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Apr 6, 2001, 1:04am
I know Travman will host xelagots for free, telegram him

[View Quote] > i host bot scripts...
> --
> --
> J B E L L
> G O I N G P L A T I N U M
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SCRIPT for x1

Apr 7, 2001, 1:02am
you caN download mine at but u have to have eject for it to work

[View Quote] > hi i really need a paintball script for X1 with NO eject telegram me thanks!

Seprating words in a ListBox

Apr 9, 2001, 6:56pm
Dose anyone know how to get words from a List box, and then have the bot
search for ppl saying words in it then haveing the bot eject them for
saying it? The list box is a list of eject words, and i cant get the bot
to pick out certan words then find them in the listbox, If anyone can
please tell me.

~ TrekkerX

Banking System Almost Complete!

Apr 11, 2001, 12:26am
Yea... and... you where never here before to...

[View Quote] > are you sure your not lanezeri? you have a similar attitude as him.. make bots (like him) and seemed to show up after his exit..
> hmm...
> --
> - JBell
> ____________________
> | |
> | AWJBell Services |
> | |
> | news:// |
> | |
> |____________________|
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Banking System Almost Complete!

Apr 11, 2001, 12:27am
yea... cant be a quincadence... and you even act like him... hmmm... Its just not right...

[View Quote] > yeah it's very interesting.. hrmmmmm
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Following and Joining

Apr 11, 2001, 9:15pm
Ive been working on my bot, and Ive added a thing that when you say
"(bot name) Join me" The bot will move and apper in front of you. Ive
got it to work preatty good so far, but some times it joins another
person, other than the owner. I used this to make the bot join.

If message1 = botname & " join me" Then
avloc1 = (Sdk.AwAvatarZ + 100)
avloc2 = (Sdk.AwAvatarX + 100)
avloc3 = Sdk.AwAvatarY
avloc4 = (Sdk.AwAvatarYaw - 900)
name = Sdk.AwAvatarName
Sdk.AwCitizenAttributesByNumber (txtOwner.Text)
If Sdk.AwCitizenName = name Then
Sdk.AwMyZ = avloc1
Sdk.AwMyX = avloc2
Sdk.AwMyY = avloc3
Sdk.AwMyYaw = avloc4
Sdk.AwSay "Joining you " & name
Message "[" & txtBotName.Text & "] : Joining you " & name
Sdk.AwSay name & " you are not my boss."
Exit Sub
End If
End If

and all the varibles are Defined. And message, isnt a msgbox, ( M a K a
V e L i) Its used to add a line to a certan text box. I also can not get
it to apper in fromt of the person. So if anyone can, please help me.
Thanxs :-)

Bank Bot (again)

Apr 13, 2001, 7:55pm
I know why, cuz they suck. Its the same with my accouts. Ive got 2 already, and
it gives me the same error. Get someone else to host some webspace

[View Quote] > I have an account at NBCi for the download page and help page and when I try
> to connect (using FTP) it tells me I have the wrong password, I just got the
> account so I know it's not wrong.
> Anyway I will be keeping it on in Techno so you can test it. Sorry about
> this whole ordeal.

Making a Bot Join a Person

Apr 14, 2001, 1:39am
> Ive been working on my bot, and Ive added a thing that when you say
> "(bot name) Join me" The bot will move and apper in front of you. Ive
> got it to work preatty good so far, but some times it joins another
> person, other than the owner. I used this to make the bot join.
> If message1 = botname & " join me" Then
> avloc1 = (Sdk.AwAvatarZ + 100)
> avloc2 = (Sdk.AwAvatarX + 100)
> avloc3 = Sdk.AwAvatarY
> avloc4 = (Sdk.AwAvatarYaw - 900)
> name = Sdk.AwAvatarName
> Sdk.AwCitizenAttributesByNumber (txtOwner.Text)
> If Sdk.AwCitizenName = name Then
> Sdk.AwMyZ = avloc1
> Sdk.AwMyX = avloc2
> Sdk.AwMyY = avloc3
> Sdk.AwMyYaw = avloc4
> Sdk.AwStateChange
> Sdk.AwSay "Joining you " & name
> Message "[" & txtBotName.Text & "] : Joining you " & name
> Else
> Sdk.AwSay name & " you are not my boss."
> Exit Sub
> End If
> End If
> and all the varibles are Defined. And message, isnt a msgbox, ( M a K
> a
> V e L i) Its used to add a line to a certan text box. I also can not
> get
> it to apper in fromt of the person. So if anyone can, please help me.
> Thanxs :-)

