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To drop Clertion (spelling?)

Jul 2, 2001, 2:08pm
woohooo hehehe lets start a petition, and since good comp parts are cheap
now its pretty easy to upgrade (get a duron, a new mobo, and a video card
for about $300 I think)
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To drop Clertion (spelling?)

Jul 5, 2001, 12:17am
uhm.....its not that bad on rendering, the stuff from 3dmark 2000 ran quite
fast on my radeon
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New features for 3.3

Jun 29, 2001, 7:23pm
More for 3.2:

Multi-recepient telegrams and whispers, user movable objects (like you can
pick them up and move it), different render modes (like low for congested
areas on slow connections, and high for broadbanders like me), and heres a
neat one, remote property, where you click a checkbox which marks those
objects as remote, so your computer hosts them and thus we can have
super-tall fully furnished buildings, etc. kinda like dedicated servers from
half life. And when your comp isn't running then there can be an invisible
land cover there that the AW server has so that nobody can build there. And
it would be cool if users could put in user-usable objects (say, a crossbow)
where you could pick it up and shoot something with it. Thats sorda violent
but hey, its cool. And whatever it does gets reset so that you can't
vandalize someones house with arrows or something. LOL lets just import
counterstrike into AW and have lots of cedrics and hoteps running around
with machine guns cutting everything into swiss cheese!

"Crazy to the gluon!"

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New features for 3.3

Jun 29, 2001, 11:15pm
well, if they keep the limit on the contact list the way it is that reduces
it some, and then if they only allow say, 5 users per tgram that really
eliminates the spam.
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Jun 29, 2001, 11:14pm
argh some people are so, well, stupid when it comes to computers! They
apparently don't realize they can buy 800Mhz Durons (which are actually
kinda good) for $46, buy a mobo for about $100, and RAM for another $100.
Plus they can get a 32MB DDR Radeon for about $80 now I think so that only
costs $300 to get a much better computer!

And go AMD for upgrades, they're cheaper and better, hehehehe.

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Could I make a freeware Mac version of AW client?

Jun 26, 2001, 12:12am
Just tell your friends to buy PCs or something lol, can't you see that AW is
"busily" working on improving the PC versions of AW? lol, thats my PC
supremacy side, I guess it would get AWCOM some more money if they did have
the AW browser for mac, hey then maybe the slow iMacs at school could use AW
^_^ Then we can get the whole school on AW (if the dang assistant principal
actually paid any attention while I was telling her to get onto the EduVerse
a year ago, augh I'm the only one who knows about computers in this town!)

"Crazy to the gluon!"

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Improved Rights Dialog

Jun 29, 2001, 7:28pm
Uhm...taht post was like only 2kb, so its not like that totally was worth
taking up another 10kb of the NG server with the discussion within a
discussion it created (making it take up 11 or so KB now me, mean me, SW
City lingo me)
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Increased Contact List

Jun 30, 2001, 11:41am
And to think the poor servers at AWCOM are already breaking apart from the
packing tape (I think thats stickier), I mean look at what happened last
year when it broke and we lost AW for 2 weeks (wasn't it that?)
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A browser suggestion

Jul 5, 2001, 4:07pm
Hate it when someone has a really laggy building behind you and yet while it
lags you, you can't see it? This happened to me, so I think that the browser
should like detexturize and de-light everything that you CAN'T see, but keep
it rendered to a level where when it comes into view its rendered and ready
(thats why I said only de-texturize and de-light it, because that doesn't
take long to do)

My two cents,
Captain MAD Mike

A browser suggestion

Jul 8, 2001, 2:01pm
Hmm...seems like they still lag me though. Oh well, guess it could be just
my copy or something
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Posting Rules

Jul 8, 2001, 10:10pm
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Posting Rules

Jul 9, 2001, 7:46pm
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Jul 8, 2001, 10:10pm
[View Quote] > I assume that the glass over glass triangle crap (for lack of a better
term) was discussed before I arrived, because there was a
> rather stunning example of it right in front of Roland's avatar.

To Whom It May Concern... [long!]

Jul 31, 2001, 2:36pm
Preach it! Just as a word of advice the community rep I got when I e-mailled
them had no clue what I was talking about (trying to think of a way to get
myself move and rotate in AW, hehehe) but the tech guy's nice. And if you
don't get a reply then keep sending them it until they do, and if push comes
to shove make it a big giant graphical HTML e-mail and make them all
suffer...muahahahaha....erhm.....yeah whatever, nice job GK.

Move command addition

Jul 31, 2001, 3:36pm
3.3? Bah, maybe 5.2 provided Rick and JP don't screw up AW's financial
side...o wait who am I kidding? By 5.2 they would've used the money
Micro$oft gave them to turn AW into its own insecure POS Bloatware chat
program (i.e. Windows Messenger) that is more of a hacker gateway than a
chat program, and run away to some place and leave Roland behind in the dust
because he actually listened to the community.

Hey I give evryone driving directions to AW HQ hehehe, lets have a military

My two cents,
Captain MAD Mike

Move command addition

Aug 2, 2001, 1:23pm
Gah jbell whatever happened to the newsgroup server of yours that was only
on for about 2 hours a day anyways? Oh well maybe AW made him drop it
because people were bashing AW in them so they could give him a world as
compensation...and then some...heck keep sucking up and who knows? maybe
they'll raise the prices of citizenship so you can have your own univserse!
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Avatar Sounds (NOT like walking n stuff)

Jul 31, 2001, 2:27pm
I think this would be a cool feature for AW, be able to take your seqs and
assign them sound URLs to play when you click that seq, and there can be a
filesize limit to this able to be set by a world caretaker to help those
with no room on their hard drives or slow connections, and it would also
have a restricted radius thing so we don't get millions of people in AWGZ
flooding everyone with sounds.

