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Its Here!!!!!!

Apr 27, 2001, 6:05pm
At last after weeks of work, the Active Worlds Objects and Avatars Databse
is here...right now we're still working on the Search option, but the most
of it is up and running! : )

NOTE: If any of your work is on our site PLEASE e-mail us so we can credit
you for your work. Also if you would like us to remove your work, fair
enough : )

the address is

mailto:robbie at


Its Here!!!!!!

Apr 27, 2001, 6:06pm
all of your exellent work towards the site :o)))

Who's up for Newsgroup Survivor?

Apr 29, 2001, 2:48pm
Count me in :)

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Who's up for Newsgroup Survivor?

Apr 30, 2001, 7:10pm
Who shall we vote our first?

*holds up a sign saying 'M A R C U S'*

Some questions

Apr 29, 2001, 7:12am
1.) What resource should I look for website creation?

There are many communities out there where people like to share their ideas,
but actual web designing is much catered for in the way of resources (or if
there is somwhere i havent come across it)

2.) What are some site that gives awards to website that had excellent
design so I can use them as example?

There are many different websites (e.g. and Yahoo!) that give
awards to good community sites, and then there are magazines like PCGamer
which give award to good gaming sites. So it depends on what you site is

3.) What books should I buy about website designing?

Well I never bought a book, the best way to learn HTML and other coding
tricks is to! You find the best effects and ideas when
visiting other sites. (Be sure though if you are going to use somthing,
direct from someone elses site that you have permission from them)

4.) What software should I download or buys concerning website design?

Namo WebEditor 4 from - its the best software I have ever used
regarding website design. It has built in graphics editors and support for a
bucket load of up-to-date features. It also have built in java scripts and
applets to liven up your site.

5.) What are some scripting/programming langauge(s) should I start with
for learning and early design?

HTML and Java are the most useful ones.

6.) In later futures, what langauges should I learn for advanced website
in future?

ASP and PHP are both very flexable, I've seen many exellent sites optimise
these languages (e.g.

7.) Does anyone have website to show me for examples of some web design?

to look at other peoples templates and designs try
or - if your looking to see actual sites in action, try - or or ...

8.) What website provider do anyone recommend and tell me why it is
recommended? For example, advantages and disadvantages and etc. (free one
only) becuase they have very cheap rates for buying domains and
offer free bannerless hosting with each domain for free...

9.) What graphic software should I use to design GIFs and JPGs for

Adobe Photoshop 6 ( and Jasc Paintshop Pro 7 (
perfect combination...

a.) Is it a good idea to use some parts or pages for WYSIWYG (What You
See Is What You Ge) editor (like Microsoft Word, Microsoft FrontPage) and
some for coding
(Ultra Edit, Notepad, etc.)

Yes...its a lot quicker and saves coding mistakes...

b.) What are some good tutorial I can take to learn how to design

There ar some good ones built into Name WebEditor 4...if not search the
web...there are millions...

c.) What are good FTP client I can use in order to upload files to

CuteFTP 4 - great program, does everything u too :o)

d.) Does anyone have tips and hints for me?

Tip: Keep it simple!!! Some of the best websites like some of the above, and
even sites like and all utilise simple, clean

Tip: Dont use frames unless you have too, you will lose visitors using old
browsers and add a lot more complication to your site like I have had
recently with the resources section of my website :o)

e.) Should I create a two separate version of my website, one for
Internet Explorer, and one for Netscape?

Make your site to suit IE then test it in Netscape, it if dosent look right
then correct it and save it as a seperate version. So basically.....yes, if
your site dosent look right in both, make two versions to suit each...

g.) Is it ok with you that a ad banner is only on top and bottom but
doesn't refresh like Yahoo! website? Note: Also similar to Yahoo!, it
doesn't do popup windows of ad.