Making a Bot Join a Person

Apr 14, 2001, 7:52pm
Thank you Grimble, I got it to work, and it works good i didnt have anyproblems
with the sin formulas. Thanxs

[View Quote] > This ALWAYS the case. The only attributes that are populated as part of the
> AW_CHAT_SESSION. There's no "for some reason" about it ... as documented on
> If you want to do anything beyond the basic coverage of the AW events you
> have to remember all the settings from the AW_EVENT_AVATAR_CHANGE messages.
> I don't have time right now to knock up a sample application for you
> unfortunately, but basically you need to do manage a session table ...
> something like this:
> On an AW_EVENT AVATAR_ADD, you take all the attributes supplied by the SDK
> and create a new entry in some form of list. How you implement this list is
> vvery much dependant on your programming style, preferences and how you want
> to use the list afterwards ... it could be a (large) fixed array (not
> recommended), a dynamic array, a collection, a linked list, etc. The
> important thing is that you store the avatar's location information against
> its session number. Personally, I always use a class called CAWAvatar that
> holds the avatar's information and the owning citizen information once its
> resolved from the AW_CALLBACK_CITIZEN_ATTRIBUTES ... but it can be simple
> Session Number plus the X, Y, Z and Yaw coordinates if you want.
> On an AW_EVENT_AVATAR_CHANGE, you need to look up the session number in your
> list and adjust the location information held against it (X, Y, Z and Yaw).
> On an AW_EVENT_AVATAR_DELETE, you can throw the entry relating to that
> session away.
> When you get your AW_EVENT_CHAT message, you can lookup the avatar's
> location from the list to establish where the avatar really is ... NOT the
> leftovers of the previous event that updated the avatar's X, Y, Z and Yaw
> attributes in the SDK stores.
> As far as getting the bot to go in front of the avatar, you need to apply
> some simple maths. Simply adding 100 to the coordinates will always put the
> bot at 100 further north and 100 further west. You need to use circle
> formula to get it 1m away from the avatar in the directionthe avatar is
> 0 Yaw is looking North, 900 is looking West, so to find the X offset, you do
> the radius of the circle (the distance away fromt he avatar ... 100 in this
> case) and multiply it by Sine(Yaw/10). For the Z offset, you use Cosine
> instead. Therefore:
> botPosX = avatarPosX + (JOIN_DISTANCE * Sin(avatarPosYaw/10)
> botPosZ = avatarPosX + (JOIN_DISTANCE * Cos(avatarPosYaw/10)
> To make the bot "look at" the avatar ... you simply reverse the avatar's Yaw
> with simething like ((avatarPosYaw + 180) Mod 360).
> "The Derek" ... you amaze me ... I have only just removed you from my filter
> list (which you originally earned membership of because I was tired of your
> continual crap responses) and you immediately demonstrate the same old
> inability to read the documentation and insistance on making uninformed
> assumptions instead of finding things out. Back on the list for you.
> Hope this helps TrekkerX. As I said, I'm a bit puched for time right now so
> I can't make up a sample application for you. After Easter is over, if
> you're still stuck, let me know and I'll put something together for you
> quickly to demonstrate how to handle session tables. This post is using the
> event names in the actual SDK as documented (for C) but the names in the
> AwSdkOcx2 and 3 are close enough for you to make the connection.
> Grims
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Apr 18, 2001, 10:45pm
Why are they doing that????????? Stupid internet serves dont want you to be making money, just liek AOL, lol

