64 at
M8V%N;F]T(&5N9"!W:71H(&$ at 8FQA;FLN#0HW, at E9;W5R(&YA;64 at ;75S="!B
M92!A="!L96%S=" R(&-H87)A8W1E<G,N#0HW- E9;W5R('!A<W-W;W)D(&UU
M<W0 at 8F4 at 870 at ;&5A<W0 at -"!C:&%R86-T97)S+ at T*-S4)4V]R<GDL('1H92!N
M86UE("(E<R( at :7, at 86QR96%D>2!I;B!U<V4 at 8GD at 86YO=&AE<B!C:71I>F5N
M+B at 4&QE87-E('1R>2!A;F]T:&5R(&YA;64 at *'1I<#H at =')Y('-O;65T:&EN
M9R!R96%L;'D at 8W)E871I=F4A*0T*.# )56YA8FQE('1O(&-O;G1A8W0 at )7,N
M("!0;&5A<V4 at =')Y(&%G86EN(&QA=&5R+B at 268 at =&AI<R!P<F]B;&5M('!E
M<G-I<W1S+"!C;VYT86-T('-U<'!O<G1 86-T:79E=V]R;&1S+F-O;2!F;W( at
M87-S:7-T86YC92X-"C at S"5EO=2!C86X at 8G5I;&0 at :&5R92!D=6UB(&%S<R$-
M"C at T"5EO=2!C86XG="!B=6EL9"!A;GD at 9G5R=&AE<B!B:6%T8V at A#0HX- at E5
M;F%B;&4 at =&\ at ;&]A9"!W96( at 8G)O=W-E<B$ at 5&AI<R!F96%T=7)E(')E<75I
M<F5S('1H870 at 36EC<F]S;V9T)W, at 26YT97)N970 at 17AP;&]R97( at ,RXP(&]R
M(&QA=&5R(&)E(&EN<W1A;&QE9"!O;B!Y;W5R('-Y<W1E;2X at ($EF(&ET(&ES
M(&YO="!A;F0 at >6]U('=O=6QD(&QI:V4 at =&\ at =7-E('1H:7, at 9F5A='5R92P at
M<&QE87-E(&1O=VYL;V%D(&%N9"!I;G-T86QL('1H92!L871E<W0 at =F5R<VEO
M:71E("AW=W<N;6EC<F]S;V9T+F-O;2DN#0HX.0E4:&4 at 8F]U;F-E<B!W;VYT
M(&QE="!Y;W4 at :6YT;R!T:&ES(%)A=F4 at 9'5D92 Z* T*.3 )3F\N+BYY;W5R
M(%)%04P at 92UM86EL(&%D9')E<W, at 87-S:&]L92XN#0HY,0E.;R B+B( at :6X at
M>6]U<B!E+6UA:6PN+GEO=2!B971T97( at ;F]T(&)E($)3:6YG(&UE($)R;RXN
M+ at T*.3()3F\ at 0"!I;B!Y;W5R(&4M;6%I;#\N+BYD;VYT($)3(&UE(&)O>2XN
M+ at T*.3,)5&AE<F5S(&$ at <W!A8V4 at 870 at =&AE('-T87)T(&]F('EO=7( at 92UM
M86EL(&1U;6)A<W,N+BX-"CDT"4=E="!R:61D82!T:&4 at <W!A8V4 at 870 at =&AE
M(&5N9"!O9B!Y;W5R(&4M;6%I;"XN+ at T*,3(V"5EO=2!C86XG="!B=6EL9"!T
M:6QD('=I=& at at 6B!O8FIE8W1S+"!Y;W4 at 9W5N;F$ at :&%V92!T;R!G;W0 at =&AR
M;W5G:"!M92$-"C$R. E9;W4 at 8V%N(&=I=F4 at >6]U<B!O8FIE8W1S(&%W87D at
M<W1U<&ED(0T*,30V"51H97)E(&ES(&YO(')A=F4 at 9V]I;F< at ;VX at 8V%L;&5D
M('1H870A#0HQ-3D)0V%N)W0 at ;&]C871E(&AO;64N+BX-"C$X- E4:&5R92!A
M:6YT(&%N>2!R879E<R!T;R at 9V\ at =&\ at =&]N:71E(#HH#0HQ.3()2&5Y('-T
M=7!I9"XN<V]M96]N92!E;'-E(&ES(&]N('EO=7( at 86-C;W5N="XN+DA!(0T*
M,3DW"51H92!D=61E('EO=2!W86YT960 at =&\ at :F]I;B!D;VXG="!W86YN82!T
M86QK('1O('EA+BYG;R!F:6=U<F4N#0HR,# )3W!P<R!Y;W4 at 9&ED(&ET(&%G
M86EN+B!9;W4 at =V5N="!A('=O<FQD('1H871S(&9U;&PN(#HI#0HR,#$)66]U
M<B!P<FEV:6QE9V4 at <&%S<W=O<F0 at ;75S="!B92!A="!L96%S=" T(&-H87)A
M8W1E<G,N#0HR,3()66]U(&=O="!K:6-K(&]U="!O9B E<PT*,C(R"5-O<G)Y
M+"!T:&4 at <WES=&5M(&ES(&-U<G)E;G1L>2!F=6QL+B at 4&QE87-E('1R>2!A
M9V%I;B!L871E<BX-"C4Q. E787)N:6YG(2!9;W4 at 87)E(&EN('-T86YD86QO
M;F4 at ;6]D92X at (%EO=7( at 8VAA;F=E<R!W:6QL(&YO="!B92!S879E9"X-"C4R
M,2!5;F%B;&4 at =&\ at :6YI=&EA;&EZ92!!4$D at *')E87-O;B E9"D-"C4T-B!5
M;F%B;&4 at =&\ at ;&]O:W5P(&-I=&EZ96X at *')E87-O;B E9"D-"C4X,2!5;F%B
M;&4 at =&\ at ;&]O:W5P(&QI8V5N<V4 at *')E87-O;B E9"D-"C<T- E5;F%B;&4 at
M=&\ at ;&]O:W5P(&5J96-T:6]N("AR96%S;VX at )60I#0HW-#D)56YA8FQE('1O
M(&%D9"!E:F5C=&EO;B H<F5A<V]N("5D*0T*-S4P"55N86)L92!T;R!C:&%N
M9V4 at 96IE8W1I;VX at *')E87-O;B E9"D-"C<U,0E5;F%B;&4 at =&\ at 9&5L971E
M(&5J96-T:6]N("AR96%S;VX at )60I#0HV,# at at <F5A<V]N("5D#0HV-C0)4V]R
M<GDL('1H:7, at =F5R<VEO;B!O9B!T:&4 at 8G)O=W-E<B!C86YN;W0 at 9G5N8W1I
M;VX at =VET:&EN('1H:7, at =6YI=F5R<V4N#0HV.3 )5&AI<R!V97)S:6]N(&]F
M("5S(')E<75I<F5S(&%T(&QE87-T(&$ at ,38M8FET(&-O;&]R(&1I<W!L87D at
M=&\ at <G5N+B at 4&QE87-E(')E<V5T('EO=7( at 9&ES<&QA>2!D97!T:"!A;F0 at
M<F5S=&%R=" E<RX at (%1O(&-H86YG92!Y;W5R(&1I<W!L87D at 9&5P=& at L(')I
M9VAT+6-L:6-K(&]N('1H92!D97-K=&]P+"!S96QE8W0 at 4')O<&5R=&EE<RP at
M86YD('1H96X at 8VQI8VL at 4V5T=&EN9W,N#0HW,#$)56YA8FQE('1O(&EN:71I
M86QI>F4 at 4F5N9&5R5V%R92 H97)R;W( at )60I#0HW,#()56YA8FQE('1O(&-R
M96%T92!L:6=H=" H97)R;W( at )60I#0HW,#,)56YA8FQE('1O(&EN:71I86QI
M>F4 at =&5X='5R97, at *&5R<F]R("5D*0T*-S T"51H:7, at ;F5W('-C<F5E;B!S
M:7IE(&AA<R!L969T(&YO('9I9&5O(&UE;6]R>2!R96UA:6YG(&9O<B E<R!T
M;R!U<V4N(" E<R!M=7-T(&YO=R!E>&ET+B at 5&\ at 879O:60 at =&AI<R!P<F]B
M;&5M(&EN('1H92!F=71U<F4L(&1O(&YO="!C:&%N9V4 at >6]U<B!S8W)E96X at
M9&EM96YS:6]N<R!W:&EL92 E<R!I<R!R=6YN:6YG+ at T*-S(Y"25S('=A<R!U
M;F%B;&4 at =&\ at 8W)E871E('1H92 S1"!W:6YD;W<N("!4:&4 at ;6]S="!L:6ME
M;'D at 8V%U<V4 at 9F]R('1H:7, at <')O8FQE;2!I<R!I;G-U9F9I8VEE;G0 at =FED
M96\ at ;65M;W)Y+B at 5')Y(')E<V5T=&EN9R!Y;W5R('-C<F5E;B!T;R!A(&QO
M=V5R(')E<V]L=71I;VX at 86YD(')E<W1A<G1I;F< at 06-T:79E(%=O<FQD<RX at
M:R!O;B!T:&4 at 9&5S:W1O<"P at <V5L96-T(%!R;W!E<G1I97,L(&%N9"!T:&5N
M(&-L:6-K(%-E='1I;F=S+ at T*-S,P"5-O<G)Y+"!T:&ES('9E<G-I;VX at ;V8 at
M)7, at <F5Q=6ER97, at 96ET:&5R(%=I;F1O=W, at .34 at ;W( at 5VEN9&]W<R Y."X-
M"C<S,0E3;W)R>2P at =&AI<R!V97)S:6]N(&]F("5S(')E<75I<F5S($1I<F5C
M=% at at -RXP+B at 4&QE87-E(&1O=VYL;V%D(&%N9"!I;G-T86QL('1H92!L871E
M<W0 at =F5R<VEO;B!O9B!$:7)E8W18(&9R;VT at :'1T<#HO+W=W=RYM:6-R;W-O
M9G0N8V]M+V1I<F5C=' at N#0HW-3 at )56YA8FQE('1O(&QO8V%T92!A('-U:71A
M8FQE(&AA<F1W87)E(')E;F1E<FEN9R!D979I8V4N(" E<R!W:6QL(&%T=&5M
M<'0 at =&\ at 8V]N=&EN=64 at :6X at <V]F='=A<F4 at ;6]D92P at 8G5T('!E<F9O<FUA
