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Free Objects 4 you :o)

Mar 27, 2001, 4:01am
OK... I know I'm going to get shot at by certain people here... BUT at this
point i could care less.
[The person I'm refering to knows why i'm doing this...LMAO!!!!!!!]

See if you can make a big object called a Hell Pit with glass like sides.
And inside that Hell Pit have the small version of Broadway World
in there burning like hell fire. And over the smaller version of Broadway
World inside the Hell Pit put the words Broadway! Shines! In! Hell!

gamer <Gamer at active-worlds.co.uk> wrote in <3abf6048 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>Hey, after I posted my martini object (Which only took around 30 mins) I got
>a lot of reponse in the form of e-mail and telegrams. It seems AW lacks a
>modeller that will create objects for free.
>I myself did this for a while but got snowed down with requests. You guys
>are intellegent and patient people so I am willing to take any requests so
>long as they are within reason. Im afraid I cant do avatars (still learning
>how to articulate) but I can do most objects :o)
>Just post a reply on this post and if I think I can do it I'll e-mail you
>the RWX and textures if used...

Free Objects 4 you :o)

Mar 27, 2001, 4:08am
HEY... that is an excellent idea. Donate my Object idea there and it'll
be ariound forever for anyone to proudly display from their worlds
of their support for something to happen to Broadway World...

SO YES... Please donate my request for that Hell Pit with the burning
Broadway World inside of it to that place.... It's the best place for it.
SO everyone can remember what a nice place it is.

casay <casay2 at home.com> wrote in <3abfff6d$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>Better yet, donate them to Objects d'AW then they'll always be around :-)
>PS- Going slow on the latest updates but will have them up sometime this


Mar 27, 2001, 3:51am
Why don't the feds care about the newsgroups and all the warez, crackz,
serialz, codez, patchez... SIMPLE. None of what you see on any
newsgroups are in the usual binary format.
When you look at a picture file it is in the regular
binary format "JFIF" = JPG, "BM6" = BMP etc and you have to
look at thta through a file viewer and you see alot of mess after
the header = normal binary format. The same format that most places
use to send you the file.
BUT on the newsgrups servers. ALL the files contained on their
servers are in xxdecode format or binhex format or base64.
And all that looks like this
Content-Type: image/gif;
name="viagra and yoga combined.gif"
Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64
Content-ID: <006001c0b526$5e878ba0$0f071818 at twcny.rr.com>


AND in most countries... That all means Freedom Of the Press.
including the good usa and thus the feds cant really do much about it.

nova <n at n.com> wrote in <3abf5e10$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>why would they heck id be willing to bet at least a few companys that
>make the software also run warez sites with it on the site
>but i do agree the aw ngs are not the place to post any thing
>warez rellated
>i just did a search on my isps news server and warez turned
>up like 100+ ngs
>cracks anoth 50 for thoose interested in warez use thoose
>200+ ngs aw ngs
>are not the place for talk of warez.
>even though the feds realy dont care to much unless some one
>points it out
>to them i seriously dout aw wants their rep tarnished
>by warez posts and
>will report it to the feds then they will bust your arse realy fast.
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help: looking for a world...

Mar 28, 2001, 4:44am
If it's a retreat you want... I'll be the first to suggest you DO not want
either Broadway OR NewYork Worlds.
But you'll be surprised at what AWTeen can do OR even AW [Alpha World]
can do for you. There are many HUGE build areas on both worlds.
And you might even want to consider WildAW for your builds too.

BUT remember... If you go tooo far out in the wilderness & you don't have
a start object piece handy. BOTH AW [Alpha World] AND AWTeen will allow you
or one of your friends to drop a build bot in there to help you get started.
WildAW does not allow for bots in there. So like me... You push your
object piece from somewheres to where you want to start building.
It's a pain... But well.... That's what happens.

And if it's the push object to where you need it. Best to use some
wall, or sign5 object piece for that. You can see the thing even from
a good far distance 120 meters out. And much better than using
a walk, street, or any other flat object.

d'brute <dbrute at vuduvalley.net> wrote in <3ac0fc9f at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>i wanna build a nice little retreat for myself and a friend or two.
>something zen, something romantic. any suggestions for a really special
>world to do it on?
>art you!
>"Boogie when it's time to boogie; snooze when it's time to snooze."
>Fax: 530-464-3013

help: looking for a world...