[View Quote] > number got pulled, i guess you could say.. got an e-mail from at Home.. telling me i can't host anything.. I understand not
> hosting for people.. but I'm trying to convince them to at least let me host my own.. i've spent so much time and money on my worlds
> and object path.. maybe i'm out of line by requesting you all e-mail them in my support.. but it's hard to see something you've
> worked so hard on, so long on, and spent so much on, just go off into the sunset.. I understand with them i'm not supposed to host
> anything.. but it's just so hard.. it's tooken seven months to get survivor where it is today.. and to see it all gone is just a
> hearbreak for me.. so.. please.. if you have the time.. just send them a little notice that you would like to see Vernon Bell's
> at Home account ( ( remain open.. maybe you don't like me, or my world.. you don't have to
> do it for me or for my world.. but at least do it for my dream.... thanks..
> :.-(
> Sadly, yet sincerely, yours,
> John Bell
> Here is the e-mail i got today that ruined a lot more then my attitude..
> You are in violation of the at Home Acceptable Use Policy, available at
> at Home network residential customers may not resell, share, or otherwise
> distribute the Services or any portion thereof to any third party without
> the written consent of at Home. For example, you cannot provide Internet
> access to others through a dial up connection, host shell accounts over the
> Internet, provide email or news service, or send a news feed.
> You may not run a server in connection with the at Home residential service,
> nor may you provide network services to others via the at Home residential
> service. The at Home residential service includes personal Webspace accounts
> for publishing personal Web pages. Examples of prohibited uses include, but
> are not limited to, running servers for mail, http, ftp, irc, and dhcp, and
> multi-user interactive forums. For information about at Work products for
> commercial or network services purposes, including commercial-grade remote
> LAN access, please see <>.
> Prohibited activities include... disseminating material which violates the
> copyright or other intellectual property rights of others. You assume all
> risks regarding the determination of whether material is in the public
> domain.
> Action Required: Remove all servers/copyrighted materials immediately.
> Failure to comply will result in the termination of your service. Reply to
> this warning acknowledging you have received and understand the
> violation(s).
> Cory Altheide
> Internet Security Coordinator
> AT&T Broadband Legal Demands Center
> abuse at
> (800)871-6298
> Message-ID: <3A8849A4.109 at>
> Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2001 14:37:56 -0600
> From: K y l e <shred at>
> ***
> ... a new news server to get the 'ole keyboards rattlin'. Hey JBell, what
> kinda connection is this hosted on?
> From: "JBell" <jbell1983 at>
> ***
> cable.. it might seem slow to run a news server on.. but connections are so
> inoften, when you think about it.. they are only connected to DL messages,
> and to send messages.. all the time reading is not connected.. so really it
> doesn't take much at all... a lot less bandwidth then hosting a world,
> which i do three of, and they work fine.. hehe
> --
> J B E L L
> G O I N G P L A T I N U M
> Message-ID: <3A888341.5060002 at>
> Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2001 18:43:45 -0600
> From: K y l e <shred at>
> ***
> Cable will probably do well as long as you don't get too much traffic. Just
> make sure your visitors don't post huge files or in HTML.
> --
> K y l e
> Triton Dynamics, Inc.
> "Through cyberspace, we are Virtually United"
> From: "JBell" <jbell1983 at>
> ***
> html posts suck... they take longer to DL and on my side-more space.. not
> that posts take much space to begin with.. but still!
> --
> J B E L L
> G O I N G P L A T I N U M
> [cba at securityscan cba]$ scann
> Tue Apr 17 17:40:00 EDT 2001
> Starting nmap V. 2.53 by fyodor at <mailto:fyodor at> (
> <> )
> Interesting ports on (
> (The 1516 ports scanned but not shown below are in state: closed)
> Port State Service
> 21/tcp open ftp
> 80/tcp open http
> 81/tcp open hosts2-ns
> 119/tcp open nntp
> 135/tcp open loc-srv
> 137/tcp filtered netbios-ns
> 138/tcp filtered netbios-dgm
> 139/tcp filtered netbios-ssn
> 641/tcp open unknown
> 653/tcp open unknown
> 1080/tcp filtered socks
> TCP Sequence Prediction: Class=random positive increments
> Difficulty=18613 (Worthy challenge)
> Remote operating system guess: Windows 2000 RC1 through final release
> Nmap run completed -- 1 IP address (1 host up) scanned in 70 seconds