Yes thats fine, although I like bannerless sites, its much more presentable
becuase you dont have "SPEED UP YOUR CONNECTION NOW" or "FREE MONEY"
flashing at you all the time :o)

h.) Are there any good software I can use for special purpose like
form-creating program or etc.?

There are many java compilers out there that let you write and compile java
applets...wait till you've been doing this a bit longer before you start
moving on to things like that...

i.) Any more topics I have not thought of will be appericated (am I
spelling it right?)

No its Appreciated - and yes, Flash...Macromedia Flash 5 is a great
programme and adds interactivity to your site with only small downloads and
support for high quality output...

Hope that helped :o)


Some questions

Apr 29, 2001, 2:32pm
Had I known about Doteasy when I got I probaly would
of....but instead I bought it with Easyspace and now Lord Vector of
Vectorscape ( hosts it for me on exellent servers : )

Looking for a Anime Style Artist to Create an Urban Style Logo

Apr 30, 2001, 7:07pm

Is there anyone here who is willing to design an urban anime style logo for
a website? On-site credit will be given and some sort of small payment could
be arranged...

Thanks :o)


[NG Survivor] Meet The Survivors -Involuntarily Chosen by me. :)

May 6, 2001, 4:09pm
Kewl, well you already have a pic of me...I'm in...*waits for others to

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May 9, 2001, 2:42pm
Hey everyone!

Over the past month or so AWTeen has undergone many changes, all for the
better, and they have paid off. A New GZ, A new Core, New Objects and now a
new website!

The site URL is - I'm not sure if this has
been set to the home page for AWTeen yet, but if it hasent, it will soon!

Each week the site will be updated with news, Survivor III Updates and logs
form the Core meetings.

The website (as displayedo n the page) is managed by myself and Nornny, if
you have any ideas, suggestions, faults to report or anything else, e-mail
us by clicking on either of our names on the site...

Enjoy! :o)

AWTeen Core Co-Webmaster and Graphics Designer

Who votes a new AWTeen core?

May 11, 2001, 4:31am
Pierce...would you just crawl back into your hole in JunoDome where you came
from, since your a Juno member and thats how you got here.

You have been in Active Worlds all of a few weeks, if that, and already you
think you can start campaigining for things that you know nothing about.

Mike...I know you've been around a little longer...if you want to enjoy
active worlds in the future, don't get a bad name for yourself now by mixing
with people like pierce...

Do yourself a favour and drop this childish pursuit, no-one in this NG
cares, except you two aparently...


wing has offered absolutely no redeeming value in this NG

May 12, 2001, 8:29pm
Chuck...what do you hope to accompish from this? This NG is for AW Community
news...the best way to deal with this is to ignore the posts you don't agree
instead of adding to them with your own onslaught of insults wrapped up in
paragraphs of 'so-called' facts...

Up until now I've tried not to get entangled in this NG war thats been going
on..but if you woudl just quit already we could end this and everyone can
get bac kt oa nice enjoyable forum...

Please? :o)


[NG Survivor] Let The Game Begin

May 14, 2001, 1:32pm
Can I please say I love you all and please don't vote me out, I will make
free objects and avatars and do free web desiging for all of you and be your
personal AW slave for weeks (this is a pretty crappy strategy, huh?)

Oh well, can't blame me for trying...lets get this thing going :o)


[NG Survivor] My Diary So Far...

May 16, 2001, 2:32pm
Dear Diary,

Since arriving here at the Survivor Area I've pretty much ok, I settled in
with the other contestants with a few wise cracks. Little do they all know
about my plan to assasinate Nornny. I am hiding this diary under my pillow
in my shelter and will log all the events that happen wile I'm here, for now
I will wait until I can lead the players into a false sense of security,
then I'll pounce...

Ever since leaving the AWTeen core I have been jealous of Nornny's power,
popularity and talent, little does the guy know that within 30 days he will
be the days pass by I slowly plan each intricate part of his
assasination. I won't reveal my plans yet. They are subject to change as I
slowly thing of more painfully sadistical ways to kill him. Oh yes, I drool
with anticipation.