M;F-E('=I;&P at 8F4 at 97AT<F5M96QY('!O;W(N("!&;W( at 9G5R=&AE<B!A<W-I
M<W1A;F-E+"!P;&5A<V4 at 8V]N=&%C="!S=7!P;W)T0&%C=&EV97=O<FQD<RYC
M;VTN#0HW-C<)56YA8FQE('1O(&EN:71I86QI>F4 at ,T0 at <F5N9&5R:6YG+B at
M5')Y('-E='1I;F< at >6]U<B!S8W)E96XG<R!D:7-P;&%Y(&1E<'1H('1O(#$V
M(&)I=',N("!!;'-O+"!P;&5A<V4 at =F5R:69Y('1H870 at >6]U<B!00R!M965T
M<R!T:&4 at ;6EN:6UU;2!S>7-T96T at <F5Q=6ER96UE;G1S+"!O<B!C;VYT86-T
M('-U<'!O<G1 86-T:79E=V]R;&1S+F-O;2!F;W( at 87-S:7-T86YC92X-"C<V
M. E4:&4 at <F5Q=6ER960 at 9FEL92!224-(140R,"Y$3$P at 8V%N;F]T(&)E(&QO
M8V%T960N("!0;&5A<V4 at 8V]N=&%C="!S=7!P;W)T0&%C=&EV97=O<FQD<RYC
M;VTN#0HW-S( at 4V]R<GDL('1H92!W;W)L9" B)7,B(&ES(&-U<G)E;G1L>2!U
M;F%V86EL86)L92X-"C<W,PE3;W)R>2P at =&AI<R!A8V-O=6YT(&AA<R!B965N
M(&1I<V%B;&5D+ at T*-S at U"5EO=2!C86XG="!U<V4 at <W!E8VEA;"!C;VUM86YD
M<R!I;B!H97)E(&)I871C:"$-"C<X- at E787)N:6YG.B!T:&ES('=O<FQD(&5X
M<&ER97, at :6X at )60 at 9&%Y<PT*-S at W"5=!4DY)3D<A(%1H:7, at =V]R;&0 at 97AP
M:7)E<R!I;B!L97-S('1H86X at ;VYE(&1A>2$-"C<Y- at E3;W)R>2P at =&AI<R!I
M<R!A(&)E=&$ at =F5R<VEO;BX at ($)E=&$ at =F5R<VEO;G, at <F5Q=6ER92!A(&)E
M=&$ at 86-C;W5N="!I;B!O<F1E<B!T;R!L;V< at :6XN#0H-"B,M+2TM+2TM+2TM
M+2TM+2TM+2TM+2TM+2TM+2TM+2TM#0HC(" at 56YU<W5A;"!%<G)O<B!-97-S
M86=E<R H=6YL:6ME;'D at =&\ at 8F4 at 96YC;W5N=&5R960 at 8GD at 82!T>7!I8V%L
M"55N86)L92!T;R!L;V]K=7 at 8VET:7IE;B H<F5A<V]N("5D*0T*-0E);G-U
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M"5EO=2!A<F4 at 8F5I;F< at :F]I;F5D(&)Y("5S+"!L971S('!A<G1Y(0T*,C(P
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M(&]F("5S+"!Y;W4 at 8V%N('-E;F0 at <')I=F%T92!M97-S86=E<R!T;R!O=&AE
M9"!Y;W4 at :VYO=R!T:&%T(&%S(&$ at 8VET:7IE;B!O9B E<RP at >6]U<B!P<F]P
M:&5R('5S97)S/R E<PT*,C0R"4AE>2 E<R!D:60 at >6]U(&MN;W< at =&AA="!A
M<R!A(&-I=&EZ96X at ;V8 at )7,L('EO=2!C86X at 8VAO;W-E('EO=7( at 87!P96%R
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M-#,)2&5Y("5S(&1I9"!Y;W4 at :VYO=R!T:&%T(&%S(&$ at 8VET:7IE;B!O9B E
M<RP at >6]U(&-A;B!R97-E<G9E(&$ at =6YI<75E(&-I=&EZ96X at ;F%M92!F;W( at
M>6]U<B!U<V4 at ;VYL>3\ at )7,-"C(T- E(97D at )7, at 9&ED('EO=2!K;F]W('1H
M870 at 87, at 82!C:71I>F5N(&]F("5S+"!Y;W4 at 8V%N(&UA:6YT86EN(&$ at <&5R
M<V]N86P at 8V]N=&%C="!L:7-T('1O(&AE;' at :V5E<"!I;B!T;W5C:"!W:71H
M(&%L;"!O9B!Y;W5R(&9R:65N9',_("5S#0HR-#4)2&5Y("5S(&1I9"!Y;W4 at
M:VYO=R!T:&%T(&%S(&$ at 8VET:7IE;B!O9B E<RP at >6]U(&-A;B!I;G-T86YT
M;'D at ;&]C871E(&%N9"!J;VEN('EO=7( at 9G)I96YD<R!N;R!M871T97( at =VAE
M<F4 at =&AE>2!A<F4_("5S#0HR-#8)2&5Y("5S(&1I9"!Y;W4 at :VYO=R!T:&%T
M("5S(&-I=&EZ96YS:&EP(&-O<W1S(&]N;'D at 55, at )"5S(&9O<B!T:&4 at 9FER
M<W0 at >65A<B!A;F0 at 9VEV97, at >6]U(&UA;GD at 861D:71I;VYA;"!F96%T=7)E
M<S\ at )7,-"C(T-PE(97D at )7, at 9&ED('EO=2!K;F]W('1H870 at 82!C<F5D:70 at
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M(&%L<V\ at <F5G:7-T97( at 8GD at ;6%I;"X at )7,-"C(T. E&;W( at ;6]R92!I;F9O
M<FUA=&EO;B!G;R!T;R!T:&4 at 2&5L<"!M96YU(&%N9"!S96QE8W0 at 4F5G:7-T
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M-PE#86YC96P-"C$T.0DF07!P;'D-"C$U, at E3:VEP#0H-"B, at 5&ET;&4 at ;V8 at
M3W!T:6]N<R]3971T:6YG<R!D:6%L;V< at 8F]X#0H-"C(R"5-E='1I;F=S#0H-
M"B, at 06)O=70O<W!L87-H('-C<F5E;B!D:6%L;V< at 8F]X("AM;W-T(&]F('1H
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M9&$ at <&%R='D at 8V5N=')A;"$-"CDW"5EO=7( at 25$ at :7, at )60-"CDY"5EO=2!A
M<F4 at )7, at =&AE('1O=7)I<W0N#0HQ-30)0W)A;FL at =7 at =&AE('9O;'5M92!B
M<F\L('=E)W)E(&=O:6YG(&EN+BXN#0H-"B, at 26UM:6=R871I;VX at 9&EA;&]G
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M;&5A<V4 at <&EC:R!A(&YA;64 at 86YD('!A<W-W;W)D+"!A;F0 at 96YT97( at >6]U
M<B!E;6%I;"!A9&1R97-S. at T*.38)26UM:6=R871I;VX-"C(Q.0E);6UI9W)A
M=&EO;B!D:7-A8FQE9" H=&]O(&UA;GD at 9F%I;'5R97,I#0H-"B, at 061V86YC
M960 at <V5T=&EN9W, at 9&EA;&]G(&)O>"!M97-S86=E<PT*#0HQ-0E396QE8W0 at
M=&AE(&QA;F=U86=E(&]R(&UE<W-A9V4 at <V5T('EO=2!W86YT('1O('5S92X at
M(%1H:7, at ;&ES="!I;F-L=61E<R!A;&P at 8W5R<F5N=&QY('-U<'!O<G1E9"!L
M('=I;&P at 8F4 at 8VAE8VME9"!F;W( at 87)T(&9I;&5S(&)E9F]R92!T:&5Y(&%R
M92!D;W=N;&]A9&5D(&9R;VT at =&AE($EN=&5R;F5T+ at T*,C8R"4UE<W-A9V5S
M#0HR-C,)079A:6QA8FQE("9M97-S86=E('-E=',Z#0HR-C0)3&]C86P at 4&%T
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M3V)J96-T($5R<F]R<PT*-S,S"45N86)L92!T:&ES(&]P=&EO;B!I9B!Y;W4 at
M=V%N="!E<G)O<G, at 96YC;W5N=&5R960 at =VAI;&4 at ;&]A9&EN9R!O8FIE8W1S
M('1O(&)E('!R:6YT960 at =&\ at =&AE(&-H870 at =VEN9&]W+ at T*-S,T"5!R:6YT
M(&]B:F5C=" F97)R;W)S(&EN(&-H870 at =VEN9&]W#0H-"B, at 0VET:7IE;B!!
M='1R:6)U=&4 at 9&EA;&]G(&)O>"!M97-S86=E<PT*#0HQ,S at )4V5T=&EN9R!N
M97< at 1W)O;W9E<B!I;F9O<FUA=&EO;BXN+ at T*,C8X"4-I=&EZ96X at 071T<FEB
M=71E<PT*,C8Y"29.86UE. at T*,C<P"29087-S=V]R9#H-"C(W,0DF16UA:6P at
M861D<F5S<SH-"C(W, at E0)G)I=FEL96=E('!A<W-W;W)D. at T*,C<S"29#;VYF
M#0HR-S8)4F5N97< at 8GDZ#0HR-S<)16YT97( at 86YY(&-H86YG97, at >6]U('=O
M=6QD(&QI:V4 at =&\ at ;6%K92!A;F0 at <')E<W, at 3TL-"C(W. E1=65R>6EN9R!'
M<F]O=F5R(&EN9F]R;6%T:6]N+BXN#0HR.# )3F5V97(-"C(X,0E9;W4 at 87)E