Apr 19, 2001, 2:05am
No duh Builderz, of corse they want more money for people that are running servers,
but still even if they are using more bandwith why should they be doing that, its the same
if someone has cabel and leaves napster on 24/7 its basicaly the same thing. Bet they dont get napster users
about that >:-) You people act like I dont know anything. WHATS WRONG WITH YOU especaly the people
from StuffX and there stuff you guys have problems, one question How many of "your" bots do you sell
Or how about how many worlds do you host? Do you even sell anything?
Who would bother? Cuz I know me and J B E L L would never use your stuff
cuz it sucks.

~ TrekkerX

[View Quote] > The reason at Home sent J B E L L a warning e-mail is because hosting ANY
> type of server is against at Home's Terms of Service agreement. J B E L L
> doesn't want to have his entire cable modem access revoked, so he is
> complying with at Home and shutting down his servers. at Home probably wants
> their users to sign up for their at Work service (in which you CAN host
> servers), designed for businesses. The at Work service is more expensive
> per month, so in turn, at Home (the company) makes more money. This isn't
> entirely how it works, but it a simplified explanation.
> Builderz
> Stuff-X - Bot & World Hosting Services
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Apr 19, 2001, 10:39pm
Yea.. liek J B E L L is gonna spend lots of money and move a long ways just so he can pay less for cabel... real
smart.... lol... Just get DSL if ya can (Sometiems its faster)

[View Quote] > Very intelligent suggestion... "Yeah, why don't you move then?"
> I wouldn't use anything associated with Time Warner for Internet connectivity as they now effectively ARE AOL...
> -Agent1
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Attention VB Programmers

Apr 18, 2001, 10:47pm he has a all the sdk codes and the sdk for Visual Basic,
if you need help i can help you (to a limit)

[View Quote] > Hi,
> I recently purchased MS Visual Basic 6 for the sole purpous of creating bots
> in active worlds. Would anyone be willing to provide me with a working bot
> script in a Format that I can open in VB that just logs a bot into AW.
> Also is there anyone that can provide me with lists of commands and how to
> use them with the SDK...
> Best of all if there is anyone willing to give me proper lessons on creating
> bots with VB and provide all of the above, please contact me.
> I would be very greatfull indeed :o)
> Thanks,
> -Gamer

Attention VB Programmers

Apr 19, 2001, 10:56pm
I dont have a book, and most of it I figured out on my own or i had help with.
You cant assume you need a book to learn anything, are you a teacher or something?
Cuz most teachers Ive meet think that.

[View Quote] > i meant visual basic in general.. you cant use vb if you dont have a book to
> teach you it....
> im not trying to be mean or anyhting but you will never be able to program bots
> by getting your freinds to teach you vb as good as getting a book that lets you
> simply look up something in the index if you need help and lets you learn at
> your own pace rather than when your freinds are on....
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New Update!

Apr 24, 2001, 1:44am
Capture the Flag Bot , and Weather Bot are already tooken. Capture the Flag
Bot, is used in USWF_PBL, and Utopian Montach made a Weatherbot, and AWCOM
has a few to (At the Gateway)

But ive never seen a hide and seek bot.

[View Quote] > I was gunna do a Tag Bot a long time ago (in the olden days when my name
> was Chandler..) but that died.. it's a cool idea :o)
> --
> - Tony M (a.k.a Tony56) [tony at]
> "Through Cyberspace, we are Virtually United"
> "Points to Ponder: If con is the opposite of pro, is Congress the
> opposite of Progress?"
> ____________________________________________________________
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Apr 25, 2001, 2:16am
Someone should be more orignal... my bot "ZeeBot" is orignal. hehehe.