Nornny, I will have my vengance...and although no-one knows now...I'm sure
somehow, someway, someone with read this diary in the future and will
realise who murdered Nornny, bwhaahahahaha...

Also, yesterday while out looking for fruits among the trees, I overheard a
conversation between KAH and Alphabit Phalpha. It worried me very much. They
too have a plan, a very, very sinister plan. And when they put it into
action, I fear for many of the contestants lives...I will be safe though, as
I know what they plan to do, and I will be ready...

I may approach the two about their plan in the near future, maybe an
alliance is possible. For now I will monitor their goings on and see what
the future brings...

Now I must go and cook the fish I caught, I have not told the rest of the
group about this, I am very hungary and the group rations are pathertic. I
will keep this for myself...


*Sigh* Tourists...

May 17, 2001, 8:28am
Damnit AW...would you CLEARLY state in the start up window or somthing that
this is NOT a is a typical log for me in my world...

This one is a pretty funny one...however some tourists are just plain
annoying :o)

Log Attached


begin 666 tourist.txt
M*BHJ*BHJ*BH-"BH at 06-T:79E(%=O<FQD<R!C:&%T('-E<W-I;VXZ(%-U;B!-
M87D at ,3,L(#(P,#$ at ,#$Z-#(J#0HJ*BHJ*BHJ*BHJ*BHJ*BHJ*BHJ*BHJ*BHJ
M9F9I8V5R.B!796QC;VUE('1O(%),,TLL(&YO(&9O=6QI;F< at .RD-"B)-<E)U
M8F)L92(Z($A%3$Q//S\_/S\_/S\_/S\_#0I'86UE<CH at 2&5L;&\ at 37)2=6)B
M;&4L('=E;&-O;64 at =&\ at 4DPS2R Z;RD-"B)-<E)U8F)L92(Z(&AO=R!D;R!I
M/PT*(DUR4G5B8FQE(CH at :6T at 9V]I;F< at =&\ at :VEC:R!Y;W5R(&%S<R!O;F-E
M($D at 9FEN9"!T:&4 at ;6EN:6=U;B$A(2$A(2$A(2$-"D=A;65R.B!4:&ES(&ES
M;G0 at 82!G86UE($DG;2!A9G)A:60N+BX-"B)-<E)U8F)L92(Z('1H:7, at 9V%M
M92!I<R!B971T97( at =&AA;B!U;'1I;6$L('1H92!G<F%P:&EC<R!A<F4 at )&AI
M="!T:&]U9VAH(2$A(2$A#0I'86UE<CH at 1&]N)W0 at <W=E87( at <&QE87-E(#HI
M#0HB37)2=6)B;&4B.B!2:6-H="!G970 at <F5A9&1Y('1O(&1I92!M=79V86$L
M(&D at 9F]U;F0 at 82!S:&]T9W5N(2$A(2$-"D=A;65R.B!796QL($D at :&%V92!A
M(%-U<&5R(%-H;W1G=6X at <V\ at =&AE<F4A#0HB37)2=6)B;&4B.B!93U4 at 0TA%
M051%1"!93U4 at 4U154$E$($)!4U121"$A(2$A(2$A(2$-"D=A;65R.B!0;&5A
M<V4 at 9&]N="!S=V5A<BP at =&AI<R!W;W)L9"!I<R!'(%)A=&5D+BXN#0HB37)2
M92(Z($1.0TQ)4 T*(DUR4G5B8FQE(CH at 1$Y53DQ/0TL-"D=A;65R.B!$3E!,
M14%315-(55154" Z;RD-"B)*86UE<S8T:R(Z(&AE;&QO(')O8F)E(&AE;&QO