M(&]N('1H92!B971A('!R;V=R86TN#0HV,#0)3G5M8F5R. at T*-C at S"5-O<G)Y
M+"!T:&ES(&EN9F]R;6%T:6]N(&ES(&YO="!C=7)R96YT;'D at 879A:6QA8FQE
M+B at 5&AE(&-O;FYE8W1I;VX at =&\ at =&AE('-E<G9E<B!H87, at 8F5E;B!L;W-T
M+ at T*-S<X"29(;VUE(%!A9V4Z#0HW-SD)5&]T86P at =&EM92!G<F]O=FEN. at T*
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M.#D))60 at ;6EN=71E<PT*-SDP"3$ at :&]U< at T*-SDQ"25D(&AO=7)S#0HW.3()
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M960 at 9'5R:6YG(&EM;6EG<F%T:6]N+B at #0HQ.#$)5F5R:69Y(&5M86EL(&%D
M9')E<W,-"C$X, at E0;&5A<V4 at =F5R:69Y('1H92!E;6%I;"!A9&1R97-S(&9O
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M;W5R:7-T/ at T*,CD)/$1E860 at 1W)O;W9E<CX-"C,V. E/8FIE8W0 at 4')O<&5R
M=&EE<PT*,S8Y"4]B:F5C=#H-"C,W, E$97-C<FEP=&EO;CH-"C,W,0E!8W1I
M;VXZ#0HS-S()3W=N97(Z#0HS-S,)3F%M93H-"C,W- E"=6EL=#H-" at T*(R!0
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M-S at )9G)A;65S+W-E8PT*,S<Y"6)U="!D;VXG="!L970 at =&AE('9I<VEB:6QI
M='D at 9')O<" F8F5L;W<-"C,X, EM971E<G,N#0HS.#$)5V%R;FEN9SH at <V5T
M=&EN9R!T:&4 at ;6EN:6UU;2!V:7-I8FEL:71Y('1O;R!H:6=H(&-A;B!C875S
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M=R!!)G9A=&%R($%N:6UA=&EO;G, at *&-A;B!R961U8V4 at 9G)A;64 at <F%T92D-
M"C<R, at E5<V4 at 5&5X='5R92!-:29P;6%P<PT*#0HC(%!R:79A8WD at <V5T=&EN
M9W, at 9&EA;&]G(&UE<W-A9V5S#0H-"C,X. E0<FEV86-Y#0HS.#D)2F]I;FEN
M9PT*,SDP"4%L;&]W("9A;GEO;F4 at =&\ at :F]I;B!M90T*,SDQ"4]N;'D at 86QL
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M86QO9R!B;W at at ;65S<V%G97,-" at T*,3 )3&]O:VEN9R!U<"!C:71I>F5N("(E
M<R(N+BX-"C$X. E!<'!L:6-A=&EO;B!T;R!A8W%U:7)E('!R:79I;&5G97, at
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M;W)D#0HR,#()07!P;&EC871I;VX at =&\ at 86-Q=6ER92!P<FEV:6QE9V5S(&]F
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M:6-A=&EO;B!T;R!A8W%U:7)E('!R:79I;&5G97, at ;V8 at )7, at 9F%I;&5D.B!C
M:71I>F5N(&AA<R!E>'!I<F5D+ at T*,SDV"4%C<75I<F4 at 4')I=FEL96=E<PT*
M,SDW"29!8W%U:7)E('1H92!P<FEV:6QE9V5S(&]F(&%N;W1H97( at 8VET:7IE
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M4')O>'D at <V5T=&EN9W, at 9&EA;&]G(&)O>"!M97-S86=E<PT*#0HT,# )4')O
M:&4 at ;V)J96-T<R!I;B!A('=O<FQD+B at 268 at >6]U(&%R92!U<VEN9R!);G1E
M<FYE="!%>'!L;W)E<B!F<F]M($UI8W)O<V]F="P at )7, at =VEL;"!A=71O;6%T
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M:65D(&9O<B!);G1E<FYE="!%>'!L;W)E<BX-"C0P, at E)9B!Y;W4 at 87)E(&YO
M="!U<VEN9R!);G1E<FYE="!%>'!L;W)E<BP at 86YD('EO=2!U<V4 at 82!P<F]X
M>2!S97)V97( at =&\ at 86-C97-S('1H92!7;W)L9"!7:61E(%=E8BP at >6]U('=I
M;&P at ;F5E9"!T;R!S<&5C:69Y('1H92!A9&1R97-S(&%N9"!P;W)T(&]F('EO
M=7( at <')O>'D at <V5R=F5R(&AE<F4N#0HT,#,))E5S92!P<F]X>2!S97)V97(-
M"C0P- E!)F1D<F5S<SH-"C0P-0DF4&]R=#H-" at T*(R!296=I<W1R871I;VXO
M4F5N97=A;"!D:6%L;V< at 8F]X(&UE<W-A9V5S#0H-"B, at ;65S<V%G97, at -C$T
M(&%N9" V,34 at 87)E('-U8G-T:71U=&5D(&EN=&\ at ;6%N>2!O9B!T:&4 at ;65S
M<V%G97, at 8F5L;W<L(&1E<&5N9&EN9R -"B, at ;VX at =VAE=&AE<B!T:&ES(&ES
M(&$ at ;F5W(&%C8V]U;G0 at <F5G:7-T<F%T:6]N(&]R(&%N(&5X:7-T:6YG(&%C
M8V]U;G0 at <F5N97=A; T*#0HV,30 at <F5G:7-T<F%T:6]N#0HV,34 at <F5N97=A
M; T*#0HV-PE);B!O<F1E<B!T;R!I;6UI9W)A=&4 at =&\ at )7,L('EO=2!M=7-T
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M:&4 at 9FEE;&1S(&EN('1H:7, at =VEN9&]W(&%N9"!P<F5S<R!/2RX at (%EO=7( at
M8W)E9&ET(&-A<F0 at =VEL;"!B92!C:&%R9V5D("0E<R H;F]T93H at >6]U<B!C
M<F5D:70 at 8V%R9"!I;F9O<FUA=&EO;B!I<R!E;F-R>7!T960 at 8F5F;W)E('1R
M86YS;6ES<VEO;BDN#0HV,3,)5&\ at <F5N97< at >6]U<B!C:71I>F5N<VAI<"P at
M<&QE87-E(&9I;&P at ;W5T(&%L;"!T:&4 at 9FEE;&1S(&EN('1H:7, at =VEN9&]W
M(&%N9"!P<F5S<R!/2RX at (%EO=7( at 8W)E9&ET(&-A<F0 at =VEL;"!B92!C:&%R
M9V5D("0E<R H;F]T93H at >6]U<B!C<F5D:70 at 8V%R9"!I;F9O<FUA=&EO;B!I
M<R!E;F-R>7!T960 at 8F5F;W)E('1R86YS;6ES<VEO;BDN#0HQ-3,)66]U<B!P
M87-S=V]R9', at 9&\ at ;F]T(&UA=&-H+B at 4&QE87-E(')E+65N=&5R+ at T*,3 at W
M(%-O<G)Y+"!T:&4 at )7, at <')O8V5S<R!H87, at =&EM960 at ;W5T+B at 66]U(&UA
M>2!W86YT('1O('1R>2!A9V%I;B!L871E<BX at ($EF('EO=2!E;F-O=6YT97( at
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M;&5T92 H:70 at <VAO=6QD('1A:V4 at ;&5S<R!T:&%N(#( at ;6EN=71E<RDN("!)
M9B!Y;W4 at 97AP97)I96YC92!A;GD at 9&EF9FEC=6QT:65S+"!P;&5A<V4 at <V5N
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M87, at 8F5E;B!A8V-E<'1E9"$ at (%EO=7( at 8W)E9&ET(&-A<F0 at 8VAA<F=E(&%P
M<')O=F%L(&-O9&4 at :7,Z("5S+B at 4&QE87-E(&ME97 at =&AI<R!C;V1E(&9O
M<B!Y;W5R(')E8V]R9',L(&%N9"!T:&%N:R!Y;W4 at 9F]R('EO=7( at 8V]N=&EN
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M9F9E<F5N="!C87)D+ at T*,C,V"5-O<G)Y+"!T:&4 at 8W)E9&ET(&-A<F0 at >6]U
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M('1H92!N=6UB97( at ;W( at =')Y(&$ at 9&EF9F5R96YT(&-A<F0N#0HR,S<)4V]R
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M<W1R871I;VYS(&9R;VT at >6]U<B!L;V-A=&EO;BX at (%!L96%S92!S96YD($5M
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M<W-I<W1A;F-E+ at T*-C$X"51H97)E(&ES(&YO(&-I=&EZ96X at =VET:"!T:&4 at