Mar 28, 2001, 11:45pm
Gee... Then someday i'll be happy to sho you where there isn't any
seed objects. Usually I prefer the ends of the world. As in Beta World...
When I found that Beta world allows for both Tourist & Cit to build here
I went for it. It's only 5000km nswe big and yes... They had a seed object
placed at about 500n 500e all around the place... BUT the place i picked
didn't have a thing. 5000n 5000e = The Corner of the world... I had to drop
a bot in there and make a piece... The on top of that build the darn
perrimiter roads so you can tell what you can't build past before i even
started the build. There were no nothing out this far.
But because of the way Beta world was... I learn a heck of alot about
bots on that world real fast. Still have about 1 dozen test sites here
where i practiced being very naughty to my best friend [Had he known what
i was up to.... Geee.... I would have been strung up fast] But it all
paid off in the end really nice... So i could host his world...
[Extreamly Lucky Me... At least i didn't have to BOT copy the world...
I could use the propdump file instead]

PS... If you come into Beta World and see a perimiter road all the way
around the outer edge of this place... Well... I did the road so people
starting their build out in the boonies had something to start off with.

AND the same
held true on WildAW... WildAW is 1000km nswe And I was lucky to find a
peaceful place 1000s 600e = One side at the edge of the world...
And absolutely nothing to get started. The closest property was 1000s 75e
and so i created one big sign5 colored cyan to see it & pushed
it all the way in.

black rose <brose_42 at hotmail.com> wrote in <3ac1f812 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>umm they planted several hundred seed objects in WildAW and you can
>use those. They tourist on them and can easily be deleted after
>you're done with them. They're scattered all over WildAW so I don't
>know where you were dragging your object to but you had to
>have missed all of them.

Trying to find a world for a retreat

Mar 28, 2001, 5:06am
I forgot to mention... If you are on some other universe like Outerworlds
Universe... You could try the new Gateway World for your retreat.
It was just opened a week or so ago & it's 256 km nswe big
[I've tested it out to that far] and opened building to all.

Unfortunate though... You can't drop a bot there either [Yea... I tried]
and so you have to grab something and push it in. It's nice for that it
allows you to use all the 'Z' objects too. [I used the zsign] and they
also have pretty much all the objects that AW uses too. It's nice place
to do a build there & you can use as much land as you need. If you need
to create any avatars [../avatar/philippe.rwx] stuff... You can do that
too. AW [Alpha World] forbids that. Wile AWTeen allows it as dos
WildAW allow it.

Filtering out crEepS

Apr 7, 2001, 9:07pm
Will... I have a newer computer than you do. lol... But it's hard to
read the messages wehn all you see is
about 500 something lines long.
Over quotes and no one like to kill off these blasted long things...

JFK2 Takes out his GUN. Looks to see it's loaded.
It is. AIMS at all of those people who love to let these messages
become a nightmare in length... BAM!!! Right in their
brain it goes.
Smiles and says to himself... Now... Maybe one person will get the hint.
And to think i HATE guns... Ohhh Well...lol

ananas <vha at oct31.de> wrote in <3ACB1900.9DE1E2A1 at oct31.de>:

>Hard to follow those little dotted lines when the screen is not 40"
>wide ;)
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Apr 7, 2001, 9:55pm
One of the common problemsthat happen every so often is your TCP/IP will
become dammaged. You might need a tech person walk you through another
reinstall of that. BUT do it if nothing works. IE, Mail, Ftp, AW, World,
etc. If nothing works... It could be your TCP/IP. But make sure you
have your WIN98 or WIN95 install cd rom or floppy handy for that type of
install. Or ask a friend with your operating system to loan you their
so you can re-install it.

ananas <vha at oct31.de> wrote in <3ACF0A3A.6070B87F at oct31.de>:

A thought...

Apr 9, 2001, 4:31am
With everyone complaining about how AW does their worlds thing.
Maybe this will help make them think that AW is not a place that is so
bad after all.

I have several accounts in other universes.

In Vectorscape Universe = Pay your $19.95 for a one yr cit =
One Free World that is 4 meters nswe big and 8 people capacity.
You can keep adding people by 8, 16, 24, 32...etc. You can buy more
land at the rate of 2 meters nswe up to a total of a AW p20 world.
p20 = 20km nswe. If you think that going the Comercial account
route is better & bigger world. NOPE
Just add an added %20 to your world fee. But the only thing a commercial
account will help you out in is total numbers of people on your world.