M(&UR(')U8F)L97(-"B)-<E)U8F)L92(Z($E-($=/24Y'(%1/($9204< at 64]5
M#0I'86UE<CH at 2&5Y($IA;65S+BXN22=M(&%F<F%I9"!W92!H879E(&$ at 1'5K
M92!.=6ME;2!A9&1I8W0 at :6X at :&5R92P at =&AI;FMS('1H:7, at :7, at 82!G86UE
M+BXN#0HB2F%M97,V-"(Z($UR4G5B8FQE+"!))VT at 9V]I;F< at =&\ at 9G)A9R!9
M3U4-"B)-<E)U8F)L92(Z(%=H870 at 8G5T=&]N(&9I<F5S/PT*1V%M97(Z($%L
M=" K($8T(&ES(&9O<B!T:')O=VEN9R!G<F5N861E<R [*0T*(DUR4G5B8FQE
M(CH at 3VL-"D=A;65R.B!23T9,+BXN:&4 at ;&5F=" Z*0T*(DIA;65S-C1K(CH at
M870 at ;&5A<W0 at :6T at 82!C;&5V97( at =&]U<FES= T*1V%M97(Z('EE86 at -"B)-
M<E)U8F)L92(Z(%E/52!35%50240 at 0DE!5$-((2!)32!'54Y.02!&4D%'(%E/
M52!"040 at 1D]2($A!0TM)3D< at 35D at 0T]-55!415(A(2$A(2$A(2$A(2$A(2$A
M(2$-"D=A;65R.B!E<FUM+BXN/PT*(DUR4G5B8FQE(CH at 64]5($A!0TM%1"!)
M3E1/32!9(%9/35!45452($%.1"!#3$]3140 at 5$A%5R!!1T%-12 -"D=A;65R
M.B!H96AE+"!Y97, at 86YD(&EF('EO=2!D;VXG="!L96%V92!A9V%I;B!I(&UI
M9VAT(&AA8VL at :6YT;R!Y;W5R(&-O;7!U=&5R(&%N9"!D96QE=&4 at >6]U<B!G
M87D at <&]R;B!A<F-H:79E+BXN#0HB37)2=6)B;&4B.B!(3U< at 1$\ at 64]5($M.
M3U< at 04)55"!42$%4/PT*1V%M97(Z($DG;2!A(&=O;V0 at :&%C:V5R+"!N;W< at
M9V\ at 87=A>0T*(DUR4G5B8FQE(CH at 3$]/2R!)1B!-62!$040 at 1DE.1"!/550 at
M24T at 1T%9($A%3$P at 2TE,3"!-12$A(2$A(%!,14%312!$3TY4(%1%3$P at 24T-
M"D=A;65R.B!)('=O;G0 at :68 at >6]U(&QE879E(&%N9"!P<F]M:7-E(&YE=F5R
M('1O(&5V97( at 8V]M92!I;G1O($%C=&EV92!7;W)L9', at 86=A:6XN+BX-"B)-
M<E)U8F)L92(Z(&\ at :PT*(FIA;65S-C1K(CH at :&4 at :7, at <V]O;V\ at 9'5M8 at T*
M1V%M97(Z(%1H871S(&AO=R!Y;W4 at :&%N9&QE('1H92!C;VUM;VX at ;F5W8FEE
M(#HI#0HB37)S4G5B8FQE(CH at 2$5,3$\ at 1DE214Y$4PT*1V%M97(Z($IE<W5S
M+BXN:&4G<R!L:6ME(&$ at 8F%D('-M96QL+BXN#0HB37)S4G5B8FQE(CH at =V%T
M/PT*1V%M97(Z($ES('1H:7, at ;&EK92!-<G, at 1&]U8G1F:7)E(&]R('-O;71H
M(2$A(2$A(2$-"D=A;65R.B!)(&YE=F5R('-A:60 at >6]U('=E<F4N+BYA;F0 at
M:68 at >6]U('EO=2!A<F5N="XN+FAO=R!D;R!Y;W4 at :VYO=R!H:7, at ;F%M93\-
M"B)-<G-2=6)B;&4B.B!03$5!4T4 at 1$].5"!414Q,($U9($1!1"$A(2$A(2$A
M;W< at >6]U('-H;V]T+BXN8W1R;" K(&%L=" K(&1E;" M('!R97-S('1H870 at
M='=I8V4-"B)-<G-2=6)B;&4B.B!O:PT*(DUR<U)U8F)L92(Z('1H:7, at =V]N
M="!C;&]S92!T:&4 at 9V%M92!W:6QL(&ET/PT*1V%M97(Z(&YO(&ET('=O;G0 at
M8VQO<V4 at =&AE("=G86UE)R Z*0T*(DUR<U)U8F)L92(Z(&]K#0I'86UE<CH at
M:&5S(&=O;F4N+DDG=F4 at <V%I9"!T:&ES(&5V97( at <VEN8V4 at =&AE(#%S="!T
M:6UE(&D at =7-E9"!!5RXN+F%N9"!I;&P at <V%Y(&ET(&YO=RXN+ at T*1V%M97(Z
5("I3:6=H*B!4;W5R:7-T<RXN+ at T*