M;F%M92 B)7,B+B at 66]U(&UU<W0 at <W!E8VEF>2!T:&4 at ;F%M92!A;F0 at <&%S
M<W=O<F0 at ;V8 at 86X at 97AI<W1I;F< at 8VET:7IE;G-H:7 at :6X at ;W)D97( at =&\ at
M<F5N97<N#0HV,3D at 5&AE('!A<W-W;W)D('EO=2!G879E(&ES(&YO="!V86QI
M9"X at (%EO=2!M=7-T('-P96-I9GD at =&AE(&YA;64 at 86YD('!A<W-W;W)D(&]F
M(&%N(&5X:7-T:6YG(&-I=&EZ96YS:&EP(&EN(&]R9&5R('1O(')E;F5W+ at T*
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M87ES+B at 5&\ at 97AT96YD('EO=7( at 8VET:7IE;G-H:7 at 9F]R(&%N;W1H97( at
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M"C8R, E705).24Y'(2!9;W5R(&-I=&EZ96YS:&EP(&5X<&ER97, at =&]D87DA
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M"5=!4DY)3D<A(%EO=7( at 8VET:7IE;G-H:7 at 97AP:7)E<R!T;VUO<G)O=R$ at
M('!R97-S('1H92!296YE=R!B=71T;VX at :6X at =&AE('1O;VQB87(N#0HT,#8)
M)7, at 26UM:6=R871I;VX at 86YD(%)E9VES=')A=&EO; at T*-# W"4=R;V]V97( at
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M9#H-"C0Q, E#)F]N9FER;2!P87-S=V]R9#H-"C0Q,0DF16UA:6P at 861D<F5S
M<SH-"C0Q, at E":6QL:6YG($EN9F]R;6%T:6]N#0HT,3,))DYA;64Z#0HT,30)
M*$%S(&ET(&%P<&5A<G, at ;VX at >6]U<B!C<F5D:70 at 8V%R9"D-"C0Q-0DF0G5S
M:6YE<W, at 3F%M93H-"C0Q- at DH3W!T:6]N86PI#0HT,3<)4W1R965T("9!9&1R
M97-S. at T*-#$X"4-I="9Y. at T*-#$Y"293=&%T92!O<B!0<F]V:6YC93H-"C0R
M, E0;W-T86P at ;W( at )EII<"!#;V1E. at T*-#(Q"4,F<F5D:70 at 0V%R9" C. at T*
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M"C0S, E!3458#0HV,3$)4F5N97<-"C8Q, at DE<R!#:71I>F5N<VAI<"!296YE
M=V%L#0H-"B, at 5&5L96=R86T at 9&EA;&]G(&)O>"!M97-S86=E<PT*#0HQ-S<)
M4V5N9&EN9R!-86EL+BXN#0HT,S$)4V5N9"!&86X at 36%I; T*-#,R"29296-I
M<&EE;G0Z#0HT,S,))DUE<W-A9V4Z#0HU-C at 1V\-" at T*(R!496QE<&]R="!D
M:6%L;V< at 8F]X(&UE<W-A9V5S#0H-"C0S- E496QE<&]R= T*-#,U"5\F5V]R
M;&0Z#0HT,S8))D-O;W)D:6YA=&5S. at T*-#,W"2AE+F<N("(T,$X at -3!7(BD-
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M" at T*-#,X"55N:79E<G-E($%T=')I8G5T97,-"C0S.0E"=6EL9',-"C0T, DF
M36EN:6UU;2!B<F]W<V5R. at T*-#0Q"29,871E<W0 at 8G)O=W-E<CH-"C<W, E,
M)F%T97-T(#(N,B!B<F]W<V5R. at T*-#0R"29"971A(&)R;W=S97(Z#0HT-#,)
M36EN:6UU;2 F=V]R;&0Z#0HT-#0))D1E9F%U;'0 at <W1A<G0 at =V]R;&0Z#0HR
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M(&1I86QO9R!B;W at at ;65S<V%G97,-" at T*-# at )5&AI<R!V97)S:6]N(&]F("5S
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M<W, at 3TL at =&\ at 875T;VUA=&EC86QL>2!U<&=R861E+ at T*-#D)5&AE<F4 at :7, at
M82!N97=E<B!V97)S:6]N(&]F("5S(&%V86EL86)L92X at 66]U<B!V97)S:6]N
M('=I;&P at =V]R:RP at 8G5T(&UA>2!N;W0 at :&%V92!A;&P at =&AE(&QA=&5S="!F
M96%T=7)E<RX at 4')E<W, at 3TL at =&\ at 875T;VUA=&EC86QL>2!U<&=R861E(&]R
M(%-K:7 at =&\ at 8V]N=&EN=64 at =7-I;F< at >6]U<B!C=7)R96YT('9E<G-I;VXN
M#0HT-#4)3F5W(%9E<G-I;VX at 079A:6QA8FQE#0H-"B, at 5V5L8V]M92!D:6%L
M;V< at 8F]X(&UE<W-A9V5S#0H-"C<X"4EF('EO=2!A<F4 at 86QR96%D>2!A(&-I
M=&EZ96X at ;V8 at )7,L('!R97-S('1H92!#:71I>F5N(&)U='1O;BX-"C0T- at E7
M96QC;VUE('1O("5S(0T*-#0W"5!L96%S92!E;G1E<B!A(&YA;64 at 86YD('EO
M=7( at 96UA:6P at 861D<F5S<PT*-#0X"6%N9"!Y;W4 at =VEL;"!B92!A<W-I9VYE
M=2!L:6ME('1O(&)E('1O9&%Y/PT*-#4P"29#:71I>F5N+BXN#0HV,#8 at 16UA
M:6P at 861D<F5S<SH-"C8W-PE3;W)R>2P at =&AE(&YA;64 at (B5S(B!I<R!C=7)R
M96YT;'D at :6X at =7-E+B at 4&QE87-E(&-H;V]S92!A(&1I9F9E<F5N="!N86UE
M+ at T*#0HC($1O=VYL;V%D('!R;V=R97-S('=I;F1O=PT*#0HR-PER96-E:79I
M;F< at <F5S<&]N<V4-"C8R"7-T87)T:6YG#0HQ-#$))60 at ;V8 at )60-" at T*(R!!
M9&0 at 0V]N=&%C="!D:6%L;V< at 8F]X#0H-"C$V. E!9&0 at 8V]N=&%C= T*,38Y
M"45N=&5R(&YA;64 at ;V8 at 8VET:7IE;B!T;R!A9&0Z#0H-"B, at 4F5M96UB97( at
M=&5L97!O<G0 at ;&]C871I;VX at 9&EA;&]G(&)O> T*#0HQ-S()4F5M96UB97( at
M8W5R<F5N="!L;V-A=&EO; at T*,3<S"5)E;65M8F5R(&-U<G)E;G0 at ;&]C871I
M;VX at 87,Z#0H-"B, at 5FEE=R!54DP at 9&EA;&]G(&)O> T*#0HQ-S0)3W!E;B!W
M96( at ;&]C871I;VX-"C$W-0E%;G1E<B!54DPZ#0H-"B, at 0VET:7IE;G, at 9&EA
M;&]G(&)O>"!M97-S86=E<R H;VYL>2!V:7-I8FQE('1O('5N:79E<G-E(&%D
M,CD)3F$F;64Z#0HU,S ))E!A<W-W;W)D. at T*-3,Q"29%;6%I;#H-"C4S, at E0
M)G)I=FEL96=E(%!A<W-W;W)D. at T*-3,S"29";W0 at 3&EM:70Z#0HU,S0 at 26UM
M:6=R871E9#H-"C4S-2!%>'!I<F5S. at T*-3,V($QA<W0 at 3&]G:6XZ#0HU,S< at
M-3 at 0F5T82 F57-E< at T*-34Q(%5N86)L92!T;R!A9&0 at 8VET:7IE;CH at )7,-
M"C4U, at E!9&1I;F< at 8VET:7IE;BXN+ at T*-34S(%5N86)L92!T;R!D96QE=&4 at
M8VET:7IE;CH at )7,-"C4U-"!$96QE=&EN9R!C:71I>F5N+BXN#0HU-34 at 0VET
M:7IE;B!A9&1E9"X-"C4U-B!#:71I>F5N(&1E;&5T960N#0HU-3< at 56YA8FQE
M('1O(&-H86YG92!C:71I>F5N.B E<PT*-34X($-I=&EZ96X at 8VAA;F=E9"X-
M('5S92X-"C8T, at E%;6%I;"!A9&1R97-S(&-O;G1A:6YS(&EN=F%L:60 at 8VAA
M<F%C=&5R*',I+ at T*-C0S"45M86EL(&%D9')E<W, at ;75S="!C;VYT86EN(&$ at
M(BXB#0HV-#0 at 16UA:6P at 861D<F5S<R!M=7-T(&-O;G1A:6X at 82 B0"(-"C8T
M-0E%;6%I;"!A9&1R97-S(&UU<W0 at 8F4 at 870 at ;&5A<W0 at ."!C:&%R86-T97)S
M+ at T*-C0V"4YA;64 at 8V]N=&%I;G, at :6YV86QI9"!C:&%R86-T97(H<RDN#0HV
M-#<)3F%M92!C;VYT86EN<R!I;G9A;&ED(&)L86YK*',I+ at T*-C0X"4YA;64 at
M;75S="!B92!A="!L96%S=" R(&-H87)A8W1E<G,N#0HV-#D)4&%S<W=O<F0 at
M;75S="!B92!A="!L96%S=" T(&-H87)A8W1E<G,N#0HV-3 at 4')I=FEL96=E