[View Quote] > THATS where ive heard the name before lol
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XedBot v2.0 - Final Release

May 6, 2001, 10:56pm
1. If you click Login, it Calls an Invalid Call or Argument
2. If you click login more than once, it encrypts the ini again and saves it,
so if my ppw was "ppw" it will add the encrypted word "ppw" again so, if you
cliecked loging twice it would be "ppwppw" and so on.

[View Quote] > Bug List:
> (Sorry, have little time can't email)
> 1) If Setup is not gone through, it gives error when "Login" is clicked.
> 2) Not a bug, but will help users, alphabatize the World lists, look down
> the functions on the list properties box to do so.
> 3) Clicking "Stop Bot" does stop it, but "Login" is still Disabled.
> 4) Does not respond to Version commands stated on the "Other" tab.
> 5) Your page says the password will be a little bigger, but instead of
> decoding it before it saves again, it decideds to just encode it again. So
> the password that is encoded is encoded a second time.
> 6) Not a bug, use a textbox not a listbox for the chat, if you need help
> just ask.
> 7) Again, limit the send textbox to 250 or else the message will not be
> sent, or do a Xelagot type thing and make it send as many messages as it
> needs to send the whole thing, again, if you need help with that just ask.
> So far them are the only bugs, or help type things I have found.

XedBot v2.0 - Final Release

May 6, 2001, 11:44pm

[View Quote] > *sigh* Don't you read my posts at all?

Use Bot To Find Lost Property By Cit# ???

May 8, 2001, 2:49am
Brants AWUtility can search for proptery, you can download it at ...

[View Quote] > Anyone setup a bot to find lost property based on citz# or cit name as
> criteria?
> If you have any info let me know, I would appreciate it. Wanted to find some
> objects for a friend.
> Thanks,
> FH

How do you create a login prompt for vb6 sdk wrapper?

May 10, 2001, 12:20am
Anyways.... I will acuulay tell you how to do it. Now
To use a text box place a few on the form. now Wherever you have the bot login
use this...

Sdk.AwLoginOwner = txtOwner.Text `Use ".Text" right after the name of the
text box
Sdk.AwLoginPrivilegePassword = txtPassword.Text
Sdk.AwLoginName = txtBotName.Text
Sdk.AwLoginApplication = "Bot App"
and so on....
If you still dont get it you have to do this. Text1.text now whatever text1.text
will Equel what ever is in Text1. Becaruefull And makeshure you use a String
or a Long, sometimes people will enter in a string in a field thats suppose to
be a long. Im not shure how to make a box only numbers
or like that. Im shure it will work otherwise you can contact me in AW as

~ TrekkerX

[View Quote] > First, textboxes are very simple to use, I changed my web pages today
> because I had no time to in the past since I cancelled the Bank Bot's beta
> version because it was screwed up due to lack of code updates. I had to
> remove that download link. I have a download on my small help page that is
> the basic forms, all you do is add the new code, it has textboxes and all on
> it already.

How do you create a login prompt for vb6 sdk wrapper?

May 12, 2001, 12:06am
Yea so where bolth right.

[View Quote] > At the risk of sounding like I am agreeing with Makaveli ...
> Firstly, if you WANT to use the .Text property, that's your programming
> style and that is fine. Don't miss things off if they make your code clearer
> to you or others and don't miss them off because you're lazy (unless that IS
> your programming style) either.
> All controls can have a default property assigned. For edit boxes, the .Text
> property is the default. This means that you don't NEED to explicitly state
> the property name to retrieve the text in the text box. In fact, it is
> marginally faster to use the default property than to make it find the one
> you specify ... but we aren't talking in terms of any perceivable amount of
> time.
> The reason a lot of people DO like to specify the fully qualified name is
> because txtOwner, without the property name, can return one of two values
> ...
> (a) The value of the default property (txtOwner.Text)
> or
> (b) The control itself (i.e. the edit box).
> VB is a typed language and therefore this behaviour doesn't fit with the
> rest of the language. So, if it makes you more comfortable TrekkerX, you do
> as you wish.
> The only reason this has been mentioned (by me anyway) is because you
> explicitly included it in your post. Just giving you a bit of background.
> Grims
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bot limit

May 10, 2001, 12:23am
Correct me if im wrong but. I thinck all bots in AW are run off of the cit
AWLD, and im guessing that AWLD has a infanent bot limit, just cuz its AW

[View Quote] > One thing I forgot to mention. The AWCI owned worlds have a "restricted
> radius" in place so citizens are not allowed to build or use bots at
> (nor near) the world's ground zero.
> Builderz
> Stuff-X - Bot & World Hosting Services

A cool world to check out

May 10, 2001, 12:21am
Lol, still trying to advertise?