[NG Survivor] My Diary..

May 17, 2001, 6:09pm
Dear Diary,

Usually I write my entries every 2 days, however the events that happened
today is exceptional. Whilst out in the forest again search for fruit, I saw
a small trail of McDonalds wrappers and tomarto ketchup. In the hope that iw
would lead me to food I followed the trail, after a few minuters I arrived
at a clearing, I two figures emerging in the distance...
One I could just make out as N a y r becuase i reconised the colour of his
pink leather pants...I coul'nt be sure as his shirt, which i would normally
presume to be pink also was covered in blood.

From what I could see it appeared that N a y r have a cuddly toy, like the
ones you get in happy meals, a large one...pretuding from his rectum...its
was a messy site...that wasent the end either....the figure slowly inserted
more and more free toys into N a y r passageways...

After a few minutes and 27 free toys later the wearing figure of N a y r
fell to the ground...the sickening thud wa lost in the evil laughing of the
other figure...

After the other person had left I ran over to the body of N a y r....he lay
on the floor, softly wispering to himself the Community Newsgroup Guidelines
to himself...

N a y r has since been put into rectal rehabilitation and has since stopped
posting in the AW NGs...however this has not aided my plans...Now yet
another person must be 'removed' before I can continue with my work...

First I must find N a y r's attacker...soon he will have the ability of
speech again, however his ass was damaged badly and since all he does is
talk out of it, it could be a while before I get a name...

I will continue to survay the woods each night as before and see what each
day brings...

Also tommorow night I will begin my master plan involving the assasination
of Nornny...

Until then, I remane at watch...

ancient AW stuff

May 20, 2001, 9:42am
I found that last of the dirs has a pic of E N Z O (Rick Noll) at
home when he was aplying with a streaming web cam in AW...the last frame
before it was switched of has bee immortalised there :o)

It was also the cause of many hours of fun adding red lip stick and pink eye
shadows to his pic, hehehe...


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New StarWars 3D Coming

May 20, 2001, 9:53am
OMG...Geforce 1? 3?????

I dont even have a proper 3D card...I have some crap called '3D Now
Technology' which sux badly....i need a new comp...


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May 20, 2001, 9:52am
Hey I've heard loads about 3.2 and some people even (claim to) have it...

Anyone got any inside info on it? Do AW still allow new BETA testers to sig
nup and is it even in Public BETA yet anyway?

C'mon Roland lets see ya makin' a few postings for a change...why not make a
first and actully let people know whats going on...



May 20, 2001, 12:10pm

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May 20, 2001, 6:07pm
<jovial laugh> hehe, nice one </jovial laugh>

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Truespace 4: HELP!