M('!A<W-W;W)D(&UU<W0 at 8F4 at 870 at ;&5A<W0 at -"!C:&%R86-T97)S+ at T*-C4Q
M"4EN=F%L:60 at 8VET:7IE;B!N=6UB97(N#0HV-SD)0VET:7IE;B!N=6UB97( at
M;W5T(&]F(')A;F=E("AN;W1E.B!T;R!A9&0 at 82!N97< at 8VET:7IE;BP at ;&5A
M=F4 at =&AE(&YU;6)E<B!F:65L9"!B;&%N:RD-"C8X, E#:71I>F5N(&YU;6)E
M<B!A;')E861Y(&EN('5S92X-"C<W- E4;W1A;"!4:6UE. at T*-S<U"29(;VUE
M(%!A9V4Z#0HW-S8))D-O;6UE;G1S#0HW-S<)16XF86)L960-" at T*(R!T:&5S
M92!A<F4 at <VAA<F5D(&)Y('1H92!C:71I>F5N<RP at =V]R;&1S+"!A;F0 at 96IE
M8W1I;VYS(&1I86QO9R!B;WAE<PT*#0HU,SD at 0VAA;B9G92XN+ at T*-30P(%!R
M929V:6]U<PT*-30Q($YE)GAT#0HU-#( at )D%D9 T*-30S($,F:&%N9V4-"C4T
M-" F1&5L971E#0HU-# at at 3&]O:W5P('-U8V-E<W-F=6PN#0HV-S at ))D-L;W-E
M#0H-"B, at 5V]R;&1S(&1I86QO9R!B;W at at ;65S<V%G97, at *&]N;'D at =FES:6)L
M-S ))DYA;64Z#0HU-S$))E!A<W-W;W)D. at T*-3<R"4UA>"X at )E5S97)S. at T*
M-3<S"293:7IE. at T*-3<T"29/=VYE<B!%;6%I;#H-"C4W-0E#<F5A=&5D. at T*
M-3<V"29%>'!I<F5S. at T*-3<W"4QA<W0 at 4W1A<G1E9#H-"C4W. E#;R9M;65N
M=',Z#0HU-SD)*&UE=&5R<RD-"C4X," F3&]O:W5P#0HU.#( at 3&]O:VEN9R!U
M<"!W;W)L9"XN+ at T*-3 at S"4QO;VMU<"!S=6-C97-S9G5L+ at T*-3 at T"4YO('-U
M8V at at =V]R;&0N#0HU.#4 at 56YA8FQE('1O(&%D9"!W;W)L9#H at )7,-"C4X- at E!
M9&1I;F< at =V]R;&0N+BX-"C4X-R!5;F%B;&4 at =&\ at 9&5L971E('=O<FQD.B E
M<PT*-3 at X"41E;&5T:6YG('=O<FQD+BXN#0HU.#D)5V]R;&0 at 861D960N#0HU
M.3 )5V]R;&0 at 9&5L971E9"X-"C4Y,2!5;F%B;&4 at =&\ at 8VAA;F=E('=O<FQD
M.B E<PT*-3DR"5=O<FQD(&-H86YG960N#0HU.3,)0VAA;F=I;F< at =V]R;&0N
M+BX-"C4Y-"!R86YG92!M=7-T(&)E(&$ at ;75L=&EP;&4 at ;V8 at ,C at ;65T97)S
M+ at T*-3DU"7!A<W-W;W)D(&-A;FYO="!C;VYT86EN(&$ at <W!A8V4N#0HU.38)
M<&%S<W=O<F0 at ;75S="!B92!A="!L96%S=" R(&QE='1E<G,N#0HU.3< at <VEZ
M92!C86YN;W0 at 97AC965D(#8U-2PP,# at ;65T97)S+ at T*-3DX"6EN=F%L:60 at
M=V]R;&0 at <VEZ92X-"C4Y.0EU<V5R(&QI;6ET(&-A;FYO="!E>&-E960 at ,3 R
M-"X-"C8P,"!I;G9A;&ED('5S97( at ;&EM:70N#0HV,#$)=V]R;&0 at ;F%M92!C
M86YN;W0 at 8V]N=&%I;B!A('-P86-E+ at T*-C R"7=O<FQD<R!A;')E861Y(&5X
M:7-T<RX-"C8P,PE.;R!S=6-H('=O<FQD+ at T*#0HC($5J96-T:6]N<R!D:6%L
M;V< at 8F]X(&UE<W-A9V5S#0H-"C<S-PE7;W)L9"!%:F5C=&EO;G,-"C<U-PE5
M;FEV97)S92!%:F5C=&EO;G,-"C<S. E!9&0F<F5S<SH-"C<S.0E#;R9M;65N
M=',Z#0HW-# )0W)E871E9#H-"C<T,0DF17AP:7)E<SH-"C<T, at E%:F5C=&EO
M;B!A9&1E9"X-"C<T,PE.;R!S=6-H(&5J96-T:6]N+ at T*-S0U"4EN=F%L:60 at
M25 at 861D<F5S<RX-"C<T- at E,;V]K:6YG('5P(&5J96-T:6]N+BXN#0HW-#<)
M16IE8W1I;VX at 8VAA;F=E9"X-"C<T. E%:F5C=&EO;B!D96QE=&5D+ at T*-S4R
M"4%D9&EN9R!E:F5C=&EO;BXN+ at T*-S4S"4-H86YG:6YG(&5J96-T:6]N+BXN
M#0HW-30)1&5L971I;F< at 96IE8W1I;VXN+BX-"C<U- at E9;W4 at 8V%N;F]T(&%D
M9"!A;B!E:F5C=&EO;B!T:&%T(&ES(&%L<F5A9'D at 97AP:7)E9"X-" at T*(R!&
M:6QE('1R86YS9F5R(&1I86QO9R!M97-S86=E<PT*#0HV,C( at 4V5L96-T(&9I
M;&4H<RD at =&\ at <V5N9 T*-C(S(%-E;&5C="!D97-T:6YA=&EO;B!D:7)E8W1O
M<GD-"C8R-"!396YD:6YG(&9I;&4H<RD at =&\ at )7,-"C8R-2!296-E:79I;F< at
M9FEL92AS*2!F<F]M("5S#0HV,C8 at 4')E<&%R:6YG('1O(')E8V5I=F4 at 9FEL
M92AS*2!F<F]M("5S#0HC($YO=&4 at =&AA="!M97-S86=E<R Q,#$ at 86YD(#$P
M,B!A<F4 at <W5B<W1I='5T960 at :6X at 870 at <G5N=&EM92!F;W( at =&AE(&%C8V5P
M="!A;F0 at <F5J96-T(&-H87)A8W1E<G,Z#0HV,C< at )7, at *&-I=&EZ96X at (R5D
M*2!W;W5L9"!L:6ME('1O('-E;F0 at >6]U(&]N92!O<B!M;W)E(&9I;&5S+B at
M5V%R;FEN9SH at 268 at >6]U(&1O(&YO="!R96-O9VYI>F4 at 86YD('1R=7-T('1H
M:7, at <&5R<V]N+"!I="!I<R!S=')O;F=L>2!R96-O;6UE;F1E9"!T:&%T('EO
M=2!D;R!N;W0 at 86-C97!T(&ET+B at 5'EP92 G)7,G('1O(&%C8V5P="!T:&ES
M(')E<75E<W0L(&]R("<E<R< at =&\ at <F5J96-T(&ET+ at T*-C(X(%-O<G)Y+" E
M<R!D:60 at ;F]T(&%C8V5P="!Y;W5R(&9I;&4 at =')A;G-F97( at <F5Q=65S="X-
M"C8R.2 E<R!I<R!C=7)R96YT;'D at 97AC:&%N9VEN9R!F:6QE<R!W:71H(&%N
M;W1H97( at =7-E<BX at (%!L96%S92!T<GD at 86=A:6X at ;&%T97(N#0HV,S at 1FEL
M92!T<F%N<V9E<B!F86EL960 at *')E87-O;B E9"D-"C8S,2!3;W)R>2P at )7, at
M9&ED(&YO="!R97-P;VYD('1O('EO=7( at 9FEL92!T<F%N<V9E<B!R97%U97-T
M+ at T*-C,R($9I;&4 at =')A;G-F97( at <V5S<VEO;B!A;')E861Y(&5S=&%B;&ES
M:&5D#0HV,S, at 56YA8FQE('1O(&5S=&%B;&ES:"!F:6QE('1R86YS9F5R(&-O
M;FYE8W1I;VX at *')E87-O;B E9"D-"C8S-"!4<F%N<V9E<B!C86YC96QL960-
M"C8S-2!297%U97-T:6YG(&9I;&4 at =')A;G-F97( at =VET:" E<PT*-C,V(%5N
M86)L92!T;R!P;W-T('1C<"!L:7-T96X at +2!E<G)O<B!C;V1E("5D#0HV,S< at
M0V]N;F5C=&EN9R!S;V-K970-"C8S."!!8V-E<'0 at 9F%I;&5D('=I=& at at <F5T
M=7)N(&-O9&4 at )60-"C8S.0E396YD:6YG(&9I;&4 at )R5S)PT*-C0P(%)E861Y
M#0HV-#$ at 06X at 97)R;W( at ;V-C=7)E9"!W:&EL92!W<FET:6YG('1H92!F:6QE
M+ at T*-C8V(" at E9"!O9B E9"D-"C8V-R!3929N9 T*-C8X($EM86=E#0HV-CD at
M96QE8W0 at 1FEL97,-"C8W,R!$:7)E8W1O<GDZ#0HV-S0 at 4V5N9&EN9PT*-C<U
M(%)E8V5I=FEN9PT*-C<V("5S("5S(" at E9"!O9B E9"!B>71E<RD at )7,-"C8X
M-2 E<R!S96YT('-U8V-E<W-F=6QL>0T*-C at V("5S(')E8V5I=F5D('-U8V-E
M<W-F=6QL>0T*-C at W($9I;&4 at =')A;G-F97( at 86)O<G1E9" H)7,I#0HV.# at at
M=6YA8FQE('1O(')E860 at 9&%T80T*-C at Y('5N86)L92!T;R!W<FET92!D871A
M#0H-"B, at 1&%T92!E9&ET(&1I86QO9R!B;W at at ;65S<V%G97,-" at T*-38Q"45D
M:70 at 1&%T90T*-38R"29-;VYT:#H-"C4V,PDF1&%Y. at T*-38T"29996%R. at T*
M-38U"29(;W5R. at T*-38V"29-:6YU=&4Z#0HU-C<))E-E8V]N9#H-"C4V."!.