Outerworlds Universe. You can buy your world much like AW. p10, p20,
p50 etc... And the people limit is by 8, 16, 24, 32, etc...
BUT even a small world is p10/8 and costs $20 setup fee PLUS $24.95 per
month. AND they do all the hosting. You have no choice for who
does the hosting. You MUST pick them or it won't be seen.
Commercial you can get up to unlimited world sizes & unlimiited
people on it. BUT you still have no coice as to who hosts it. They do.

Dreamland Universe...
Nice place & they have worlds to sell. They run their worlds like AW
does. p10/8 cost $69 license & $12 per year fee. You have a choice
who will host it. They can or YOU can. You can have your OP
through them or find some server on the internet to hold all of your
op. They have the personal worlds up to p150/64 BUT a Commercial
account can have up to p1000/??? = 1,000,000 km nswe & unlimited
amount of people on it.
BUT before you jump off AW and head for the greener pastures
of Dreamlamd Universe... Right now there are only about 20 worlds
TOPS there & about 20 people max there. [almost like the struggling
AW was several years ago I can imagine]

just in <Justefyde at hotmail.com> wrote in
<3ad128ce at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>You can buy increased cit entry limits... US$50 = 5 extra
>cit entry limit
>(although I think that is way too expensive)
>Also, if you are holding a special event in your world you can arrange for
>an increased limit for one day at no cost.
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AWJBell News is Back!

Apr 10, 2001, 1:40pm
I'm one of those happy people that is glad JBELL opened his version of
AW Newsgroups. It also contains news for Vectorscape Universe
and Outerworlds Universe I'm I would like to PLEAD to JBELL to open
one up for the other one i'm a cit in Dreamland Park Universe
as they are the ones most closely related to AW it's funny. Same cit
price, same world buy prices, same problems for hosting a world
there as is on AW, same objects [OR Rather they are trying to get
people to donate so eventually they will have the same objects & textures
and Avatars, & sounds. BUT as yet it's really a tiny version of AW.
apx 20 worlds & apx 20 people TOPS and that is if everyone was there.

k y l e <shred at 1starnet.com> wrote in
<3ad2f69a$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>Well, my newsreader choked on the first URL he gave, and it accepted
>news.awjbell.com. *shrug*
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Possible mem leak?

Apr 11, 2001, 8:28am
sometimes I LOVE the standalone mode of the browser. And sometimes it's a
MUST to use it like that. Especially after certain people almost swear
that they NEVER Eject someone & then do the Eject anyways...
### Ok... No names here... The world owner knows who HE is that I'm
refering to... ###
But it's super when your ip address changes & you can pop into this world
just long enough for you to do a decent download before the IDIOT
world owner either does the eject himself or sends in his nic
named BOT to do the job for him. But in stand alone mode... You can
fly & pass through stuff. And even edit things where you couldn't have
done so before in real mode. [It dosen't stay long]... But yes... you can
play midi's as long as it's in your AW browser cache somewheres
I've edited this world's downtown areas It all works like it's real.
Just make sure you set your browser to max setting 120 meters out.
and in the downtown area of this world where the owner wants to
keep ejecting me... I grab a few ju_line1.rwx's and bury them just under
the road surface with the midi create name jfk on them And keep going until
i'm about 10km out. I can play all the midis stored in the browser's
cache. Including the ones that were located in some objects path
like house2.mid. And if it was real i'd use some natural object to play
the music from. create a taxi and park it to look good & play from that.
But since we are talking about stand alone mode. Who cares what i use.
Street light[traffic light] Side of building. It workd great.
But move out far enough say 20n 0e & then go back
to 10s 0e... And everything you did is gone.
but i have stayed in stand alone mode for hours at a time.
And no problems at all. But sometims it's just fun to get away from the
crowds that way.

