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To anyone and everyone

Nov 20, 2000, 2:23am
i truly don't blame you. at one point i offered some asp scripts i had
written for my use, and thought someone else might like them. i said i'd try
and hel[ with questions, but i might not be able to help, i'm fairly busy. i
was flamed repeatedly by a group of people who wanted me to write one of my
scripts in php. i said i couldn't. go figure. not really relevant, but, i
know how people can be. lazeneri has been quite the butt, as i have heard,
and had "changed". or so he said. ah well... i personally don't use xelabot
((eats too much of my memory...)), but have in the past and always found it
a nice, easy to use bot. nothing difficult about it.. plenty of help files,
too. and it isn't like you don't try and help people, you just can't hold
all of their hands ;)...
napster - for all your music pirating needs *and i use it too*

Somethin wrong with AW? (prolly my cable...)

Nov 12, 2000, 7:53pm
i logged in twice.. and. i get my cable modem from at home.. pay 25usd a
month.. and. it goes down once a week at 10pm for 5-10 minutes.. *shrugs*
everyone else complains about problems.. worst one we've had is when the
cable went out cuz of a storm. lasted for a day.. or so.. i guess i'm just

--==USWF Website Updated==--

Nov 15, 2000, 1:14am
"...as the temperture approaches 123 degrees farenheit. I find
that Netscape will run well beyond that temperture barrier with no
problems, but
IE and OE will crash on launch at 115 degrees..."
my cpu's highest clocked temp is 93. get another fan before you kill that

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