M979E< at T*#0HC($-A;65R82!R97-I>F4 at 97)R;W( at 9&EA;&]G(&)O>"!M97-S
M;&4 at =&\ at <F5S:7IE('EO=7( at ,T0 at =VEN9&]W+B at 5&AE(&UO<W0 at ;&EK96QY
M(&-A=7-E(&9O<B!T:&ES('!R;V)L96T at :7, at =&AA="!T:&5R92!I<R!I;G-U
M9F9I8VEE;G0 at ;65M;W)Y(')E;6%I;FEN9R!O;B!Y;W5R(%!#)W, at =FED96\ at
M8V%R9"X-"C<R-PE)9B!T:&ES('!R;V)L96T at ;V-C=7)S(&9R97%U96YT;'DL
M('1R>2!R=6YN:6YG("5S('=I=& at at >6]U<B!D:7-P;&%Y('-E="!T;R!A(&QO
M=V5R(')E<V]L=71I;VXN("!5<&=R861I;F< at =&\ at 82!V:61E;R!C87)D('=I
M=& at at ;6]R92!M96UO<GD at 8V%N(&%L<V\ at :&5L<"X-"C<R. DF1&]N)W0 at <VAO
M=R!M92!T:&ES(&UE<W-A9V4 at 86=A:6X-" at T*(RTM+2TM+2TM+2TM+2TM+2TM
M+2TM+2TM+2TM+2TM+2T-"B, at (" at (" at (" at (" at (" at (" at (" at (" at (" at
M(" at (" at 5&]O;&)A<G,-"B,M+2TM+2TM+2TM+2TM+2TM+2TM+2TM+2TM+2TM
M+2TM#0H-"B, at 36%I;B!T;V]L8F%R#0H-"C at W"4QO;VL at ;&5V96P-"C$P-0E4
M96QE<&]R="!&;W)W87)D#0HQ,#8)5&5L97!O<G0 at 0F%C:PT*,3$W"4UO=F4 at
M=VET:"!M;W5S90T*,3(P"4QO;VL at =7 -"C$R,0E,;V]K(&1O=VX-"C$R, at E&
M1F]R=V%R9 T*,3,S"5-T;W -"C$S- E2969R97-H#0HW-C0)1G)E96QO;VL at
M;6]D90T*-SDT"5-H;W< at =V5B('=I;F1O=PT*-SDU"4AI9&4 at =V5B('=I;F1O
M=PT*#0HC($]B:F5C="!P<F]P97)T:65S('1O;VQB87(-" at T*,3 W"4UO=F4 at
M9F]R=V%R9 T*,3 X"4UO=F4 at 8F%C:PT*,3 Y"41E;&5T90T*,3$P"41U<&QI
M8V%T90T*,3$Q"4UO=F4 at ;&5F= T*,3$R"4UO=F4 at <FEG:'0-"C$Q,PE-;W9E
M:6=H= T*#0HC+2TM+2TM+2TM+2TM+2TM+2TM+2TM+2TM+2TM+2TM+2TM+2TM
M+2TM+2TM+2TM+2TM+2TM+2TM+2TM+2TM+2TM+2TM+2TM+2TM+2TM+0T*(R at
M(" at (" at (" at (" at (" at (" at (" at (" at (" at (" at (" at 365N=7,-"B,M+2TM
M+2TM+2TM+2TM+2TM+2TM+2TM+2TM+2TM+2TM#0H-"B, at 1FER<W0 at :71E;2!I
M;B!E86-H(&QI<W0 at :7, at =&AE(&YA;64 at ;V8 at =&AE(&UE;G4 at *&5X8V5P="!F
M;W( at <&]P=7 at ;65N=7,N*2 -"B, at 06QS;R!N;W1E('1H92!T86( at 8VAA<F%C
M=&5R(&]N('-O;64 at ;V8 at =&AE(&ET96US(&)E='=E96X at =&AE(&UE;G4-"B, at
M;&%B96P at 86YD('1H92!H;W1K97D at <VAO<G0 at 8W5T("AE+F<N(")09U5P(B!F
M;W( at 5FEE=R],;V]K(%5P*0T*#0HC($9I;&4 at ;65N=0T*#0HT-3$))D9I;&4-
M"C0U, at E%)GAI= T*#0HC(%1E;&5P;W)T(&QI<W0 at <FEG:'0M8VQI8VL at <&]P
M=7 at ;65N=0T*#0HR-34)4F5N86UE#0HT-3,)1&5L971E#0HR-38)5&5L97!O
M<G0N+BX-"C0U- E496QE<&]R="!"86-K#0HT-34)5&5L97!O<G0 at 1F]R=V%R
M9 T*-#4V"51E;&5P;W)T($AO;64-"C(U-PE296UE;6)E<BXN+ at T*#0HC(%1E
M;&5P;W)T(&UE;G4 at *&UA:6X at ;65N=2!B87(I#0H-"C0U-PDF5&5L97!O<G0-
M"C0U. DF1F]R=V%R9 T*-#4Y"29"86-K#0HT-C ))E1O+BXN#0HT-C$))DAO
M;64-"C0V, at DF36%K92!4:&ES($UY($AO;64-"C0V,PDF4F5M96UB97(-" at T*
M(R!6:65W(&UE;G4-" at T*-#8T"296:65W#0HT-C4)3&]O:R F57 )4&=5< T*
M-#8V"4QO;VL at )D1O=VX)4&=$; at T*-#8W"4QO;VL at )DQE=F5L#0HT-C at ))D9I
M<G-T(%!E<G-O; at E(;VUE#0HT-CD))E1H:7)D(%!E<G-O; at E%;F0-" at T*(R!/
M<'1I;VYS(&UE;G4-" at T*-#<P"29/<'1I;VYS#0HT-S$))E-E='1I;F=S+BXN
M#0HT-S())D-I=&EZ96XN+BX-"C0W,PDF5V]R;&0-"C4R,B F1F5A='5R97,N
M+BX-"C4R,R F4FEG:'1S+BXN#0HW,#4))DQI9VAT<R!!;F0 at 1F]G+BXN#0HW
M-34))D5J96-T:6]N<RXN+ at T*-#<T"295;FEV97)S90T*-3(U("9/<'1I;VYS
M+BXN#0HU,C8 at )D-I=&EZ96YS+BXN#0HU,C< at )E=O<FQD<RXN+ at T*#0HC(%-H
M;W< at ;65N=0T*#0HT-S4))E-H;W<-"C0W- at DF4&]S:71I;VX)1C$Q#0HT-S<)
M)E9I<VEB:6QI='D)1C(-"C0W. DF1G)A;64 at 4F%T90E&,3(-"C0W.0DF0F%N
M9'=I9'1H"48T#0HT.# ))D1O=VYL;V%D<RXN+ at E&,PT*-# at Q"29!;'1I='5D
M90E&-0T*-# at R"5!R;W!E<G1Y("95<&1A=&5S"48V#0HU,34 at 5&%B)G,)1CD-
M"C0X,PDF5&]O;&)A< at T*-# at T"29796()1C<-"C0X-0DF5E)4(&-L;V-K#0HV
M-3()5R9H:7-P97()1C at -" at T*(R!,;V=I;B!M96YU#0H-"C0X- at DF3&]G:6X-
M"C0X-PDF0VET:7IE;BXN+ at T*-# at X"294;W5R:7-T+BXN#0HT.#D))E!R:79I
M;&5G97,N+BX-" at T*(R!796( at ;65N=0T*#0HT.3 ))E=E8 at T*-#DQ"29"86-K
M#0HT.3())D9O<G=A<F0-"C0Y,PDF4W1O< T*-#DT"292969R97-H#0H-"B, at
M2&5L<"!M96YU#0H-"C0Y- at DF2&5L< T*-#DW"294;W!I8W,-"C0Y. DF2&5L
M<"!7:71H($AE;' N+BX-"C0Y.0DF4F5G:7-T<F%T:6]N+BXN#0HU,# ))D%B
M;W5T+BXN#0H-"B, at 079A=&%R(&UE;G4 at *'1I=&QE(&]N;'DL(&5N=')I97, at
M9FEL;&5D(&EN(&9R;VT at 879A=&%R<RYD870 at 9FEL92D-" at T*-3 Q"29!=F%T
M87(-" at T*(R!/8FIE8W0 at ;65N=2 H;V)J96-T('!R;W!E<G1I97, at 9&EA;&]G
M(&)O>"D-" at T*-3 R"29/8FIE8W0-"C4P,PE$96QE=&4)1&5L#0HU,#0)1'5P
M;&EC871E"4EN<PT*-3 U"4UO=F4 at 0F%C:PE5<$%R<F]W#0HU,#8)36]V92!&
M;W)W87)D"41O=VY!<G)O=PT*-3 W"4UO=F4 at 3&5F= E,969T07)R;W<-"C4P
M. E-;W9E(%)I9VAT"5)I9VAT07)R;W<-"C4P.0E-;W9E(%5P"2L-"C4Q, E-
M;W9E($1O=VX)+0T*-3$Q"5)O=&%T92!,969T"5!G57 -"C4Q, at E2;W1A=&4 at
M4FEG:'0)4&=$; at T*#0HC($5D:70 at ;65N=2 H;V)J96-T('!R;W!E<G1I97, at
M9&EA;&]G(&)O>"D-" at T*-3$S"29%9&ET#0HU,30))E5N9&\ at 0VAA;F=E<PT*
M#0H-"C$V- at E-=71E#0HQ-C<)061D(%1O($-O;G1A8W1S#0HR,# at )16IE8W0N
M+BX-"C8X, at E7:&ES<&5R#0HV.#0)3&]O:R!5<"!#:71I>F5N+BXN#0HW.#, at
M5FEE=R!(;VUE(%!A9V4-" at T*(R!#;VYT86-T(&QI<W0 at <&]P=7 at ;65N=0T*
M#0HQ-S8)2F]I; at T*,3<Q"5-E;F0 at 5&5L96=R86TN+BX-"C(Q-PE296UO=F4-
M"C$W, E!9&0 at 3F5W($-O;G1A8W0N+BX-"C8P-2!396YD($9I;&4N+BX-" at T*
M(R!496QE9W)A;2!L:7-T('!O<'5P(&UE;G4-" at T*,C$V"5)E<&QY+BXN#0HQ
M-S at )1&5L971E#0H-"B, at 5V]R;&1S(&QI<W0 at <&]P=7 at ;65N=0T*#0HR,C,)
M4VAO=R!0<FEV871E(%=O<FQD<PT*,C(T"5-H;W< at 16UP='D at 5V]R;&1S#0HQ
/.0E496QE<&]R="XN+ at T*