May 20, 2001, 12:24pm
OK, ok I know this is off topic a lil, but I wasen't sure where to put least all the good modellers check this forum :o)

I want to create a roller coaster set like Grovers...its pretty straight
forward in Truespace can I take a cylinder and bend it from the
middle? This is so I can make the track bend around corners...

I've tried various de-formation techniques...but all to no avail...

Can anyone help?



I cordually invite Yall to visit my humble little city,

May 21, 2001, 1:01pm
M a k a v e l i

| |
\ L O V E S /
\ /
\ /
\ /




My first time in AW []

May 22, 2001, 2:39pm
Remeber you first time in AW?

Gotta funny story about it?

Why not share it with everyone else!

E-mail me: gamer at

you posting will then be added to:

Would You?

May 22, 2001, 7:26pm
If I were to design some 'unofficial' active worlds t-shirts...and put them
up for sale of would you guys be interested? We'd be looking at
around $20 and I can have it shipped to you door in a week...

Feel free to respond on this string and lemme know what you think...

Ps. THANKYOU all the people that voted for in the CY Awards...if
we win I'll kiss every single one of you! (unless ur male...then I'll just
shake ur hand, lol)


[NGS] My Diary..

May 23, 2001, 6:21pm
Dear Diary,

Nice weather today...we peaked at around 120 degrees, im just peeling off
the last of my lightly toasted skin now...

Alphabit caught me out hunting for extra food. We agreed not to tell on the
agreement i share my catchings with her...I dont mind, i have plenty now
anyways. Since it warmed up the fish are really biting...

Chuck is first to leave...I wonder if he's gutted...well,
it seems his previous arguements kinda gave him a bad name...hes not all
that bad really...he was always nice to me anyways.

I have now finished stage two of my plan to assasinate Nornny. The baked
beans are in place and the scotish dentist is I am waiting to
begin stage 3...its all coming togather nicely...

I hear N a y n r is out of hospital now...good for him, aparently he still
has a bit of a limp..and he shivers whenever a CA Bot starts reading out the
Code of Conduct, im sure he'll get over it. They even gave him the toy they
removed from his back passages in a jar to put on his mantel

The mystery character that did it to him still avades my attantion. I
remaine vigilant. Tommorow night I will go to the Typo tribe and listen in
on their plans...Maybe even take a photo on me taking a whizz on their

Ahh, tommorow! I am reminded of 'Anne' the film...

Until tommorow night Diary...good night...

[NGS] My Diary...

May 25, 2001, 9:12pm
Dammit Diary!

My plans are NOT going to spanish elephants did NOT come as
ordered and I cant fine my this rate I wont be on schedule for
Nornny's final assasination...

I will have to improvise.

AlphaBit today asked me if I wanted to help her steal some things from the
Typo Camp...I turned her down...I have much greater fish to fry...instead
she went alone and stole all Chucks old things he left when he was voted

Amongst the crap we found:

1 Map of south west arabia
2 Spoons
1 Wok
3 Cans of Dr Pepper
8 FHM Magazines
1 Spice girls Album

and most importantly a picture of JFK2 with they eyes burnt out...Also in a
notepad serveral pages incuded the words "Die JFK DIE" and Bit were
most surprised...

we will keep them for now..u never know when they will come in handy...

Now it is only 1 week until my plans comes togather against Nornny...

[NG Survivor] Time to vote, Factor...

May 26, 2001, 6:34am
I got immunity? YAY! Thanks Casay :)

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making yourself show up as off-line??????

May 26, 2001, 6:36am
Here in england if you get disconnected and re-connect within 3 minsutes
then your online but the server dosent know it becuase you didnt time
out...hehe i love it, great way to lurk around AW :)

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Take the Poll...

May 26, 2001, 6:37am
what is your favourite active worlds website?

vote via the link below :o)

Poll updated and Fixed...

May 26, 2001, 7:21pm
Ok, I added all the suggested sites...fixed the typos and fixed the coding
problem...the new URL is:

please vote :)

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