My main idea would be seeing a cedric do its happy seq and hearing
"Haaaaaalelujah!" lol

My two cents,
Captain MAD Mike

Instead of priviledge passwords

Jul 31, 2001, 3:26pm
But then you have to add and remove the cits constantly. I find it easier
and more secure to use passwords (and AW better add in the ability to view
who is on your ppw and be able to kick them off)
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Instead of priviledge passwords

Jul 31, 2001, 3:46pm
true true, but if the added features I suggested were implemented then PPW's
would be more secure :) still thats a good idea you got there.
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3DS Loading

Aug 6, 2001, 6:11pm
Yeah I'd love to see 3ds support for AW at least if they cant change the rwx
files to 3ds (then we have to change the extensions on everything too). But
there are a ton of free 3ds files on the net and maybe if AW switched to 3ds
support too we'd get a little program to do the I don't have
to suffer from the bad job 3dstorwx does with inverting the object :/
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Aug 3, 2001, 4:37pm
lol comit, copy and paste :)
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Update= argument

Aug 10, 2001, 8:04pm
now we can have radio stations ^_^
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Aug 10, 2001, 7:56pm
My comments below
[View Quote] Yeah, like just type in thier citnum in a box.

> 2. I think they should up the cell data

Boojah :) I've been itching to be able to make more intricate things in AW,
and besides most computers are capable of rendering things in AW and like
comit said just because the cell limit is higher doesn't mean the whole
world will be laggier.

> 3. Ablity to join tourists, but tourist can't join you - with the
> for an id by SW Comit in the topic "roland at"

This would be neat I guess...

> 4. Ability to render EVERY movement of avatars (for fast computers)

Lost me. Explain?

> 5. Contact Lists: Block Citizens, Unlimited Citizens

Unlimited cits WOULD lag the server, but the block list would be welcome

> 6. Sometimes the visibility automatically ups itself to something else
> 52) if i set it to 25. I want to be able to SET and let it STAY there.

I see what you're saying...but I beleive you can do that now.

My two cents,
Captain MAD Mike

Better GZ.......

Aug 10, 2001, 7:59pm
yeah, just because my connection is 500kbps doesn't mean that I can download
at 500kbps (normally I can only get 100 or so max unaccelerated)
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world peace

Nov 14, 2001, 1:11am
HK OICW: $12,000
Bullets: $200
20mm HE Grenade cartridges: $700
Hired plane to Afganistan: $30 and a candy bar.
Hum-Vee with Marines: $100,000

Raiding the caves and getting revenge on both the Taliban and Binnie:
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Beam Command

Oct 27, 2001, 10:16pm
This sort of stems from worldcraft, but it would be a pretty cool effect if
in AW we could have "beams" that would come out of each object.

For example, the command could be set up like this: "create beam __ __
color= width= "

The two blanks would be direction (horizontal and vertical from object
center, going from 1 to 360)
Color would be default as white but could be set for any color
Width would be default at 1 or 2 but could be set for any color.

The beam would begin in the center of an object (unless an offset was thrown
in) and travel in a straight line until it hits another object, then it

-Captain MAD Mike

Jekyl and Hyde...or Android?

Linux Version

Oct 30, 2001, 6:03pm
Yes! Since I plan to play around with Linux (I'm going to petition to my
school to switch to PCs using Linux over crapintoshes since only 2 people in
my grade have macs at home) I'd love to have AW for linux. Espexially since
my Linux drive would be my backup drive in case my Windows 98 (damn proud of
having 98, beats XP) drive gets infected with some virus.
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This would help dialup users!

Oct 30, 2001, 6:10pm
Well, a couple things.

First things first, if there is already an object in the area that was being
built before the property was uploaded (remember, you still have to be
online for the server to cover the land you're working on), then you get a
huge chunk of your build ripped out and you have to delete it all so you can
find another spot to build in.

Secondly, seeing as how AWC can't trust people to use move and rotate in AW
(>_< just make the restricted radius bigger and get the GET to deal with the
rest!) I'd highly doubt that they'd let anyone do this in AW or Mars, or
yellow, or cofmeta, etc.

Third, your browser would have to download all of the world rights and
features list etc. to make sure that what you build can be uploaded (so you
don't have a cell on the data you're uploading that takes up too much space,
or so that you aren't using move and rotate in a world where you cant use

I do like the idea though and I don't mean to flame your post. It wouldld be
similar to Pocket Outlook, you type the message and then hook your PDA up to
the computer and send it (I miss that little palmtop *sniff*). Then when
roadrunner decides to kick me off I can just go to where I was working last
and continue it.

Captain MAD Mike
-Governor, PC Addict, Odd Man
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This would help dialup users!

Nov 1, 2001, 5:06pm
I'd love to have an offline 3d building editor. Maybe he could add in
pre-made objects (like groups of objects to make things like vehicles,
custom furniture, etc). Would be fun :D
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That 3.2's is setting would stay the same! >n/t<

Oct 30, 2001, 6:03pm
Uhm.....please explain why this random phrase was spewed out into the vast
area we call the wishlist. Though I do get what you mean ("I wish that 3.2s
settings would stay the same") Works pretty well for me.

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