Active Worlds TC

Jun 2, 2001, 8:23pm
Oh oh....I think I need to read the comments on each line a little more
closely....Sorry AWCOM...

I really dont think I'm going to be sued over 2 words...well lets just hope
Facter dosent read this post (and I bet he'll reply this now..oh oh *hides*)

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Jun 4, 2001, 4:34am
Moff is right Eep...if its proof you want...this is the best I can do. A cit
named Catbert was working for AWCOM last summer. He's 16 and get the job
becuase he's E N Z O's cousin.

Well I met him when he first started and we became good firends. At serveral
points through the days I spent with him he mentioned AWCOM's plans for a
new world when 3.1 comes out. A new massive build world with new obs and 3.1
avatars (but that that time we though it would be AW4 not 3.1)

Then just nearing the end of last year...I was in contact with Gand for a
few week's when I was planning to have him make me ssome objects (when I was
too damned crap to make em myself) and when we were chatting he said that
his main project at that times was creating a whole new object path for
Active Worlds, using an adavanced 3D engine that would allow objects to stanard...without any commands...and ypu can specify which parts
of the objects glow.
Also with VRML intergration it would allow movement (although VRML was
dropped before the release of 3.1 so that ones out the window).

Thats all he told me...I asking him more but he was quite secretive...At
that time 3.1 wasent out so I didnt know lighting would become a day to day

However we 'still' have yet to see some descent 3.1 enhanced avatars using
the supposedly supported skin system...

Did you enjoy your pudding Eep? :o)



Jun 4, 2001, 1:06pm
New? ROFL...Yeah ok...maybe I don't know as much as I'd like about the
technicalities of AW. But I'm definatly not new...Ive been kicking around in
AW on various cits since early 1998...and before you say..I know you've been
around longer...

And don't tell me to shut up...until this forum is renamed to 'Eep's BS'
I'll exercise my right to to intergect into subject I want if I think I have
relavent information to add...

Oh and when I mentioned about the advanced engine with glowing objects, I'm
quite aware that you can predefine where an object or part of an object
glows and its properties...its obvious you can't read becuase as I mentioned
at that time I'd never even heard of glowing objects and lighting etc...The
ligthing commands were kept pretty secretive...well I had'nt heard of them
and I had been keep up to date on the 3.1 progress. So the mention of it by
Gand was the first I'd heard of it...

I'm not going to get into an arguement with you...becuase I know I can't win
with relentlessly argue your point until the other person gives
up...hell, from what I've seen you practically enjoy I won't give
you the satisfaction...

Hey Epp! (deliberate typo)




Jun 4, 2001, 3:13pm
Satisfied now Eep? we get a aprrox date for the finishing of the project? I can't
wait to see the new stuff :o)


Jun 4, 2001, 6:08pm
*hands facter $20 under the table*

Sure? ;o)


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Bruce Judson added to AWCI's Board of Directors

Jun 6, 2001, 7:30pm
Dont be stupid Chuck!!!!!!