wing <bathgate at prodigy.net> wrote in <3ad38237 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>I was checking the NG's in Outlook Express and fired up AW into
>standalone mode (via skip button) to go do some theoretical changes
>to one of my builds. After hopping through my various
>AlphaWorld teleports, I found the one I wanted and wandered
>around a little
>bit. No midis, no MP3s, no wavs. Just normal building and lighting.
>Was about 5 minutes before EVERYTHING I tried doing gave me a
>not enough memory error, which means I was using 1256mb of RAM
>(1000 meg swap and 256 physical). I wasn't doing anything out of the
>ordinary, and only other programs running were ICQ, AIM,
>Motherboard Monitor 5 and the Creative Live! Ware programs. However, since
>these were idling in their normal configuration, it's unlikely
>that they were the cause of this mess. I couldn't get access to
>exactly what my available resources were at that time, couldn't
>load the program. I have reproduced it one more time, and still
>cannot get the exact specs. Somthing's happening, it's not
>just a fluke. RAM is 100% functional even though it's brand new (cute
>little in-use lights :) More specific things, such as the
>coords I teleported between and the messages I viewed in Outlook are
>available upon request.
>[Win98SE, 256mb new PC133, Duron 700 at 700, GeForce 3 MX,
>Oulook Express v5.00.2919.6600]

Possible mem leak?

Apr 12, 2001, 12:05am
Ok... Let me give you a hint to the people that do alot of Ejectiong
when they say they don't & they say they care but it's not true
with them...
My real good friend is Chucks Party and he was the one that was
slamming these people for a very short time while i stayed out of it.
WELL.... It's those people. But i'm not going to name any names
here except from my friend so you can get the idea of which people i
refer to [So as not to get another LONG winded war raging again]
That is why i failed to mention names... WE BOTH were shot out of
that place... But that is in the past. And of course i can't get in
there until my ip# changes & then i can get in just long enough
to do a decent
world download and then i can go back in there in stand alone mode.
Now i do know that does use some BRAIN power to figure out that
you can visit their world even after you have been ejected...
And i use my brains. But lately i've been going into an even better world
BW... [Nope... It's NOT Broadway World] It's Beta World instead...
I must admit that the music is much better there
[My Bot Provides The Music] And the people you meet there are really
fantastic. It offers solitude as well [5000 km world]. And there
is absolutely no world owners that prefer to Eject you and then say
the care and do all that other nonsense... It's SUPER there... And I
sure don't need stand alone mode to enjoy that world...

foxmccloud <FoxMcCloud at cyberbrain.com> wrote in
<3ad4e73e at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>There's also a related great feature of human brain, which is
>the ability to act so as not to get ejected from the world
>you want to visit. Then you can go there anytime you wish without
>using the standalone browser. Not sure all versions are equipped
>with this feature though.
>Fox Mc Cloud


Apr 11, 2001, 8:47am
Well... there isn't much you can do about that. What you could do
is do the same to this person. At least in a way do it. Your name
Real Leaf... OK... That Real could be a capitol I ans in ReaI Leaf
So if that kid left his name and it has a capitol I... You can hop into
his old name & see how he likes it ir change int something close to
his old name.
Real.Leaf see the DOT in the middle there. You could
do something like that. I do that every one and awhile have have
this really EVIL LADY who can't see much of anything report me to the PK's
simply because this EVIL LADY can't see a dot in the middle of this name i
sometimes use. She even had to send in her bot before she could finally
see the tiny dot there.
### Nope... I'm still not going to name any names here either. But that
EVIL LADY knows who she is. ###

leaf <Leaf at noodles.co.uk> wrote in <3ad431df$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>Hello, I need some help please. I was in AWTeen GZ and we were having a
>small laugh and I changed my name to Dr Evil Leaf. But some sad person
>decided to grasp this moment and stole my name. I was very annyoed but I
>know if you change your name and they change theirs then it can be done.
>What really annoyed me was that this sad immature boy was pretending to be
>me. As far as I know he could be receiving my telegrams if people who have
>just put my name in their contact list. Can anyone help me?
>Real Leaf

Active World's bait and switch operation

Apr 12, 2001, 12:19am
Well... There is one little thing your are not taking ito an account
here concerning the world buy. If it's a small world
p10/5 type you get ONE free cit with that. But generally the bigger
the world is that you buy... The more free cit's that go along
with that world. So if you bout something like a p200/100 world
you migght end up with 5 - 7 free cits and not just plain one.

m a r c u s <none at sfsdfsd.come> wrote in
<3ad5081b at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>"I wasn't aware you could apply the cost of your existing citizenship"
>Apparently, you can't. They sell you a citizenship, then when
>you want to
>get a world they sell you a world which includes a citizen. If I knew
>about that, I wouldn't have bought a citizen and built as a tourist.
>Then, I
>would have purchased a world for $80. If I buy a world now, it
>would come
>to a total of $100.