[View Quote] > If you are looking for some real fun, come to USWF_PBL. This world features
> paintball and capture the flag. The bot has a ton of awesome features to it,
> so come check it out and have a good time! :-)
> Soon there will be prizes like extra $$$ to people who have USWF bank
> accounts. If you would like a bank account with the USWF bank bot network,
> come to world USWF_HQ and visit the bank to find out how to use our bot.
> If you would like any additional information, telegram me on Active Worlds.
> -Lord Fett

A cool world to check out

May 12, 2001, 12:09am
Dude, i helped make some stuff there. Like the backdrop, (thats all) but Lord
Fett wont give me credet for it...

[View Quote] > FYI USWF_PBL could be reckoned as one of the best and coolest pball worlds
> in AW...and I mean it! visit some time, you'll get the best AW-pball
> experience EVER!
[View Quote]

How do I create Events For when The User Exits?

May 12, 2001, 12:10am
No, when i was new I didnt.

[View Quote] > Shut up you idiot !!!
[View Quote]

Object Changing, & x,y,z,& yaw co-ords

May 13, 2001, 10:08pm
Anyways, Barbarossa, in VB (since I thinck thats what you are using) you would
have to move a bot by a number on the X, Y, and Z cordnaces.
So if you wanted to be at 1n 2e 1a facing South it would be like this...

awsdocx.AwMyX = -2000
AwSdkOcx.AwMyZ = 1000
AwSdkOcx.AwMyY = 1000
AwSdkOcx.AwMyYaw = 160

Since 1000 would equel 1n or 1w, and a Negtive number would equel a South or
East cordnant.
I hope I explaned it to you. I am shure you know how to Use the mutaplaction
and Division in VB, so You can use Text boxes
and only need to put in 1 to get 1000.

[View Quote] > Hy, mr Arrogant makaveli, who has yelled at my respectable questions, has
> arrogance for having only done 1 bot, which can't be downloaded now. I have
> posted this on mr.grimms, & I have yet to recieve a relevsnt & effective
> respomse from there!
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Object Changing, & x,y,z,& yaw co-ords

May 15, 2001, 12:10am
They all work.... As Grimble said programming style...

[View Quote] > ?????? To make it look good:
> <code>
> sdk.AwMyX = txtMyX & 1000
> <end code>
> Your way would not work for decimals (see below)
> txtMyX = 10 & "000"
> txtMyX's text is 10000
> Works so far.
> txtMyX = 10.5 & "000"
> txtMyX's text is 10.5000 which is the same as 10.5
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Object Changing, & x,y,z,& yaw co-ords

May 15, 2001, 10:44pm

[View Quote] > Geesh, you are a dope!
> You said .... "You don't use & you use *."
> You then followed it up with ... "sdk.AwMyX = txtMyX & 1000" (which NO-ONE
> had quoted before) = TYPO!
> OK! Get it? Duh!
> Grims
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i really want to learn..

May 16, 2001, 2:18am
I say go buy C++ or Delphi or Visual Basic, and play around with it, get a
book, and make some programs to get yourself familer with the program and
how to use it. Then you should pickup the AW SDK and use it. Otherwise if
you did what I did you will be kinda clueless when you start to try and
program a bot with no clue how to even use the program.

[View Quote] > If you quit spamming the community newsgroup maybe someone will answer
> your question.
> Builderz
> Stuff-X - Bot & World Hosting Services
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Is it just me, or has anyone posted in here?

May 29, 2001, 8:22pm
I think it might be me, not being abel to download the messages. But no
one has posted since thursday in here.

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