He might be new to AW but he still won't engage in anything that requires
actual work ;o)

Thought you would of realised that by now, lol


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Murasaki 3D new addy

Jun 7, 2001, 12:48pm
Too right Chuck...both and Murasaki have been nominated
for the best Community Website at the CY Awards...I know how much I'd like
to win, and I'm sure Lady Murasaki feels the same...which is why I offered
to provide the keep her in the runnings for the voting :o)

Good luck LM...Just glad to help :o)


[View Quote] is MOVING!

Jun 26, 2001, 4:41am
Well, I must say, when I first started I never
anticipated its success. Since January this year We've had almot 2200 Hits
with an average of 10+ people a day.

All good thngs come to an end. This good thing isnt ending...just
progressing. I'd like to announce that's Design and
content will be evolving and being moved to

My news host, unlike my last, charges me an monthly fee, but the have 99.9%
uptime. OC-12 Connection on their servers. And I get as much webspace as I
need..unlimited POP3, PHP, CGI, ASP, MYSQL, SSI, etc...

Youg Phalpha is also helping on the project as he is a very good PHP
scripter and will help setup some cool posting systems, etc..I might also
try and rope Azazael in on it too :o)

The only thing now that I need before I can launch is a great
looking web page design.

I'm looking for a Graphica Web Designer to create me a detailed high quality
design, that is compaitable with all majoy browers and OS'. I would be
willing to pay for such a design, but it needs to be good! AWLife needs to
look the part as well as be the great Community site that was :o)

If your good enough to help me out with the design of the site and would be
willing, please e-mail me at the usual address (robbie at

Thanks, and I hope to see y'all at the new site :o)

-Gamer is MOVING!

Jun 26, 2001, 4:43am
Thats "NEW Host..." Not news host...sorry, I need more caffine this
morning.. :o)

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[NG Survivor] Immunity Challenge #...what number is it? Ah yes, 5.

Jun 27, 2001, 6:44pm
-- Message forwarded to AWCOM Server via inter base
tranmission --

From (aka Robbie Lewis/Gamer)

This Message was sent to this address by specalised activation from user
<unknown> using authentication pass: "NORNNYWILLDIE"


Current Health Status of #317291: Gamer

Last Recorded Movement:
27/06/01 17:15 in [Lab Control Room]

Reason for unknown Health Status:
Presumed Termination of Lifeforce...


-- Recorded Sound Logs from [Lab Control Room] --

-{Beginning 17:14:36}-

"Computer, activate Pornographic Holographic System, authentication pass:

"Oh yeah!"

"Jeez, I love this new GeForce2"


"It's all over Dr Gamer"

"Oh Hey Leaf...thanks for this porno program you gave me...what are you on
about Dr Gamer?"

"I`m here to put you out of your misery you freak-show"

"Huh? dude wtf you on?"

"Your attempt to assinate President Nornny won`t work you fool"

"Dude...gimme that banana back, that for my lunch!!!"

"Less of the chat Dr Gamer, lets do this thing like Movie Action Stars are
supposed to"

"Huh? Dude....put that thing away!!! OH glows in the dark? wow...I
never knew you get those...but aren't they for women? I mean......."

"You can`t win Gamer, if you strike me down I will become more powerful than
you ever imagined"

"Dude..I dont know what sick intentions you have with that thing...but I'm
vcertianly not going to touch any part of you with it...ewwww"

"Its Over you B***h"

"Thank god, you were scaring me, did your batteries in that tihng run out or
somthing? Why are you doing all this strange stuff anyway?"

"You killed my Cat and my best friend Fred! and. . . my. . . father! Thats

"Ummm...did Eep slip you one of his energy drinks or somthing? jeez"


"Dude it was a joke ok, hey wait!!!! Keep that thing away from me...OMG!!!

"You killed my CAT!!!"

"......*heavy breathing* pain.....must get this thing
out my a........."


"URRRRGG.....the smeeeeeell.........*thunk*"

-{Ending 17:23:03}-

-- End of Sound Logs --

Get a free Inter Base Transcommunication device for only
£9995.00 at!!!

[NG Survivor] Immunity Challenge #...what number is it? Ah yes, 5.

Jun 28, 2001, 4:46am
Deep in a dar cavern build somwhere in mars well away from GZ, an avatar
stands after his Lord in hologram form assures him Gamer is not threat, and
obvious mistake, especially when sending a new Ledi into the fray...

Nornny is just about to exit the cavern as he hears a single, powerfull

"Did you really think you could destroy me, Nornny? Right from my first
diary knew I was going to kill you...and now...its time..."

Nornny shakes in fear and backs up against a wall pulling out his

"But Gamer! We grew on Yellow-ine together, we were firends, how can it end
like this?!"

Gamer walks slowly out of the shadows striking fear into Nornny with each
powerfull step.

"You seem to think I'm the bad guy here...I know your plans, you simply want
to dominate the Universe Server. Its not going to happen, and now your all
on your own."

Gamer pulls out a lightsaber and takes stance for battle.

"I will win Gamer, I use the force, you use it for darkness!"

"After all these years Nornny...your lied have even tricked
pitting firend against friend, PPW abuse and Vanadlism, you are not useing
the force! That is the darkside...only the Force can we will see
who wins..."

The two begin fighting, Nornny is cut across the chest and falls to the
ground beathing heavily...

"*Heavy Breathing* Please...Gamer...."

Gamer looks, for a moment with a tear in his eye, but it is aparent to him,
in the name of the force what he must do...

"I'm sorry Nornny....."

After a pause, Gamer takes his ligth saber and plunges it through the heart
of Nornny...

"And so it is done"

Says Gamer...and walks off down the tunnel to Mars GZ...then shouts...

"OH SHIT! I'm wearing a Female AV!!!!!!!"


Coming Soon: Leaf Wars III: Return of the Ledi

[NG Survivor] Immunity Challenge #...what number is it? Ah yes, 5.

Jun 28, 2001, 12:56pm
You told us to play we are...and it was ME that started it all
with my plan to kill you :o)


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[NG Survivor] Immunity Challenge #...what number is it? Ah yes, 5.

Jun 28, 2001, 4:32pm
As Leaf walked away from the corpse, he was suprised to see each of the
Eep's move out of his way and allow him past. He withdrew his lightsaber and
walked back onto his ship.
As he boarded his ship, a voice bellowed from front of his ship...

"Leaf, my son.."

He quickly ran up to his main deck with his lightsaber to hand. As he jumped
onto the deck he saw Gamers face across the large screen, with a smile on
his face...

"Relax Leaf, this is just a recording..." said Gamer...

"Then how.." Leaf did'nt get to finish his sentence..

"I knew you would kill me, one of the many advantages of the dark side. I
knew this was your destiny...which is why I had an Eep program this into
your ship as you were with me..."

Leaf, with a suspiceous look walks over and sits and his main chair...

"There are many things I must tell you Leaf...but most, are not to come form
my mouth....the one thing I must tell you real mother
is.......AlphaBit Phalpha....many many years ago after a night of AWBingo we
retired to our room at a nearby hotel...desciding to share a room to save a
few bucks did'nt pay were the you know, birth was
banned on such over-crowded planets like there...from fear we fled the
planet and dropped you off at Yellow-ine in a small basket. As I developed
the dark side I used my powers to track you...and to this day I have always
been proud of how you grew in strength without me...and now you have
defeated me...and you must complete your quest..."

A small Eep boards the ship and hands Leaf a double sided light saber...

"Take this my son, it has served me in all my years...and with the power of
the force, it will make you un-stoppable. Go to the planet of
CoFMeTA...there at 5835.54n 3294.6w you will find the ancient temple of the
Sith's. (Sorry, they couldnt find any even co-ords when they built it) There
you must seek out and destroy the Sith Leader...Darth Mauz...upon that hour
my will have completed your destiny..."

Leaf, with a tear in his eyes takes the lightsaber...and writes dow nthe

"Oh, and before I leave, my son; 1.."

A hatch opens and a CD pops out..

"Thanks for that Porno Hologram program..."

Leaf takes the CD and smiles...

" out for bump warp in the temple..theres also some pretty bad
z-buffering...the ancient gods are crap builders you know..."

Leaf laughs...

"Oh...also, if you did'nt kill me...just ignore this whole thing...I knew
you wouldnt be able to do it...muahahahahaha"

Leaf notes the usual manic laugh and closes the video stream, the Eep leaves
the ship and Leaf takes he flys away from the planet it blows up
narrowly missing Leaf's Ship...

"With my fathers blessing, I will now follow my CofMeta!" He

The ship flys off into the distance leaving nothing between you and the
toilet outside the cinema but the long drawn out credits....


Coming soon: Leaf Wars IV: The final chapter...

[NG Survivor] Immunity Challenge #...what number is it? Ah yes, 5.

Jun 30, 2001, 8:15am
Yep, I could write somthing like that in Visual Basic...but your on the
other team, thanx for the idea, I think I'll do that for Facter :o)


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