Active World's bait and switch operation

Apr 12, 2001, 2:48am
That too is a simple answer. It's FREE advertisement. Think about it.
You buy a world. Even a tiny p10/5 you get ONE free cit. What do you
do with it. You might have a friend that you know who my have asked
or told you that they wished they could get a cit but don't have the $$
to buy one. So you are nice & let them have that free cit. You just
saved your friend $19.95 for the one year. But next year comes
and your friend is now hooked on AW. how fast will your friend
pay for his cit renewal? That answer is FAST. And aw has now gained
one more paying member. It gets more dramatic the bigger worlds you
buy. You might get say 7 free cits. OK.... As in Broadway World...
they have a BW Builder account [May have gotten that as a FREE cit
when they bought the world. And they also have a BW Helper account...
Same there... got another free cit. and any others they may have given
them to their friends. So next year when the friends free cits run out...
They will make sure they get it renewed. And the world owners will
make sure that they pay the extra $39.90 for their 2 extra accounts
they use for world building. [NewYork World has the same thing with the
New Yorker build account] But AWCOM now has a few more happy paying
m a r c u s <none at sfsdfsd.come> wrote in
<3ad53032$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>Can you tell me the advantage of multiple citizens then?
>I can only sign on with one screen name at a time and if I bounce from one
>account to another my contacts can't contact me.
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Active World's bait and switch operation

Apr 13, 2001, 1:25pm
I know of 3 companies that don't make any $$$ right now.

1 - www.broadway-world.com [Broadway World on AW]

2 - JFKMusic.com [Me - Yes I too have a DOT com] [This is my MIDI web
site AND one of the worlds that I host... It's Object Path uses my
site too - RPG]

## I have a something thing that LAUNCHES
from this site. ##

###))) 3d.jfkmusic.com = My message forums for ActiveWorlds, Vectorscape,
Outerworlds and any other 3d universe out there. It's the WEB version
of the NEWSGROUPS type of thing. You do NOT need to be a citizen of
any of the universes to post messages. AND it's a free style posting.
Anyone may post. FREE to join. [Hosted by - www.delphi.com]

3 - bodiesinyouremail.com - ME again - This is going to be a profitable
thing after i line up some more things for it though & then go live with
it. But it's one of those ADULT things that i'm working on and I have
many allready in there... Just waiting on the GREEN LIGHT for a few and
it's launch time soon. One of the things I'm waiting on is my account
in the FREE Age Check Group.

agent1 <Agent1 at my.activeworlds.com> wrote in
<3ad70192$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>I've heard of many companies (ESPECIALLY "dot-coms") that don't
>make a profit for a year or two... This really doesn't mean
>they don't care about their customers.
>"s p a r k" <crazyglue3 at hotmail.com> wrote
>in message news:3ad68400 at server1.Activeworlds.com...

Active World's bait and switch operation

Apr 13, 2001, 5:52pm
Then what ever you do... Don't tell these marketing mews magazines that
i'm an indivuidual. To them i'm a company big enough to send me a bunch
of their business & marketing newsletters & zines all for nothing.
Right now i receive about 5 or so marketing & business & pc gamming
news all for nothing per week. I love it. So if i'm big enough for them
to count me as a business... Then i must be a business.

agent1 <Agent1 at my.activeworlds.com> wrote in
<3ad71c62$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>But you're not a corporation in any sense -- You're an individual
>and don't count. When I said "dot-coms", I meant companies
>specializing in something over the internet
>(Activeworlds.com, Inc., for example).

AWLD glub glub glub...

Apr 13, 2001, 4:26am
Awwww..... That is really sad to hear. I would love to see AW
survive forever. But i know some people would love to see AW die off
in a way. The people that might like to see AW die are those that are
out for blood. They want to see all the World Wars[Broadway vs NewYork]
end and what better way than to see AW die. But i was part of that
war too. And i am one of many that don't want to see the famous
Worlds At War [Broadway vs NewYork] end if it means AW must die.
Yes i was a part of that war. But i don't mind seeing the two
huge worlds there. And amybe they [the owners of both worlds]
could simply learn some peace & harmony before AW was ever to die.

wing <bathgate at prodigy.net> wrote in <3ad678b3$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>About half a month ago (I think, time is just a blur in my mind) I
>posted a rumor about AWLD going bankrupt within a month. This
>stuff looks REALLY pathetic, and is potentially the first really
>definite sign that I was right-but the timing was wrong. I doubt AW
>will survive to see another christmas-my citizenship sure won't.
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AWLD glub glub glub...

Apr 16, 2001, 10:03pm
OMG... And here i thought you were talking about Just In that way.
He too is one of those poor lowly creatures that has no friends
except fur the MEAN WOLF he sees of himself in the mirror.

ananas <vha at oct31.de> wrote in <3AD781E7.3E8155DC at oct31.de>:

>This poor lonesome lowly creature that has no friends except for the
>guy in his mirror?
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Possible bug?!

Apr 13, 2001, 4:16am
It's NOT a bug. I sometimes forgot to do it and i even end up a few
meters toooo high as well. And it's one thing for some bots and another
thing fo the teleport command. AND now with the browser 3.1 commands
it gets a little sticky if you decide to play thrill ride with the
3.1 browser commands. One object [walk1]can't go over
say 1899.9 meters up if you want to have your avatar bump off it and go
apx 100 meters farther up. = A nice thrill ride as tested on RPG world.

s p a r k <crazyglue3 at hotmail.com> wrote in
<3ad65f3a at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>I was in a world that was real laggy, and normaly I just go to about 100a,
>so i went to the teleports tab, and clicked to,
>entered 0n 0e 100a, instead
>of sending me to 100a its sent me to 1000a! I asked someone
>else about this,
>told them to, same problem. The I put activate teleport to 3.8n 1w 1a, it
>sent them to 3.8n 1w 10a!
>COuld someone forward this to the beta newsgroup?
>I'm not sure if it's a bug, but i think that it is.
>~S p a r K
>crazyglue3 at hotmail.com

Whistling Plains Casino opens

Apr 16, 2001, 10:13pm
This is so funny... Tooo good an opportunity to pass this one up on.
But make a game where when you get the JOKER = YOU LOSE...
And put a picture of Just In [Owner of Broadway World on it]
Just In = The Joker = YOU LOSE and put that in your Casino
The TV Game called "JOKER" As long as you DON'T get a Joker you win.
But you get the JOKER [Just In] You Lose... LOLOL!!!!!!!!!

sw comit <swcomit at swcity.net> wrote in <3ad76945 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

> My newest build is Whistling Plains Casino. It's really
>AW 2329.2s 3493.4e .09a
>SW Comit
> swcomit at swcity.net
>Mayor of SW City
> http://www.swcity.net
>President of Community Linkage Commission
> http://comlinkage.tripod.com

Whistling Plains Casino opens

Apr 17, 2001, 2:36pm
Well... When you are slightly disabled [disabled enough not to have
outside the home work] BUT not disabled enough to do some in home work...
YUP... I have some free time to POKE Just In
in the rear a little... Dear

But with all the past things that have been happening in this group
regarding Just In and some people [YES... I was there but stayed out
of all the mess. I prefered to sit on the sidelines & watch.]
and then seeing that Casino thing... The opportuninty to
give a good swift POKE to Just In's rear... Just toooo tempting
to pass on it. That Casino game thought... Really sums up what
many of my friends have been syaing... ALL in one good POKE! LMAO!!!

wing <bathgate at prodigy.net> wrote in <3adc1313 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>I think you have too much time on your hands.
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Whistling Plains Casino opens

Apr 19, 2001, 4:29am
I'm NEVER Cracked. [At least i don't use that stuff]
But if you talk to all the wrong people...
They will tell you that I not only Cracked... But I'm Flipped Out
Of My Mind.

So you just don't need to talk to all the wrong people.
WHO are all the wrong people? OneSummer & Just In That's who.

wing <bathgate at prodigy.net> wrote in <3add6214 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>I don't know either. I think jfk cracked.
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Whistling Plains Casino opens

Apr 19, 2001, 1:23pm
"We just attend the New Year's bash" = Hopefully at New York World and
not at Just In's Ripoff Wrold

Other than that i don't care either.

>nornny <Nornny at snet.net> wrote in <3adee11a$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>aren't helping us. Say this with me, "WE DON'T CAAREEE".
>We just attend the
>New Year's bash, everything else is the owner's business. So, keep it out

GorWorld....what is up with this world??

Apr 17, 2001, 2:46pm
That is very interesting to hear. I was born and raised in Syracuse, NY
but traveled all over the place. Including some back roads in the deep
south where many white folk still practice some of the GOR stuff there
You have heard of KKK? KKK is real life of Active Worlds GOR.
But KKK does it to a race while AW's GOR's do it to people if their names
start in small letters for the most part. But the KKK i would like
to see shipped to the inside of a steal making plant and roasted all of
them real well. While the AW's GOR is all voluntary stuff. True it's
wierd stuff... But as long as you are WILLING to participate. Then
by all means.... What ever makes you happy... Go do it.

Brandon <bandit_9111 at bigfoot.com> wrote in
<3adc2838 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>im in Sanford
>Owner Of The World A'Dude
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Apr 19, 2001, 3:39am
Maybe Jbell should
1 - MOVE into the Time Warner Service Areas
2 - Hook up to the Time Warner CABLE Services
3 - Run as many servers as his computer will hold.

I'm on the Time Warner Road Runner Cable and they allow for 250k
downloads & 50k uploads on as many servers your computer
can possibly hold.
I run the AW Worlds server and when i want to make sure i get files...
IO pop up my NewsPro siftware and start pulling in apx
25different newsgroups feeds in one go [I'm one of those people that
when i want an MP3 tune... I'll get all the parts with no problems]
And that is a newsgroups server the isp's use.
And i also run on a temp basis [for friends to access my On-Line-Gaming
stuff] the Telnet server as well.

I have a friend that runs his FTP server for many people [friends]
mostly and is another source for MP3's [He's has over 200gig's on line]

But Time warnet Road Runner is very nice reguarding servers. You can have
any type of server that you want as long as your computer can handle it.

trekkerx <troop2 at empirenet.com> wrote in <3ADE3111.92758E84 at empirenet.com>:

>Why are they doing that????????? Stupid internet serves dont
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Apr 19, 2001, 1:16pm
Well... I don't use Napster for the same reason that namy people
dropped one too many times. I use the Gruntella network file shareing
sites. [same thing as Napster...] But they haven't been in the copyright
news yet and i can download all the copyright tunes i want in a flash.
Plus i can hook up to my friends ftp server and with his
200+gigs on line... Well... I can get anything i need there too.
Including some of the stuff complete with serialz / crackz codes.
But for $40.00 a month on my cable... I'm connected 24/7 & i'll run
all of My Servers My Way. Yea... I know Time Warner has gone the
AOHELL Way. That makes me sad. And it's cut into their newsgroups.
But with the use of NewsHunter BOT Like software... I can find all the
FREE wide open for public free newsgroups servers i want. Then enter
them all into the NewsPro software & download almost anything i want & with
all the parts too.

datedman <russell at synergycorp.com> wrote in
<3ADEE52A.5DDD9362 at synergycorp.com>:

>You go! I'm the same way, if my line isn't full I
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Apr 20, 2001, 1:23am
Well.... I think that sounds really nice. We can even name it
aw.ding-o-ling.things And as soon as you join & Just In joins...
I might join. Then we can really talk about if we are a bunch of
ding-o-lings or not.

grimble <grimble2000 at btinternet.com> wrote in
<3adf6c4e$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>Hey ... if you ask him nicely, I'm sure Andras would host
>a newsgroup for
>you lot called "My dick's bigger than yours". Then you can
>keep this crap up
>all day long without boring other people !!
>Waddya reckon??


Apr 20, 2001, 6:31pm
I'm just glad i'm NOT a ding-o-ling. But yes... There is one
HUGE Dong-O-Ling here...
at at at at at Just In Is A HUGE Ding-O-Ling at at at at at

But i guess everyone knows how i feel about Just In then... lol

grimble <grimble2000 at btinternet.com> wrote in
<3adfee22$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>I think that, for some people here, that decision has alread been made!
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Apr 23, 2001, 10:46pm
No. No. No. Jbell was NOT doing anything ILLEGAL... But in many
of these ISP's they want you to purchase the BUSINESS Account version.
And that in many cases is really OVER KILL for the small person trying
to get started.
It's great that SEARS or Amazon.com has the money to buy a business
account. BUT with the average person looking to make a few extra
Holidays $$ and they are expected to pay what Sears or Amazon.com
pays just to make a few extra $$ for the Holidays... IS STUPID.
Unless Jbell manages to win some sort of lottery & has all that much.
But then... Now days you have to look real hard to find the right
ISP for you to build from a individual to a small business without being
taken to the cleaners while doing it.

felix2001 <homeworkkid at msn.com> wrote in
<3ae4b1f7 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>Well j b e l l i think what you were doing was illegal. Maybe you should
>host for free? ;)
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